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    And Gates. And WHO. And everyone else involved in the scheme. I'm very angry about the deaths from this "dastardly plot." I'm thinking of those who died as war casualties. Ellen
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    The pandemics in 1957 and then again in 1968 killed roughly 100k Americans each, they were influenza viruses , I don't know of any societal wide reactions that match this one. Did we flatten a curve ? Or do curves just do what curves do? It doesn't seem like lockdowns did much other than economic damage. I mean pandemics suck , but yeah they suck. Hurricanes suck too . ? It's starting to really feel like we've been played , no ?
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    Classic Objectivism absolutely opposes anti-trust. What wasn't addressed back then was State charted, created, sponsored corporations. There are 50 States. Where is there the room for public corporations in the ideologic rubric of libertarianism/Objectivism or in Randianism, if you will? Basically corporations are facets of economic fascism written large by today's social media. Hit them with anti-trust as a necessary stopgap. --Brant
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    The single greatest advance in medicine was the germ theory of disease. It's precursor was smallpox vaccination. There is no handling flu with vaccine, just the pretense, but the pretense is a horse to ride into good doing the world. I'd never get a flu shot. The virus mutates too much too quickly. Money is a road to power. These money men, ironically, are being controlled and used by people who live in all ways high on the hogs. They aren't after a virus, but you and me through nation state destruction and globalization. Above all they must all belong to the same fraternity. If Bill Gates were a true hero he'd go after malaria with DDT advocacy. --Brant
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    Mayor Bowser is attempting to evict the National Guard that’s protecting Washington, DC, from the hotels they stay in at night. Trump says if she keeps up with her shit then they will be replaced by police of the various Executive Branch agencies such as the Justice and State Departments and military, under his direct command. The fascists are planning to overrun the White House. Don’t get too upset if it happens. It is not real. If it happens it will only be because he allowed it to happen — they can’t really overrun him or anything of his, but they may be allowed to. Such an event would wake up more people to the danger we are in. A necessary scare event, like if it were to say, burn down. It would sharpen focus and help people understand why President Trump is going to have use all the powers of the Executive to protect the People and the Republic.
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    This country is in a state of fulmination. --Brant I expect to see beautiful things before I die--the secondary death of the now zombie left that left is intellectually and morally dead RIGHT NOW Ayn Rand didn't know half of what she was up against, but she still had the left by the balls
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    Oh my... don’t fill me with false hopes like that. A living example to explode so many of the false narratives in identity politics and a sane voice to reject socialism and encourage right thinking (up to a point) ?? That really would be awesome!
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    OK, somebody's got to say it. The Washington Post really likes stores being trashed and looted during riots, right? The Washington Post really likes people being afraid to go to stores right? The Washington Post is owned by Amazon, right? I'll let you put two and two together and see what you come up with. Michael
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    I have been watching Tim Pool's evolution from left to right due to his daily disillusionment with the fake news media. To be more exact, it's from a ruling class left-leaning establishment view (which looked like grass roots to Tim) to a more Trump-like view, even though he says he's not all in with Trump. Tim's problem is that he fact-checks the media against actual facts and against what they said in the recent past. And he keeps seeing the same dishonesty, blatant lies, wrong reporting and propaganda over and over. He proves it--both to himself and to the public. He has now hit a point where he said his heart is broken. Maybe there is a universal truth here. It's the redemption story, the hero's journey version. You must kill off your old self before the new one can emerge. You must let go of being a child before you can become an adult. When such a change is due to disillusionment and not growth, it's like divorcing your values. And what results from a divorce? A broken heart. I feel for Tim, but I certainly admire his integrity. He's going to be OK. He got rid of an abuser in his life and his co-dependency is ending. It hurts like hell, but it's a healthy step. Just like growth toward adulthood is. Michael
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    T, There's another possibility. The riots might be Stage 2 with the coronavirus being Stage 1. And in that case, I wonder what the other stages are going to be until November. Michael
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    From "the particular" (this trade, today's sunrise, this water, etc.etc). to "the general" (all trades, all sunrises, all oceans) IS induction. And it requires cognitive effort to avoid drawing false propositions. You don't conclude that Capitalism is moral, initially: (for the moment let's assume this individual has no idea of "capitalism") - you observed that THIS deal was good and proper and moral - and this one, and the next - and then generalized. You have seen the philosophical definition of induction, do you not accept it? The reason people think that Capitalism "has failed" is from FAULTY induction. They see and hear of a single amoral/immoral aspect in this compromised "mixed economy" and generalize that the whole "Capitalist system" is rotten. Usually evasively. Always a straw man. Socialism only appears good and "sounds better" to those pampered dreamers who have and have implicitly enjoyed the benefits of Capitalism (or a large modicum of it). (The Stolen Concept fallacy, right?) If they were transported to a country to live under the real thing they'd run home in a jiffy.
