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    New on ARI Watch, a guest article by William Swig: Carl Barney Versus Objectivity To rather loosely paraphrase the author writing elsewhere: Barney focuses on a few things he claims benefited him in the Scientology of the 1960s and 1970s, superficial things like “structured questions,” “mental blocks” and various “courses.” That is not Scientology. Scientology is the specific ideas and practices put together. It’s a system. Barney doesn’t mention engrams or banks or clearing. Auditing is nothing without these “concepts.” Barney appeals to his unrevealed life to defend Scientology. So what happens when we start revealing it?
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    https://www.gatesfoundation.org/Media-Center/Press-Releases/2010/12/Global-Health-Leaders-Launch-Decade-of-Vaccines-Collaboration The press release doesn't have a date which I could find. Sometime between January 2010 and mid-2012. Ellen
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    Polly's lively mind at work again. I haven't any doubt that individuals in power and with money-power get together, birds of a feather which pass the same signals of recognition to others, colluding, conspiring and complicit, all towards a tacit, un-named goal. I shall from now call this "a complicity fact" rather than tired, "conspiracy theory". Similarly, people of virtue will and do combine honestly using each one's 'power' for a specified, objective, common good. I think, in minor criticism that Polly doesn't take enough into account the magnitude of mind control - for its own sake - which propels these people. Money and power matter to the underlings but only the means to an end for the top dogs. The evil of the do-gooders is that they believe they have the right Answer for all of us, that no one must be allowed his/her own choice of path, and any dissidents be contained or struck down. Watching Bill Gates speak in interview with Trevor Noah (another in that category) last night, I had that old queasy feeling at something sick in operation. What's another half-billion or so to a multi-billionaire? Gates has a grander picture in mind.
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    No time to write, but here is the latest from Polly. (LATER NOTE: See the corrected video later in this thread here. Polly set the original video I embedded here to private so it no longer embeds. There was an error in it and she put out a corrected version which does embed. Either use the link I just provided to see it or scroll down about 8 posts.) Bill Gates is turning out to be one interesting dude. It looks like he has cornered the market in vaccines by helping create the markets for them. His hands are in everything vaccine-related, including being the second largest donor to WHO behind the US. (btw - President Trump today put a hold on moneys going to WHO). It looks like Gates's big dream is to put nano-particles in vaccines and make the vaccines mandatory for the world over. That way everyone will be walking around like tagged animals. Some of this is seriously wicked--and I mean that in an evil way. Gotta run... Enjoy the video... It's well worth watching. Michael EDIT: Quick note. I keep hearing sporadic people remind us that a vaccine was never developed for AIDS. The scientists focused on a cure instead because they couldn't find a vaccine. Now think about the coronavirus. Hydroxychloroquine, anyone? Why is that such a bad idea like some people keep insisting? I also heard there is major moolah in vaccines. And imagine the power if the nano-particle idea gets going.