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    Cockroaches rolled over by cop car ...
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    I don't know where to put the following so here is as good as any place. To me it's hilarious. I'm still laughing as I post this... LOL... Michael
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    https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-tweets-conspiracy-theory-buffalo-protester-police-officers/story?id=71150154 OANN did a piece, as far as I know, taking apart the innocence of the 75 yr old demonstrator in Buffalo. Leaving aside the feint push. He was filmed talking with the photographer who later filmed his fall. He was waving his phone near the holstered gun of the leo. He tweeted F the police. He was on an anarchist website. His name is Martin Gugina. Heres a piece echoing OANN news. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/06/06/buffalo-officials-duped-by-professional-antifa-provocateur-arrest- In other news......OANN filed a defamation suit against R Madcow. An Obama appointed judge found her comment saying OANN is a communist network news, to be a personal opinion, she's not a journalist an entertainer.
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    Michael, I quoted the start of your post to draw quick attention to the post. The post's length might turn people away from reading it. I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND that people do read the whole thing. Please, readers, pay extra careful attention to the central part which describes in specifics how the leftist radicals took over college education . The description is spot on, including the part about non-radical faculty members finding meetings boring, often not attending them, saying, oh, well, if you want that hire so much, ok, etc. Capitulation through ho-humness to an attrition process they didn't realize was happening. The result has been a mind-ruined generation who are now old enough to start running things. Ellen
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    I think you're right, in the long run. (POTUS has already made clear he'll intervene if the mayor and governor don't step up, and since they're flipped him off in response, he most likely will.) But I admit that I personally can't just casually dismiss the short-term threats, if the reports are true about businesses being "shaken down", the property damage, etc. I'm also thinking about how it's affecting people psychologically, having to witness this, especially the potentially innocent people caught in the cross-fire. (And now, there's someone acting as "warlord" already edging out Antifa?) The O'ist conception of government's legitimate function is to protect people from the initiation of force, and in Seattle, government has not only abdicated that function, it's aiding and abetting in that initiation. This headline says it all: "Antifa Deserves a Military Response" https://pjmedia.com/columns/stephen-kruiser/2020/06/11/the-morning-briefing-antifa-deserves-a-military-response-n516040 And yes, I know Trump is letting the leftists state leaders expose themselves before he steps in, to "show" the people, and maybe that's necessary. But for HOW long? How long do people have to watch and endure other's suffering before it crosses the line from strategy to sadism? When is it enough? "Trust the plan", I hear. Still, it chafes against the O'ist impulse in me to stop the initiation of force. (Yes, maybe those people aren't so innocent, ideologically speaking, etc. Or, regarding the innocent, the Q explanation "you can't just tell the people, they have to be shown." Perhaps. Still isn't easy to watch. Like the Taggert Tunnel disaster scene. Even Dagny had to be told, upon leaving New York to the darkness, "don't look down!", lest she turn into a pillar of salt...)
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    A ray of light in the mainstream news. Tucker has balls. Thank God. This is one hell of a nice rant. And 100% true. Also, it comes on the tail of the left trying to take him off the air. As Tucker said, if we don't push back and exercise our birthright of freedom of speech, the left will push America into becoming like North Korea. I, and many who think like I do, will not take a knee. Shame on those who do. To you who kneel before the current leftist tyranny, we will take care of the problem and carry your sorry asses so you can have the freedom to bitch about us. Why? Because we love freedom and we have to for freedom to exist. But when we look at the likes of you, it's a dirty job. It doesn't have to be, but it is. So fuck you while we're at it. Michael
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    From Joshua Lawson at The Federalist: Be Courageous And Stand Firm, America—We Do Not Kneel Americans didn't kneel to British tyranny, Nazi fascism, or Soviet communism. We won't kneel for a collective guilt movement that's gone off the rails. My people. Michael
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    Q said years ago we would reach the day when they cannot safely appear in public. Welcome to that day.
