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    The Smithsonian Promotes Pure Toxic Racism You have to see this to believe it. It's almost out of an Ayn Rand novel. At least this boneheaded spiteful chapter in The Smithsonian is getting bashed by lots and lots of people. Here's an article that gives an overview: Byron York's Daily Memo: 'Whiteness' and the National Museum of African American History and Culture The chart mentioned in the last paragraph is the cause of the storm. Before I show it, The Smithsonian's site took it down. Here is the webpage where it used to be. Whiteness Now here is the chart they took down. There is only one way to respond to trash like that. And Charlie Kirk did it, much to the surprise of Shannon Bream, who was trying to do her Trojan Horse gig of treating garbage as the equivalent of facts, but having a real hard time selling this particular pile of shit. Charlie outright called Leslie Marshall a racist in a tone of deep anger for defending it. Leslie, poor thing, is used to calling conservatives racist. She's not used to the racist label landing on her face like a pie. And it showed. I think the bullshit was too much even for Shannon. She wanted to sell sell the party line in a way that advances the Overton Window like she is paid to do, but this was too much. So she did the best she could at pretending pure toxic racism was a reasonable argument that should be examined in a "fair and balanced" way. But her heart wasn't in it. She just wanted it to be over. She allowed Leslie to bark back at Charlie, but Leslie sounded condescending and infantile and weirdly insecure. Shannon looked so relieved when it ended. Shannon should take a lesson from Charlie. The way Charlie did it is the only way to do it. Call evil evil. That Smithsonian poster could have easily been part of the text of "Why Do You Think You Think?" in Atlas Shrugged. Michael
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    Wow, that one seventeen year old basement troglodyte really got under Twatter's skin. All four hundred pounds of ze.
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    Frankly I think we have entertained the irrational and fear-frozen among us for way too long. It is time to take life back. No more forced face diapers and closed schools. The frightened can stay indoors indefinitely if they want, but they have no right to shut the rest of our lives down and we are not going to take it much longer.
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    Deanna, I agree with the random video part. But how about a steady stream of videos glorifying Satanism and porn? That is in the culture. Haven't you noticed? Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion merely put a super-production on one. There was nothing random about it. (As I mentioned when I talked about tapping into the cultural zeitgeist.) Besides, why is this either-or? Does criticizing a video for potential damage make a claim that bad relationships are not a factor? Let me see. Hmmm... No. It doesn't. I agree with this, but with qualifications. 1. I think the steady stream of videos--not just random videos--reflects something, too. 2. Once again, here's the either-or thing on something that is not either-or. Why is a music video only a reflection and not a cause at the same time? In your opinion, is it that our brains can't chew gum and walk at the same time? (I mean cause both to happen? ) Paul Ekman and his people discovered how pleasant and unpleasant isolating and mapping facial muscles to expressions of emotions could get. One mainstream opinion at the time he started was that (1) an emotion is felt, then (2) a body reaction occurs. Not the contrary. As Ekman and company worked in front of mirrors on their own faces to isolate and map and see what that looked like, they discovered that purposely articulating muscles used in negative emotions caused them to feel these negative emotions. Ditto for positive. So if they were in a bad mood and they started working on the facial muscles predominantly used in positive emotions, their mood would lighten up a lot. And vice-versa. It's not either-or. Felt emotions cause facial muscles to articulate an expression. But articulating an emotional expression and holding if for a while causes the emotion to be felt. If you're feeling happy, you smile. If you're feeling, say, grumpy and you plaster a smile on your face and keep it in place, pretty soon you start feeling happy. It may not last depending on how intensely grumpy you are, but it does happen that way. That process happens with music and culture in general, too. Sometime a bad mentality in an individual (whatever the reason) causes bad intensely-felt cultural choices and sometimes a bad emotionally charged culture causes said individual to make bad choices and develop a bad mentality. Both can happen at the same time and in the same individual. Michael
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    TG, Maybe. But there are still some contenders in the running. How about Knee Pad and Pee Pad? Michael
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    Ha! I think it's dawning on the Ruling Class Elitist Establishment Defense Crew that I actually mean this. Find other sources and experts, guys. I don't give a fuck about the ones you bow to. I'm not alone, either. And we all vote. Michael
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    MSK wrote: "Brant, Damn you. Too often you manage to say in a sentence or two what it takes me paragraphs and paragraphs to say" (link). I will summarize in a few sentences what took you paragraphs and paragraphs to say. You find fault with the messenger, e.g. citing the CDC or WHO or CNN. You believe that entitles you to dismiss the entire message as propaganda, falsehoods, and garbage. That’s despite any facts or merits in the message. You even cite a fact and then concoct a slur. You don’t have enough interest to discern what is relevant and objective from what isn’t. It’s so much easier and convenient for you to trash the entire message and the messenger. At the same time, you exempt Dr. Simone Gold’s message from any of your “analysis” and slurring her.
