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    The Smithsonian Promotes Pure Toxic Racism You have to see this to believe it. It's almost out of an Ayn Rand novel. At least this boneheaded spiteful chapter in The Smithsonian is getting bashed by lots and lots of people. Here's an article that gives an overview: Byron York's Daily Memo: 'Whiteness' and the National Museum of African American History and Culture The chart mentioned in the last paragraph is the cause of the storm. Before I show it, The Smithsonian's site took it down. Here is the webpage where it used to be. Whiteness Now here is the chart they took down. There is only one way to respond to trash like that. And Charlie Kirk did it, much to the surprise of Shannon Bream, who was trying to do her Trojan Horse gig of treating garbage as the equivalent of facts, but having a real hard time selling this particular pile of shit. Charlie outright called Leslie Marshall a racist in a tone of deep anger for defending it. Leslie, poor thing, is used to calling conservatives racist. She's not used to the racist label landing on her face like a pie. And it showed. I think the bullshit was too much even for Shannon. She wanted to sell sell the party line in a way that advances the Overton Window like she is paid to do, but this was too much. So she did the best she could at pretending pure toxic racism was a reasonable argument that should be examined in a "fair and balanced" way. But her heart wasn't in it. She just wanted it to be over. She allowed Leslie to bark back at Charlie, but Leslie sounded condescending and infantile and weirdly insecure. Shannon looked so relieved when it ended. Shannon should take a lesson from Charlie. The way Charlie did it is the only way to do it. Call evil evil. That Smithsonian poster could have easily been part of the text of "Why Do You Think You Think?" in Atlas Shrugged. Michael
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    Wow, that one seventeen year old basement troglodyte really got under Twatter's skin. All four hundred pounds of ze.
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    Frankly I think we have entertained the irrational and fear-frozen among us for way too long. It is time to take life back. No more forced face diapers and closed schools. The frightened can stay indoors indefinitely if they want, but they have no right to shut the rest of our lives down and we are not going to take it much longer.
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    Some dumb leftist today said to Kayleigh McEnany during her press briefing question period that he has never heard of the government getting a percentage of private transactions. He really said that. He asked her to explain how that would work because he has never heard of such a thing and it sounds fundamentally wrong to him. How did Trump get them to open that conversation? Tik-Tok is a spy and data theft operation of the PLA (People's Liberation Army) of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). It will soon be ended as a data theft and enemy spy operation. Microsoft is buying it and will be subject to privacy law, storing data only in U.S., etc. Negotiations got pretty hard for Microsoft (the sellers want fifty thousand million dollars) so Trump pointed out publicly he can and will ban it in the U.S. as soon as he feels like doing that. Of course, that would destroy the value of the social media app before a deal and so the CCP grew more agreeable, negotiations sped right back up. Trump then says the U.S. government should get a percentage of the deal from Microsoft, for helping facilitate, . So anyway, the dumb leftist today at the briefing can't stand that the CCP's operation is being shut down and openly questions "the government receiving a percentage of private transactions."
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    Bwook is a mowon. His modus operandi is a goofy variation on Rand at her worst when she was being driven by aesthetic tastes and pretending that it was purely objectively systematic philosophy that she was doling out. It's his little feelings about what he's heard other people express in their feelings about someone else's emotional reaction to their willful misinterpretation of something that they misheard that Trump said. Anyway, I hope that Bwook is living comfortably while shredding that last of what remains of Rand's coattails.