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    A visual homage, yes exactly, and yes, they know it. His murder was a ritual and the knee now is a replaying of the ritual. They believe their god rewards them for ritualized murder and for creating mayhem, chaos, pain, death and suffering. These people really are, not metaphorically, but really, seriously sick and evil.
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    So beautiful. Know what a U.S. Marshall is? U.S. Marshalls operate independently of mayors, cops, sheriffs, councilmen, governors, etc., and they serve federal, United States Justice Department indictments and they make federal arrests not subject to any local interference. No fraudulent Russian interference investigation, no amateur impeachment shitshow, no Scamdemic and no engineered race war will stop what is coming. Nothing can stop what is coming.
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    Just for the record. Michael
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    Mayor Bowser is attempting to evict the National Guard that’s protecting Washington, DC, from the hotels they stay in at night. Trump says if she keeps up with her shit then they will be replaced by police of the various Executive Branch agencies such as the Justice and State Departments and military, under his direct command. The fascists are planning to overrun the White House. Don’t get too upset if it happens. It is not real. If it happens it will only be because he allowed it to happen — they can’t really overrun him or anything of his, but they may be allowed to. Such an event would wake up more people to the danger we are in. A necessary scare event, like if it were to say, burn down. It would sharpen focus and help people understand why President Trump is going to have use all the powers of the Executive to protect the People and the Republic.
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    This country is in a state of fulmination. --Brant I expect to see beautiful things before I die--the secondary death of the now zombie left that left is intellectually and morally dead RIGHT NOW Ayn Rand didn't know half of what she was up against, but she still had the left by the balls
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    Oh my... don’t fill me with false hopes like that. A living example to explode so many of the false narratives in identity politics and a sane voice to reject socialism and encourage right thinking (up to a point) ?? That really would be awesome!
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    OK, somebody's got to say it. The Washington Post really likes stores being trashed and looted during riots, right? The Washington Post really likes people being afraid to go to stores right? The Washington Post is owned by Amazon, right? I'll let you put two and two together and see what you come up with. Michael
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    I have been watching Tim Pool's evolution from left to right due to his daily disillusionment with the fake news media. To be more exact, it's from a ruling class left-leaning establishment view (which looked like grass roots to Tim) to a more Trump-like view, even though he says he's not all in with Trump. Tim's problem is that he fact-checks the media against actual facts and against what they said in the recent past. And he keeps seeing the same dishonesty, blatant lies, wrong reporting and propaganda over and over. He proves it--both to himself and to the public. He has now hit a point where he said his heart is broken. Maybe there is a universal truth here. It's the redemption story, the hero's journey version. You must kill off your old self before the new one can emerge. You must let go of being a child before you can become an adult. When such a change is due to disillusionment and not growth, it's like divorcing your values. And what results from a divorce? A broken heart. I feel for Tim, but I certainly admire his integrity. He's going to be OK. He got rid of an abuser in his life and his co-dependency is ending. It hurts like hell, but it's a healthy step. Just like growth toward adulthood is. Michael
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    Hahahahahahaha... Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP After Protesters Threaten Mayor's $7 Million House Mayor Jenny Durkan is a total idiot. When the heat came to her house, now she's scared and her principles were the first thing she sacrificed as she sent in the guns. I guess her summer of love came to an untimely end. LOLOL... Michael
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    Seventy years ago Harry Truman involved the U.S. on the Korean peninsula. Since then the U.S. has been at war with North Korea. Many people don't understand this. We are still legally at war, only a formal cease fire is in place and we have kept some 30,000 - 50,000 troops on the peninsula since 1950. John F. Kennedy did not resolve it and get us out. Richard Nixon did not. Gerald Ford did not. Jimmy Carter played with his nuts. Ronald Reagan did not resolve it and get us out. George H.W. "Poppy" Bush murdered JFK and ran the opium operations in Afghanistan. Bill Clinton pleasured a barely legal intern with a cigar in the Oval Office. George W. Bush initiated two more wars. Hussein expanded all the wars and the use of drones, including on U.S. citizens abroad. Trump was the first U.S. President invited inside North Korea. He is making peace, resolving a dangerous situation and finally correcting a grave moral failing on our part that has gone on for way too long.
