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    Hey, check this out: Auntie Kamhi is suddenly cool with artists using photography and machine-made figures in their art! The Rehumanization of Public Art January 23, 2020 / Michelle Kamhi / Contemporary art, Public Art / 3 Comments Print This Post For anyone who shares my utter dismay regarding the dehumanization of public art in recent decades,1 I have good news. An extraordinarily ambitious, heartfelt, and skillful work of figurative public art is underway that communicates without the aid of an artist’s statement. Sabin Howard, A Soldier’s Journey, first section, full-size clay model in studio prior to casting in bronze. It is the slightly larger-than-life sculptural relief for the National World War I Memorial —designed by a very young architect, Joseph Weishaar (b. 1990), and a seasoned classical sculptor, Sabin Howard ... _____ I responded on her blog (my response will not appear there): Heh. J