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    Government job? Or government-tied? (I couldn't resist. ) Michael
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    One of the Fourth Reich pigs had some comments, memorialized below: "If you disobey the rules you get [your mic] cut off. Could we please remove the flags? Mr Farage, would you remove the flags, please? Can I please ask for quiet? I'm really ... Please sit down. Resume your seats. Put your flags away, you are leaving. And take them with you if you are leaving now. Goodbye." Goodbye, indeed. And congratulations to the British people!
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    Here is the promised footage I was shooting on the same occasion as the recording above. I recorded this video with a GoPro camera on my 1986 VFR pointed rearward at the Triumph Speed Triple videoing from behind me.
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    https://youtu.be/_ohyaZrEucM?list=PLmSEoeEurLrtjoJoEyg4cMrioeIMKNJ7p "As a mental disorder it cannot be argued against, only defeated".
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    The jottings you deleted yesterday were titled "The #QAnon phenomena, as explained by various outlets and commenters". Did you mean the plural, or do you not know that "phenomena" is plural? Many phenomena attend the Q phenomenon. To my mind, Q is the ultimate boondoggle for rational inquiry. I've been directed a few times to separate "Q" from "QAnon," and I will probably make the same kind of differentiation errors. Are you taking questions about "Q" and/or "QAnon"?