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    Today in "Faux Leftist Whoopee" ... Outrage mounts over report Russia offered bounties to Afghanistan militants for killing US soldiers
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    Secrete Properly is my new metal band's name.
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    Wow. This is the most I have learned about AG Barr from his own mouth. The Deep State really is going down under his execution of his job. And Social Media giants will start feeling some real pain in about 3 or 4 weeks or so. Michael
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    Viral photo from April 2021 of Biden sniffing his Pizza BFF during intake processing at gitmo …
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    That's a lotta Max Q !
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    The emotion of compassion is like all emotions; an automated response from one's value-judgments. Likewise, it signals that something positive/negative, by your standards, is afoot. Simply, feeling empathy is the response of one's own value-judgements -- applied to ~an other's~ situation, plight, suffering, pain. Since compassion is being kicked about so much lately, it should be analyzed closer. Seems to me the teaching of empathy started springing up about 15-20 years ago simultaneous to teachings by supposedly learned experts that emotional intelligence EQ is more important than intellectual IQ. Making for and confirming the old dis-junction between mind and emotions. Prescribed largely by women at the time, men too began searching themselves for that telling lack of empathy. But because no two persons' value-systems are exactly alike, sure as hell they'd find that they didn't necessarily feel the same way about the same situation as others apparently did. Not for the same thing, and/or not to the same degree. On other occasions, feeling much MORE than them . Aha, crowed the empathists, not good enough. You either feel what we feel - for the poor, the children, the Africans, etc.etc. - or...[you are probably a sociopath]. And so, many men and other women learned to fake it. That's when the cult of empathy began. Used as a psychological force that would create uniformity/dependence in a mass response. Children too, were indoctrinated and have been ever since. The oldest trick, using one's better emotions against one. If one blindly accepts this lie and subterfuge and senses one doesn't meet the conformist, compassionate grade, naturally the next emotion is guilt. They have you, coming or going.
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    Voila , now it seems silly that god gave us brain chemicals , I mean sure nonrational animals need them, but for us they just seem redundant. Emotions come from pure thought , a reasoned response. Why experience the chemically induced sensation/ perception at all ? Emoting , algebra same same !
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    You might also want to check out Harlow's monkeys: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Harlow Harlow was briefly mentioned in the Atlantic article ...
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    Michael, I think that inserting little subtitles is an excellent idea. It would certainly help me, and probably others too. You say a lot of interesting things, but sometimes the sheer l-e-n-g-t-h presents a daunting prospect and I feel, oh, sigh, do I have the stamina to plough through this to find out what's in it? Direction indicators would help. Ellen PS: I haven't read the preceding two posts yet. I saw the question as the first thing in line in the expanded activity feed.
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    I don't know where you get this from? I say that reason does not come first, that's all. Reason is predicated on emotions, because value judgments don't exist without those emotions... we don't value our own existence without emotions. We don't value truth without emotions. We are designed to live in a world that we don't live in anymore... this is important to know. We like sports because they tap into our instincts for hunting in small groups of men. We like competitive fighting because males have physically competed for females for millions of years. Men look for certain features in a female based on instincts... Women do the same with men. We empathize more with children than adults and women more than men. We can maintain a social network of up to 150-250 people because that is the size of groups we lived in for a significant chunk of our evolution process. Do you not think you could learn something about the human species that helps you understand more about yourself? Or is introspection the only method you trust?
