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    And Gates. And WHO. And everyone else involved in the scheme. I'm very angry about the deaths from this "dastardly plot." I'm thinking of those who died as war casualties. Ellen
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    The pandemics in 1957 and then again in 1968 killed roughly 100k Americans each, they were influenza viruses , I don't know of any societal wide reactions that match this one. Did we flatten a curve ? Or do curves just do what curves do? It doesn't seem like lockdowns did much other than economic damage. I mean pandemics suck , but yeah they suck. Hurricanes suck too . ? It's starting to really feel like we've been played , no ?
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    Classic Objectivism absolutely opposes anti-trust. What wasn't addressed back then was State charted, created, sponsored corporations. There are 50 States. Where is there the room for public corporations in the ideologic rubric of libertarianism/Objectivism or in Randianism, if you will? Basically corporations are facets of economic fascism written large by today's social media. Hit them with anti-trust as a necessary stopgap. --Brant
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    The single greatest advance in medicine was the germ theory of disease. It's precursor was smallpox vaccination. There is no handling flu with vaccine, just the pretense, but the pretense is a horse to ride into good doing the world. I'd never get a flu shot. The virus mutates too much too quickly. Money is a road to power. These money men, ironically, are being controlled and used by people who live in all ways high on the hogs. They aren't after a virus, but you and me through nation state destruction and globalization. Above all they must all belong to the same fraternity. If Bill Gates were a true hero he'd go after malaria with DDT advocacy. --Brant
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    Oh my... don’t fill me with false hopes like that. A living example to explode so many of the false narratives in identity politics and a sane voice to reject socialism and encourage right thinking (up to a point) ?? That really would be awesome!
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    OK, somebody's got to say it. The Washington Post really likes stores being trashed and looted during riots, right? The Washington Post really likes people being afraid to go to stores right? The Washington Post is owned by Amazon, right? I'll let you put two and two together and see what you come up with. Michael
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    I have been watching Tim Pool's evolution from left to right due to his daily disillusionment with the fake news media. To be more exact, it's from a ruling class left-leaning establishment view (which looked like grass roots to Tim) to a more Trump-like view, even though he says he's not all in with Trump. Tim's problem is that he fact-checks the media against actual facts and against what they said in the recent past. And he keeps seeing the same dishonesty, blatant lies, wrong reporting and propaganda over and over. He proves it--both to himself and to the public. He has now hit a point where he said his heart is broken. Maybe there is a universal truth here. It's the redemption story, the hero's journey version. You must kill off your old self before the new one can emerge. You must let go of being a child before you can become an adult. When such a change is due to disillusionment and not growth, it's like divorcing your values. And what results from a divorce? A broken heart. I feel for Tim, but I certainly admire his integrity. He's going to be OK. He got rid of an abuser in his life and his co-dependency is ending. It hurts like hell, but it's a healthy step. Just like growth toward adulthood is. Michael
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    T, There's another possibility. The riots might be Stage 2 with the coronavirus being Stage 1. And in that case, I wonder what the other stages are going to be until November. Michael
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    From "the particular" (this trade, today's sunrise, this water, etc.etc). to "the general" (all trades, all sunrises, all oceans) IS induction. And it requires cognitive effort to avoid drawing false propositions. You don't conclude that Capitalism is moral, initially: (for the moment let's assume this individual has no idea of "capitalism") - you observed that THIS deal was good and proper and moral - and this one, and the next - and then generalized. You have seen the philosophical definition of induction, do you not accept it? The reason people think that Capitalism "has failed" is from FAULTY induction. They see and hear of a single amoral/immoral aspect in this compromised "mixed economy" and generalize that the whole "Capitalist system" is rotten. Usually evasively. Always a straw man. Socialism only appears good and "sounds better" to those pampered dreamers who have and have implicitly enjoyed the benefits of Capitalism (or a large modicum of it). (The Stolen Concept fallacy, right?) If they were transported to a country to live under the real thing they'd run home in a jiffy.
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    I find it a little ironic that on the one hand I advocate for a system where there would be little to no public property, state media, public utilities of any kind. Where all is privately owned, traded, rented, sold and used in the free market. Yet I almost am tempted to treat the various media service platforms as coming within the public sphere, I almost conflate their private with public good and their private action with government action...but reason brings me back from the brink. My only consolation is the double negative... that since we live in a mixed economy there no doubt is favouritism and cronyism which needs to be reined in by force of regulation.