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    Bingo - only change the word "cannot" to "pretend not to" - and put "on our side" in scare quotes: "The self-proclaimed principled people 'on our side' who [pretend not to] see the Deep State for what it is are beneficiaries of the elitist ruling class." Ellen
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    It means employees will get more in their paychecks. Yes, 16% is due. So if the pay to an employee is $100, then the gov't wants $16. Yes, the employer pays $8 of that and the other half is taken out of the employee's check, and then the $16 is forwarded to the gov't. (And, yes, it is fair to say that in actual fact the employees are the ones paying all $16, if we track the consequences carefully.) Trump's order says the employer will no longer have to forward $16, but only their half, $8. He is not giving employers a holiday for their half, but only the employees, for theirs. So, unless they want to go viral, the employers will stop taking the $8 from the employee's checks. Once made permanent after his re-election the overall effect will be to cut this tax in half. (It will still be true that employees really are the ones paying it, as it comes out of the higher rate of wages they would be getting in the absence of the tax.) But that doesn't change or diminish the fact that the overall effect will be to cut this tax in half.
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    Trump today: "I am providing a payroll tax holiday to Americans earning less than $100,000 per year. In a few moments I will sign a directive instructing the Treasury Department to allow employers to defer payment of the employee portion of certain payroll taxes from the first of August. ... "If I am victorious on November third, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax. ... "I will terminate that tax."
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    Chloroquine for SARS-CoV in vitro is quite different from hydroxyhloroquine (HCQ) for SARS-CoV-2 in humans. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/fauci-quote-hydroxychloroquine/
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    Woo hoo! A halftime show! Kanye West Will Appear on Colorado’s Presidential Ballot Now we need to get Kanye on one of the debates. Can you imagine what would happen if Biden refused to show up for a debate, so President Trump and Kanye West debated instead? It would be a classic bash-fest on Biden with the whole world tuning in. If the debates are ultimately cancelled because Biden's people manipulate the system, I think President Trump should schedule a debate of his own with Kanye just for the hell of it. Michael
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    LOL... Do not get Polly mad. Cory Doctorow is an all right science fiction writer, but he's lousy at understanding individuals. In fact, I have tried to read his science fiction and I couldn't get into it because the characters seemed so bland and/or unbelievable emotionally. Doctorow is good at technological theory from a narrow specific angle, but lousy at human nature. In fact, I doubt he would consider Polly's zinger to be magical thinking at all. But it is if you look at it from a reality standpoint. Human nature is reality and Polly knows about human nature. And she knows about good and evil. And she knows a thing or two about QAnon. All Doctorow and that idiot Ferguson he mentioned (the one who made the video) knows is they are superior lifeforms to humans who follow such conspiracy theories as Q. I saw some of that video and, as Ferguson said sarcastically in the video (with title card for emphasis), "It's always gotta be pedophiles." Well, yes... It does. When people are pedophiles. Including elitists and other superior lifeforms when they are pedophiles. Here's some more magical thinking by people like Doctorow and Ferguson: Everybody knows there is no pedophilia or blackmail going on in the ruling class. See? Say it out loud and it's magic. (btw - The video is not getting all that many views. I bet it's stunning to them that it hasn't gone viral from the moment it was uploaded.) Michael
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    Some dumb leftist today said to Kayleigh McEnany during her press briefing question period that he has never heard of the government getting a percentage of private transactions. He really said that. He asked her to explain how that would work because he has never heard of such a thing and it sounds fundamentally wrong to him. How did Trump get them to open that conversation? Tik-Tok is a spy and data theft operation of the PLA (People's Liberation Army) of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). It will soon be ended as a data theft and enemy spy operation. Microsoft is buying it and will be subject to privacy law, storing data only in U.S., etc. Negotiations got pretty hard for Microsoft (the sellers want fifty thousand million dollars) so Trump pointed out publicly he can and will ban it in the U.S. as soon as he feels like doing that. Of course, that would destroy the value of the social media app before a deal and so the CCP grew more agreeable, negotiations sped right back up. Trump then says the U.S. government should get a percentage of the deal from Microsoft, for helping facilitate, . So anyway, the dumb leftist today at the briefing can't stand that the CCP's operation is being shut down and openly questions "the government receiving a percentage of private transactions."