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    If anyone needs some quick corroboration for Mark's article linked in the opening post, I just saw an 8 minute extract from a Yaron Brook video dated July 15. I imagine most people don't have time to watch videos that run for an hour or more just to see if something someone said is right. So they take the person at face value or reject the person at face value. Here is an easy-to-check thing from the horse's mouth that does not take much time. This is unbelievable. Brook's biggest beef and fear in the beginning is that Tucker Carlson could become a successful Republican politician in the future. At lease Brook is aware that lots of people say he (Brook) has Trump Derangement Syndrome. He openly said so. I could have a field day with each boneheaded thing out of his mouth in this video, but I prefer to note the rhetorical pattern. Think about this pattern when you watch the video. It's amazing how it just loops over and over. The Rhetorical Pattern If there is something bad in the world that has happened during President Trump's term of office, Brook claims that's an indication of Trump's true intention, or it is the inevitable outcome of Trump's philosophical, moral and/or character defects. If someone brings up something good President Trump has done, Brook uses the BUT Eraser. This is when you state something, you then say, "BUT..." and proceed as if what you said earlier got erased and no longer exists. It's a rhetorical blank-out tool. The way Brook mostly sounded using this blank-out tool went something like this: "Yeah yeah yeah, Trump did XXX. BUT... [fill in the blank with anti-Trump stuff]." That's it. That's the pattern. It's not very complex or philosophical, is it? Remember kindergarten and elementary school playground fights? Any time I feel like giving Brook the benefit of the doubt in the future, I am going to try to remember this video excerpt (and Mark's article, of course). Unless Brook owns up to how irrational he is in this video and his call to elect Biden in general, I am going to assume the brain in his skull still works like this. In the current situation the world is in, with a real threat of war with China--a situation Biden not only helped orchestrate, he made a financial killing at it--Brook's video and call to elect Biden have not aged well. And that's only after a little over two weeks. At least few people are watching this mess. There are only 1,345 views since July 15 as of this post. Michael
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    I made a meme and posted it to Twitter. Here's the meme. And here's my tweet. The odd thing about it is that this is probably the only place on Twitter you can see it. The tweet itself was immediately removed from my own timeline. I noticed it glitching the moment I posted it. Oh noooooooooooo... I think my tweet was shadow banned.... But only the shadow nooooooooooos... Michael
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    Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) filed a lawsuit, AAPS v. FDA, against the Food and Drug Administration to end its arbitrary interference with the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which President Trump and other world leaders have taken as a prophylaxis against COVID-19. “It is shocking that medical workers in Brazil will have access to HCQ as a prophylaxis while Americans are blocked by the FDA from accessing the same medication for the same use,” observes AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D. “There is no legal or factual basis for the FDA to limit use of HCQ,” states AAPS General Counsel Andrew Schlafly. “The FDA’s restrictions on HCQ for Americans are completely indefensible in court.” Many foreign nations, including China, India, South Korea, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, use HCQ for early treatment and prevention of COVID-19, AAPS points out." aapsonline.org/hcqsuit/
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    OMG... It took me a minute. LOLOLOLOLOLOL... Michael
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    Ellen, I actually spray my masks down with alcohol after I come back home (btw - this thing is awesome if you ever need something like that). And after about 3 or 4 uses, a mask goes into the dirty laundry. I used to play trombone, so I know all about gunk buildup. As to my past drug and alcohol abuses, I'm probably more scarred than weakened by now due to years of mostly healthy living, with the exception of not getting enough exercise. (I keep promising myself, but I'm not the most reliable fulfiller of promises to myself. ) And the exception of maybe eating more crap these days than I should (fucking potato chips, chocolate covered almonds and so on ) instead of sticking to kale and similar mouth-fucking-watering delights. (I'm going to stop talking about the exceptions now. ) Obviously, I no longer drink alcohol or take drugs. I also take vitamins every 2 or 3 days, including D, a multivitamin, fish oil, A, different B's, etc. and I season foods with turmeric (including black pepper to bring out the anti-inflammatory goodness) and cumin and powdered ginger, lots of garlic and onions, and on and on and on. But thank you for the concern you exhibited. It's just words on a computer screen, but it means a lot to me. I hope you and Larry are staying safe, too. On the sensitive topic, I don't want to get into it again with Jon, but I don't think his intention is to exonerate bio-warfare creeps. In fact, I think he would like to execute them. And--like you--I fully believe this virus was produced as a weapon or human population culling agent. I don't know that (you might), but I believe it. Ah... what the hell... I avoid talking about this stuff to keep the tension down... but here goes... Jon is a warrior. He has a warrior's mind (I am going by his posts). That means when he sees an enemy, he goes all in and fuck the rest. What do warriors do? They break things and kill people. They do that because they like to do that, especially when they feel in the right. Warriors are blunt instruments. And for feeling in the right, QAnon does it for him. I'm perfectly fine with that, even when I disagree. I can't look at the mainstream and call that better. It's far worse. And, to be honest, being a blunt instrument is one of the things I like most about him. I love his default attitude toward elitist ruling class pedophiles and the rest. They deserve him. I have little doubt if you point him at the bio-warfare creeps in a way warriors respond to--in other words, prove to him (with a few examples) they are vermin that need to be exterminated, and he will be your biggest ally. I believe that. Michael
