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    Eliminate all them Christians, bro! Get 'em all! If people can't see 'em, maybe they'll stop existing... (I'm being sarcastic, of course.) I don't want to defend Christianity, but that's just plain gross. Even more, it's just plain stupid. These idiots think this kind of bullying will win a culture war. btw - You know what Christians have in the US that social media doesn't? What social media will never have? Churches. Physical churches where people go using their cars and legs and feet to get there, not a mouse or a keyboard. And, boy are there churches in America. Lot's of 'em. In every city, in every suburb, in every patch of country. And guess what? Christians vote. I almost feel sorry for the social media giants. They are committing suicide right in front of our eyes without even realizing it. They are smart people in doing social media platforms, but man are they as dumb as a bag of left-handed hammers about how to use their platforms to persuade. Michael
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    LOL... Carpe Donks 'em again: The Magic Wand of Trump... Michael