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    Bwook is a mowon. His modus operandi is a goofy variation on Rand at her worst when she was being driven by aesthetic tastes and pretending that it was purely objectively systematic philosophy that she was doling out. It's his little feelings about what he's heard other people express in their feelings about someone else's emotional reaction to their willful misinterpretation of something that they misheard that Trump said. Anyway, I hope that Bwook is living comfortably while shredding that last of what remains of Rand's coattails.
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    If anyone needs some quick corroboration for Mark's article linked in the opening post, I just saw an 8 minute extract from a Yaron Brook video dated July 15. I imagine most people don't have time to watch videos that run for an hour or more just to see if something someone said is right. So they take the person at face value or reject the person at face value. Here is an easy-to-check thing from the horse's mouth that does not take much time. This is unbelievable. Brook's biggest beef and fear in the beginning is that Tucker Carlson could become a successful Republican politician in the future. At lease Brook is aware that lots of people say he (Brook) has Trump Derangement Syndrome. He openly said so. I could have a field day with each boneheaded thing out of his mouth in this video, but I prefer to note the rhetorical pattern. Think about this pattern when you watch the video. It's amazing how it just loops over and over. The Rhetorical Pattern If there is something bad in the world that has happened during President Trump's term of office, Brook claims that's an indication of Trump's true intention, or it is the inevitable outcome of Trump's philosophical, moral and/or character defects. If someone brings up something good President Trump has done, Brook uses the BUT Eraser. This is when you state something, you then say, "BUT..." and proceed as if what you said earlier got erased and no longer exists. It's a rhetorical blank-out tool. The way Brook mostly sounded using this blank-out tool went something like this: "Yeah yeah yeah, Trump did XXX. BUT... [fill in the blank with anti-Trump stuff]." That's it. That's the pattern. It's not very complex or philosophical, is it? Remember kindergarten and elementary school playground fights? Any time I feel like giving Brook the benefit of the doubt in the future, I am going to try to remember this video excerpt (and Mark's article, of course). Unless Brook owns up to how irrational he is in this video and his call to elect Biden in general, I am going to assume the brain in his skull still works like this. In the current situation the world is in, with a real threat of war with China--a situation Biden not only helped orchestrate, he made a financial killing at it--Brook's video and call to elect Biden have not aged well. And that's only after a little over two weeks. At least few people are watching this mess. There are only 1,345 views since July 15 as of this post. Michael
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    I made a meme and posted it to Twitter. Here's the meme. And here's my tweet. The odd thing about it is that this is probably the only place on Twitter you can see it. The tweet itself was immediately removed from my own timeline. I noticed it glitching the moment I posted it. Oh noooooooooooo... I think my tweet was shadow banned.... But only the shadow nooooooooooos... Michael
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    Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) filed a lawsuit, AAPS v. FDA, against the Food and Drug Administration to end its arbitrary interference with the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which President Trump and other world leaders have taken as a prophylaxis against COVID-19. “It is shocking that medical workers in Brazil will have access to HCQ as a prophylaxis while Americans are blocked by the FDA from accessing the same medication for the same use,” observes AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D. “There is no legal or factual basis for the FDA to limit use of HCQ,” states AAPS General Counsel Andrew Schlafly. “The FDA’s restrictions on HCQ for Americans are completely indefensible in court.” Many foreign nations, including China, India, South Korea, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, use HCQ for early treatment and prevention of COVID-19, AAPS points out." aapsonline.org/hcqsuit/
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    OMG... It took me a minute. LOLOLOLOLOLOL... Michael
