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  1. Why am I not surprised? A group that advertises itself as a go-to place for Republicans to get elected is really a a go-to place for Democrats (or those who hold the same values) to get elected as Republicans. This article at the Gateway Pundit talks about Landmark Communications in Georgia, but wanna bet there are similar organizations in all 50 states? BREAKING HUGE: Georgia’s Raffensperger, Sterling and Fuchs All Connected to Firm that Helps Georgia Democrats Run as Republicans And here is the article in The Georgia Record that broke the story. Landmark Communications – The ‘republican’ Political Consulting Firm In Atlanta That Runs Democrats As Republicans, Some With Ties To Chinese Communist Party No time to comment further, but the headlines say it all. The articles give the details on who was propped up by Landmark and how they got busted. Michael
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  2. This reminds me of 2016 no ground game. Every move Trump made people would question then Kaboom! News would come out. Trump is acting now like he did then and the Kabooms keep happening. Heck, I even remember some idiot on this board who said that Trump was done and Rubio would be the next President.
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  3. Guardian Angel Gone Wild I was just watching Peter Navarro talking to Steve Bannon. He made a comment in such plain language, it shed light on a dark part of what is going on. The clarity was refreshing. I wont give the exact quote because I don't want to spend time hunting for the text on the video and transcribing it (but you can if you want--see here ). But I will paraphrase. Navarro said that Fauci never imagined in a million years that the virus would escape the Wuhan Lab. What he really wanted to do over there was create a deadly virus, then create a vaccine for it. That nails it. In addition to being an evil fuck whose greed for government money knows no bounds, he's a basket case with a guardian angel complex. His type usually appear in hospitals where they (trying hard to not get caught) make helpless patients suddenly sick so when the alarms go off, they can show up out of nowhere and save the day. Some arsonists are like this. They set fire to buildings with people in them so they can show up and rescue those people. Actually, anybody who causes accidents or illness so they can save the day are like this. The Death Con By acting in such manners, Fauci has been responsible for countless deaths over the years. His favorite trick is to withhold medication while telling dying people that a vaccine is on the way. Then ignoring the issue as people drop like flies and he sucks money from the government. That is exactly what he did with AIDS. (See the movie, The Dallas Buyer's Club, for a film version of how this process played out.) This is what happens when the government and private sector get too entangled. A monster like Anthony Fauci gets in charge of vast sums of research money for things that can cause an enormous amount of damage. The rest is history all throughout organized civilization. Floyd Ferris Fauci's Atlas Shrugged counterpart is Floyd Ferris, who was in charge of vast sums of government money, cultivated and intimidated scientists with funding, and came up with that damn Project X. If you want a great mental image for Floyd Ferris, look at Anthony Fauci. Michael
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