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    Here is some advice from Polly on not taking a knee in everyday life. Her advice is to stand up to bullies in the moment they are bullying. Even in small places like supermarkets. The left's army of bullies are trying to win the culture war using death by a thousand small cuts. Polly (who does not use this metaphor) says do not tolerate even one small cut from a bully. Appeasers follow strength, so be stronger than the bullies and show this as the bullying is happening. Bullies always back down when confronted with strength. Then the appeasers will follow you. Michael
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    Some readers may not go to a Twitter thread off the OL site, so I'll add this in as an example of what you are missing.
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    President Trump has the intelligence on Pantyfa and they are terrorists, you disgusting scumbag. He is simply letting everyone know some of the tactics they use. So why are you defending them? Are you affiliated with Pantyfa?
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    Here is an article from Jemima Kelly at the Financial Times. I will stretch the criteria for fair-use as much as I can:
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    The Trader Principle ... There is another way I understand Q--in essential terms. I've talked about this before. It's called " trading up the chain." In mainstream press terms, the QAnon phenomenon has been a variation on this. This looks like some fairly effective "trading up the chain" ... Nice try and, I admit, there is a similar pattern. From an anonymous author at a conservative blog ... ... to an OANN (One America News Network) video cast ... ... to the Real Donald Trump Twitter account ... I think I understand that -- although you earlier stated that trading up "starts with a small site or place" with "slanted" discussion -- and that the slant is "what is really being promoted." And you went on to say: And that seems to be that. Of course, the whole "objective" issue is as always available for reasoned analysis, reasonable disputes and interesting differences of opinion.
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    To return to this question ... The basic issue is that Obama.org's initial "landing page" is updated throughout the year -- with the Twitter Card code in the <head> area of the HTML document being updated from time to time. When a coder changes the Twitter Card code in the <head>, to replace the image address, (<meta name="twitter:image" content="IMAGE_URL.jpeg">), previously posted tweets from the page return the current image from Twitter servers. Someone in the QAnon world noted that a Tweet from Obama.org from before Floyd's death showed a depiction of Floyd's image: How could a tweet from May 17th contain an image depicting Floyd when Floyd did not die until May 25th? How could my tweet from June 9th contain a screenshot image that wasn't published until today, June 10th? Now, if anyone says "The Obama website got caught testing the image prior to Floyd's ritual murder," they do not know what they are talking about.
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    Q and QAnon having a bit of a ruckus over Obama.org and modern Twitter-enabled website coding. Q-Watcher Feminist Proper Gander wraps up the story in a series of tweets: The kerfuffle started with this Q drop (screen cap from the site Qanon.pub) : "Reconcile" ... Next came drop 4437 ... Some QAnon folks were critical, some were gyrating wildly to explain away the error. The kerfuffle rests on a misunderstanding of how Twitter Cards work their magic in a few lines of HTML code in the 'head' portion of a website. <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image"> <meta name="twitter:site" content="@DarleneViewer"> <meta name="twitter:title" content="This is an example of a Twitter Card with a Summary and Large Image"> <meta name="twitter:description" content="&quot;Tweet this page&quot; -- A simple set of <meta> tags in the head of an HTML document allows Twitter to insert an image, video, audio or an app within the body of the tweet."> <meta name="twitter:image" content="https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/Q3/q4436.png"> These lines in the <head> of an HTML document "fill in" a tweet from the particular page: The <meta> code on the web page can of course be changed, especially if the body of page itself is updated. If you change the code to insert a new Summary Card with Large Image, then the change will propagate on Twitter's servers. The next time you tweet from the same page, the image may be different than it was at an earlier point. So ... what does this have to do with the kerfuffle ongoing in Q-World? Well, because Twitter itself delivers the image from its own servers (rather than merely 'passing through' the URL of the image file on your server), previously posted Tweets are themselves updated. This can appear to show some kind of chicanery -- if the image rendered in an old tweet shows a 'new' image.
