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    Greetings all, This will be my first and only post on OL. Ted lead a compartmentalized and complicated life. My being here has crossed a circle that he kept private. At one extreme, he was a loving Uncle, excited to share all the joys of life with his nephews and niece. At the other, he could be bitter and angry, throwing darts at targets that may not have been the intended recipients, but were instead opportunistic proxies for an unknown true target. He suffered with demons that I hope have lost their grip now that his spirit has departed this plane. I will not dwell on the sorrow of it all. Rather, in true "Ted" fashion, I will share that which made Ted happy. Simply put, Ted loved books. He read more than anyone I know and if the local library were a for-profit business, they'd have lost money on him. His interests spanned everything from proto-indo-European trees to Heinlein, Thomas Aquinas, and Uralic languages. Just prior to his passing he was learning American Sign Language. He shared his love of books with my children, his nephews and niece. Upon his passing, the kids donated money to the library and asked that they purchase books on snakes, rocks, mythology, languages, science fiction, Doctor Who, and Ayn Rand. Ted loved the woods and found great joy in collecting remnants of deer and other creatures and teaching the kids to bleach the bones. I now have a collection that looks like something out of a natural history museum. Ted loved rocks (especially geodes) pecan pie, old movies, and building couch forts. He had a vast and encyclopedic collection of music. He loved a good joke, like the time he would hold telemarketers on the line and tell them off in Russian. He loved his own past, learning about his Carpatho-Rusyn heritage. Ted enjoyed unconventional horticulture, nursing poinsettias between seasons and propagating opuntia from the dunes of NJ (I now have some in my garden). He loved to argue. He loved Legos. Ted loved the Szechuan Garlic Chicken at our favorite Chinese Restaurant and following it up with a Hacker-Pschorr. May this parting bit hopefully bring a smile...He was buried with a copy of Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology minus a few pages from which the kids crafted origami boats and sent off some honorary ashes downstream where he often wandered. - With Love, Ted's Sister.
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    Oh, I am staggered! It is a genius plot and This Story Must Be Told. And finally the world will see sex scenes that reflect Real Life and Right Values and Canadian Respectability, I can't wait! I must commune with my muse now -- the first lines of dialogue are coming to me -- oh, oh, ohhh!
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    Here's an elegant response (video is in her tweet, so I cut it from the quote). With love from this lady: Michael
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    Bill is a kind and thoughtful soul. Annnnd he is freeking smart!
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    "They think his tactic is his strategy". Good one, Michael. "They" can only see a lesser, intermediate 'sacrifice' (towards ultimate gain) to be the greater - or only one that matters. Short-term thinking? "Concrete bound"? (Altruists, accustomed to sacrifice?)
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    Jon, William isn't a narcissist. Carol isn't a narcissist. I'm not a narcissist. Good news is that you're not a narcissist. Bad news is that Trump (likely) is a narcissist. Sad!
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    Here is Mick West of Metabunk going through texts on cloud studies. If you don't say a shibboleth, rub your rabbit foot, and subtly angle your head away from the light (propane), then you might open your mind to the Null Hypothesis ... This speaks to 'persistence' ... and may serve to augment Jon Letendre's grasp of what he is up against. Knowing what the (shills? Cabal? Queer-Anon? Satanic Ritual Abusers?) bad guy is cooking up might act as an immunization against Them in Their larger project.
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    Right. And I’m stupid, stupid, stupid for believing my own observations and mind, instead of...Snopes! It’s comical, really. ”But, those elements are in fireworks, too, so, so, so it must all be stupid 🤪”
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    Michael, I agree with you, and I should have thought how young these new smart minds are, how vulnerable. Thank you for thinking wider than I did.
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    He has lots of time to wreck it forever! He'll get around to it , don't be so impatient. There is probably an executive order he is working on already to get them to shape up.
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    You can come to my sauna anytime , any day , just bring Dagny ! You’re not poor , you’re wealthy of incredible knowledge and great insight . You can’t call an election , nor admit that Trump is John Galt but you and I are sauna buddies and real Canadians , through and through !
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    Someone is writing restaurant reviews on Executive Time.
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    1 more quote for you - this from Gratien Gelinas, Quebecois poet etc. "Ecrire c'est encore esperer". (New laptop has no French accents either. I blame the Fords.) Et mille mercis encore
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    How would the left, its media, and average citizens who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome react to the following: Trump signs an executive order establishing a massive welcoming compound at a specific border site, with free showers, nutritious meals, laundry services, and all sorts of donated clothing and such. Oppressed people of central and South America are invited and encouraged to come to this facility en route to Canada. Once the travelers have had an opportunity to freshen up and replenish their energies, they will board comfortable buses headed for another compound right next to the Canadian border. Instead of building Trump's wall, he decides to take the left's slogan to heart, and build bridges (and a high-capacity highway from the southern compound to the northern). Travelers are delivered to the Canadian border, and assisted in crossing. During their bus ride, they were taught how to take advantage of Canada's system. In the event that Canada cold-heartedly resists or prevents border crossings, U.S. agents will assist them in sneaking across. How would Canada react? What would their frantic lefties, and ours, say? J
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    Is the moon thee? Sounds like Shakespear. Oh my darling, your face is so shiny. Are thee the moon?
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    I came across an interesting couple of videos by Alex Epstein (via an organization called STRIVE) ... tied into Objectivist philosophy, and with his own unique perspectives (on 'energy' among other subjects). This one is all about 'intellectual persuasion' and lays out step-by-step instructions. "Alex Epstein is the author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and founder of The Center for Industrial Progress. At OCON 2017, he gave a talk for STRIVE sharing the biggest lesson he's learned about how to persuade people of controversial - but true - ideas." See also Epstein's "How to Leverage Objectivism to Become a Leader in Your Field."
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    This one will be interesting to watch unfold. It's all optics. No one had any problem whatsoever when the previous administration was keeping kids in cages, and no one is proposing any solutions, including Mrs. Bush. What should happen? What should the law be, and what policies would be "moral" by Mrs. Bush's beliefs? When parents commit crimes, should their children be incarcerated with them? Is that what she wants? Should the children be set free and left to fend for themselves on the streets? Does Mrs. Bush prefer that? Should parents be absolved of all crimes so as not to disrupt the lives of their children? Should immigration laws be selectively ignored when former First Ladies and the malleable masses start expressing feelings? Should we also apply these ideas of laws and feelings to all other issues, or only to those that have become the Narrative™ and the latest fashion in outrage? J
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    Oh Criminy! I must vote for this passage as best laugh of the week.
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    Ah, William, you bring back so many memories: wound debridement and amputation. How do you know more than I remember? 45 years does that to me. All those battlefield Civil War casualties who pulled up their shirts to see if they had been gut shot--to see if they were going to die of an untreatable, unstoppable infection, praying for a leg wound, a bottle of whiskey and the surgeon's saw. --Brant
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    No, they don't live for the sake of Rand. There's a problem which Allan Blumenthal dubbed "living for self-esteem" and which I independently dubbed at close to the same time "living up [to a moral ideal]" which is a frequent problem amongst earnest, morally focused Objectivists. Allan briefly describes this in remarks Barbara quotes in Passion: But this isn't what's going on with those who use Objectivism as an excuse for indulging behavior which they sanction in their own eyes using Objectivist rhetoric. Instead of "living for Ayn Rand," they're hiding behind Ayn Rand; they're morally exploiting the mask of Ayn Rand. Ellen ___