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    I find it a little ironic that on the one hand I advocate for a system where there would be little to no public property, state media, public utilities of any kind. Where all is privately owned, traded, rented, sold and used in the free market. Yet I almost am tempted to treat the various media service platforms as coming within the public sphere, I almost conflate their private with public good and their private action with government action...but reason brings me back from the brink. My only consolation is the double negative... that since we live in a mixed economy there no doubt is favouritism and cronyism which needs to be reined in by force of regulation.
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    George hadn't a clue. Ellen
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    Ed, Jon is why We can’t have nice things, like..members that talk more than they do. Nice to see you!
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    We've certainly been played as to the deadliness of it. It's a real virus, and extra-hard on particular categories of people. But it's no where near the killer it was projected as being. We've been played - by a "Disease X" scheme that was already planned out for potential use in early 2018. Ellen
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    They need mail-in ballots in order to cheat enough to defeat Trump and keep their necks out of nooses. They need very intense fear to push mail-in through. Mentally prepare now for false flags and terror, (please start expecting that now so you don't lose your shit and become infinitely malleable when it hits.) It is coming, it is [THEM] -- so get angry when it hits, not fearful.
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    Verified is a funny word , nowadays, perhaps always, but definitely nowadays.
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    Might as well do to them now. If they get back in power they'll do it to us regardless. --Brant
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    Cross-posted from Unz.com — I’m not a diehard China skeptic but I do hate totalitarianism. Instead of succumbing to martial law or waiting for a dangerous rushed-to-market vaccine (see Paul Craig Roberts on that), concentrate on curing, or ameliorating the effects of, the disease. Faucci and co-conspirators should be tried for murder for willfully ignoring strong evidence that Zinc (e.g. Zinc Sulfate) + Hydroxychloroquine + Vitamin D + Vitamin C cure the disease. About the first two see this. About the first see this and this. About the third and fourth see this. They also recommend anti-inflammatories.
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    2,000 scumbags shitting their pants as their criminal careers in government catch up to them.
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    T, I doubt it. I think it's quite plausible she will be the first female President of the USA in a couple of decades or more.. Michael
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    So was it that Plan A didn't work ? Take away the freedoms and livelihoods of the low, mid and mid-class( the 'deplorables') to foment insurrection? Only instead they used civil disobedience to force a return to civility and normalcy. So they resorted to inciting the rabble, exploiting the networks that infest the cultural left? Did they miscalculate ? Did they think the deplorables would join ? It's more than heartening to see the people in Minneapolis return to the riot scene the next day armed with brooms and shovels , I hope they keep returning and I hope they come back armed and ready to take out the Bolsheviks.
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    Thanks for reposting the excerpts from Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Gilder. I meant to buy that and forgot. I just ordered it. Ellen
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    Heh. Elan Journo strikes a blow for truth and defends Bill Gates according to a story in his skull that aligns with a myopic view of Ayn Rand's positions. Well think about this. Bill Gates is one of the major funders of the World Health Organization. He has been the second largest funder for years, right behind the USA, which was first. Now think about the following. The USA, as of today, is no longer a member of the World Health Organization. Why? Because WHO is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party and President Trump got fed up with it. In other words, Bill Gates has been fine with the objectives of the Chinese Communist Party at WHO, so much so, he was a major WHO sponsor for years. Gates is not a stupid man and does not throw well over a billion dollars at something without looking at what he is paying for. So this control of WHO by the Chinese Communist Party could not have escaped his attention. Now notice that Journo supports Gates, yet doesn't see the Chinese Communist Party connection. Vladimir Lenin used to call people like Elan Journo a "useful idiot." Or at least this term is attributed to Lenin. Now consider this. Elan Journo is, in indirect but practical terms, advocating for the Chinese Communist Party in the name of Ayn Rand. I wonder what she would have thought about that. I don't channel Rand, but I imagine "useful idiot" is tame compared to what would have come out of her mouth. Michael
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    From the Elan Journo Facebook entry TG posted a few posts above: ===== Start Quote ===== "[Gates'] philanthropic foundation has pledged $250 million to help with the manufacture of promising vaccines for the novel coronavirus." ===== End Quote ===== And then watch what's coming. India, especially, look out. Bad batch of vaccine? Many deaths? And, predicting a pandemic for which the world isn't prepared is such a great deniability cover for writing the blueprint for said pandemic. Ellen