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    George hadn't a clue. Ellen
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    Ed, Jon is why We can’t have nice things, like..members that talk more than they do. Nice to see you!
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    We've certainly been played as to the deadliness of it. It's a real virus, and extra-hard on particular categories of people. But it's no where near the killer it was projected as being. We've been played - by a "Disease X" scheme that was already planned out for potential use in early 2018. Ellen
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    They need mail-in ballots in order to cheat enough to defeat Trump and keep their necks out of nooses. They need very intense fear to push mail-in through. Mentally prepare now for false flags and terror, (please start expecting that now so you don't lose your shit and become infinitely malleable when it hits.) It is coming, it is [THEM] -- so get angry when it hits, not fearful.
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    Verified is a funny word , nowadays, perhaps always, but definitely nowadays.
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    Might as well do to them now. If they get back in power they'll do it to us regardless. --Brant
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    Cross-posted from Unz.com — I’m not a diehard China skeptic but I do hate totalitarianism. Instead of succumbing to martial law or waiting for a dangerous rushed-to-market vaccine (see Paul Craig Roberts on that), concentrate on curing, or ameliorating the effects of, the disease. Faucci and co-conspirators should be tried for murder for willfully ignoring strong evidence that Zinc (e.g. Zinc Sulfate) + Hydroxychloroquine + Vitamin D + Vitamin C cure the disease. About the first two see this. About the first see this and this. About the third and fourth see this. They also recommend anti-inflammatories.
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    2,000 scumbags shitting their pants as their criminal careers in government catch up to them.
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    President of Tanzania suspects bullshit, sends samples of a damned fruit for coronavirus testing, fires head of lab testing when returned results are positive. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-tanzania/tanzania-suspends-laboratory-head-after-president-questions-coronavirus-tests-idUSKBN22G295
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    Have you seen this, yet? THE DEAD ZONE TV show from 2003 mentions a corona virus from China, a school lockdown, and talks about Hydroxychloroquine being the cure...[edit 5/5/20: NOT hydroxychloroquine, but chloroquine. 2 different drugs, but both being tested for use on coronavirus.]
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    T, I doubt it. I think it's quite plausible she will be the first female President of the USA in a couple of decades or more.. Michael
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    MSNBC is getting help in fake and misleading shit, too. This is what Drudge has turned into (screenshot from just now): Hitler-like propaganda. There. I said it. Hitler. But Godwin's Law doesn't really apply because I doubt Goebbels, as evil and skilled at it as he was, would have ever dreamed of getting away with this level of nonstop crap in his own propaganda. Michael
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    Heh. Elan Journo strikes a blow for truth and defends Bill Gates according to a story in his skull that aligns with a myopic view of Ayn Rand's positions. Well think about this. Bill Gates is one of the major funders of the World Health Organization. He has been the second largest funder for years, right behind the USA, which was first. Now think about the following. The USA, as of today, is no longer a member of the World Health Organization. Why? Because WHO is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party and President Trump got fed up with it. In other words, Bill Gates has been fine with the objectives of the Chinese Communist Party at WHO, so much so, he was a major WHO sponsor for years. Gates is not a stupid man and does not throw well over a billion dollars at something without looking at what he is paying for. So this control of WHO by the Chinese Communist Party could not have escaped his attention. Now notice that Journo supports Gates, yet doesn't see the Chinese Communist Party connection. Vladimir Lenin used to call people like Elan Journo a "useful idiot." Or at least this term is attributed to Lenin. Now consider this. Elan Journo is, in indirect but practical terms, advocating for the Chinese Communist Party in the name of Ayn Rand. I wonder what she would have thought about that. I don't channel Rand, but I imagine "useful idiot" is tame compared to what would have come out of her mouth. Michael
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    Yes, William. Probable factors which this article points to. "Africa is an outlier". The latest figures I have for the continent of AFRICA are: 124,733 infections/ 3,700 deaths. May 13. Three months since original infection/transmission. So pray tell how the "model" WHO has concocted can possibly predict 250, 000,000 infections in Africa? And expect anyone to swallow their Gospel? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwij5I7Xx9fpAhXLSsAKHW33CpYQFjAQegQIChAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theafricareport.com%2F27470%2Fcoronavirus-unpacking-the-theories-behind-africas-low-infection-rate%2F&usg=AOvVaw0YPV9DFhIwT7HuqYGI7gSv .