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    Here's another curve ball, one that I find hilarious. Awhile back, James O'Keefe through Project Veritas invaded the Bernie campaign. He got several hardcore communist Bernie people to admit that if Bernie did not win the nomination, they would burn cities down and, if I remember correctly, they would start with Minneapolis. They literally said they were going to do this. They said it several times through several different people. Helloooooo... (Hat tip to Styxhexenhammer666 for this. If you want to see his video, go here. I highly recommend it.) In other words, these race riots might not be Stage 2, but instead two power-hungry authoritarian factions (the Big Vaccine globalists and the communists) getting in each others way. The more I think about it, the more I think this is true, at least partly. The protests and race riots blew the pandemic scare (social distancing, etc.) out of the water. Now the globalist reaction is going to happen and I think Big Vax is not amused. But I also think the other things I talked about is true, including the Obama race riot machine. So if I'm right, it looks like all the bad guys started scrambling for a piece of the American Pie once the shutdown happened and now they're playing demolition derby with each other. This is turning out to be one big fat mess instead of one big-ass deadly attack--all with the fake news mainstream media yapping and barking like junk yard dogs and chasing their tails in public. Outside of keeping damage to a minimum, I think President Trump may be looking at all this, letting it run and laughing. These idiots are all self-destructing when they are not destroying each other. They are doing President Trump's job for him and putting themselves on camera to boot so the clean up for law enforcement will be easy. btw - That silly Defund the Police crap is reality TV posturing as news and nothing more. If a local government gets stupid enough to try it for real, we will get quite a show as they get run over by gangs and the only thing that will spread across the country is the sound of people laughing their asses off. Michael
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    Here's one for those of a conspiracy theory bent. That's one hell of a coincidence. Michael
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    I don't think CBS is going to like the consequences of doing this: The fake news media are like drug addicts. They lie and cheat because they can't not lie and cheat. Their craving is too painful for them to withstand. Michael
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    My wife had a conversation yesterday with a woman who has been living with TDS for the last three years. Both of her sons are state troopers, both have desk jobs but are now assigned to protester looter control and she was terrified for them. One of them had to come to her house to calm her down and reassure her that police departments and law enforcement were not about to be defunded. Part of what he told her was that they knew the President has their best interest at heart and all this will be over soon. After he left, she and her husband did what they never do and turned on Fox and she could not believe they were for the police and sanity, I'm not sure what she expected to see and hear, but since she reflexively refused to ever watch their content prior to that, she must not have either . And although she says she still hates the President , the person, she now sees his administration as the only choice and hope for civility and a push back against the violence and lunacy of the far left. And that it was obvious to her now that CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the MSM are aiding and abetting the far left. Obviously an anecdotal one off, and it should be pointed out this story should be taken with a grain salt, considering it may, hypothetically , have occurred between two criminals , as it may have occurred in a salon that is currently illegal to operate. Now I doubt you will be seeing Jean Doe at a rally, but I guarantee in the privacy of a voting booth there will be only one lever she'll be looking for.
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    This. The video is embedded from Facebook and I haven't figured out how to make it smaller yet. George Floyd had a long rap sheet. Including invading the house of a pregnant woman at gunpoint and holding her hostage as his cohorts ransacked her house, And including many stints in the joint. Also, he was a serious druggy. Candace doesn't think he needed to die, but she is sick at heart that this guy is being held up as a black hero in the press and by many in the black community. He wasn't. He was a small time criminal. Michael
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    I'm thinking that the riot fomenters are miscalculating and handing Trump a plus just when he needs one to distract from (varied) discontents over his handling of COVID-19 response. Ellen
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    Elsewhere ... What is funny/sad about this is that whoever is manning the Q account on 8kun had to do some cleanup ...
