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    “I'm a bit confused, so are you saying that the news about packages targeting the Obamas, Clintons, and others is fake news and a false flag? If so, then why does Trump say the packages exist?” Oh boy. Someone doesn’t even know what a false flag is.
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    Those van stickers were done by a pro. The bombs were unworkable fakes.The election is less than two weeks away. It all stinks to high heaven. Trump supporters don't do this stupid shit. The lefties do. --Brant
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    Re this post, echoing a discussion we had before (I forget where and haven't time to search): The status of bloodline aristocrat is conferred by birth and can't be lost. An aristocrat who's socially ostracized by other aristocrats is still an aristocrat. With the academic enablers of whom I'm speaking, on the other hand, whether or not they feel that they're some sort of superior life form, they have a constant need, and anxiety, to prove to themselves and to others that they hold the right sentiments. Their "club" membership is always in jeopardy. Come the day, however, if it came, the humanities blokes would be expendable, their usefulness past. Good plumbers, electricians, carpenters, car mechanics, etc., would be needed - and persons in hard and applied sciences who actually know something about how to make technology work. But folks whose skill is talk, talk, talk....? Ta, ta. Ellen
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    I think there is a strong enabler complicity among those who sneer at the very idea of real conspiracies being underway - a kind of informal colluding though not precisely conspiring to protect the elites in the shadows, an unacknowledged desire to assist toward the achievement of goals the sneerer approves of but wouldn't admit to favoring. Ellen
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    I think that so many people will have immediately suspected that it was a false flag attempt, it will backfire and produce the opposite of the intended effect if that's what it was. However, suppose it was a false false flag attempt - i.e,, actually done by Trump supporters who wanted it to look like a dumb move by Trump detractors, then it would have been a clever move. (I think the likelihood of someone's having been hurt in any of the incidents was close to zero. We'll see if something further which looks as if it might be a serious attempt is tried.) Ellen
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    Muh, muh Russians! With two years of Muh Russians under their belts, why isn't the left and its lapdog press focused on the possibility that Muh Russians sent the packages? It fits their two-year Narrative™. Muh Russians want to disrupt. They want to taint our elections. J
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    I was holding my breath for what the Left Dems would come up with in the runup, and this too conveniently 'fits' my concerns. Many nasties there have shown they are willing to do whatever it takes. I'll contain myself, not rush ahead of the evidence, and that might never be conclusive. 50-50 probability sounds right, and increasing. A couple of crazies cannot be ruled out, but how would any of this intimidation serve Republicans? Primitive devices, all of which were intercepted? You can hear the constant clamor: "the climate" Donald Trump created - etc. etc. Lapdog BBC is smugly making a pile of moral and political capital out of these incidents. And now a device sent to CNN, our fearless reporters - all too "Hollywood", over-scripted, over-played. Whichever way, this ratchets up tensions, not good.
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    Mick West at Metabunk.org has published a book! It's called "Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect." The early reviews at Amazon.com are brutal. I publish a fair-use excerpt from the introduction to the book published last month at Salon: How to pull a friend out of the conspiracy theory rabbit hole | It’s not a blue pill or a red pill, but a poison pill I've added highlights to parts of the excerpt that might be helpful to OLers struggling with the entailments of conspiracy-ideation --in friends, family, and perhaps in themselves ... as those of us who have read the Rob Brotherton classic understand ... "Its not THEM, it's US" ... no one wing of political or social groups is more vulnerable to the harms of conspiracy ideation than another. "Try to figure out my tricks." What good advice ...
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    Even more hilarious, how about all those dorks who donated money to Stormy Daniels' GoFundMe campaign for legal expenses? This money will now go to President Trump to pay his lawyers. How cool is that? Thanks, dorks... Michael
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    Moar Queue Pleez ...
