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  2. Let me know when you are done burying the meaty posts on this thread, Peter, so I can repost all of it.
  3. I was viewing this thread? When was I scared? You need to sober-up.
  4. You sound biased. "Richard" First name basis? You like Richard? How do you know Richard?
  5. You were viewing "What's Up With." Damn. You got scared.
  6. Jon, tks, tsk. You are a naughty child. Might be? You said, "Might Be?" So you don't know. But you are just fine saying things without any proof. How do you know Richard Branson? How do you Richard knew NXIVM? People lie all the time, and they can EVEN lie under oath or they can fool a lie detector. You lack credibility.
  7. What was I viewing? This beta male method of trying to take me down is embarrassing you, Shit-for-Brains. Just say what I was viewing and what you think it means.
  8. Well, gee, no Peter, that would not make you a communist. But if you attend NXIVM parties featuring snuff films and also host NXIVM parties on your private island, then you might be ... blackmailed by them, or a customer of theirs, or member, or the real leader, even. Do try to sober up and pull your head out of your ass, you are going way too fast for your knowledge and ability.
  9. Very interesting. If you hover over someone's name it will tell you what they are viewing. I have blocked Jon but decided to engage him again. I can still read his "theories" by signing out and looking at content or activity. Jon was looking at . . . go see yourself.
  10. Aha! From the site, Necker Island: Necker Island is a 30-hectare island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. The island's land is entirely owned by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group, and is part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio of luxury properties. The whole island operates as a resort and can accommodate up to 34 guests, with additional room for , , , , So, if you own a resort and Che shows up, you are a communist?
  11. From a million sources, Shit-for-Brains. Go see if you find it. Answer my question, how many coups?
  12. No, we couldn't. Not even close. "Flatten the country" "kill most of their people", with conventional weapons? Wrong, dumbass. They just took down one of our most advanced drones that flies higher than any before and that no one has been able to take down before. But you imagine we can fly bombers anywhere we want, dropping bombs unmolested for weeks.
  13. And you know this from what source? Come on Jon. You are thinking things and those things become truths to you, and then you present them as obvious and call anyone who wants proof of your assertions an idiot or worse.
  14. Another thing I wonder about is Branson's Island. I may look into that to see if it also a hotel or some sort of resort where anyone can pay to go there.
  15. You think it far-fetched because you are a naive, mass media-brainwashed idiot. Do you know how many coups the CIA performed, in the Americas alone? Go find the answer and then run the plausibility of undeclared activities in Iran through your feeble brain again.
  16. Jon. You come up with a lot of good stuff, but your name calling and reporting of fringe beliefs is unacceptable to decent people. Proof. Reason. Honesty. Civility. Objectivity. Work on those qualities, oh fan of Rand. I remember reading the book by Hollywood legend, Errol Flynn called "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" and he said quite a few outrageous things and revealed a lot of Hollywood secrets, and named names. The book is still available, and he was not sued. I believe the stories in the book were true. But you? I would hesitate to quote you, for speaking the truth as you know it.
  17. Keith Ranier / NXIVM guilty on all charges came down just yesterday. The revelation that the item below went down at the trial came out just today. Your proof is coming, Shit-for-Brains, but give them time. "Branson arrested" will come first. Then "court date set." Then, "guilty on all charges." Be patient.
  18. The "dude"? No, Sanger is the co-founder of Wiki, Shit-for-Brains. And, the criminal element within the FBI was only recently cleaned out, so be patient.
  19. CIA black op sites in Iran? Did Natural News tell you that or did "the voices" inform you?
  20. When conspiracy theories surface I read them and listen but I withhold judgement. Show me the proof.
  21. I went to the Fox link about NX. The dude left wiki in 2002. This is from that article. Larry Sanger, who left Wikipedia in 2002, said Wikimedia Commons (the parent company of Wiki products including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikinews and Wikiquote) is rife with renderings of children performing sexual acts. Sanger sent a letter to the FBI earlier this month outlining his concerns and identifying two specific Wikimedia Commons categories he believes violate federal obscenity law. The first category, entitled “Pedophilia,” contains 25-30 explicit and detailed drawings of children performing sexual acts. The category was created three years ago. Wiki’s response: “The Wikimedia Foundation obeys the law. In the weeks since Sanger’s published allegations, the Wikimedia Foundation has not been contacted by the FBI or any other law-enforcement agency with regard to allegedly illegal content on any Wikimedia projects. Our community of volunteer editors takes action to remove illegal material when such material is brought to its attention. The Wikimedia Foundation is proud of the Wikimedia editors who zealously work to keep the projects free of illegal material. If and when we are informed by law enforcement agencies of illegal content that has not already been removed through self-policing, we will take quick action to delete it.” Sanger contacted the FBI> So, where is the FBI? Why haven’t they swooped in and rounded the criminals up?