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    D, Here is a premise you need to check. Mankind has not been free throughout most of history, yet all the things we take for granted, including improvements in health, emerged regardless of whether the government was tyrannical or not. Trying to peg this to tyranny only by saying "X is impossible under tyranny" is leaving out way to much. Tyranny is bad, even evil, but it doesn't have nearly the power to hold back human progress that you are attributing to it. In fact, the human species is one of the most successful species on the planet--just look at population, life extension and mobility for easily observable proof--and this has developed since ancient times mostly under tyrannies. Tyranny can slow down human progress in a specific region, like it often has, but it can also sponsor progress, like it often has. Once again, we are in identify correctly so you can judge correctly territory. As an aside, today we need to stop a globalist tyranny by technocratic elite, but we can't even make a dent without identifying why based on proper identification. In that regard, I think President Trump has a much firmer handle on it--meaning the reality of it--than most people in our subcommunity. Notice that the first thing he cuts in tyrannies is funding. And it works to diminish their power. How many Objectivists or libertarians do you know who think that is the right thing to do as they espouse "free trade"? That's not the only thing, either. Michael
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    Jules, I don't either. I don't think they will be back since they got what they came for. But who knows? For that matter, who cares? However, this little thingie made me wonder if I should put a dress code in the posting guidelines. Michael
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    Tony, You have hit the fundamental issue squarely in the middle. Induction is the true bottom-up process for creating principles since it relies on observation at root. (Rand calls the process of grouping observed instances into a whole "integration.") I have seen many people here in O-Land do nothing but top-down thinking, meaning that they take a principle as a given (as reality) and try to deduce everything from there. For example, a typical error is to start with individual rights, then deduce social structures, justice, etc., from that. Doing it this way allows them to ignore large chunks of human nature--of observable human nature. And once that happens, off they go into the la-la land of utopia and argue your ears off while going nowhere practical. Communists do this, too, starting with a different principle (equality of outcome) and deducing everything from it. Notice that massive bloodshed always happens. That's because fighting is part of human nature (definition-wise, it's part of the "animal "genus in "rational animal"), and ignoring this allows it run unchecked--at least by those who can get away with it--within the systems that get built from principles only. After all, if we ignore or don't correctly identify a critical issue that is out there in reality, how can make rules that work for organizing and taming it? This is why the checks and balances system was so brilliant and works so well for keeping an ongoing government functioning. The Founding Fathers did not try to ignore quest for power as part of human nature. They accepted it as a given and made a system where power exists at the foundation, but was highly restricted by others always trying to get more than their share, which is how human nature has worked, works and will work for the foreseeable future. I know I'm preaching to the choir when I say the following, but this is for readers, especially those who are not clear on how this stuff works. We can deduce a lot from a principle and this is a great shortcut and extension to observation for many things, but reality is primary, not the principle. When the principle does not result in correspondence with reality, the principle needs to change since reality will not. And the only way we can find out what reality is, unfortunately for those who prefer manmade rules as their primary mental foundation , is to observe it. Michael
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    Of course I could have a conversation with Ed! He would never do it, never has, never will. He is on record here telling Michael I am a crazy person who he should ban. Ed knows I would crush him if he remained honestly in a conversation. He is not capable. I am not surprised you like his writing, all of it sucks. No matter how much money Bill Gates and the fundie Christians throw at him.
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    Let’s just agree to disagree, and yes I have if you dig a little deeper over at RoR.
