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    Unfortunately, you aren't the Corona virus. --Brant
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    Jon, What accounts for the appearance of the COVID-19 virus just now in your narrative? Are you claiming that Xi had the virus bioengineered or some other way managed to get it unleashed on the world and that Donald Trump is such an inhumane bastard that he doesn't care about the deaths and misery and financial dislocation so long as he has a cover for declaring martial law and arresting his enemies list? Ellen
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    Indeed. I may be skeptical about aspects of the story, but not the story itself.
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    There's a bit of cognitive dissonance, to be sure, with the Q "Trump/Xi as allies" theory and the speculation that it was Xi who is responsible... https://jrnyquist.blog/2020/03/20/did-xi-jinping-intentionally-release-the-covid-19-virus/
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    “Keating, where’s your courage? Aren’t you capable of a sublime gesture on occasion? They all work so hard and struggle and suffer, trying to achieve beauty, trying to surpass one another in beauty. Let’s surpass them all! Let’s throw their sweat in their face. Let’s destroy them at one stroke. Let’s be gods. Let’s be ugly." -Lois Cook Ayn Rand. The Fountainhead (Kindle Locations 5152-5155). Plume. (The "Pizzagate" scandal may or may not be true (but in the realm of possibility), and the "Moloch"/ "andrenochone" conspiracy theory maybe even less so [too "Woo" although plausible that THEY may believe it], but damn if it doesn't make for an apt metaphor. Look at all these "beautiful people" deprived of their supply of children's blood to replenish their withered souls...or if that's too much for you, let's go, then, with the portrait of their true selves in the attic reclaiming their souls, a la THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY...)