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  1. I got my first Phiser shot at the VA today. As usual, the VA's system was well done and limited people coming in contact with each other. It took about 30 minutes counting the 15 minutes after the shot waiting if you will have a reaction. I didn't but I do have a bit of Minor sore arm syndrome and for a brief time, minor, minor chills. Just get the damn shot.
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  2. Durham resigns on Feb. 28, but he's still Special Counsel for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. U.S. Attorney For Connecticut John Durham Resigns I wish he would resign as Special Counsel, too. All he's doing is marking time and spending money, thus keeping the Deep State in place. He's probably OK in matters outside the Deep State, but where the Deep State is concerned, he's got a fierce stern mug and that's about all . Good for fooling people. Form without content. Michael
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