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    We read the online Chicago papers for news and obits. Did a building collapse? We cried. We kept clicking on the OL link. We even looked for other sites. What happened we said. Sigh. Welcome back!
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    Don't worry. Billy is going to save us. He has enlisted, and is right now packing up his shit, and heading over there to straighten it all out. He's taking printouts of his posts with him, and a PLS container full of tracers. Fuck yeah! J
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    If it were a youtube video it would probably have been titled "phanom000 destroys pouncing randian sycophants"
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    Oh, but Jonathan, ABC’s error was a common and innocent one, just ask Mike Rat’schild, who explained it all while also exposing the dangerous and disturbing conspiratorial mindset behind your kind of thinking, in the latest at Billy’s Q blog.