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    I only watch Lionel sporadically, but his commentary on the bomb-that-is-not-a-bomb publicity stunt is about all that particular prank deserves. (Incidentally, I think I'm going to start watching him a bit because I just noticed that his asides with exaggerated vocal intonation and body language are conveying strong underlying messages. Hmmmm... Something to think about and analyze... Back to point, of course we are only going to know the facts when the facts come out, but I don't even think this affair is a false flag anymore. You need something to go boom for a real false flag. And you certainly don't include meme-level crap on your weapons. As Lionel said, when compared to the Gulf of Tonkin, Reichstag fire, sundry terrorist attacks, etc., hell, even the Boston Tea Party , if this bomb-that-is-not-a-bomb publicity stunt is a true false flag, it will take the prize as the lamest-ass false flag operation in history. To show his contempt for the fake news media, Lionel even mentioned Megyn Kelly getting the boot like I did. Apropos, I'm getting awfully tired of mainstream discussions about things that are not real, but the media keeps saying are: Trump hired hookers to pee on a bed. Muh Russians for two years. Kavanaugh is a serial gang rapist. And on and on and on and on and on... Now this crap... At least with normal conspiracy theories, you go to conspiracy theorists to get them. This mainstream fake shit is everywhere, 24/7. (At least this form of hogging the press over garbage is a good way for the elitists who are pulling some evil nasty strings in the shadows to avoid sunlight. Maybe that's the true reason behind so much garbage these days. Misdirection. And more than usual because the light is slowly being shined on them.) Michael
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    Korben, Jon kinda says it all. Once you make a correct identification, I can argue gotchas with you. Until then, educate thyself. You have a good brain. Get it out of the garage and take it for a spin. I guarantee you'll like the ride. Michael
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    Interesting talk. Especially his comment on cloud formation. The Climate Mafia refuses to weight the influence of cloud formation properly, --precisely-- because they cannot model it. So they claim it does not make that much difference. This is false. Henrik Svensmark, a Danish physicist has show in the laboratory what clouds can do . He has created physical models the simulate the real effect of clouds on the earth. Svensmark has be treated in a rather shabby fashion by the Climate Mafia. Clouds are the Venetian Blinds of the Earth's climate system and cloud formation is driven to a great extend by cosmic radiation which varies according to where we are as we travel around the center of the Milky Way and the Sun's gravitational effect. When the Sun's gravitational effect is strong cosmic rays are held at bay and cloud formation is slowed. Right now we are near a Solar Minimum so the magnetic field from the Sun is relatively weak. So more clouds should form which will have a cooling effect on Earth's climate over an extended interval of time.
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    Thanks Michael. Hope you are well. The Donald sure draws real, not paid for, crowds. Lets hope that translates into votes. -Joe
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    Also, he was anti-smoking and a vegetarian.
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    All levels of government and Law Enforcement are watching carefully for VOTER FRAUD, including during EARLY VOTING. Cheat at your own peril. Violators will be subject to maximum penalties, both civil and criminal! 6:36 PM · Oct 20, 2018
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    Regardless of whether she wins or loses the mayoral election I’m thinking she will move up to provincial or federal politics. The left is shitting their pants over her and don’t know what to do about her.
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    “That Canada continues to supply Saudi Arabia with arms, despite the horrific atrocities being committed in Yemen on a daily basis by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, is puzzling – if not absurd.” https://en.mehrnews.com/news/137726/How-can-we-defend-human-rights-while-selling-arms-to-Saudi-Arabia
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    Canada, the UK, Billyboy, they never had a problem swapping cash for weapons of mass death with the regime. Now that Trump has eliminated “here, Barry, the list of your new cabinet” binTalal, and nurtured new, far less evil leadership, Now they all have ethics and their eyes are wide open. They can all go to hell. No one is impressed.
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    While we are being so precise - we don’t know if he does or does not watch the movie every night. Just that he did not say that he does.
