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    Probing the Mueller Probe and the Obama Administration Here's a transcript and video of Rush Limbaugh today. Limbaugh: Comey, Clapper, Others "Very, Very Nervous" Of Durham's Investigation Of Russia Probe (Sorry, you gotta go there to see the video.) There's a lot to say, but I just want to highlight one main point for the opening post of this thread. I learned today from that Rush segment that Mueller let four innocent men--that he knew were innocent--languish in jail for decades in order to protect the reputation of the FBI (he didn't want people to know Whitey Bulger was an FBI informant, seeing that Bulger was continuing to commit crimes). Two of the innocent men died in jail. The other two and their families got rich from damages the state had to pay. But a man who can do what Mueller did, keep innocents incarcerated, is the man the Dems used to take down President Trump. That he failed speaks volumes about Trump's legal squeaky-cleanliness, not to mention Mueller's depraved indifference to the pain and suffering of innocents caused by a legal abomination he was part of. The man who took down the obscenity of having four innocent men incarcerated and top law enforcement people like Mueller knowing about it was John Durham. This is the same John Durham that AG Bill Barr just appointed to look into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. (Did I hear a gulp somewhere? ) I have no doubt that when Barr, Durnham & Co. finish probing the Trump-Russian probe and some elitist assholes duly go to jail, they will look into the flawed investigations of Hillary Clinton's email misbehavior and related issues. Bad times coming for the Dems. Good times coming for good old fashioned American justice where nobody is above the law, not even elitists from the former Obama administration. Michael
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    the sad truth is i already won the world
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    With all due respect, bullshit. The reality is you were born at the exact right time to be here now. I get you that the world is awful at times and people are a mess. But if you wallow in defeatism because of them, who won? You? Hell no. Snap out of that shit. You have a world to win. Or feel sorry for yourself and leave it to them. Your choice and your life. You won't get another so you can change your mind after it's gone. If you don't value yourself, nobody else will except those who pity you. Michael
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    A, I'm glad you don't want to argue because an argument is not an achievement. But it's a hell of a great excuse to not expend efforts at achieving. As to territory, the lack thereof did not stop Trump. I'm serious. His buildings and real estate projects are magnificent. They are all over the world. Trump left his mark in one place after another all around planet earth. At those iconic points, he changed the planet into his own image and name. He made the planet better. My unsolicited advice is to stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop making excuses, and get next to someone like that and learn everything you can from him. Or his assistants. Or whoever around him will talk to you. Ask him how he solved the territory problem. Rand won't tell you (she'll tell you many good things, just not that), but he sure will. Then do the friggin' work. If he can do it, you can. One of the most precious words I ever learned is "transmute." It means turning one substance into another (like lead into gold). An idea is an abstraction. Having great ideas is a great start, but ideas are worthless if you do not transmute them into concrete things and actions. A building does not exist by itself in reality. A building is a transmuted idea at root. The idea--an abstraction--is where it came from. Without that idea, it could not exist. Transmuting takes practice. It's hard. But it's, oh, so worth it. Michael
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    Monsanto is getting its ass kicked so hard that they gotta clear their throat to fart. https://www.brighteon.com/603709449100
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    William, Maybe that they are evil? Unspeakable? Immoral? And so on? Then nothing, of course, would happen. Just like mocking these people, pretending they don't exist, and showing up only during election-time to cheat them into candidates and positions that they don't really support will not change their minds. Let's turn this around. What do you say? Do you complain? I know you don't respect these people. Do you expect respect from them? How? Why? Just because? Or is just cheating and coercing them--when you (or people who agree with your ideas) can get away with it--enough for you? After all, they are subhumans in your view, right? Here's some practical advice. If you ever need an abortion one day, don't try to get it in Alabama. Michael
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    People used to call Monsanto critics cranks and conspiracy theorists. Mockery with tin foil hats and so forth... Where did the smug superiority go all of a sudden? Michael
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    thanks. i was just born @ the wrong time. i wish i was born a million years from now where it is a leap of faith, or destiny to learn it all & then be a creator