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    Ayn Rand's 1957 novel, ATLAS SHRUGGED, contained a counter-conspiracy involving a radio speech given by a man who vowed "to stop the motor of the world." On March 28, 2020, we have this speech dropped by the counter-conspiracy known as "Q", via the internet... "The entire world is watching. Patriots from around the world are praying for AMERICA. We are all bound by a feeling deep inside, a feeling that cannot be publicly expressed for fear of ridicule, a feeling that challenges the mainstream (narrative), against that which we are told to accept and dare not question, put simply, that people are being abused by those in power and time is running out. " Read the entire drop here: https://qmap.pub/ https://twitter.com/StormIsUponUs/status/1243987443533205504?s=20 Many have criticized Rand for Galt's speech being too long to hold people's attention, and too unfilmable for a movie. But whatever else one may think about "Q", you gotta admit, they figured a way around all that...
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    Peter, People don't do conspiracies out in the open (except in America where certain conspirators have a complicit press and this still leaves me with jaw dropping ). One characteristic of a conspiracy is that it is meant to be hidden until the right moment. That's by definition. So how can one demand observed fact about something hidden? One has to dig and expose. The idea that a suspicion is loopy just because you can't see who is doing the bad stuff is a very dangerous one. You can't see a cancer cell inside you with your eyes alone. Not even doctors can. And if you ignore it, it will kill you. I don't know if you ever read some posts I made about a professor in Florida--I forget his name right now. He's a leftie. He tracked down where the term "conspiracy theory" came from. And he holds conferences at the university level where "peer reviewed" material is presented about the different conspiracies that have turned out to be true. The term "conspiracy theory" came from the CIA to quell the unrest that happened, both in America and abroad, after Kennedy got shot and the Warren commission issued it's lame report. People were having a fit in public--the press, radio, TV, speeches, and so on. There are copies of a memo by the CIA at the time. It is available to anyone who wants to see it. The CIA circulated it to the press offices and the Embassies explaining how to discredit public doubters of the Warren Report or the public version of the Kennedy assassination by smearing them as loopy conspiracy nuts. Before that time, "conspiracy theory" was a phrase used to describe serious musings on events. I can't think of an example from that time off the top of my head, but the later economic term "trickle down theory" has the kind of emotional load "conspiracy theory" used to have. Nobody today thinks a person espousing the "trickle down theory" is a flaming kook. Instead, they think the person is serious even when they disagree. Before the CIA did that little masterpiece of persuasion engineering to shut down discussion of speculations, people going overboard on a conspiracy were generally linked to the theory they espoused. For example, "red baiters" or "McCarthyites." Not even the John Birch Society people back then were called "conspiracy theorists." Lance deHaven-Smith Here... I just looked and found where I wrote about my man. The professor's name is Lance deHaven-Smith, Professor Emeritus at Florida State University. Here's a great start of a reading list if you ever get interested in historical conspiracies that were not believed at the time, but ended up being true: Also, here is a little more on Lance deHaven-Smith. First a post by William (with the snark against those who think differently than him, mostly meaning Trump supporters, removed). He posted a very good video of Lance deHaven-Smith in a 2013 talk. Then a response by me that gives some more nutshell information on Lance deHaven-Smith: I know I can dig up a lot more if I get going. But that's enough to make my point--that taking seriously a potential conspiracy is not the same thing as being batshit crazy. (Besides, this is getting so long, I'm not sure you will read it all. ) Asymmetrical Warfare Now that the military has openly embraced what it calls asymmetrical warfare, you can find paper after paper published by the military on conspiracy theories in the original meaning of the term. QAnon is a phenomenon that has all the marks of such asymmetrical warfare. It is intentionally designed to attract the fringe and nonfringe alike, that is, the way this project has unfolded, it is a way to inject narratives into the mainstream that are different than the ones offered but the fake news media, narratives that discredit the elitist mainstream culture. It's been a resounding success in that regard. Just think of how this has led to Epstein's fall--before, nobody believed he was trafficking in pedophilia among the superpowerful, but now everyone says he was. And he got dead and croaked and suicided as part of the show. Not even a fifty million dollar special counsel investigation into the idea that Russians elected Donald Trump through covert means worked. Nor an impeachment. Don't forget, the mainstream press deployed everything they had to support the narratives behind that investigation and impeachment, both during the leading up phase and after both fizzled. The fake news mainstream culture did this for over three years, day in and day out. Part of the reason these efforts didn't take is that the narratives pushed by the mainstream culture were not accepted by the general population. One of the reasons this happened was QAnon's skillful injection of counternarratives and doubt into the general population at places the mainstream fake news culture did not control. Back when you and I were young, this would not have been possible since there were only three nationwide TV stations, radio was mostly pop tunes and religion, and the printed press carried the day. The Internet ended that monopoly on controlling the narrative by the few. One day, after all this blows over, it will be very interesting to look at and study all the different techniques deployed on both sides. I have already identified a few, but it's still too early to write anything definitive about it. (That goes for me and others.) I'm still--we're still--observing--still gathering conceptual referents so to speak--since important history is unfolding right in front of us and hasn't wound up. Michael
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    Something else: go to Google Earth, and look up the Administrative and Court Facility at Guantanamo Bay. I tried it..."the results are will shock you..."
