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    In The Virtue of Selfishness, Ayn Rand wrote an article called "The Argument from Intimidation." It is chapter 19. If you want to see a great example of an argument from intimidation and how to respond, look at the tweet below. But first, let's look at Rand's own words which can be found online: The Argument from intimidation. President Trump just offered a perfect example of how to respond by refusing to accept the moral premise of a questioner using this form of framing. It's not as evident in the first tweet (which I did not want to embed, but it comes automatically with the second) but it's still there. However in the second tweet, it's there in all its glory. Rather than accept moral guilt for being inconsistent, which was the reporter's frame, President Trump essentially said his legal and moral standard for acting was The Constitution. President Trump answers gotcha questions a lot in this manner--by refusing to accept the moral premise of the question and giving an answer based on his own moral premises instead. I noticed this a long time ago. And that's how you do it. That's how Rand did it. Michael
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    I just saw the following live on a broadcast. A guy in the press was trying to bust President Trump's balls over firing Michael Atkinson. In responding, after blasting the hell out of Atkinson, President Trump started talking about Ciaramella without mentioning his name, but pointing to different people and saying, "You know who he is, you know who he is, you know who he is, I know who he is..." and so on. Then he came out with this: Michael
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    I’m thankfully still working because my profession is deemed to be an essential service. Lots of new procedures in place. Hand sanitizing stations everywhere. Etc.
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    Man, it's so good and inspiring to see how Brandon Straka's Walk Away movement grew from nothing but an idea just a few short years ago. This is doable and he is proof. Michael
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    Tony, That's what's running me crazy. And the thing is, fear is making people turn off their brains. That, at medium range, not even at long rage, is more dangerous to civilization than the virus itself. That will cause far more death and destruction than this virus. Aren't the deaths from the virus enough? Why cause more? We humans can face a disaster and use our brains at the same time. Oh well... What's happening now is human nature in all its glory. I've studied a lot of the underbelly of the mind and can practically predict the way the herd will go, but I've never seen anything real that shows it on this scale before. What's worse, the bad guys are using their brains. Everything they are doing is aimed at gaining and consolidating power and, by extension, money. That's what they want. Thant's what they are doing. And people are letting them. I refuse to be a part of that. There is great good in the American spirit. Don't forget, Rand herself came out of the American spirit. The US was founded on the idea that man can govern himself through a participatory structure based on individual rights, not just conquest of the herd. I refuse to let fear kill that spirit in me. (No offense to South Africa. ) Michael
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    The lady spoke self-evident truth. What absorbs me about the leftist mindset, they don't see "self-evident" facts, only a public construct of "truth". That's why you can't catch them out in lies and deceit, you can't shame them, they individually haven't the self-awareness to "know" what they're doing. Precisely as they could not, ever, justly attribute the president's influence on causing a booming US economy, they'll attempt to make the public associate with and attribute the subsequent coronavirus economic slump, to him. Followers with the same mindset will lap it up. Self-contradiction? Double standards, hypocrisy? Nope, that can't possibly occur to any. This thing's an anti-epistemic pandemic.
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    It looks like I'm not the only one complaining about this. Citizen journalism to the rescue. Michael