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    Peter quotes a couple Atlantis posts of mine in which I talked about Wolfgang Pauli. I wrote about "the Pauli Effect": ===== Start Quote ===== There's the legendary, in physicist jokes, principle known as "The Pauli Effect," according to which any experiment being conducted in near-proximity to Pauli's physical location was sure to go wrong. There were even experimenters who took to asking, when they couldn't get lab equipment to work, "Where's Pauli?" And then there's the tale of an experimenter who, upon having a terrible time conducting what should have been a simple lab demonstration, said, "But Pauli's in Vienna," only to be told that although Pauli was en route to Vienna, he'd stayed overnight in the town where the experimenter lived. ===== End Quote ===== Another story is the one about some students whose physics lab Pauli was scheduled to visit setting up a test of the Pauli Effect. They rigged a bucket with water in it above the door to the lab and attached by a lever so the bucket would dump the water on someone entering through the door. Pauli entered. The lever mechanism didn't work. Pauli Effect confirmed ---- I usually fast forward past Atlantis stuff Peter posts, but I was curious to see what I'd said about Pauli. I like the posts, these multiple years later. Maybe I'll find someplace besides this troll thread to copy them to when I get some time. Ellen
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    Yes, I think sometimes that some thinking folks and scholars don't get out much. It is more ivory towers and less hands on experience. I am convinced that induction has been down-played and ignored, not just by other philosophers, famously Hume, but it doesn't get the highest recognition it deserves from O'ists, too. We say rather glibly: This is a philosophy based in reality and reason, starting with one's senses. But how do we *know*? How to begin to "create" the concepts? Not without inductive reasoning, we don't. And then comes the support of deduction from induced principles, to test them out in practice, in reality. And then (critically) comes one's educated - learned - knowledge to support and to be integrated with both. The combination is powerful, an irrefutable methodology. In my reading of him, Hume almost totally eradicated induction. I reckon he (and his later university professor fans) has a lot to do with contemporary skepticism and the greatest loss of reasoning in a century. His one statement (roughly) " I have seen the sun rise every morning, but I have no assurance it will do so tomorrow". Which is so ludicrous it defies inductive inferences AND deduction AND educated knowledge (the properties of planetary motion, etc.etc.) Makes one realize the uncertainty and lack of *personal* knowledge many people live in, without independent minds. And why others' minds, pseudo-scientism and authoritarian control well suits them. They will demand: "You must "prove" to me the efficacy of (e.g.) Capitalism!!" To which the first rational reply is: Can you SEE? (if you can't, what more can be said).
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    D, Here is a premise you need to check. Mankind has not been free throughout most of history, yet all the things we take for granted, including improvements in health, emerged regardless of whether the government was tyrannical or not. Trying to peg this to tyranny only by saying "X is impossible under tyranny" is leaving out way to much. Tyranny is bad, even evil, but it doesn't have nearly the power to hold back human progress that you are attributing to it. In fact, the human species is one of the most successful species on the planet--just look at population, life extension and mobility for easily observable proof--and this has developed since ancient times mostly under tyrannies. Tyranny can slow down human progress in a specific region, like it often has, but it can also sponsor progress, like it often has. Once again, we are in identify correctly so you can judge correctly territory. As an aside, today we need to stop a globalist tyranny by technocratic elite, but we can't even make a dent without identifying why based on proper identification. In that regard, I think President Trump has a much firmer handle on it--meaning the reality of it--than most people in our subcommunity. Notice that the first thing he cuts in tyrannies is funding. And it works to diminish their power. How many Objectivists or libertarians do you know who think that is the right thing to do as they espouse "free trade"? That's not the only thing, either. Michael
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    Dglgmut, I think what you could be circling around, is the mental process of induction. (e.g. Rand stated that she "wouldn't have had a philosophy without it"). Both ways: bottom up and top down 'meet' or correspond (ideally). A thinker will induce from the many specific instances of extensive experience and observation, from which he builds the higher concepts, then he applies those principles to fresh instances (deduction). The best (and only) testing ground for the principles is going up and down, continuously. The boon of having the great intellectuals to refer to, is that you have an idea of, and can learn, the good and effective principles, in advance, with little experience. They should never take the place of the effort of your own induction. Simply learning by rote the O'ist, Capitalist etc. principles (lazily, perhaps, and superficially) without perceiving/conceiving/evaluating the reality for oneself, is what gives rise to rationalism, prevalent in Objectivism and any philosophies.
