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  1. btw - This thing about determinism--both for and against--is another example of the error of reifying the part and calling it the whole. Many parts of human beings come as "the given" (already determined) and other parts are chosen by us. All throughout, there is one area that impacts both and it is generally ignored in O-Land: growth. It is a habit in O-Land to attribute growth to learning from experience, but it isn't the same. One does not learn eyesight from experience the same was as one learns to ride a bike from experience. One grows into eyesight and one cannot not grow into eyesight, however, one can refuse to learn to ride a bike. Learning how to see is instinctual. Learning how to ride a bike is not. Michael
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  2. TG, It was probably my memory. No biggie. This is what happens when one posts without checking. btw - Memory is a fascinating topic. Rand wrote very little about memory. I think the reality of it would have appalled her until she got used to it if she had learned the reality of it when she was alive. The way most people think about memory, at least long term memory, is that mental events and abstractions reside in your brain somewhere and you simply retrieve them as you need them. However, the way memory really works is more like the cloud in computing. Bits of the memory of, say, an event reside all over the friggin' place in your brain and a lot of them are redundant. When you want to recall something, your brain literally reconstructs the mental event from the bits and pieces that are all over the place. More often than not, bits and pieces from other events, from movies, from stories, from childhood traumas, and on and on get in and become part of your certainty of that event. That is, until you check. What's worse, that little sucker in your left brain Michael Gazzaniga calls "the interpreter" will simply make shit up if a bit or piece is missing from everywhere in your brain. That sucker exists to make sense of things even when they don't make sense. And since it has a lot to do, it will make up shit for the parts that don't fit at all so it can move on to other stuff. If you don't have good self-esteem and understand this, it can wreak havoc on your soul when you are wildly off. That doesn't give you an excuse to softly murmur the name of one lover in the ear of another while making love , but this stuff exists in all of us. Your memory is mostly correct except when it isn't. The best way with memory is the Reagan adage, trust but verify. I'll correct my other post so William Perry is no longer the source of the prosecutor's brief description of PARC. That was fun, but now that I know it's inaccurate, ah hell... I am sure he will understand, though. He himself is a prosecutor. Ask any prosecutor on earth about the reliability of eye-witness accounts of a crime... Michael
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  3. But did she Epstein herself? "Inquiring minds want to know..."
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  4. I was buying some bagels last Sunday ( insert Jewish jokes here if you must ) an an old lady around 70 called me a f*****g a*****e because my mask was not on correctly. Wasnt that passive lollllllllll
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