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    Ellen, I actually spray my masks down with alcohol after I come back home (btw - this thing is awesome if you ever need something like that). And after about 3 or 4 uses, a mask goes into the dirty laundry. I used to play trombone, so I know all about gunk buildup. As to my past drug and alcohol abuses, I'm probably more scarred than weakened by now due to years of mostly healthy living, with the exception of not getting enough exercise. (I keep promising myself, but I'm not the most reliable fulfiller of promises to myself. ) And the exception of maybe eating more crap these days than I should (fucking potato chips, chocolate covered almonds and so on ) instead of sticking to kale and similar mouth-fucking-watering delights. (I'm going to stop talking about the exceptions now. ) Obviously, I no longer drink alcohol or take drugs. I also take vitamins every 2 or 3 days, including D, a multivitamin, fish oil, A, different B's, etc. and I season foods with turmeric (including black pepper to bring out the anti-inflammatory goodness) and cumin and powdered ginger, lots of garlic and onions, and on and on and on. But thank you for the concern you exhibited. It's just words on a computer screen, but it means a lot to me. I hope you and Larry are staying safe, too. On the sensitive topic, I don't want to get into it again with Jon, but I don't think his intention is to exonerate bio-warfare creeps. In fact, I think he would like to execute them. And--like you--I fully believe this virus was produced as a weapon or human population culling agent. I don't know that (you might), but I believe it. Ah... what the hell... I avoid talking about this stuff to keep the tension down... but here goes... Jon is a warrior. He has a warrior's mind (I am going by his posts). That means when he sees an enemy, he goes all in and fuck the rest. What do warriors do? They break things and kill people. They do that because they like to do that, especially when they feel in the right. Warriors are blunt instruments. And for feeling in the right, QAnon does it for him. I'm perfectly fine with that, even when I disagree. I can't look at the mainstream and call that better. It's far worse. And, to be honest, being a blunt instrument is one of the things I like most about him. I love his default attitude toward elitist ruling class pedophiles and the rest. They deserve him. I have little doubt if you point him at the bio-warfare creeps in a way warriors respond to--in other words, prove to him (with a few examples) they are vermin that need to be exterminated, and he will be your biggest ally. I believe that. Michael
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    Ellen, Ambiguity is the reason for the hint and this is used as a formal technique by Q--a hook that prompts action. The term for this is "curiosity gap" or "information gap." I first became aware of this by a hard leftie named Eli Pariser (who used to be the director of MoveOn.org). He founded a site called Upworthy and started the clickbait headline craze ("You won't believe what Kanye said to Mike Pence about Black Lives Matter" and that kind of crap.) The idea is to present a headline that promises an "hot emotion" payoff, but leaves out a critical piece of the information. In order to find out what's in the gap, you have to click on the article. A scientist named George Lowenstein came up with this gap concept in a 1994 paper called "The Psychology of Curiosity: A Review and Reinterpretation." Pariser took that information years later and figured out how to piss off everyone on the Internet with it, but also made a fortune by using it to promote leftie causes. Without the curiosity gap, QAnon would not spread in the culture as much as it does. As to Q's own insider status, based on a lot of different elements, I find it likely Q's an insider or at least friends with one. But there's a lot of mystery surrounding this, too--starting with his real name. Right? Another question, is Q one person or several? Helooooo curiosity gap. Twitter's ban (and Facbook's if it happens) doesn't stand a chance against that level of wedding messages to human nature. And that's just the curiosity gap. There are archetypes, codes, sundry cognitive biases, knowing secrets, the appeal to belong and be an insider, and a whole bunch of similar things. I think, just in terms of persuasion techniques alone, QAnon is one of the best formed public personas in our culture today. I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Twitter just added the Streisand effect to the mix. Michael
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    Trump, Flynn and others on the team have confirmed their affiliation with Q hundreds of times in hundreds of ways. It is no longer a question.