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    Do you guys, who aren't looking for a hook-up and have been down that road before, ever run into reformed Furries at naked resorts?
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    Jon, As the threads grow, I lean towards that, too. One of the big motivators in the lower brain is sex. It is an attention getter supreme. For example, even here in O-Land, notice how many people showed up for this thread (and the other) in a short amount of time. (For those who get bothered by this, welcome to the human race. ) Also, notice how every reply by the golden couple leads back to nudity. I think the idea is to make people forget what they were talking about and, instead, respond to the insinuated sex. I'm almost tempted to throw this thread in the Persuasion section as a case study. Michael
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    Loopy Janet? Lol
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    Mika sent a barrage of tweets telling Jack Dorsey to take her call, to take down President Trump's account, etc. Lots of bossiness aimed at Dorsey. Wait until she finds out just how relevant she really isn't. And how badly she sucks at promoting cover-ups... She can't even pull one off for hubby. Michael
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    Just heard governor of NY’s explanation that front line healthcare workers have low(?) infection rates because they wear masks, will a large dose of “duh” to stupid shame the proletariat. Pretty sure a lot of front line types are taking HCQ and zinc. Wait , China is saying the rest of the world needs to stay shut ? Man are they helpful or what, I’ll stay tuned to Chinese state health officials a big bunch of mensch there eh?
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    A Twitter thread by the author of the Conversation story, adding more detail:
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    Here are some quotes from Atlas Shrugged that are relevant today. First, let's hear from Wesley Mouch. He's presenting Directive Number 10-289 for consideration. Does this sound like certain governors these days? Next, let's go bowling. Think about governors and mayors closing down jogging, beaches, and so on. btw - Are bowling alleys open during the coronavirus shut down? I'm pretty sure they are. How about "essential need," exceptions for favoritism, and New York? Granted, it is not winter right now, but imagine if it were. How about the three trillion dollar boondoggle the House just passed? The following excerpt does not just apply to that, it applies to government "pork" in general. I am sure Atlas Shrugged is full of other images that are relevant. But these passages have been floating around in my head ever since the shutdown happened, so I looked them up and here they are. Anybody remember any other passages? Michael
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    Is any of this verified?
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    AG Barr just said he is not seeking a criminal investigation into former President Obama or former Vice President Biden. But the qualification was there at the end. Meaning he did not rule it out, either. He pointed out that not every case of abuse of power, however outrageous, does not necessarily result in a federal crime. But he also said Durham's investigation will not lead to a crimianl investigation of Obama and Biden "based on the information he has today." Since AG Barr mentioned Obama and Biden by name and qualified his statement about no criminal investigation, this could be a head fake and a criminal investigation is being planned at some point. He is clear he does not want Justice Department investigations to be used as election tactics. So, in my opinion, anything criminal-wise aimed at Obama and Biden will probably happen after the November election. Meanwhile, I hope the press on Trump's side keeps the pressure on. I fully believe there will come a moment, if enough people like Judicial Watch keep digging, where they will uncover provable felonies that objective law enforcement people cannot ignore. Michael
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    4247 Link to New Q Drop Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 15 May 2020 - 10:29:26 AM Why did [D]s push 'everything is fine' narrative early on [ex: Pelosi China town]? Why did science board push [no need close China travel] narrative early on? Why did [select] govs push COVID-19 positive elderly patients into nursing homes [most at risk_proven] when surplus of availability in hospitals [+ USNS_Comfort]? Why are CDC numbers conflating COVID-19 deaths with influenza, pneumonia, other? Why are influenza deaths at [all-time] historical low levels vs years past [outside of standard deviation]? Why are COVID-19 tests returning positive results on pawpaw's and animals? Why are [select] swing states undergoing heavy quarantine extensions? Why are possible [treatments][cures] being prevented and attacked [USA]? "Testing, Testing, Testing, Tracing, and Isolation." - [Pelosi] Q https://qmap.pub/
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    Michael, Well, I guess I should expect nothing less from you. Meaning a broad, specific answer to my post. Thx. My time is limited, really. Im not a scientist either, and I also did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Thats a joke. Do you remember it? As if I slept so well that now Im a know it all. Where to start.... "For whom and in what context? Do you mean she should be denied her first amendment rights? Or do you mean we should only listen to her or her establishment critics to tell us what to think?" Hows this instead? "Its really her mannerism for speaking glibly and for not keeping to specificity and that makes her seem as if shes not squarely on the rails." Have you ever heard the expression, running ones mouth? In the sense that people inarticulately spout off while others are looking for proofs. The interview didn't do justice to her claims of being railroaded but I know when I hear something worth looking at. So I had to look further and deeper because for me there was a story there and I felt sincerity. I like that you say and want to know what I meant. After I saw her