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  1. I also have to add that the idea of "political power" does nothing to answer "who" has power? The police officer? Does he have political power? Or is it the politicians--you know, the ones not holding any guns? This is just sloppy thinking. It's an attempt to draw a straight line back from a roughly correct conclusion to a starting point. Political power usually leads to bad things, economic power often leads to good things. I see why Rand would want to differentiate between the two.
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  2. "A hungry man is not free," can be true, though. Even in a social sense, if one man has a monopoly on food in a specific situation... MREs in a war. If we expect both these men to respect each other's rights, the hungry man is not free but to exchange whatever property or service to the other man or else he will die. Accepting something as true does not mean you agree with the rhetorical use of such a fact. If we treat both economic power and political power both as social power, we can see that most forms of political power are far more influential than most forms of economic power. So the false equivalency is not one of quality but of quantity. Manipulation can vary extremely in degrees... The psychologist's power over the patient has nothing to do with physical force, but it's still significant.
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  3. Jules, Good Lord! First Janet, now this... Dayaamm! Here. I might as well post this one to you. I was going to make a separate post, but I think you will appreciate this as much as anyone. ‘Sexist’ Body Parts Rejected by Doctors: Adam’s Apple and Achilles’ Tendon Deemed ‘Irrelevant and Misogynistic’ This is feminism only right now. These idiots are angry because body parts were named after men. But don't worry. They'll work white men into it eventually. Michael
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  4. Here are some pics of Big Dick Mike celebrating their successful fire reflecting in their champagne glasses. He just happened to be on the River Seine when the fire started. And he just thought it looked cool on his glass, so took a few pics and posted them on social media, as any normal person would.
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