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    Ellen, Ambiguity is the reason for the hint and this is used as a formal technique by Q--a hook that prompts action. The term for this is "curiosity gap" or "information gap." I first became aware of this by a hard leftie named Eli Pariser (who used to be the director of MoveOn.org). He founded a site called Upworthy and started the clickbait headline craze ("You won't believe what Kanye said to Mike Pence about Black Lives Matter" and that kind of crap.) The idea is to present a headline that promises an "hot emotion" payoff, but leaves out a critical piece of the information. In order to find out what's in the gap, you have to click on the article. A scientist named George Lowenstein came up with this gap concept in a 1994 paper called "The Psychology of Curiosity: A Review and Reinterpretation." Pariser took that information years later and figured out how to piss off everyone on the Internet with it, but also made a fortune by using it to promote leftie causes. Without the curiosity gap, QAnon would not spread in the culture as much as it does. As to Q's own insider status, based on a lot of different elements, I find it likely Q's an insider or at least friends with one. But there's a lot of mystery surrounding this, too--starting with his real name. Right? Another question, is Q one person or several? Helooooo curiosity gap. Twitter's ban (and Facbook's if it happens) doesn't stand a chance against that level of wedding messages to human nature. And that's just the curiosity gap. There are archetypes, codes, sundry cognitive biases, knowing secrets, the appeal to belong and be an insider, and a whole bunch of similar things. I think, just in terms of persuasion techniques alone, QAnon is one of the best formed public personas in our culture today. I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Twitter just added the Streisand effect to the mix. Michael
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    Trump, Flynn and others on the team have confirmed their affiliation with Q hundreds of times in hundreds of ways. It is no longer a question.
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    Sooner the better, imo. Not that any place will be "safe" - but the Chicago area seems pretty guaranteed to become a war zone. Ellen
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    Here in Chicago, Mayor Lightweight, after blustering nonstop that Trump better stay out of Chicago or else, backtracks. Now she's like, "Of course the Feds can come in." (She wants Fed money, that's her real motivation.) She's snarling as she backtracks, but action-wise, she's been potty-trained. And, her real name is Lightfoot, but I don't like that name. I like the one I used. Chicago Mayor Confirms White House Deploying Federal Agents to City God, how I dislike this place. Kat and I gotta get outta here. We're actually making plans... Michael
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    Here's another trace. The elitists own the press... Michael
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    Hello, Everyone! I started reading "Atlas Shrugged" for the first time on the weekend in August 1997 when Princess Diana of Wales was killed. I was thirty three. The book taught me many things and changed the way I look at life from then on, and I went on to read it many times since and to read all of Rand's other books. I haven't been an Objectivist in every sense of the word since then and probably never will be, though much of the philosophy never leaves me and I read the books often. I am a working person, not an academic or a rich industrialist or "professional", if that's the word to use. I cut sheet metal on a plasma burn table in a custom shop. This glorious earth is mine and I belong here, creating, thinking, dreaming, enjoying. I am a physically grounded sort, and I like it hard and dirty, down and dirty. I love fatbiking and design my bikes and drive them everywhere I go. Rain or shine, fine summer day or twenty three below zero Fahrenheit you will see me out there pedaling. We get it all here in South Dakota, and everywhere is a good place for a fatbike. It is crazy to see all of Rand's predictions come true, and it is likely many here knew they would. The older among us have watched the country unravel at the seams for a long time now. It never gets better. Rand's predictions about the Left are startlingly accurate. The difference between then and now is the fact that all of this seemed so far away once, but now we are living it, feeling it, experiencing it first hand. As a survivalist, hunter, fisherman, etc., I can appreciate Rand's predictions in ways others cannot. I knew something was dreadfully wrong in the world long before I read "Atlas Shrugged", and Rand helped to clarify all of it, to make sense of the who, what, why, when, where and how. I took the advice in Galt's Speech and took inventory of my mind and my possessions and connected with others of like mind wherever they might be found. As the infrastructure crumbles, it is time for Atlas to shrug, indeed. Where is Galt's Gulch? Let me know and I'll be on my way.