interview, researched her interviewer and then heard MSM and FB hostilities come out against her without an ounce of information other than what I found on Wikipedia I wanted to take a deep dive into the rabbit hole of the web and see what I could discover on my own knowing all the while points of view and agendas differ and I would take them into account as noise and try to discern where Mikovits was coming from and what she is trying to say in a way that I can understand myself. Yes, Semmelweiss reflex, I read references other than Kennedys, and found a "good" rabbit hole and one whose perspective provides a way of seeing through to the things was looking at. There is what Mikovit's claims to have happened in the lab and I can see her patent on the discovery of XMRV's. And I can understand her points of contention with the VP62 clone that had the claims she made spiral out of context to the point that Science did what it did. But she hasnt wavered. She lost her PHD dissertation and all lab papers. I'm half way through her book and am asking myself is there any there/there. There are many tributaries. I find that often people allude to other things when telling their main story and I look to those to determine for myself whether the main story line is something I want to pursue. I was reading Prestons books and along with other sourcing found the Ebola story very fun. I recalled Mikovits saying something about Ebola, then found her saying it and found it puzzling. As most things are at times I suppose there could be an explanation for what she really meant. Again, when she rips off a verbal talking point she apparently doesn't view it as important as I do to her story. So, every step along the way I'm careful not to get pulled in where she seems to be building credibility so I look for holes. I had read an enormous amount of related and unrelated stuff and still cant square her Ebola comment as I said. In re to her claim, her step brother, Kevin, she said was the US Park Police officer to find Vince Fosters body. It was a clever thing to say as she worked it into her story and perhaps true but I had to look. What I found was a Kevin Fornshill, a USPP officer was there and has a presumed Ken (her stepfather she says) Fornshill with a Mikovits family member. Again not proof but Im leaning into to it now. I mentioned the Science fact check just to be helpful as a go to because those elements are germane. Use at your own risk. There are real gems in the book. I'm unsure as to the amount I can put here and wont do it again if I can understand what the standards are. "On July 26, 1961, the New York Times reported that Merck and Parke-Davis were withdrawing their Salk vaccines. The article said nothing about cancer. The Times ran the story next to an account about overdue library fines on page 33. While two drug companies, Merck and Parke-Davis, recalled their polio vaccine in 1961, NIH officials refused to pursue a total recall of the rest of the supply, fearing reputational injury to the vaccine program if Americans learned that PHS had infected them with a cancer-producing virus. As a result, millions of unsuspecting Americans received carcinogenic vaccines between 1961 and 1963. The Public Health Service then concealed that “secret” for forty years. In total, ninety-eight million Americans received shots potentially containing the cancer-producing virus, which is now part of the human genome. In 1996, government researchers identified SV-40 in 23 percent of the blood specimens and 45 percent of the sperm specimens collected from healthy adults. Six percent of the children born between 1980 and 1995 are infected. Public health officials gave millions of people the vaccine for years after they knew it was infected. They contaminated humanity with a monkey virus and refused to admit what they’d done. Today, SV-40 is used in research laboratories throughout the world because it is so reliably carcinogenic. Researchers use it to produce a wide variety of bone and soft-tissue cancers including mesothelioma and brain tumors in animals. These cancers have exploded in the baby boom generation, which received the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines between 1955 and 1963. Skin cancers are up by 70 percent, lymphoma and prostate by 66 percent, and brain cancer by 34 percent. Prior to 1950, mesothelioma was rare in humans. Today, doctors diagnose nearly 3,000 Americans with mesotheliomas every year; 60 percent of the tumors that were tested contained SV-40. Today, scientists find SV-40 in a wide range of deadly tumors, including between 33 percent and 90 percent of brain tumors, eight of eight ependymomas, and nearly half of the bone tumors tested. In successive measures, NIH forbade Bernice Eddy from speaking publicly or attending scholarly conferences, held up her papers, removed her from vaccine research altogether, and eventually destroyed her animals and took away access to her labs. Her treatment continues to mark an enduring scandal with the scientific community, yet NIH’s Bernice Eddy playbook has become a standardized template for Federal vaccine regulators in their treatment of dissident vaccine scientists who seek to tell the truth about vaccines." Heckenlively, Kent. Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense) (pp. 16-17). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition. No problem, right? Maybe yours is the public Kindle preview. Mine is from the purchased book. It got me to thinking, there's a reason to get my dna tested knowing that I was involved in these timeframes with multiple vaccines over the years. Not in the way 23andme or Ancestry.com does it but in a way that delves deeper with health specific genetic pre-disposition charted and cataloged. There are all kinds of things to find in the vein of Mikovits story, some relevant to me, others relevant to the hysteria that vaccines are our only hope. There were more than one mysterious death so it has elements that so often cannot be solved adding to the overview she talks about with scientists and Big Pharma in lock step. So many holes, so few rabbits. Always knew you were a Va boy! ha ha Not me, although I've live in Va since I were 14. I was an Army brat of a snake eater and have the scars to prove it. Boy I hope that covers it.