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    Indeed. I may be skeptical about aspects of the story, but not the story itself.
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    Pizaagate is proven true by the Epstein story alone with it’s tentacles into Harvard, MIT, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, Princes and princesses worldwide. Nothing, no list of additional disclosures of any length will bring a person away from their precious yeah buts if the Epstein story does not.
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    I think I stumbled across one of the main reasons for the intense Trump hatred among the elitists, all the way from the beginning. Relevance. From Breitbart: Nolte: We Now Know Truckers and Stock Boys Are Vital, Hollywood Is Not Nolte then gives these two example of our Hollywood royalty. And Madonna below, purposely made up ugly (at least it looks like that), and butchering fried fish, of all the goddam things to sing about. I'm gonna push the fair use thing and give the rest of the article. So what does this have to do with Trump Derangement Syndrome? I'm reminded of an observation Nathaniel Branden used to say about everybody knowing the truth about themselves when they wake up alone at two o'clock in the morning. They don't use a mask at that time, not even to fool themselves. The truth is, underneath, everybody knows what John Nolte just wrote. They know it deep in their gut. Even Hollywood royalty. Dreams are for the future, but without the present, dreams are nothing. There can be no future without the present. But look at how pathetic our dream-keepers are without their dream-enhancing trappings. Their present is worse than many of our next-door neighbors singing in the shower. They are not striving to make their dreams real. They are wallowing in mediocrity. Now think of this. Who sold the biggest dream of them all out in Hollywood and among the elites? Donald Trump did. He said go for it. And go for it, people did. They went for keeping that dream alive in their hearts. They read his books and made bestsellers out of them. The consumed the image of a big money show-off he injected into the mainstream. They put his TV show at No. 1 for years. And did Donald Trump become a dream-keeper just like everyone else? Nope. He took his own advice and went for it out in reality. He made his dream come true. And he did not need them to do it. Something none of them have the capacity to pull off. Oh, they have the reputation of being able to make dreams come true. But it's unearned. When push comes to shove, they know they are peddling a dream future without having earned a real present where that makes any kind of sense. They don't strive in their personal lives to become competent and better at real things. One can build a dream by striving for it by living on the pathway to it. Instead, they strive to be pampered and shielded from real things. I'm not talking about words or stories. I'm talking about reality. Reality-wise, these people are spiritual impostors. They crave to be worshiped for a metaphysical standing they have not earned and do not deserve. They can present a good story, but their reality sucks. Well, President Trump emerged from enormous personal striving and became President of the United States against all odds--while keeping the dream all along. He didn't sell out his dream, but instead, transmuted into reality on a foundation of merit. And by extension, he made these impostors look at themselves in the daylight, not just at two o'clock in the morning when they are by themselves. He made them realize--in full awareness--how insignificant they really are. They never forgave him for it. This applies to all elitists who hate Trump, too. Especially conservative never-Trumpers who made their careers out of selling a conservative dream but not earning a conservative present of productivity and competence in dealing with reality. They could never do what President Trump did and it galls them to no end anyone could. They know what that makes them look like--to everyone and to themselves. And now, for some goddam psychological reason I can't grok right now, these Hollyweird idiots are hell-bent on showing their public just how ugly, untalented, and insignificant they really are when they have to live the life their fans do. I can grok this much, though. They have a subconscious drive to put their hands on reality when all they've ever known is a dream. But they're not going for the gold out there in reality. They're going for the shit. That's what they want their fans to see them right now: themselves as shit. And they want this right at the time when their fans are under attack by reality. They will never forgive President Trump for making them do this, even though he didn't. Their hatred of him is projected hatred of themselves. Why do they hate themselves? Because they can't measure up and Trump can? No. Not at root. It's because they don't want to measure up and they know how wrong that is as a human being--at least they know it at two o'clock in the morning. Michael
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    Jon, What accounts for the appearance of the COVID-19 virus just now in your narrative? Are you claiming that Xi had the virus bioengineered or some other way managed to get it unleashed on the world and that Donald Trump is such an inhumane bastard that he doesn't care about the deaths and misery and financial dislocation so long as he has a cover for declaring martial law and arresting his enemies list? Ellen
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    Polly's terrific. She at least asks the right questions as Michael says; and if a tenth of what she interconnects is valid, it's enough. It's your minds they want. AR Never let a good crisis go to waste. R. Emanuel If you can keep your head when all about you...RK When all the cattle are stampeding in one direction, look for the men on horses. AJG There's something very strange going on, things which didn't transpire with the last serious virus.