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    Peter, In the interest of being helpful, this is hydroxychloroquine, the medication President Trump is taking. Here is how we take it. This is a vaccine: Here is how they want all of us to take it: Michael
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    T, I know people have already figured out the following, but I think it needs to be said and repeated just like the mainstream fake news repeats shit. Note that China always came out ahead in international trade by lying and cheating mixed with deals that looked orthodox on the surface. Everyone called this a "new form of capitalism" and marveled how China was adapting to free markets. China needs economic dominance to take over the world, seeing that everything communism-wise aims at ruling all of mankind. That's why it lies and cheats. China signed a new trade deal and tried to lie and cheat when the time came to honor it. But this time, it couldn't pull off the shady stuff. Now China is now losing billions of dollars each year compared to former years just to stay in the international trade game. China is not amused at losing money. China hates losing money. China hates losing power over other countries. Suddenly, at the very moment this sinks in for China's rulers, the coronavirus appeared out of China and economies tanked in countries the world over because they shut down to contain the plague. China is still open for business and keeps knocking on doors. Nice coincidence, huh? In China's "new form of capitalism," I guess this is called creative destruction. Michael
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    Just heard governor of NY’s explanation that front line healthcare workers have low(?) infection rates because they wear masks, will a large dose of “duh” to stupid shame the proletariat. Pretty sure a lot of front line types are taking HCQ and zinc. Wait , China is saying the rest of the world needs to stay shut ? Man are they helpful or what, I’ll stay tuned to Chinese state health officials a big bunch of mensch there eh?
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    I wonder if any readers object to President Trump taking an unproven vaccine for malaria to prevent the coronavirus? Several doctors have said it has no proven prevention power, yet I have also read that flu shots taken in the last year DO “lessen the symptoms” of Covid-19. I imagine there are people who also want to get the malaria vaccine but can’t find a doctor to give it to them. As I have mentioned, if you go to a hospital or immediate care place in our area, they require you to stay in your car, communicate by phone or yell from a distance, and get your temperature and symptoms checked before you can enter. And entering must be one person at a time, with no one accompanying you inside. I went to a liquor store late yesterday for “snake bite medicine” and they had the usual door signs you must wear a mask, stay six feet apart, had Plexiglas sheets up, etc., and the shopper ahead of me at checkout was wearing a mask. He asked the clerk who was not wearing a mask and looked haggard, if he was all right and the clerk said he was, just very tired because he had been swamped all day long. No one demanded he wear a mask. I am still periodically checking my forehead for heat but if anything, I feel cool. We had an Instacart grocery delivery left at our back door. Peter Notes. China’s New Outbreak Shows Signs the Virus Could Be Changing Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) -- Chinese doctors are seeing the coronavirus manifest differently among patients in its new cluster of cases in the northeast region compared to the original outbreak in Wuhan, suggesting that the pathogen may be changing in unknown ways and complicating efforts to stamp it out. Patients found in the northern provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang appear to carry the virus for a longer period of time and take longer to test negative, Qiu Haibo, one of China’s top critical care doctors, told state television on Tuesday. Patients in the northeast also appear to be taking longer than the one to two weeks observed in Wuhan to develop symptoms after infection, and this delayed onset is making it harder for authorities to catch cases before they spread, said Qiu, who is now in the northern region treating patients . . . .
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    Here are some quotes from Atlas Shrugged that are relevant today. First, let's hear from Wesley Mouch. He's presenting Directive Number 10-289 for consideration. Does this sound like certain governors these days? Next, let's go bowling. Think about governors and mayors closing down jogging, beaches, and so on. btw - Are bowling alleys open during the coronavirus shut down? I'm pretty sure they are. How about "essential need," exceptions for favoritism, and New York? Granted, it is not winter right now, but imagine if it were. How about the three trillion dollar boondoggle the House just passed? The following excerpt does not just apply to that, it applies to government "pork" in general. I am sure Atlas Shrugged is full of other images that are relevant. But these passages have been floating around in my head ever since the shutdown happened, so I looked them up and here they are. Anybody remember any other passages? Michael
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    Ellen, I didn't mention it earlier, but one of Dr. Judy's claims is that the Big Vaxxers (including Dr. Fauci) have a huge problem. It's called that trail of side-effect oopsies they left all over the world with their vaccine experiments on unwitting humans (especially vaccines made with animal tissues, aborted human embryos, etc.). So they are looking for a way to kill off the evidence--meaning the trail of defective humans they caused--before things really get out of hand. And, of course, I think it's reasonable to presume they don't want to get caught. So the killing would have to take enough time between infection and death to not raise alarm until the infection job was finished. While that is a step too far for me conspiracy-theory-wise, I don't put it past many people among the Big Vaxxers to consider this as a serious proposal. So I do think it is plausible that some preliminary work is being done by some people to set up this possibility. Such genocide would be one of the other purposes of the needle grid patch I can see. If they set it up carefully, they can zap everybody the world over before they know what hit them. All under a different name and purpose on the surface, of course. Something like universal health care for all for free. Or whatever. The governing principle is that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. And the corollary. It is better to ask forgiveness for one big-ass oopsie than a whole lot of little ones produced over decades. These people are evil. Michael
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    A President has never been punished after leaving office, but a fake, fraudulent, illegitimate "president" has never attempted a coup over the incoming legally elected administration. Two very major "first times" are present and I am afraid the past is no guide. The precedent is perfectly agreeable to me: defraud America, twice, then attempt to destroy the Republic, and you hang.