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    Sooner the better, imo. Not that any place will be "safe" - but the Chicago area seems pretty guaranteed to become a war zone. Ellen
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    Here in Chicago, Mayor Lightweight, after blustering nonstop that Trump better stay out of Chicago or else, backtracks. Now she's like, "Of course the Feds can come in." (She wants Fed money, that's her real motivation.) She's snarling as she backtracks, but action-wise, she's been potty-trained. And, her real name is Lightfoot, but I don't like that name. I like the one I used. Chicago Mayor Confirms White House Deploying Federal Agents to City God, how I dislike this place. Kat and I gotta get outta here. We're actually making plans... Michael
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    Here's another trace. The elitists own the press... Michael
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    2nd one down. Finally got his right to speedy justice.
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    RCP Poll Averages. Biden 49.3, Trump 41.6, Biden up by 7.7. President Trump Job approval Approve 43.2. Disapprove 54.5. Direction of country, right direct 25.3 wrong track 69.5. Wrong track by 44.2. Battleground states. All for Biden except North Carolina where Trump is up by 1 percent.
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    Heh... I love the barrage of tweets like this out there. Michael
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    More kerfufflage re QAnon fanciers running for the GOP ... ignoring Mr Chemtrail Whoopee Trump congratulates QAnon conspiracy theorist on GOP runoff win
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    Jon, It's tough trying to explain my state of mind re the credibility of the liars to people who are emotionally wedded to the Ruling Class Establishment institutions. They want to keep talking about these institutions and people as if there were something serious to gain from it. To me, it's like trying to tell them I don't find anything the spirit cooking lady says about, say, Ayn Rand's fiction credible to people who do, and who regularly consume art made with semen, blood and honey. If they want to consume that art, that's their business. But I want nothing to do with it and have very little interest in the spirit cooking lady's views on anything. The WHO, CNN and so on are like the spirit cooking lady to me. Michael
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    I know what you mean about libertarians, but Amash is not failing to snap out of anything, but is a member of the team fighting for its life against Trump who is coming after them with a hangman's noose in hand. He is not a commentator, that is just a role for our consumption.
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    Tell them to calm down, extract their head from their ass and note his words: "If I am victorious on November third I will terminate that tax." If they can't do that, tell them to fix the fairness issue they are having -- vote for Biden to ensure no one gets a tax cut, or freedom or a future.
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    Official power, unofficial power, power structures... it's all very convoluted. I think a definition of power is needed that cuts through the BS. Here's my attempt. Let's look at one of the simplest forms of power: A has a gun to B's head. This is basically the purest form of coercion. B will do anything that A wants unless B decides it would be better to die. So right away we see that power is limited by the object's values, because B can still choose to die and there's nothing A can do about that. So power does not create motivation, it creates expectations. Having power over a person entails the ability to change their expectations. The created expectation here is that if B doesn't do what A wants, B will die. But is power only the ability to change one's expectations? You can secretly change the time on someone's clock and make them think they are running late for a meeting, effecting their behavior. Is that power? I can't think of any reason that it's not. This means that you can have power over someone without them even knowing it. You could also have power over someone without you knowing it, if you changed their expectations unintentionally. This is a starting point. I want to dissect power in organizations as well as societies in general using this definition or an updated version--I don't know if there's anything obviously wrong about it, but I feel it's in the ballpark.
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    Thanks! I don’t plan on checking to see if my doctor at the VA or the doctor I go to for a checkup and my CPAP supply prescription will give me a prescription for that drug but I will continue to pay attention to coronavirus news. And I will be on top of any vaccines approved for the virus. I am going to a small family gathering today, but I am trying to self-isolate, as is my wife. Peter From Fox News. Australia declares 'State of Disaster' in Victoria after coronavirus cases spike continues. The state recorded almost 700 new cases overnight from Saturday. A “State of Disaster” was declared for the Australian state of Victoria after almost 700 new cases of coronavirus were recorded overnight, according to reports . . . . “If you’ve got that many cases – and they’re not just in metropolitan Melbourne, they’re in regional Victoria as well – if you have that many cases of community transmission you must assume you have even more and on that basis you can no longer be confident that you’ve got a precise understanding of how much virus is there,” Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said during a press briefing . . . .
