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    MSK, I'm wondering what the policy is here at OL regarding foreigners' attempts to interfere in our elections. There are Canadians here who are very actively trying to influence American voters' opinions. Now, I don't know how you feel, but, personally, I'm in favor of free speech, no matter where it comes from, and I don't buy into the left's long, tired struggle to get us to believe that Hillary lost due to Muh Russians posting a few lame political memes or cartoons on social media. But, what you or I think is irrelevant. The only thing that is relevant is what Muh Canucks think versus how they behave, no? Shouldn't OL take them up on what they advocate, and impose on them what they've been demanding? If these hosers love the Muh Russians thing, and have been pushing the idea that we should be terrified of foreign electronic interlopers, and that we have to stop them at all costs, shouldn't OL grant them their wishes? No more advocating against foreign political meddling while they are actively engaged in foreign political meddling? J
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    Unfortunately, groups that fight racism like in advertising, never seem to succeed, unless it is racism against black people. There can be a commercial with multiple darker skinned humans and not one white and there is no outcry. But we will always hear about how twenty or fifty years ago there were no ads with blacks unless it was in Ebony Magazine and there is truth to that. And don't forget what went on in 1860~ Recently Downton Abbey was cajoled into adding a black actor into the cast even though 1920's England was stratified by class and color. Oddly, the black guy's character understood the situation better than many upper class whites.
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    I’m thinking that if the number of white people that the left accuses constantly of being racist were actually racist there would not be anyone other than white people in America. It does get old being called a racist when you truly are not just because you have a different point of view.
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    Our only goal is to repatriate all our Canadian hockey players so the Stanley cup can be forever back in Canadian hands. Where repatriation is not possible then a 5000% tariff seems reasonable!
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    Is that like "napalm in the morning?" Real Clear Politics, Rasmussen, and other reliable polls are pretty "iffy" about the Republicans holding on to a slim majority in the House, but hopefully it will be 2016 all over again, with the last states to be counted on Tuesday night, going to the guys and gals in the white hats.