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    That may be but you are still a pussy and a batshit nutter.
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    Trying to take a person’s kids to isolate them? They are already isolated in the household. Tooooooo Gestapo for me. Butttt going out to actively hunt down and kill uncivil servants? Glad the border is closed...Happy hunting Jon.
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    Yeah, cut their faces … in half, with a shotgun. Just like Dagny and the guard with his "orders." Can you imagine if authorities had come to her house … to take her and Galt's children? Would she have exchanged any words at all, given any warnings at all? Would Ragnar be right or wrong in intercepting and extinguishing?
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    Conspiracy to commit murder...nice.
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    Ha! That one must have hurt like a sumbich... Michael EDIT: And to add to this:
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    Very evil things
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    Dropping all charges. Those responsible for the attempted coup and attempted destruction of this three-star general and hero will hang.
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    Let me mention an example of holding a firm position on something where there is a lot of exponential knowledge exploding, but not having time to keep up with the knowledge: Manmade climate change. My position is not that it exists or doesn't exist. My position is that the government well-paid experts and scientists and propagandists who have tried to sell massive government controls to people have been caught lying over and over. And their predictions keep crapping out. I'm certainly not going to invest a lot of my own time and energy reading materials--even materials for lay people--based on their work. (In fact, I used to look at this stuff, but then I found out the monkey-shines and stopped.) Besides, there are plenty of scientists of good repute who dispute their claims. So I don't trust liars who have conflicts of interest to boot. I don't claim to be an expert on climate science. What little interest I did have in it evaporated when I discovered what a dirty, morally flawed field it is in gathering and presenting evidence. I prefer to give this issue some time and wait until scientists of reasonable integrity appear. The scare tactics of proven liars don't affect me. As to my own beliefs on manmade climate change, I can't appeal to hard science. But I do have a rule of thumb that gives me a strong bias. I admit this is not science so there is a small margin for error. I don't believe much of what liars say. And proven liars are the most vocal ones who constantly claim manmade climate change is a danger. I don't believe them. That's a way to do it as a lay person when there are too many piles of technical data to look at and everybody is yelling for more and more government money and power. You simply look at the moral character of the scientists who do the experiments and measurements and judge them by their actions. At least you will be able to conclude that what they tell to the public is flawed and misleading. Michael
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    Michael, Simple. Curiosity is one early symptom and aspect of "the need to know". That you'll agree, is the most powerful of human drives. Early, because it's a precognitive precondition of one making identifications - What is it? Our senses which are constantly, actively searching our environments, hit upon many potentialities of interest to be curious about, curiosities that ~may~ be followed up and become actualities, new knowledge. But in any given day one will be curious about many random, little to larger things, all of which one can't have time or doesn't need, or loses interest to pursue (to my observation). One's priorities of purpose would determine and choose which to spend effort on. People are often awed by the power their emotions can have, and make the error they are causeless, springing out of nowhere - quite mysteriously. The "need to know" has as much and more power as any emotion, it also may seem causeless, and so it gets conflated with them. I see it now. Frame curiosity as "an emotion" - and by that, all genuine emotions may also be considered "tools of cognition"!