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    To me the idea of refusing to wear or not wear a face mask is not so simple. What would a libertarian do? A store is private property so if you do business with them, you morally and legally should follow the stores’ rules or not enter. What if a mask is not convenient to wear, makes your breathing harder, or you forgot it? Perhaps you should get curb side delivery like Walmart’s provides. And is it worth the effort if you are defying a store policy? Is it worth being charged with trespassing? Is it worth people yelling at you, or refusing to serve you? I saw some guidelines for eating at a restaurant even though the seating is still outdoors. They recommend patrons keep their masks on until eating begins and the waiters should keep their masks on at all times. Governmental regulations, whether local, state, or federal are a different matter. Remember reading about Prohibition, segregation laws, and laws against women doing a lot of things in municipal places? This is meant to be humorous but even to this day women have to wear a top to cover their boobies even though men do not. Oh, the injustice of it all! School districts at the county, city, or state level make it mandatory for your kids to get shots to go to a public school. But after the elementary level I don’t think higher schools check pupil’s health charts.
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    Feds have a positive right to be present with force to protect fed property. There is always the right to be present and act to protect, permission is not relevant. Whatever it is that Napolitano presents as hindrance to the Department of Homeland Security protecting federal court houses from torching by rioters is purely his highly wishful and imaginative concoction.
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    Well... I'll stipulate I saw Mr Kaplan leave a bridge and enter into a moving body of water.
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    Me, too. Andrew Jackson said, correctly, "One man with courage is a majority." I love that!
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    Here's a white BLM dude (read Antifa) who is no longer among the living being interviewed last night right before his demise. And how he went down. You don't see him being shot, but you hear the shots as people are scattering. On another note take a look at these badass mothafahkas in Louisville The belong to a group calling itself the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC). Yesterday they shot three of their own members by accident. 3 members of armed militia shot at Breonna Taylor protest EDIT: Oops, I missed one. Below is a link to an article that has a video of the Jeep. And we have another "protester" who can't shoot straight, but takes a gun to a protest/riot fully expecting to use it. The lady newscaster in that video was really irritating, too. She lamented, in a hang-dog tone, that the Jeep "interrupted the message of the protest." God, I can't stand these people. Jeep Races Through Protesters On I-225 In Aurora, Protester Fires Shots It looks like two "protesters" were wounded by the hapless "protester" who couldn't shoot straight. If this is civil war, the rebels sure are halfassed. Michael
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    Take a look at this. Bill Gates’s Nuclear Firm Collaborated With Chinese Military Proxy What a loathsome man. If we want to see who sold America to the Chinese, we can start here. Bill Gates is one of them. Michael
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    No, I’m saying in the instance that the ins. co. intention was to keep the world convinced that a bug really exists. Turning over half a million servicemen and women into unwilling witnesses to its existence is very helpful to that end. I don’t happen to believe this exactly has not been done many times, again, to be sure we keep believing, not to improve any particular stat or be deterred by deteriorating any stat, per your objection to Michael. We keep showing example after example of them doing myriad funny business, so your logic about how they wouldn’t do this is that because it deteriorates a stat is beside the point in all of those myriad cases of pure funny business, logical and wise on their part or not. You can keep on believing them despite all the obvious coordinated lies. I do not. And until you share your insider knowledge I consider it as valuable as the servicemember testominy who knows it is real because they had it themselves, “got the positive results, gave blood, saved lives.” They believe it, they’re being honest, but
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    And don't forget how much is riding on every little thing, for some people: this is not an idle question of how to interpret one isolated public utterance. Their years-long-stated view is that Trump is the pedophile, Trump is the fascist, Trump had Epstein murdered to eliminate a witness of him raping children, etc. They ignore mountains of evidence that doesn't go their way and press on with their counter-factual, years-running, pussy-hat-wearing hissy fit. Don't fall for their assurances that they honestly heard him that way. This is war and the near-end for the side they have promoted their whole lives, don't expect much grace or honesty from them. They will feign skepticism of 2+2=4 as soon as that truth becomes inconvenient for the side they are fighting on. And don't forget that most are probably 'bots the enemy floods all channels with. A puppet show by a tiny group of elites to make you think there are many, many people who think that way.