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    2nd one down. Finally got his right to speedy justice.
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    Bolsonaro showing the world
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    Dr. Death out there slaying the false narrative that fewer corpses is somehow good.
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    There is no impact. It is a typical bad cold. They tell stories that indicate otherwise. Lasting impacts stories. Lies. Shutting down has had enormous negative impacts, but those were not caused by too many old people dying, they were from intentionally shutting down economies, which were political calculations having nothing to do with the new cold.
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    Remember the people who said Hydroxychloroquine will kill you? That its efficacy was merely anecdotal? Remember the pharmacists who refused to fill Doctor's prescriptions? The Democrat governors who interfered with supplies, hoarded, hid, supplies of the drug? Premeditated Conspiracy to Commit Mass Injury and Death.
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    Incidentally, I just watched the George Floyd arrest video from the cop's bodycam. On being approached by the police, he became terrified, non-cooperative, and was crying and yelling he can't breathe from the moment they made him stand up and walk around. He was high or nuts or both because he wasn't acting rational. He only went to the ground after they put him in the back seat of the police car. He went out the other side. He claimed he was claustrophobic, so he could not get into a car. However, the police had pulled him out of his own car, or at least the one where he was behind the steering wheel. The cop who killed him was totally wrong, but he didn't kill Floyd him out of racism, systemic or personal. He killed him because Floyd had said he couldn't breathe so many times while upright, I think the cop just didn't believe him. Here is the video. The article: EXCLUSIVE: Police bodycam footage shows moment-by-moment arrest of George Floyd for the first time This doesn't matter any more, though. This incident stopped being important to the riots ages ago. I wonder if George Floyd's name even comes into the heads of most people in BLM and Antifa these days unless prompted. Michael
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    Since well-off college-educated white females are a huge supporting block of BLM and its Marxist progressivism, I know it hurts them to see one of their idols, Margaret Sanger, get besmirched. But Sanger is a virtual statue that is coming down due to her racism. The NY Chapter of Planned Parenthood took her name off the organization, for example, and it would not have existed without her. As an aside, another racist progressive, Woodrow Wilson, is another virtual statue being toppled. Princeton University is removing his name from its School of Public and International Affairs due to his racism. Back to Sanger, here's a Corbett report from today about her. The title is "Fact Check: Progressive Hero Margaret Sanger Was a Racist Eugenicist." If you are a Karen (although I don't know why a Karen would be reading OL ), watch it and weep. Margaret Sanger was evil. Michael
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    U, Wow. President Trump signed the Executive Order late afternoon yesterday and you are already disappointed it hasn't changed America all over? This is an example of what I call a remote control perspective. We all have recently been conditioned to change our realities by clicking a button. That's true for radio and TV and mobile devices. But the only thing we change is our perception. Reality moves at its own pace irrespective of how fast you want it to or perceive it to by switching the channel when reality gets boring. Also, you seem to root for violence taking over. That's when your words express the most pleasurable excitement. I do not. Violence sucks as a lifestyle. I speak from the experience of living next to it, actually right in the middle of it, for a chunk of my life. If you want to see war erupt so badly, join the armed forces or join the enemy. Or go full on armed robbery criminal. Then live what you gush about and see it for yourself. That will give you a reality perspective. Macho talk is cheap. Facing down bullets flying at you and people beating the shit out of you through ambush or a mob gunning or you is a tiny bit harder... President Trump is about peace through law and order. Most of the people who support him understand that. The riots in the US have only a couple of hundred people or so per city who are causing all the trouble. They are funded by Marxists and globalists. Once the funding goes away, they go away and the crowds they gin up go away. I am pretty sure things will settle down after the election because those core people who haven't gone away by then will go away soon after. Michael