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    The ~main~ thing to be fearful of is others' paranoia, and ongoing curtailment on our freedoms. Do not accept the leftist narrative driving panic for power.
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    Rand had good things to say about the American "common man." Nonetheless, her expressed views about the large majority of humankind were dismissive. Google the word "ballast" in Rand's work. Here's an example from the title essay of For the New Intellectual. This isn't early Rand. It was written after Atlas Shrugged. Ellen
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    Man, it's so good and inspiring to see how Brandon Straka's Walk Away movement grew from nothing but an idea just a few short years ago. This is doable and he is proof. Michael
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    Another screenshot from Facebook. That's Robin Williams, so it doesn't have anything to do with the coronavirus. Unless one thinks of Robin Williams being a man ahead of his times. Michael
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    Gracias! Mucho gracias! --Brant same for you
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    No conspiracy, here: "CBS News Caught Using Footage from an Italian Hospital to Describe Conditions in NYC" https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/cbs-news-caught-using-footage-from-an-italian-hospital-to-describe-conditions-in-new-york-city-video/
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    There is a particularly American quality that Rand identified (some speech to cadets at a military academy): "earnestness". I like seeing that in Polly (and in General Flynn, who she linked to). I seem to recall in younger days that me and many others raised in the Brit tradition rather laughed at the quality, but admiringly, some tacitly recognizing that it stood for resolve, courage and values-held. Somewhere along the line, its my belief, earnestness began disappearing in the US, replaced by "cool". Largely the second handedness of a concern of one's appearance and acts to others' eyes. With cool, followed - likely, was caused by - cynicism (about holding values, altogether). Not altogether disappeared, earnestness is even having a comeback in America, I'm pleased to see.
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    Peter, The virus is not a conspiracy and I doubt anyone posting here on OL (or reading OL for that matter) thinks the virus is a conspiracy. It may have been created artificially, or it may have emerged. We're in fog of war communications situation so nobody really knows. But the virus exists. Nobody is saying it doesn't exist. However, the mainstream media coverage and power grabs by sundry factions are conspiracies. Technically, one can say QAnon is a counterconspiracy. There's a power struggle going on and all factions are using the emergency to bolster their power and take down their enemies when they can get away with it. As for people like Polly, well, I can't dismiss the proven genocides and things like that she talks about as conspiracy theories. That's why I watch her. She's certainly more credible fact-wise than the The L.A. Times and CNN. And Fox, for that matter. If Polly ever got communications power, I just don't see her firing Trish Regan over a difference of political opinion. Michael
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    More JFK Jr stuff coming up, today: JFK Jr vs. Joe Biden, 1994: "'Dear Senator Biden, You are a traitor."'Bearing the signature John F. Kennedy, Jr." https://vault.fbi.gov/John F. Kennedy Jr./John F. Kennedy Jr. Part 1 of 1 JFK Jr on the LENO show, reading a poem from a 9-year old Monica Lewinsky, where she descibes herself as a pizza (think "Pizzagate"). It's disturbing, in retrospect, how she describes herself. https://twitter.com/intheMatrixxx/status/1243920138321244163?s=20
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    Re: Q's line about doubting Thomas's and mocking "conspiracy theorists": ---------- "The entire world is watching. Patriots from around the world are praying for AMERICA. We are all bound by a feeling deep inside, a feeling that cannot be publicly expressed for fear of ridicule, a feeling that challenges the mainstream (narrative), against that which we are told to accept and dare not question, put simply, that people are being abused by those in power and time is running out. " ---------- Makes me think of a passage from Rand's THE ROMANTIC MANIFESTO, regarding the mocking of Romanticism in children, and how it might relate to those who rush to judge those looking into conspiracies: “His rationality is turned against him by means of a similar dichotomy: reason versus emotion. His Romantic sense of life is only a sense, an incoherent emotion which he can neither communicate nor explain nor defend. It is an