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    Here's another real-life case that is on point Objectivism-wise. I just saw a video Leonard Peikoff made for OCON (see here). He said he watches the movie Whiplash every night before he goes to bed and considers it the greatest movie ever made. That's a lot of watching. (LATER NOTE: William is keeping me honest. Thanks, William... He provided an extract from the video and I was not accurate. Peikoff has the poster of the movie in his bedroom and he looks at the poster every night before going to bed. Not watches the entire movie. Oh well, that's the way my memory works sometimes.) So what gives? So let's see... what's Whiplash about? Oh yeah... a kid who's a jazz drummer, driven and highly gifted, and a brilliant but sharp-tongued abusive mentor who keeps rejecting him. After a lot of humiliation and ups and downs (including the mentor favoring a rival of the kid who the kid thinks is inferior to him, and a story where the mentor's nonstop drill-sergeant-like persecution led to the suicide of a student in the past), the kid ends up on the outs with the mentor. But he and the mentor later cross and decide to work things out. The mentor sabotages him one last time, but he, through sheer competence at drumming, triumphs and wins the mentor's approval in the end. Hmmmmm... what would that remind me of if I were Peikoff?... I wonder if the screenwriter was inspired by... Nah... Never mind... Michael
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    I have no idea who started the notion that global warming is a hoax. Tyndall showed that CO2 retards the out-radiation in the IR bands back in 1880. So we get a blanket effect. CO2 does not generate heat, it slows down the rate at which heat is radiated back into space a bit. Without CO2 in the atmosphere not only would plants not grow or exist but the equilibrium temperature at the Earth's surface would be -15 deg C. In short Earth would be frozen and lifeless on land and the only place where life could exist is in the deep oceans next to the geothermal vents.
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    Brant, The problem is actually both. Nothing exists in a vacuum, especially not public discourse. There is a Jewish myth out there of covert Zionist bankers trying to swallow up the world, yada yada yada. This myth has resulted in attempted genocide, for God's sake. Don't people ever learn? The recent discussions on OL feed into that myth and promote it in between the lines. This leads straight to bigotry just as surely as "breaking eggs to make omelettes" thinking leads to a secret police state. Oh, they say yawp yawp yawp yawp yawp, that they were not really doing that, but they know what they are doing. This is garbage and I put it where it belongs. There is a law of nature (specifically a law of consciousness) that says the more public attention you give to a topic, the stronger it gets in public. I shut off the threads because of this. I don't intend to let antisemitism take root on OL. And I shut it off because those committed to the bigoted positions they promote are merely going to repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat and try to get their spiteful memes into people's brains by drip-feed. OL is not a percolator. Preaching and covert propaganda are not the purposes of OL. Especially not to promote bigotry, for the love of Pete! This is a site devoted to reason and independent thinking. Where's the independence and where's the thinking in scapegoating Jews all over again? Or the opposite and promoting Jewish superiority to the rest of mankind? Or promoting anti-Muslim bigotry? If there were some actual intelligence going on here, I would not shut it down. But this is pure evil and one of those cases Rand never tired of mentioning where a compromise with it damages the good and strengthens the evil. And note that the evil decries and insinuates lack of fairness. If they want fairness, let them take their spite to other places where they can get it. The web only has 2 billion users or so and so many places to write for free it's not funny. But they don't really want fariness. They want to infect and poison the places where they think they can get away with it until they destroy objectivity and install pure hated in its place. And don't think this has only been antisemitism. I have one anti-Islamic kook under moderation here on OL who always shows up just to promote his brand of bigotry. I just got so tired of his yawp, I stopped letting most of that garbage through. There is no value--at least no value for me--to be gained by providing a platform and audience for these clowns. I no longer believe in their objectivity. Do you, Brant, want to discuss something about Jews? OK. That's cool. You are not a bigot and you are open to reason. I know this from your way of speaking and from interacting with you over years. Just because these clowns speak English, that does not put them in the same category with you. Do they want to pigeonhole Jews? Or Muslims? Well, I pigeonhole them. They are bigots. And they complain they don't like being pigeonholed like that. Heh. Talk about a friggin' double standard. OL takes a lot of work to ensure it is a place where people can work through ideas without intimidation--bigoted or otherwise. I intend to keep it that way. btw - That is precisely where bigotry always leads--intimidation and peer pressure, with the bigots calling it "reason" (as their bullying grows) and the intelligent people making a mass exodus from the surroundings. If you want an easy example in our neck of the woods, look at Solo Passion. Michael
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    The Dark Side of the New World Order conspiracy is a concoction from France and Russia, to wit, -The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion- which is a plagiarism of a French work done in 1864. In any case this has produced one of the most vicious and persistent memes ever. Whever your picnic is spoiled by ants or rainstorm, blame the Jews. Whenever the economy goes South, blame the Jews. etc. etc. etc. -The Protocols- translated into Arabic is one of the best sellers in the Islamic world. This feeds into their Nasty Meme, the War of Islam on the Dar al Harb. And so it goes. Ba'al Chatzaf