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    China is going to have a huge problem soon. It has a big-ass dam called Three Gorges Dam. This thing is massive. The floodgates are now open and flooding inhabited land because the dam is near cracking open. Ironically, if it blows, one of the cities that will be annihilated is Wuhan. I believe the interconnection with Wuhan being potentially destroyed by flooding and it being the source of COVID-19 is mere coincidence, but the constant series of coincidences these days about massively destructive events is mindblowing. Something sinister is going on. I wonder if it has been possible to sabotage the Three Gorges Dam (irrespective of who would do that), or the Dam's weakness is merely a question of incompetence whose day of reckoning is falling due. Ayn Rand disliked Orwell's 1984 because she said an authoritarian culture would not be able to keep up the technology for the world Orwell presented. With all the recent goings on where China is concerned, I wonder if it is going to prove her right. The world-domination philosophy behind of the Chinese Communist Party has used guile to penetrate capitalistic cultures added to a posture of "hide your strength and bide your time." It uses slave labor to corrupt enormous American corporations like Apple, the pharmaceutical industry and so many others. American politicians have been complicit. Both the politicians and CEOs crave unearned wealth. (Anything made by slave labor generates unearned profits.) But if these companies simply up and leave China, I wonder if China would have the competence to stay competitive on the world market, or if the majority of its shit would fall apart on use. I suspect the latter. China has tried to corrupt and steal its way into productivity. It has been surprisingly good at it, too. But that's not the motor that runs productivity and industrial progress. Now China is facing the cost of ignoring the real motor (the independent mind set within a culture that rewards individual effort, not just systems). All it took was one Trump to show and deepen the cracks in that scheme. And maybe a nudge from Mother Nature to blow a hole in it. Michael
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    Last weekend Q posted "*** Are you ready to serve again?" Flynn is a three-star general, but currently out of work. In mere minutes Flynn changes his background on Twitter to a big flowing US flag with "God Bless America." Then Q posted "Acknowledged. God Bless America."
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    It's amazing how the MSM audience hears what Trump said and takes it at face value. People commenting literally thought Trump was sweet talking her so she wouldn't incriminate him... I hope people saying the MSM is basically irrelevant now are correct.
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    I dunno...maybe not. But even though I'm late to the game (thanks, Jon L, for brining it to my attention), after reading all the Q Posts (and weeding out the wheat from the speculative "woo" chafe that too often surrounds Q discussions), and seeing everything that's happened, there are too many "coincidences" for me to write it off as a larp or a fringe movement. Too much seems co-ordinated with the president's tweets and words, to the minute many times, for example. We shall see..."Who is John Galt?"
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    And on the light side (not lightfoot side ), here comes the Babylon Bee. Chicago Mayor Hires Gangs To Spell Out 'Trump Is Bad' With Bullet Holes LOL... Michael
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    Ellen, It sure looks like it will become a war zone. Here in Evanston, though, it's mostly peaceful except for a few Kontrol Freak Karens. Other than those tortured souls, who tend to be upper-middle-class to upper class white women, I doubt it will get dangerous here. But the cultural environment sucks. The BLM stuff is everywhere. Stores have arrows on the floor and waiting lines to get in. Muffled paranoia and incipient outrage seem to be the predominant emotions. And, oddly enough, when the weather changes, people get really aggressive and rude. Social distancing goes right out the window as they hurriedly bump into you and snarl. Driving is a mess at those times. It's really unpleasant to live around. Kat is fed up even more than I am. She works in downtown Chicago. That's not a factor so far because the company she works at is telling their employees to work from home and use a Microsoft videoconferencing app for meetings. We don't know how long this will last, though. I imagine it will be good for a few more months. But it's time for a change. I'm tired of living around progressives. They are generally good people (and they are) until a hot-button topic comes up. They they turn on a dime from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. I'm sick and tired of guarding what I say all the time, and wearing that fucking mask, to keep from being hassled by strangers. I'm not afraid of them and, when engaged, you know me. But who needs the prospect of that bullshit all the time? I want some friendly live-and-let-live people as neighbors. Warm caring people. Gun owners. And I want a state government that is not nanny-state. Kat, who is about as far from racist as you can get, wants to live in a place where people don't try to shame you nonstop and talk about the long-suffering plight of the blacks all the time as if we were still in the 1800s. (She needs a much bigger garden than we have, too. She loves to plant flowers and vegetables. ) So we're looking. Michael
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    This was just posted.