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    Jon, Here. I did a screenshot. Michael
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    Let me mention an example of holding a firm position on something where there is a lot of exponential knowledge exploding, but not having time to keep up with the knowledge: Manmade climate change. My position is not that it exists or doesn't exist. My position is that the government well-paid experts and scientists and propagandists who have tried to sell massive government controls to people have been caught lying over and over. And their predictions keep crapping out. I'm certainly not going to invest a lot of my own time and energy reading materials--even materials for lay people--based on their work. (In fact, I used to look at this stuff, but then I found out the monkey-shines and stopped.) Besides, there are plenty of scientists of good repute who dispute their claims. So I don't trust liars who have conflicts of interest to boot. I don't claim to be an expert on climate science. What little interest I did have in it evaporated when I discovered what a dirty, morally flawed field it is in gathering and presenting evidence. I prefer to give this issue some time and wait until scientists of reasonable integrity appear. The scare tactics of proven liars don't affect me. As to my own beliefs on manmade climate change, I can't appeal to hard science. But I do have a rule of thumb that gives me a strong bias. I admit this is not science so there is a small margin for error. I don't believe much of what liars say. And proven liars are the most vocal ones who constantly claim manmade climate change is a danger. I don't believe them. That's a way to do it as a lay person when there are too many piles of technical data to look at and everybody is yelling for more and more government money and power. You simply look at the moral character of the scientists who do the experiments and measurements and judge them by their actions. At least you will be able to conclude that what they tell to the public is flawed and misleading. Michael
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    It occurred to me many times the whole thing is superfluous and rather silly. Big O, small o, closed, open, Kelly, Peikoff - factions. Institutional Objectivism. What Rand specified, and didn't. By structure and in purpose, O'ism is dedicated to each individual alone. How does knowing Objectivism touch on 'your' life and your practice and purpose of a philosophy to advantage you? There are values and benefits to be had, a-plenty, from knowing and using Objectivism. I for one have not plumbed its potential yet. Not even close, to realization of all the possibilities. "It" will grow from like-minded individuals who will also see that.
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    Okay, you forced my hand. Sex has nothing to do with children or evolution. I've created a lot of fictional characters over the years, many of whom I liked and respected. A few were modeled on people I knew, supporting characters whose personalities were frozen -- well, that's a bit harsh, let's say inflexible, unable to transform. It happens in life to most people. Their formative battles were fought long ago, and it shaped how they think and live. All of them deserve honorable mention to acknowledge their strengths and sorrows. It's important always to treat a character with respect, even the tawdry ones, the bit players and stock figures -- tailors, waiters, uniformed cops, cab drivers. Little glimpses need to be three-dimensional and real. It's never wrong to be honest about where they are in life, how they move, talk, think, hide themselves from others. Characters who transform, undertake challenges and put their future at risk, are "principal players." There is no story without such people. Some of them are heroic men and women, some are dangerous villains. It's possible to see virtue in a villain, no different than a hero with inner conflicts and limitations. I'm speaking mostly of male characters. Women seldom deliberately do wrong, although it's good to see the extreme and exceptional. One of my favorites was a film star -- Ophilia Opfir -- always outrageous, mercurial, a comic figure. Now that I think of it, all of my women were wonderfully complicated. The Good Walk Alone had several female characters, no two alike, vital to the story line. In Mars Shall Thunder, Wendy and Emma Churchill played pivotal supporting roles, far more important than the men. Leading ladies are important to me. Sorry, that's an understatement. The Good Walk Alone is Janet DiMarco's story. Mars Shall Thunder is Laura Oak's story. Chris is nothing until he meets Peachy in A Portrait of Valor. Chris and Peachy are the subject of this essay. For the rest of my remaining days as a writer, I will author stories about them, as they mature in life as a married couple. It's interesting how they emerged in a tutorial of screenwriting on Zoetrope, to explain a method of organizing and creating scenes. Movies