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    Of course, everyone should remember Obama is Hawaiian / Asian because he went to Menteng in Indonesia from1970 to 1971 and Punahou School in Honolulu from 1971 to 1979. And he was a furriner not born in the U.S. Joke. Remember all those stories? I went to Radford H.S. near Pearl Harbor with a lot of military children and I remember Punahou as a private, more posh school. But Radford was great! Peter Notes. State Elementary School Menteng 01 (Indonesian: Sekolah Dasar Negeri (SDN) Menteng 01), also known as SDN Besuki or the Besuki school, is an Indonesian public school in Menteng, Jakarta. History The school was founded in 1934 as Carpentier Alting Stichting Nassau School (CAS)[1] by the Dutch colonial administration and was reserved for Dutch children and children of the Indonesian nobility. The Indonesian government took over administration of the school in 1962, and has since been run by the Raden Saleh Foundation. Notable former students include the children of Bambang Trihatmodjo, son of former president Suharto, as well as the grandchildren of former vice presidents Hamzah Haz and Try Sutrisno. In 1970–71, US President Barack Obama attended the school for one and a half years.[2] Obama's announcement of his candidacy for United States president in January, 2007 drew worldwide media attention to the school, with many media outlets sending reporters there, including The Chicago Tribune,[3][4]NBC,[5] and the BBC.[6]Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press reported: "Those tied to the school say they are proud to have had a student like Obama, and hope that, if he is elected president, his ties to Indonesia will broaden his world perspective and his views on religion."[7] TODAY AT PUNAHOU Virtual Celebration: Holokū and May Day (opens in new window/tab) Join us for our week-long celebration.
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    Obama asked for it. Now #obamagate is exploding all over the Internet. Michael
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    Wednesday, May 6 Race/Topic (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread General Election: Trump vs. Biden Monmouth Biden 50, Trump 41 Biden +9 General Election: Trump vs. Biden Economist/YouGov Biden 46, Trump 42 Biden +4 General Election: Trump vs. Biden CNBC Biden 47, Trump 44 Biden +3 Connecticut: Trump vs. Biden Quinnipiac Biden 56, Trump 33 Biden +23 New Jersey: Trump vs. Biden Quinnipiac Biden 54, Trump 35 Biden +19 New York: Trump vs. Biden Quinnipiac Biden 55, Trump 32 Biden +23
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    Looking forward to seeing said authorities gun you down when you finally snap and go on a rampage. Nutter.
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    https://www.lawfareblog.com/quarantine-and-isolation-authorities-states-affected-covid-19 even in California they cannot take your children from you. They cannnnn put your house on quarantine and NO one can leave the house but they can’t go in and remove your children. They have to assume everyone in the household is infected until proven otherwise. So Jon your hypothetical has no merit and is not worth answering. Dipshit.
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    Brant you are like me, tired of listening to the fear factor. "Take care of yourself" - that's all the advice this coronavirus merited. Some cold hard figures? Say this thing tops out at 400, 000 deaths ww (presently 279K) unless my calculations are out, that's one death per five thousand people ww. (World pop. 8mill.) Then there is the preexisting medical conditions, reportedly the cause of the majority of that 279K. Then there's the human aftermath, the massive psychological and health effects on we the living, of people's morale we are already beginning to see, from loss of freedom, work, income, socializing -- human activity. Then there's the partial destruction of commerce and industries that will cost huge in wealth, energy and time to resuscitate. Then forced political changes. Have you heard of the ominous meme being bandied about: "the New Normal"? (Some places like SA will descend into socialism when the opportunist bastards in power hang onto the police powers they are so enjoying and take more control of the economy. btw, about 190 deaths here, in pop. of about 60 mil) For what? For this men almost brought down civilisation? 1/5000
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    Trying to take a person’s kids to isolate them? They are already isolated in the household. Tooooooo Gestapo for me. Butttt going out to actively hunt down and kill uncivil servants? Glad the border is closed...Happy hunting Jon.