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  23. Does anyone know of any new legal charges being brought to bear? When I searched for NX I saw Goldie Hawn of all people had pulled out of a speech she was to give there, after an article about the group appeared. I tried to search for people who had been to parties at NX and went to a NY Post story and my computer when thud and I had to reboot. The UK’s Daily Mail has a story that two “wild parties” were held on Branson’s island. However, A Virgin Management spokesman said that 'there is absolutely no association between Sir Richard and the Nxivm group or its leader.' Branson reportedly denies even knowing the group or any supposed activities on his Necker Island. Most of the news sources that pop of with these stories appear to be fringe, fake journalism. Wikipedia is not hiding facts about this group as far as I can tell. I still do not see a tie in between NXIVM and Jimbo, or Branson. Is it possible as with the Goldie Hawn case, people are duped into attending something also attended by NX members? Or they do not know who these NX people are, at all? Why are major reputable news sources NOT running with this story? there are a few names mentioned below. Peter From WIKIPEDIA: NXIVM (/ˈnɛksiəm/ NEKS-ee-əm) is an American multi-level marketing company[2] based near Albany, New York, that offered personal and professional development seminars through its "Executive Success Programs". The company has been described as a cult and a pyramid scheme, and has also been alleged to be a recruiting platform for a secret society (variously called "DOS" or "The Vow") in which women were branded and forced into sexual slavery. In early 2018, NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and his associate, actress Allison Mack, were arrested and indicted on federal charges related to DOS, including sex trafficking.[3] Others associated with NXIVM were also charged with federal crimes. As of April 2018, five people associated with NXIVM—Mack, NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman, and bookkeeper Kathy Russell—had pleaded guilty to various charges.[4][5] Raniere's federal trial began on May 7, 2019. On June 19, 2019, he was convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering.[6][7] Notable members[edit] NXIVM was founded by Keith Raniere (born August 26, 1960).[89] In March 2018, Raniere was arrested and indicted on a variety of charges related to DOS (a "secret sisterhood" within NXIVM), including sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.[3][53] His trial began on May 7, 2019.[90] In 1998, Keith Raniere met Nancy Salzman, a nurse and trained practitioner of hypnotism and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The two founded "Executive Success Programs", a personal development company[8] offering a range of techniques aimed at self-improvement.[9][10][11] Barbara Bouchey was a client of Nancy Salzman, having been referred to her in 1988. Beginning in 2000, Bouchey dated Raniere. In 2009, Bouchey and eight other women ("The NXIVM Nine") confronted Raniere with concerns about abuse within the organization. That year, Bouchey left the group and later went to law enforcement.[91] In 1991, Raniere was pitching his business "Consumer's Buyline" when he met Toni Natalie.[92] Natalie and her then-husband became top sellers for the organization. [92] Natalie recalled that she was able to stop smoking after a two-hour session with Raniere.[92] Within a year, Natalie and her son had moved to be near Raniere; her marriage ended shortly thereafter. Natalie and Raniere dated for the next eight years.[92] In the mid-90s, Raniere and Natalie operated a health-products store.[93] In 1999, Raniere's eight-year relationship with Natalie ended. Natalie would subsequently claim to have been the victim of harassment.[94] In a January 2003 ruling, federal judge Robert Littlefield implied Raniere was using a legal suit to harass Natalie. Wrote Littlefield: "This matter smacks of a jilted fellow's attempt at revenge or retaliation against his former girlfriend, with many attempts at tripping her up along the way"[95][92] In 2011, Natalie filed documents in federal court alleging that she had been repeatedly raped by Raniere.[92]Sara Bronfman is the daughter of billionaire Seagrams chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr who was introduced to NXIVM by a family friend in 2002.[88] She in turn introduced her sister, Clare Bronfman to NXIVM. Clare Bronfman was arrested by federal agents on July 24, 2018 in New York City and charged with money laundering and identity theft in connection with NXIVM activities. She pleaded not guilty in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn. She was released on $100 million bond and placed on house arrest with electronic monitoring. [96] On April 19, 2019, Bronfman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification. She faces 21 to 27 months in prison and has agreed to forfeit $6 million.[97]Allison Mack is an American actress known for her role on the series Smallville. In 2010, Mack was reported to have been recruited to the Vancouver chapter of the multi-level marketing organization NXIVM, along with her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk.[98] Mack was arrested in Brooklyn by the FBI on April 20, 2018, on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy in relation to her role in the NXIVM organization. Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering charges in April 2019, and is currently awaiting sentencing in September 2019. Sarah Edmondson is a Canadian actress. After leaving NXIVM in early 2017, she publicly denounced the organization, claiming that she was invited into "DOS," a substructure within NXIVM operated by Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, and was branded with Raniere's and Mack's initials at Mack's Albany home.[99][100][101] Edmondson showed the brand in a New York Times expose of NXIVM.[99]India Oxenberg, daughter of actress Catherine Oxenberg, was introduced to the group in 2011. [102] At Raniere's trial, a witness testified that India had spent a year on a 500-calorie-per-day diet.[103] In May 2017, India admitted to her mother that she was among those who had been branded.[104] India left the group in June 2018, after Raniere's arrest.[105] In August 2018, Catherine Oxenberg's book Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult was published.[106]Mark Vicente, a filmmaker known for the 2004 film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, began involvement with the group in 2005. Vicente testified against Raniere at his 2019 trial.[107]
  24. JUST IN: A Federal Appeals Court has ruled today that President Trump can defund Planned Parenthood, will cut just shy of $60 million in taxpayer funding 12:58 PM · Jun 20, 2019 2398 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.387 Nov 3 2018 14:09:12 (EST) [D] Party Con: When you can't raise money 'organically' through party (individual) donations (voter base) YOU STEAL IT from the American taxpayer and give it back to yourself in the form of campaign contributions. [Example 1] Planned Parenthood $1.5 billion provided in taxpayer funding over 3-year period. [Case 1] PP spent $30 million [disclosed - real estimates close to $65 million] in taxpayer subsidies to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections. [Conclusion] Should it be legal for a taxpayer [D+R+I] funded organization to donate massive amounts of money to the D party in an effort to sway an election? D_insider_term: T_WASH Re_read drops re: Soros & taxpayer funding YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Q
  25. Trump will strike and strike hard. At rogue CIA/Globalist black sites within Iran.
  26. Decent people don’t attend NXIVM parties featuring snuff films, Shit-for-Brains.
  27. “Reputable sources”? Did you read the article? Did you notice it is sourced and cited in fair detail, utilizing multiple, reputable sources? See no evil, hear no evil?
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