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    Elon Musk's Favorite Riddle I have no desire to sling arrows at BaalChatzaf. He hasn't posted here in 4 months. He is getting up there in years. Give him a break.
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    It was a brief infatuation. I have come see that E.M. is a Crony Capitalist and his management of Tesla Motors is an abomination. It is true that his is brighter than most old line corporate capitalists, but his intellectual glitz cannot hide two things 1. He lusts and longs for government funded projects and 2. His intellectual reach exceeds his intellectual grasp. I regard Captain Bullshit as an entertainment, not the second coming of John Galt.
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    So you think you can find some isolated place and escape from Agenda 21? Nope. Under Agenda 21, you have no property rights and your land will be taken from you. You think maybe you can escape to a different country? Nope. Agenda 21 is worldwide and is a UN thing. Agenda 21 is environmentalism and Stalin combined and all over the world and on steroids. Here in this video is what can happen if you try to live in some hideout, and Agenda 21 is far from being in full swing. 9:50 But you can do something about the Global Elite. In this video, the grasshoppers are the Global Elite and the ants are the general population. We outnumber them a million (or so) to 1 and if we ever figure that out, there goes their way of life. 2:24 Notice I post the length of videos and it's your choice whether you want to spend the time.
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    You can find plenty of info about Agenda 21 by Googling it. It's not a secret. They are open about it. http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/ For more information, read the rest of the document. But you don't have time for that. Then search Google Images. Maybe a picture is worth a bunch of words. But it's not just USA.
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    First, what is a "hidden number"? In a mathematical theory developed according to contemporary standards of rigor a mathematical theory will set forth its undefined terms and the postulates which give the undefined terms their semantics. Nothing is "hidden". The method of development is transparent, straightforward and logical. This is how the theory of (so-called) real numbers is presented nowadays. Likewise for complex numbers. A complex number is an element of the extension field over the real numbers generated by the irreducible polynomial equation x^2 + 1 = 0. The root of this equation is the (so-called) imaginary unit, usually designated by the letter i. Second, we arrive the concept of numbers by counting. Kids can do it by the age of two usually. Third, we learn mathematical ideas the same way we learn the names of things, the names of actions, the meaning of relations etc.. Kids can do this by the age of three usually. There is no magic here. Fourth. How would one define number. What kind of number? Integer, rational, real, complex, quaternion, octonian? Which? Please be specific. Use standard mathematical terms if you are going to discuss mathematics. Fifth, what is the physical meaning of the so-called complex numbers. The usual physical interpretation is that of angular phase. Complex numbers are given by an angle and a magnitude (relative to some frame of reference). This is very nifty for discussing harmonic oscillators and is this interpretation is even more nifty in formulating the concept of a quantum state. Quantum states are unit vectors in a Hilbert Space. The set of operators with quantum significance on this space are the so-called Hermite Operators. Now let me ask you something. Has your magnum opus added one substantial theorem to the theory of analysis of complex valued functions that is not already in the literature? If not, what is it you are bringing to the table? Ba'al Chatzaf