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    I love "on the sidelines" of #TrumpKimSummit. He's negotiating peace with a nuclear—armed country, ending a state of war that has existed between us for the last 70 years. While doing that he scores a deal for $12.7 billion of planes, then goes out for a smoke break with Phu Trong and a few of the Bamboo guys and returns with an additional $2.9 billion dollars. Best President ever.
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    Let's hum the hymn, "There will be peace in the valley." I stopped reading Jon for a while but now I am back at it. Jon, just for the record (what a bs saying) if I am drinking alcohol and posting I will stick in a "hic" somewhere otherwise my obtuseness is coming from a clear head or is that oxymoronic? It's great having Ed post here.
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    Michael Just a blurt to make the blurter feel good, I apologize. It was a sarcastic remark in regard to the Trump-haters/MSM and what their reactions may sound like after reading the posts about the progress Trump and his administration have had toward Making AGA. TDS and their intellectual dishonesty will never allow them to admit any 'good' from Trump without trying to tie it to his personal advantage ( or that of his family and their business dealings) and or how he keeps somehow advantaging Russia and specifically Putin's designs for Russia. I'll refrain from posting until I cobble together more coherent ideas with at least 50 or more words. But blurting does feel good for the lazy, I suppose that is what emoticons/jis are for, and likes and trophies.
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    tmj, I remember a time when who what when where why and how were taught as elements of clear expression. Now the thing is blurting out cryptic opinions that I call "cheap profundity." It makes the blurter feel good, I guess. If there is an idea or something specific that led you to share your wisdom with us, I would be interested. I'm serious. I'm curious. What are you talking about? Michael
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    Man , Vlad is just leading him around by the nose.
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    The Art of the Deal
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    I do NOT dislike you. ---Brant we just aren't best buds I do like Carol (we just aren't best buds)
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    Jon, I frequently disagree with with your style of presentation and I'm having a hard time getting my brain around this "Q" stuff, but you're grounded. I can deal with that. Ed declines to be grounded, he says or implies by the likes of you. I can't take it further into a broader characterization like you did for that'd be unfair to him by me which is not to say you were unfair to him. Maybe you were and maybe you weren't. But he was unfair to you. That's because he does not participate here. He floats in and floats out. That makes his rudeness to you primary and your rudeness to him secondary. Sometimes with others here your rudeness might be described as primary to primary as with Carol. (She doesn't float in and out; she walks☺️.) --Brant
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