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  1. This recording has been one of my earliest inspirations as a composer and songwriter. It is a love song to the city of Vienna, written by Rudolf Sieczyński, sung by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.
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  2. Jon, Your Bill Gates analogy is a good concrete way to show how ridiculous Barney is being. I shall steal it. The rumor you heard about the bulletproof vest may have been based on what Yaron Brook was doing at the time. Search Who’s Who on ARI Watch for “bulletproof” and you’ll find a firsthand account, not a rumor, by the late Steve Reed (OL’s Greybeard). MSK, Yes, Barney “dove into the tar pit” noticing his critics in public. As you say, in his circle I am a nobody. The explanation, I believe, is the extraordinary self-righteous self-deception of these Obleftivists. (Perigo isn’t my cup of tea but he hit a home run with that neologism.) Barney really believes he is innocent. To quote ARI Watch: Iago, rubbing his hands with glee at his own iniquity, is strictly a work of Shakespeare’s imagination. In real life evil is always self-righteous. You cannot tell the heroes from the villains by the emotional noises they make. Barney’s letter contains lots of legalese – perpetrated, malicious, defamation, harmed, damage, reputation – and it’s easily construed as the precursor to a lawsuit, designed to shut up critics even if he doesn’t go through with it. I wrote the New York Times headline parody to make fun of the idea. David and Goliath describes the situation pretty well. Of course if he did sue I would (1) make sure the New York Times knows about it, (2) counter-sue for calling me a liar and a merchant of hate good grief, (3) create a website detailing every step of the battle. But all this is a daydream. He’s no fool, anyway not fool enough to raise on a busted flush. Does anyone believe Craig Biddle’s story that Barney wrote him this letter and he convinced Barney to let him publish it? Mark
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