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    T, I know people have already figured out the following, but I think it needs to be said and repeated just like the mainstream fake news repeats shit. Note that China always came out ahead in international trade by lying and cheating mixed with deals that looked orthodox on the surface. Everyone called this a "new form of capitalism" and marveled how China was adapting to free markets. China needs economic dominance to take over the world, seeing that everything communism-wise aims at ruling all of mankind. That's why it lies and cheats. China signed a new trade deal and tried to lie and cheat when the time came to honor it. But this time, it couldn't pull off the shady stuff. Now China is now losing billions of dollars each year compared to former years just to stay in the international trade game. China is not amused at losing money. China hates losing money. China hates losing power over other countries. Suddenly, at the very moment this sinks in for China's rulers, the coronavirus appeared out of China and economies tanked in countries the world over because they shut down to contain the plague. China is still open for business and keeps knocking on doors. Nice coincidence, huh? In China's "new form of capitalism," I guess this is called creative destruction. Michael
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    Just heard governor of NY’s explanation that front line healthcare workers have low(?) infection rates because they wear masks, will a large dose of “duh” to stupid shame the proletariat. Pretty sure a lot of front line types are taking HCQ and zinc. Wait , China is saying the rest of the world needs to stay shut ? Man are they helpful or what, I’ll stay tuned to Chinese state health officials a big bunch of mensch there eh?
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    I wonder if any readers object to President Trump taking an unproven vaccine for malaria to prevent the coronavirus? Several doctors have said it has no proven prevention power, yet I have also read that flu shots taken in the last year DO “lessen the symptoms” of Covid-19. I imagine there are people who also want to get the malaria vaccine but can’t find a doctor to give it to them. As I have mentioned, if you go to a hospital or immediate care place in our area, they require you to stay in your car, communicate by phone or yell from a distance, and get your temperature and symptoms checked before you can enter. And entering must be one person at a time, with no one accompanying you inside. I went to a liquor store late yesterday for “snake bite medicine” and they had the usual door signs you must wear a mask, stay six feet apart, had Plexiglas sheets up, etc., and the shopper ahead of me at checkout was wearing a mask. He asked the clerk who was not wearing a mask and looked haggard, if he was all right and the clerk said he was, just very tired because he had been swamped all day long. No one demanded he wear a mask. I am still periodically checking my forehead for heat but if anything, I feel cool. We had an Instacart grocery delivery left at our back door. Peter Notes. China’s New Outbreak Shows Signs the Virus Could Be Changing Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) -- Chinese doctors are seeing the coronavirus manifest differently among patients in its new cluster of cases in the northeast region compared to the original outbreak in Wuhan, suggesting that the pathogen may be changing in unknown ways and complicating efforts to stamp it out. Patients found in the northern provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang appear to carry the virus for a longer period of time and take longer to test negative, Qiu Haibo, one of China’s top critical care doctors, told state television on Tuesday. Patients in the northeast also appear to be taking longer than the one to two weeks observed in Wuhan to develop symptoms after infection, and this delayed onset is making it harder for authorities to catch cases before they spread, said Qiu, who is now in the northern region treating patients . . . .