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    "A hungry man is not free," can be true, though. Even in a social sense, if one man has a monopoly on food in a specific situation... MREs in a war. If we expect both these men to respect each other's rights, the hungry man is not free but to exchange whatever property or service to the other man or else he will die. Accepting something as true does not mean you agree with the rhetorical use of such a fact. If we treat both economic power and political power both as social power, we can see that most forms of political power are far more influential than most forms of economic power. So the false equivalency is not one of quality but of quantity. Manipulation can vary extremely in degrees... The psychologist's power over the patient has nothing to do with physical force, but it's still significant.
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    Jules, Good Lord! First Janet, now this... Dayaamm! Here. I might as well post this one to you. I was going to make a separate post, but I think you will appreciate this as much as anyone. ‘Sexist’ Body Parts Rejected by Doctors: Adam’s Apple and Achilles’ Tendon Deemed ‘Irrelevant and Misogynistic’ This is feminism only right now. These idiots are angry because body parts were named after men. But don't worry. They'll work white men into it eventually. Michael
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    The first headline especially is so deceptive. Starts out saying Durham says before end of summer. Then becomes Kerri says Durham says before end of summer. Turns out to be only Kerri strongly hopeful. Barr did express a "hopeful expectation" weeks ago. But that headline makes it sound like Durham himself now says before end of summer, yet it appears he has himself said nothing about when we can expect, neither with his own mouth nor through Kerri.
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    Not to an abnormal level, no. I accept that people develop processes for understanding and explaining the world, and as long as I am not talking at diametrically opposed purposes with someone it is probably worth the effort. Do you have anything to correct or add? Because I appreciate anyone helping speed things up.
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    William, LOL... That's her power over you. (And you're not the only one... me too...) Michael
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    Steel is real, and the best as far as I am concerned, but it is heavier. If you want aluminium and light weight, if trails are your thing, look at Giant's Yukon, or Salsa's Beargrease in carbon, for starters. These are full 5" fat tire capable and more of a trail style, shorter wheel base. Another worthy of consideration is Surly's Ice Cream Truck, which is also shorter wheel base and full 5" fat tire capable. Pugsley cannot run a full 5" fat tire in the frame or the fork, but gets up to 4.8", which for my style of driving is plenty. Test drive fatbikes whenever, wherever you can. I used to rent them to test them out. Specialized really has it dialed-in with their Fat Boy. If I were to buy another aluminium bike, the Fat Boy would likely be the one.
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    Pantyfa insects instantly regret showing up at anti-pedo rally in Ireland.
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    False. The rhinovirus is "the predominant cause of the common cold." Dr. Appleby was the spokesperson. That the man who died was her patient is your leap of faith.
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    As followup. The full statement from The White House Office of the Press Secretary: Subject: Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grant of Clemency for Roger Stone, Jr. The following quote from that document is part of the elbow slamming into the throat of the Deep State I mention in my previous post. Guess what that means? Michael
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    The Dream The left is crowing because, according to them, the Supreme Court said President Trump has to turn over his tax records to the New York DA. He's done for now. Now it's gonna happen. Finally they can get rid of him. Finally they've got him in a trap he can't get out of. Just wait. Just wait. The Reality Well, waiting is what they are going to have to do. The Supreme Court decision did not say President Trump had to turn over his tax records. It said the House made a bullshit case, so the case has to go back to the lower courts to put in what it left out, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the House ain't gonna see President Trump's tax records before November. And it said, for the New York DA case, the President does not have absolute immunity from subpoena (which was a bullshit claim by Trump's team as a delay tactic), that the President is not above the law, so they are going to have to bicker about things more in the lower courts, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd the NY DA ain't gonna see President Trump's tax records before November. What it means President Trump knows his tax records will eventually become public. He just didn't want them public before reelection so they can't be used as election propaganda. Now that he got what he wanted, and the anti-Trumpers lost everything in terms of what value his tax records had for them, I doubt anyone will pursue this issue further with any enthusiasm at all. Also, that thing about the President not being immune from subpoenas might get picked up and used to get financial records from former President Obama and his main peeps. Michael
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    Got anything on how a bill becomes a law?