intense, yet fragile emotion, painfully vulnerable to any sarcastic allegation, since he is unable to identify its real meaning. It is easy to convince a child, and particularly an adolescent, that his desire to emulate Buck Rogers is ridiculous: he knows that it isn’t exactly Buck Rogers he has in mind and yet, simultaneously, it is—he feels caught in an inner contradiction—and this confirms his desolately embarrassing feeling that he is being ridiculous. “They arrest his value-development on a primitively literal, concrete-bound level: they convince him that to be like Buck Rogers means to wear a space helmet and blast armies of Martians with a disintegrator-gun, and that he’d better give up such notions if he ever expects to make a respectable living. And they finish him off with such gems of argumentation as: ‘Buck Rogers—ha-ha!—never gets any colds in the head. Do you know any real people who never get them? Why, you had one last week. So don’t you go on imagining that you’re better than the rest of us!’” And then, Rand says something about their motives that makes me think something similar is motivating those who rush to mock and dismiss “conspiracy theorists”: “Their motive is obvious. If they actually regarded Romanticism as an “impractical fantasy,” they would feel nothing but a friendly or indifferent amusement—not the passionate resentment and uncontrollable rage which they do feel and exhibit.” Ayn Rand. The Romantic Manifesto (Kindle Locations 2190-2191). Signet. Kindle Edition This could apply both to the attitudes towards both the real and the "woo" conspiracies. With stuff like aliens or time-travel, as Rand says of "impractical fantasies", they might "feel nothing but a friendly or indifferent amusement". But with the plausible policial conspiracies, one is more likely to get "the passionate resentment and uncontrollable rage which they do feel and exhibit."
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    On the "Donald Trump" thread, Brant posted the comment (link below) about WSS's recent diarrhea of images on his Member Album. "William S has decided to use OL as a toilet. --Brant" Quite. However, I want to mention one of the images William posted, the one of "Dr. Oz" saying on Fox News that the recent coronavirus is actually common. NO, IT ISN'T. "Dr. Oz" appears not to be aware that there are multiple kinds of coronaviruses. Some of them have been common for years in humans and generally produce mild symptoms. COVID-19 is a new virus in humans, "novel." Ellen https://www.objectivistliving.com/forums/topic/15329-donald-trump/page/570/?tab=comments#comment-292537
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    Q just now posted this Tweet ... Next “Fed” Chairman? (after taking it away from its current private ownership, the criminal elite member banks, most controllers of whom are about to die of “coronavirus.”) None other than your President and Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump. https://qmap.pub
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    John Le Cockroach is demented. Seriously. And Evil. My minor subterfuge didn't work, alas. I was hoping he would say his name was spelled without an H aa in "Jon" instead of "John." But the joke didn't work and he is still infesting OL. His two boys hate him. His wife barely tolerates the son of a bitch. What a loser and monster. He never served in the military. He is evil incarnate. He will destroy this bastion of freedom if he stays.
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    Your objection is noted, Peter.
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    More from Polly. Here are her references: At the beginning of Polly's video, she gave one of the clearest explanations of Q I have come across to date. That other narrative, of course, is Q. Crowdsourced, asymmetric, and covert, all at the same time. Hang on, folks. It's a wild ride and gonna get wilder. Can you even make up a name like Colonel Kuester as a Q insider and have it be a real name? If nobody has figured it out yet, in our own little way, OL is a part of this same asymmetric resistance to globalism. We're not part of a larger organization. We're pure grassroots. We have a great philosophy for doing this, too, (thank you, Ms. Rand), but we are also doing the grunt work. By the elite nature of much of our audience (believe me, many people in our neck of the woods read OL, even if they don't post), we are getting the word to people and places that would otherwise reject it. Michael
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    Here's one of the funniest exchanges I've seen so far about the coronavirus. Michael
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    Thanks. I was thrown because those videos were recommended by a Q supporter, unchallenged. I do have a better idea now, though, of how to read as nd navigate the Q drops site, at least.
