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  1. Correct. It's dogmatism: Dogmatism made this little dog taller than the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. J
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  2. In France pro boxers are joining the yellow vests jumping into the streets and fighting back globalist Macron’s police. Click little arrow on the right.
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  3. “Brazil has pulled out of a United Nations pact on dealing with rising migration, joining the United States and a growing number of countries in rejecting the agreement” https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2019-01-08/brazil-quits-un-migration-pact-will-still-take-in-venezuelan-refugees-source
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  4. That's rather trivial. If a disk rolls without slipping, by definition the distance between the contact points between disk and support before and after one revolution equals the circumference of the disk. The center has always the same position and distance relative to the contact point (perpendicular, distance R), so that has also traveled a distance of the circumference of the disk.
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