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    And on the light side (not lightfoot side ), here comes the Babylon Bee. Chicago Mayor Hires Gangs To Spell Out 'Trump Is Bad' With Bullet Holes LOL... Michael
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    Chinese spy center (Consulate) in Houston is now closed. From Breitbart: U.S. Closes Chinese Consulate in Houston over Privacy, IP Theft Concerns From Click2Houston: China says US orders it to close consulate in Houston to ‘protect American intellectual property’ after officials respond to fire Here are videos from the articles: Burning documents: Hosing down fires in containers in the courtyard: China is pissed that its feeding frenzy on America is over. Good. Now we need to look at the Americans who got rich selling out America to China. Michael
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    I am sorry I dinna log in since i have blocked you, laddie. If I had logged in i would have never read your message. You are a low life piece of shit. My Dad served in the Navy and had third degree burns from the Japanese sinking his ship, you horrible excuse for a human being. What have you ever done that was good? Anything you pedophile? What happened to your two boys? Where did you bury them?
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    This article Ron Paul put his name to describes even more Covid Corruption: Big Holes in the Covid 'Spike' Narrative
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    Keep on truckin'... And it's about time, too... Michael
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    First I saw this. Then I went there and saw this (at the Daily Mail): Prosecutor John Durham reveals the report into 'spying' on Trump's campaign will be released by the end of summer and says: 'The American people deserve to hear this story' I found it odd that this article mentioned Kerri Kupec, spokeswoman for the Justice Department, but did not say where or when she made the announcement. So I dug a little deeper and saw the following (at the Washington Examiner). The article below contains a video of Kerri Kupec, spokeswoman for the Justice Department, making the announcement during an interview on Fox. No guarantees (after all, this is a criminal investigation and new evidence could delay it), but an expectation. End of summer. Woo hoo! Justice Department gives update on when to expect 'pivotal' report from John Durham This will be one of the things that helps motivate a huge pro-Trump turnout. And flip undecideds to vote for Trump. Even turn folks from the Dem side. I don't see it influencing anything in the opposite direction. Michael
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    I was trying to differentiate between the two but there's no point. They're the same thing. We can say that power is just extreme influence. We are speaking about power in a social context, meaning power over someone's mind, which can never be absolute. Therefore it is always going to be mere influence. You can't use force on someone's mind. The problem becomes quantifying influence. If one person can influence many people... power may become the more appropriate word. I think it's important to keep physical power and social power conceptually distinct. Retaliatory force certainly does influence someone's behavior, especially in this example, but I would not use the word power. In the bigger picture power is more clearly influence. When you start to look at power structures in their entirety, you see influence cascading from the top down...
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    That part on the top of his head we usually call "hair". I don't see anything unusual in that statue. Google statue + beard to see many other examples, often with even much more beard and/or hair. Oh, but I've unmasked photo forgeries in the past, and some of them were very cleverly done, so I'm not entirely green in that respect. Further I have some experience with steganography, a bit different kind of tampering, but very instructive. That's all fine, but the point is, that the arguments that I've heard that this photo would be a fake are not valid. Those perceived anomalies can be adequately explained by standard photographic effects. So far I haven't seen any compelling evidence for tampering. I get the impression that some people for some reason desperately want this photo to be a fake, and you see there an example of confirmation bias: every aspect of the photo that they can't explain immediately is grabbed as evidence for tampering with the photo, instead of checking if perhaps another explanation might be sufficient. It reminds me of those UFO-people, who, when they see something in the sky that they can't identify, immediately jump to the conclusion that it must be space ship from Sirius, or perhaps from somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, instead of accepting that it might have a more mundane explanation, like birds, aircraft, strange clouds, mirages, balloons, Venus, etc. Such a normal explanation is probably too dull for them. Aliens are much more exciting!