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    Whoever or whatever "Q" is, he or she or they are probably enjoying the break, not having posted since December 29 2019. This break has had zero effect on propagation of the 'cleaned-up' version of the mighty conspiracy-of-all-conspiracies ... from Mike Rothschild: The article is here. As "Q" might say, The 'silent' war continues.
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    Superlatives! Oceans were hottest on record in 2019 "That's a lot of zeroes."
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    I didn't expect the next Veritas drop to be about Bernie, but it is. Notice how the Bernie dude talks so casually about sending Americans to reeducation camps, about how Stalin's Gulags weren't so bad, etc. And notice how the other Bernie dude is salivating about Milwaukee burning if Bernie doesn't get in. The commies are really showing themselves for who they are here. Finally, there is something in the O-Land orbit in contemporary politics that normal Rand-fed O-Land people can relate to as the enemy--that is, a typical O-Land enemy acting like a villain. Despite all the nuance and controlling the narrative, the closer hardcore lefties get to real power, the more they show their fists. Michael
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    They think they can keep this satanic piece of shit alive with just $500,000 a year? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7881493/Canada-offers-pick-Harry-Meghans-500-000-security-bill.html