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    Another screenshot from Facebook. That's Robin Williams, so it doesn't have anything to do with the coronavirus. Unless one thinks of Robin Williams being a man ahead of his times. Michael
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    At first, Rachel Maddow was saying those ships wouldn't get there in time...now, they're crowing about the lack of patients? I can't, with these people...just can't.
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    Maybe the ships are intended for other victims? Trump and military announced total war on [Mitt’s] Mexican drug and human trafficking operations. Many previously trafficked victims currently held inside US? Commander in Chief empowered to destroy domestic enemies? Total war coming with some near death to be freed, protected, and healed?
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    I don't know if there is anything else behind this, but if true... Are you friggin' kidding me?!!! BROKEN MODELS: The CDC Doctors Screwed Up Bigly! USNS Comfort in NY Harbor Sits Idle with 3 Patients -- USNS Mercy in LA has Only 15 Patients These are big-ass ships. Ask yourself the following if you are in a panic: If I allow evil people to destroy the society around me, will that help my panic? Get rational, people. There are things--effective things--that can be done about COVID-19, but they start with correctly identifying reality. If Objectivism means anything, it means identifying reality to the best of one's ability. And one big honking part of reality is that the media sucks right now. It promotes panic on purpose with lies--with INCORRECTLY identifying reality. There is a widespread medical situation that requires diligence, but panic is making people do all the wrong things. Michael