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    Ha, my middle name is John. I was slightly embarrassed to put that among such exalted company as Rand and Kipling.
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    "President Trump announced on Monday a set of guidelines that he said Americans should follow to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus -- despite admitting that the pandemic could stretch into July or August." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-coronavirus-guidelines-15-days-crisis-summer-recession
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    What happens to the letters O at about 0:22 — 0:23 ? Are you enjoying the show?
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    This song is about “halo’s” but it isn’t sad. I liked the song in a Chanel commercial and the person doing the elegant dancing, so I looked it up. It’s Margot Robbie dancing and Beyonce singing. Margot is beautiful and so is Beyonce. Peter From WWW. Chanel Gabrielle Essence Commercial – Margot Robbie, Halo – Song by Beyoncé Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Margot Robbie is the face of this new TV advert for Chanel Gabrielle Essence perfume. The ad campaign sees the Australian actress Margot Robbie performing some elegant and flowing movements while dressed in a white and gold gown.
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    I have no idea what you are talking about. I've got a damaged brain from drug use.
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    Nope. I'm still not the poo-poo head. You're the poo-poo head.
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    Now he's a medical doctor. Michael
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    I might when you start talking ideas and stop the horseshit. I have no interest in talking to you when you get like that. It's like talking to a goddam drunk. And I should know because I used to be one. Michael
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    Yeah, right Jon. There's no difference between James Taggart and his crowd and Hank Rearden and his crowd, huh? No difference between the influence of Hillary Clinton and the influence of Ayn Rand because their fans are people with money. Gimmee a break. Let's mock some more. Michael
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    I’m not playing gotcha, you are just wrong about that person misrepresenting Rand’s message.
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    To get this thread back on target, which is to present weird versions and misrepresentations of Rand in the mainstream, I found this beauty from March 2018 in The Washington Examiner by one Ethan Epstein: How Hillary Clinton Is Like Ayn Rand It's a short article, so here it is in the most part. It's so muddled, it's hard to take an excerpt and make it stand alone. I've seen Rand misrepresented a lot and in a lot of ways. But this... But this... I stand in awe. Michael
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    They reposted, it’s fixed now. They used months instead, and got it right: “A BILLION (their all-caps, they do it a lot) months ago, the dinosaurs still roamed.” Eighty something million years ago, they still roamed, that’s correct.
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    I don’t believe they are working for what they say they are working for. A handful of big donors are dictating direction and methods.
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    Jon, Ditto. And you go get her. Michael
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    Come to think of it, we could bring back crucifixion for apostates, blasphemers and the like. Definitely excommunication. Let's burn some books while we're at it. Such being sense and intelligence and all... But nah... I prefer to save my gun powder for bad guys like Soros, not my own indigestion. Michael
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    Jon, False dichotomy. There is no cult of personality I detect in this discussion so far. Michael
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    Ellen, As it should be. I even share your reaction in part and I think I know one component of it (the uncanny valley thing above). I like to think out loud at times when something grabs my attention. This was an instance. Also, I wanted readers who might like Jennifer's shindig to know they will not be tarred and feathered should they ever say that here. I agree with this. As to my own thoughts, Jennifer is trying something different and I like people who do things. Even at 30k, she's generating a small audience. To paraphrase an old sentiment, if, among that number there is just one snowflake, and that one becomes a world leader, and a seed of Randian reason gets planted in that snowflake's mind through her efforts, she will have helped make the world a better place. I don't predict much success for her Rand "coplay" project (precisely because of storytelling issues, that is, lack of story, much less one relevant to college audiences), but who knows? It might grow. So I wish her well. Michael
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    Ellen, LOL... You definitely are not the target audience for this TAS project. But think about presenting Rand to social justice snowflakes. Like it or not, these people vote and will soon be the ones in power. The hardass no nonsense battle ax figure is not going to get a hearing with snowflakes. It's not that they will disagree. They will not even get near that. Would you prefer to see the world ruled by them after they had some positive contact with Rand to prompt their curiosity, or with them believing the caricature sold by the progressives? That caricature is their starting point, not ours. So I, for one, don't mind an image of Rand that will draw them near enough to get curious about her rather than comfortable with the default stereotype in their minds. And just to be a pain in the ass, here is something for your viewing pleasure. I even followed a like by William just now to be reminded of this. Michael