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    Bingo! --Brant
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    Yeah, cut their faces … in half, with a shotgun. Just like Dagny and the guard with his "orders." Can you imagine if authorities had come to her house … to take her and Galt's children? Would she have exchanged any words at all, given any warnings at all? Would Ragnar be right or wrong in intercepting and extinguishing?
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    The mantis is Trump. The hornet the Democrat Party. Visual summary of the next six months.
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    TG, I think I only heard the word chloroquine used in the video. But still, that was impressive for a 2003 TV show. Michael
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    Let me mention an example of holding a firm position on something where there is a lot of exponential knowledge exploding, but not having time to keep up with the knowledge: Manmade climate change. My position is not that it exists or doesn't exist. My position is that the government well-paid experts and scientists and propagandists who have tried to sell massive government controls to people have been caught lying over and over. And their predictions keep crapping out. I'm certainly not going to invest a lot of my own time and energy reading materials--even materials for lay people--based on their work. (In fact, I used to look at this stuff, but then I found out the monkey-shines and stopped.) Besides, there are plenty of scientists of good repute who dispute their claims. So I don't trust liars who have conflicts of interest to boot. I don't claim to be an expert on climate science. What little interest I did have in it evaporated when I discovered what a dirty, morally flawed field it is in gathering and presenting evidence. I prefer to give this issue some time and wait until scientists of reasonable integrity appear. The scare tactics of proven liars don't affect me. As to my own beliefs on manmade climate change, I can't appeal to hard science. But I do have a rule of thumb that gives me a strong bias. I admit this is not science so there is a small margin for error. I don't believe much of what liars say. And proven liars are the most vocal ones who constantly claim manmade climate change is a danger. I don't believe them. That's a way to do it as a lay person when there are too many piles of technical data to look at and everybody is yelling for more and more government money and power. You simply look at the moral character of the scientists who do the experiments and measurements and judge them by their actions. At least you will be able to conclude that what they tell to the public is flawed and misleading. Michael
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    Wolf, It's probably the marketing since your stuff is good. I suggest you study what Robert Bidinotto does re market. He makes it as a self-published author by doing all the right things. For instance, he networks like crazy. He keeps up several web presences and makes efforts to get traffic to them. He constantly offers value before asking for value. He keeps up on industry news and takes advantage of new promotion opportunities. He has a strong notion of who his target audience is and he formats most of his messages to the values and habits of that persona. And so on. He does all this so well, he even manages to hold and preach some rather obnoxious and not well-reasoned prejudices about sundry things and is still quite successful. (To be fair, I agree with about 80% of his positions, which he presents brilliantly.) On his blog he has a page called Helpful Links for Authors. It's quite a helpful list. Stuff like that makes people want to show up. (In some marketing quarters, this is called a traffic magnet.) When you set one up, you make sure information about your own works are easily within reach and Robert does this correctly. In other words, if you ever decide to reverse engineer the market processes of a successful fiction writer from our neck of the woods, he is a good example to look at. Make a list of the things I mentioned above (and other things you find on the Helpful Links for Authors page) and ask yourself as you go along, how is Robert doing this? What is he doing? Am I looking at a weak example of this item or a strong example? What results is he getting from this item? And so on. It's uncomfortable to do this at first, but like all new skills, it gets easier with time as competence grows. Michael
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    Michael, Simple. Curiosity is one early symptom and aspect of "the need to know". That you'll agree, is the most powerful of human drives. Early, because it's a precognitive precondition of one making identifications - What is it? Our senses which are constantly, actively searching our environments, hit upon many potentialities of interest to be curious about, curiosities that ~may~ be followed up and become actualities, new knowledge. But in any given day one will be curious about many random, little to larger things, all of which one can't have time or doesn't need, or loses interest to pursue (to my observation). One's priorities of purpose would determine and choose which to spend effort on. People are often awed by the power their emotions can have, and make the error they are causeless, springing out of nowhere - quite mysteriously. The "need to know" has as much and more power as any emotion, it also may seem causeless, and so it gets conflated with them. I see it now. Frame curiosity as "an emotion" - and by that, all genuine emotions may also be considered "tools of cognition"!