usually have 40 scenes. It's not important to start at Scene #1. Scenes can be written out of sequence, if you have a good outline, each scene with a unique dramatic action, no two scenes alike. The method of organizing a movie using Scene Cards is something that I was blessed to get from a profoundly talented mentor a long time ago. It's explained in Screenwriting Form & Structure, and there's a video on Vimeo that shows how Scene Cards are useful in story rewrite, to identify and resolve problems. To demonstrate Scene Card logic, I offered to write a screenplay out of sequence. Members of my private office at Zoetrope could pick a number, any number, from 1 to 40 in a story outline, and I'd write that scene to a budget of pages for that particular scene. Some were simple and quick, others were long dialogue scenes, or tense action, or lonely monologue. No two scenes alike, remember? The result was a completed screenplay called The Case of The Empty Case, and it introduced Chris Cable, private detective, and Mary Blount, Ph.D., a spectacularly stunning babe he orders to scram, go away, while he's dealing with a suitcase bomb parked in front of his office door. He doesn't know her name, calls her Peachy. It wasn't supposed to be a good story. It was a practical demonstration of a movie structure, how to conceive and execute individual scenes. Years later, at a watershed moment in my writing career, I thought of Chris and Peachy again. They deserved a series of novels. I risked everything to do it -- personally, financially, artistically. I don't regret it, although I doubt that Chris and Peachy will be well received by readers. I'm writing purely for myself, something I felt drawn to do after 30 years of storytelling, some of which was work for hire, a polite term for prostitution. It became important to give Chris and Peachy a voice of their own, in honor of their exceptional lives and exceptional challenges. A narrative novel is supremely expressive. Every word matters. I cringe whenever a typo or an ill-chosen word appears in print, self-published. It's humiliating to be self-published; I do it to archive the work. Others can make Kindle or POD successful. I can't. Please don't offer suggestions about marketing, or writing popular material in well-grooved genres. Chris and Peachy matter more than money. Christopher Cable, P.I., is a better man than I am, far more complex, far more courageous. He was an only child born into a military family. His birth took his mother's life. His father was a stern naval officer who became a powerful member of the Deep State, if you know what that is. Chris was raised by colored servants, if you know what that is. He went to Ivy League prep school, a sprig of privilege. He spent summers in New York with show people, his mother's clan of Broadway actors, dancers, musicians. When he was 18 years old, he was accepted in Marine Corps Officer Candidate School to honor his father and follow in his footsteps. Combat changes people, always, and Chris fought with courage that could not erase sorrow and guilt and revulsion. He hated killing. As an officer, his duty was ever-present and clear, ordering men to their death and dismemberment. Rising to the rank of Captain, partly on merit, partly because his father pulled strings, Chris couldn't continue. He resigned, changed his name, and fled to Los Angeles -- a disgraced black sheep who abandoned his duty and his father's iron sphere of influence and expectations. Ex-military is where most of our cops come from, and Chris had friends in L.A., ex-Marines who went into law enforcement, well-paid private surveillance, and medicine. None of those jobs were right for him. Chris couldn't deal with fussy paperwork or take orders, especially an order to do nothing, to drop a case, let the guilty skate because they had political pull. When the story opens in A Portrait of Valor, he's alone, lonely, miserable, age 38, jailed for killing a man, which he regrets but was compelled to do, to save a crowd of laughing drunks and doped-up chicks at a Hollywood nightclub. Terrible karma. The man who hates killing, forced to kill as a licensed private eye, working alone, financially strapped, hardened to life, expecting nothing but trouble. Not handsome, covered in battle scars, Chris cleans up every night and tries to be cheerful, drinks in nice nightclubs and dinner joints, hoping to meet a single woman his own age or thereabouts. He's ignored, night after night, year after year. Enter Peachy. I don't think I want to talk about her, a truly exceptional woman among women, beautiful, brilliant, elder daughter of a billionaire nuclear physicist (a horrible father), turned her back on wealth and made her own way in the world, a Stanford Ph.D. plugged into Silicon Valley. Wonderful couple who saved themselves for each other, wouldn't settle for less than ideal romance, astounding sexual chemistry, risking their lives for each other repeatedly. This is the glory of heroic fiction, to paint the beautiful. What other people write doesn't matter.