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    I'm not so disdainful of Jennifer doing this, but that's because I kinda see what they are doing. If I believed for a minute that she was trying to somehow pass herself off as a guru and take Rand's place, or assume major disciple statues or something like that, I would condemn this. But I'm seeing two different things. Note: I don't know Jennifer except at a huge distance, so I might be wrong. 1. The first point is something called multimedia storytelling (sometimes called transmedia storytelling). This is a real thing these days. The idea is to have the same story running on different media and different platforms, but using different story forms suited to each. I think Disney started this idea way back in the day with using characters and stories from public domain works to make movies with altered characters and stories, in animation at that, then building theme parks with the same characters and implied storylines. Then came the toys, the board games, the comic books, and so on. In modern form, the focus is on digital media more than other media, but non-digital media is not discarded, and the idea of providing both fixed stories and interactive experiences within the story world are just the same as back in Disney's beginning. Since TAS has recently expanded its reach in social media, memes, etc., I believe an interactive evening with an actress doing the part of Ayn Rand is part of this same transmedia storytelling approach. I'm not saying doing Rand herself is good or bad, or if it is well produced and performed. I'm just saying I believe there is a creative reason it is happening that has nothing to do with the philosophy or the normal issues within O-Land. In other words, I don't see this as an attempt to spread Rand's ideas by supplanting Rand. I see it more as an attempt to spread the story of Rand, which will create curiosity for people to seek out her works. That's the way transmedia storytelling works--each modality supports the overall story and all story parts lead to a central point. In the case of Ayn Rand, they point to her works. In the case of Star Wars, they point to the movies. In the case of Lost, they point to the TV series. In the case of the Marvel cinematic universe, they point to an entire fictional universe populated with superheroes. And so on. Transmedia storytelling is an early art form and I imagine, over time, there will be many transmedia stories about historical figures. Frankly, they work well as education tools. That's where I see Jennifer's shindig playing Rand. At least right now. 2. If I'm not mistaken, Jennifer comes from LA, which is the home of frustrated actors. If she is one, which I think is reasonable to assume, then she's doing a role in a venue that is available to her. There may be no Hollywood blockbuster or Broadway play in the cards for her, but at least there's an interactive theater for a niche public with an interesting character. And I don't see anything wrong with that if that is the case. Actors and actresses have represented all kinds of philosophers, artists, religious figures (including Christ), and so on since forever. Now, like I said, if her intent is to take a guru position, that, to me would be a total misfire and embarrassing (sort of like what happened to Leonard Peikoff). But right now, I don't think that's the reason for this thing, nor her reason for doing it. I'm curious to see how the public resonates with this. Michael
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    Disrespectful and bizarre - as if she could imitate the real Rand (and is she going to attempt to imitate some of the famous Rand explosions?). People would come from distant places and line up for many hours to get into a real Rand Ford Hall Forum appearance. The performance was worth the travel and the wait. I wouldn't go to see Jennifer Grossman try to imitate Rand if she were doing it next door. Ellen
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    This actually started tonight, at George Mason. Tomorrow at George Washington is also scheduled. A comment posted just now by Alex Mironov on Atlas’ Instagram: ”Ms Grossman gets the Toohey award for single-handedly killing any interest in Objectivism any George Mason student might have had tonight. Her crazy, erratic behavior was characterized as whacky by the students.”
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    Here is one from this morning. See, socialists are dumb, just like a square sponge who lives under the sea and burns the constitution for warmth. But not a word on the entire feed about the constitution being shredded right now, in the impeachment hearings of a duly-elected President who has committed no offenses. Schiff is shredding the Constitution. Pelosi is shredding the Constitution. But good luck finding those names in the Atlas feed. No, the impression you get is that SpongeBob, who represents “socialists” is shredding the Constitution.
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    I wish I could disagree with you. I’ve been following Atlas Society’s Instagram feed and it is.pathetic. 90% is just ten year old recycled memes of the theme: socialism is bad and it’s for dummies. Shitty cartoonish memes that were obviously authored by teenagers with little life experience. The feeling is that you are in a place by teenagers for teenagers who are on an anti-collectivist spree but who are not very serious, deep or philosophical. Collectivists are retards who put their fingers into electrical sockets, that sort of thing. Over and over.