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    Klaatu: I am leaving soon, and you will forgive me if I speak bluntly. The universe grows smaller every day, and the threat of aggression by any group, anywhere, can no longer be tolerated. There must be security for all or no one is secure. Now, this does not mean giving up any freedom except the freedom to act irresponsibly. Your ancestors knew this when they made laws to govern themselves and hired policemen to enforce them. We of the other planets have long accepted this principle. We have an organization for the mutual protection of all planets and for the complete elimination of aggression. The test of any such higher authority is, of course, the police force that supports it. For our policemen, we created a race of robots. Their function is to patrol the planets in space ships like this one ?and preserve the peace. In matters of aggression, we have given them absolute power over us; this power can not be revoked. At the first sign of violence, they act automatically against the aggressor. The penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk. The result is that we live in peace, without arms or armies, secure in the knowledge that we are free from aggression and war free to pursue more profitable enterprises. Now, we do not pretend to have achieved perfection, but we do have a system, and it works. I came here to give you these facts. It is no concern of ours how you run your own planet. But if you threaten to extend your violence, this Earth of yours will be reduced to a burned-out cinder. Your choice is simple: Join us and live in peace, or pursue your present course and face obliteration. We shall be waiting for your answer; the decision rests with you.
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    btw - Scott has a bug up his ass about President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech being called "unifying." He thinks there are many who don't feel unified by American history, so presenting American history is not effective persuasion. He doesn't see the erasure of history as a bad thing. And he thinks statues have no value at all, symbolic or otherwise. I think I got all that right from the recent videos of him I've watched. It's one of his weirder positions, seeing how he claims to be an expert at persuasion. Michael
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    The enemy that coordinated the mass casualty event is in control of most of the systems that generate data about the world that we mistakenly accept as base-level facts.
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    A quip? You believe his remark was witty or clever? Gimmee a break. , ye of unlimited faith in your messiah and your mind-reading. As usual, Jon is clueless, confusing a test for SARS-CoV-2 with a test for antibodies, plus other confusions.
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    Trump's "slow the testing down" remarks in context: Merlin's tag line: "I expect attack ads aired by Democrats for the 2020 election will exploit Trump's inane remark." I think Michael is likely right about quippage-- and that Trump was riffing, and that he probably does not care a whit about 'attack ads' from the Democrats. On the other hand, the Lincoln Project (a passel of nasty anti-Trumpist operatives who supposedly retain loyalty to Republicanism) have been banging out ads for months. See their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheLincolnProject/videos The Lincoln Project ad including the remarks ... it's hard to know if the Democratic Party ads will rise to this level of emotive reasoning/loaded language ...
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    Oh, now you are also a clairvoyant? You "know" that I haven't even looked at the picture correctly before I gave my reaction? Well, for your information: I dowloaded the picture first, and opened in my photo editor, tried different settings of brightness and contrast to enhance the details. So you're just lying to dismiss my criticism. If my technical explanations show that there is no evidence that your arguments are valid, that is enough to dismiss those. No, your views are not valid: motion blur in walking persons is no evidence for tampering, sharpness artefacts are no evidence for tampering (except for using a sharpness filter, which may be a default option of the camera), equal fuzziness before and after a walking person is no evidence for tampering, and neither is lack of detail due to overexposure. I can understand that you dont want to spend long hours, delving into this, yours is a lost cause, and I suspect that deep down, you know that.