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    William, What goes on between you and others on OL does not go on with me. Them's the rules. So please tone it down when we interact. Our dueling thing is--and always has been--banter. Let's keep it that way. Thanks. Everybody figured that out. Everybodys know it. I'm surprised you don't realize it. You have been spoofing and looking down your nose at OL people for so many years, maybe you've convinced yourself that OL people are so retarded, they don't see the obvious. But people see and have seen for ages... Some OL people got real sick of it and now it is what it is. So I'm letting it play out. Some things kill by going boom and others kill by cancer stealth. There are no sinless saints in this kerfuffle, especially not you (your style of killing is by cancer), but all involved are good people underneath, so I think things will work out on their own. (Granted, that wasn't banter just now, but I want you to know I see it all, not just what you want me to see, or not what you think my limits of retarded mental abilities let me see. I see it all. Frankly, it's boring, but all are OL regulars and, to me, that means flexibility, so I let it run. Now back to our regularly scheduled program ...) Michael