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    On the BBC’s “Midsummer Murders” show last night Detective Barnaby and DS Troy investigated a group of Satanists after an annual Halloween magic stunt turned deadly . . . and right in front of children. This usually dramatic show was nearly a comedy when you began to see the Satanists in their silly costumes, performing their 60 IQ level rituals, with blindfolds, costumes like wizards, and sharp swords and knives. I can’t take the global, real or unreal life, version with any seriousness.
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    Who claims that a fetus is the same as an adult?! I've never heard anyone say anything like that. I have head people take the position that a fetus may have rights, just as a child or adult does, and that those rights are the same that all humans have regardless of age. Why not cut to the chase? The only relevant issue at hand is the question of when individual rights obtain, and why. When does the developing entity become rights-bearing, and is therefore considered sovereign, and therefore neither the state nor the woman in whom he temporarily resides may intrude upon that sovereignty by crushing his skull, sucking his brains out, and dismembering him, but must instead resolve the issue of his violating his host's sovereignty -- through no fault of his own -- in a manner which respects his rights, and which is reasonable and proportionate? J
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    Here are a couple of other things he has written, but I haven't read them yet. Global Elitists Are Not Human and The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose Also, here is a documentary he linked to in the article on Lucifereanism. I will see it and maybe comment later. It appears to detail the symbolism and some of the propaganda processes of Lucifereanism. Michael