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    Here's the gist of of the purported Atlas Shrugged world domination conspiracy. It's worse than you think. And by the way, the next time someone tells you that Ayn Rand is embraced by the radical right, and is the darling of the crypto-fascists and neo-Nazis, show them what those people really think about her. This gem of paranoia has been described, with sort of a scholarly incredulity, in two books by Michael Barkin (Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University), Religion and the Racist Right: Origins of the Christian Identity Movement (rev.ed., 1997, Univ. of North Carolina Press) and more recently, A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America (2003, University of California Press). I should make clear that Professor Barkin is not an adherent to these beliefs, nor is he implying that Ayn Rand was admired by the people that he is describing - quite the contrary, as you will see. It seems that the extreme rightist "Christian Identity" (i.e., neo-Nazi) movement discovered Atlas Shrugged and, not surprisingly, hated it. The anonymous author (who Barkin surmises is probably Kerry Noble) claimed to have discovered something that normally functioning minds had not, and revealed his discovery in a pamphlet with the catchy title, Witchcraft and the Illuminati. Here's just a taste, as summarized by Barkin (1997, p. 193): "Witchcraft and the Illuminati can scarcely contain its excitement about all this secret knowledge.....They know because they possess the key that allows them to unveil the true meaning of the encoded text of Illuminati plans, which turns out to be Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. Much of the rest of the CSA volume purports to be a decoding of the sinister plans allegedly contained in Rand's best seller." There is an addition to this fantasy,: in his later book (2003), Professor Barkin adds (pp. 30-31) that Witchcraft and the Illuminati was "inspired" by another Identity devotee (John Todd, the speaker on some of the bizarre videos posted on YouTube), who had discovered that the movie, Three Days of The Condor, "contained a doubly encoded message.... the book on which (Robert) Redford was working as a CIA analyst early in the film was Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, itself an encoded conspiratorial work....Rand had been commissioned to write the novel by [her lover!] 'Philip [sic] Rothschild,' allegedly the leader of the Illuminati." And "[w]ithin the book is a step-by-step plan to take over the world by taking over the United States." But, nobody believed these fantasies, right? Wrong. Professor Barkin goes on to describe that the "bizarre claims about Rand's novel had a deep influence not only in fundamentalist churches, but in the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord [CSA], a heavily armed commune in the Ozarks affiliated with the anti-Semitic and millenialist Christian Identity movement....Indeed, Noble attributes CSA's program of arming and military training to the fears...The community dissolved shortly after a raid by federal law-enforcement authorities in 1985." As a result of this armed confrontation with the Feds, Kerry Noble spent some time as a "guest" of the federal prison system, during which he had a change of mind, and later wrote an “expose,” Tabernacle of Hate: Why They Bombed Oklahoma City(1998). On the internet, in YouTube, one can still find several videos, crudely done, disorganized, and bordering on incoherence, from some who still hold these views. Simply search on “Witchcraft and the Illuminati,” in Google., and they pop up. And you thought only the Leftists (excepting, of course, the National Review-Buckleyite devotees!) hated Rand?
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    As I said here on the Not Just Another Thread About Phil thread, if you think that the Flame War Rant thread contains me at my most hateful and irrational, then all that I can say is thanks. If that's me at my most hateful and irrational, I must be a pretty sweet and amazingly rational person. Not only did I calmly use reason to demolish Newberry's position on Kant, but I also demolished Stephen Hicks', and I demonstrated that Rand had no idea of what she was talking about when condemning Kant's aesthetics. Is that what upsets you so much about me, Phil? You're enraged that I choose the truth over loyalty to the Objectivist team? It pisses you off that I'm not willing to go along with certain Objectivist guru-wannabes' bumbling misinterpretations of history and distortions of reality in the name of attempting to vindicate Rand? J