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    Cockroaches rolled over by cop car ...
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    I suspect a Gates connection. Hunch, so far, maybe wrong. A tidbit I found: https://medium.com/@jonathanferguson_72851/i-didnt-know-you-were-on-medium-curtis-yarvin-eab1266ae581 Here's a link to a Feb 2017 Verge piece about Yarvin's internet project "Urbin": https://www.theverge.com/2017/2/21/14671978/alt-right-mencius-moldbug-urbit-curtis-yarvin-tlon Ellen
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    She knows to remove the strings ... by instinct?
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    D, Socialists tell their stories to a captive audience during their formative years. Over and over and over. Rand wrote "The Comprachicos" and focused the entire essay on the conceptual mind. But notice that she did start with a story... She also quoted an old saying about Jesuits: I say this applies to storytelling even more than concepts (although I don't dismiss or degrade conceptual development--it's very important). What's more, it carries with the same deadly effect all through education. After a decade and a half or so of growing up listening to the same stories saying who the good guys are and who the bad guys are--with peer pressure and all kinds of other covert nudges to get you to accept those stories as real life, it becomes a horrific challenge to think independently based on one's own observations. You will never reason a person out of that with reason. You have to tell a better stories--ones they resonate with. And you have to tell these kinds of stories over and over and over until they break down the inner resistance of the audience to looking at the world based on independent observation. Only a story can beat a story in the human mind. And a core story is why (for the most part) a person will engage his or her reason in the first place. Michael
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    I am glad some will be made fighting mad, but personally, I love this. Losers getting caught acting like losers because they are such fucking Losers. Losers: We can hardly wait for your Nov 3rd tears and thank you for all the clown act entertainment between now and then, you fall on your faces so adorably.
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    Actually the truth is coming out about the empty seats at the Tulsa rally. There was sabotage from the inside. MUST READ… Report: Tulsa Arena Management Sabotaged Trump Rally Attendance They put stickers on every other seat saying, “Do Not Sit Here, Please!” And the temperature screeners were taken off the job hours in advance, meaning people were not cleared to enter past the first checkpoint because no one was there to clear them, although there was supposed to be a staff. One of the assholes involved even crowed about it. I know there will be other attempts at sabotage, but I doubt this will repeat. Also, this makes Trump supporters fighting mad. It's hard to get Trump supporters to fight, but once they start, it's harder to get them to stop. Michael