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  2. What do our northern neighbors think of The New Baby, and they were supposedly kicked out of the house? And we wonder why we don’t let today’s kids watch those, politically incorrect, old movies, or look at a Virginia Governor’s old yearbook either. Gruesome lyrics to “Animal Crackers in my Soup,” as sung by Shirley Temple, unchanged by me. Animal crackers in my soup Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop Gosh oh gee but I have fun Swallowing animals one by one. In every bowl of soup I see Lions and Tigers watching me I make 'em jump right through a hoop Those animal crackers in my soup. When I get hold of the big bad wolf I just push him under to drown Then I bite him in a million bits And I gobble him right down. When they’re inside me where it's dark I walk around like Noah’s Arc I stuff my tummy like a goop With animal crackers in my soup. Animal crackers in my soup Do funny things to me They make me think my neighborhood Is a big menagerie For instance there's our Janitor His name is Mr. Klein And when he Hollers at us kids He reminds me of a Lion. And now, here is an even more un-PC variation with a different intro, and with more punctuation, from the video of Shirley Temple singing. Odd. Once Mother said "My little pet You ought to learn your alphabet!" So in my soup I used to get All the letters of the alphabet I learned them all from A to Z And now my Mother's giving me Animal crackers in my soup Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop Gosh, oh gee! but I have fun Swallowing animals one by one In every bowl of soup I see Lions and tigers watching me I make 'em jump right through a hoop Those animal crackers in my soup When I get hold of the big bad wolf I just push him under to drown Then I bite him in a million bits And I gobble him right down! When they're inside me where it's dark I walk around like Noah's Ark I stuff my tummy like a goop With animal crackers in my soup! Animal crackers in my soup Do funny things to me They make me think my neighborhood Is a big menagerie For instance, there's our Janitor His name is Mr. Klein And when he hollers at us kids He reminds me of a lion The grocer is so big and fat He has a big mustache He looks just like a walrus Just before he takes a splash! Songwriters: IRVING CAESAR,RAY HENDERSON,TED KOEHLER © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. For non-commercial use only. Data From: LyricFind
  3. I like it. Gridlock I mean. Two trillion bucks they can't spend? Amen, El Presidente!
  4. PM May’s spy chief resigns over a certain matter ...
  5. I never saw this thread. Spoiler alert! Cue the theme to “Game of Thrones”: Da da da da. Da da da da. Da da da da, Da da da da, dee dum. Da da da da. Da da da da. Da da da da, Da da da da, dee dum. Aaaah aaah ah aaah . . . . Jimmy Fallon did a take off with a band member about how many characters had been killed off. It was funny for the first couple of minutes but it went on and on. Will there be a sequel? A prequel? Will Khaleesi be reborn, hatched from the egg of a dragon? I read that the author had written two new books or stories or some such.
  6. Two trillion dollars on the line and Pelosi shoots off her mouth right before the meeting. I know she did it on purpose for show in order to control the division in her party , but she couldn't speak at the presser afterwards without stuttering all over the place. After all, two trillion is two trillion. Her money people must be overjoyed it went down the tubes for God knows how long. Michael
  7. From CNBC: ‘I don’t do cover-ups’: Trump lashes out at Democrats after canceling White House infrastructure sit-down by Dan Mangan. President Trump holds a surprise press conference, blasting Democratic investigations following the Mueller probe, saying: “This whole thing was a take-down attempt.” He makes his comments after walking out of a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Says Schumer: “To watch what happened in the White House will make your jaw drop.” Pelosi says: “I pray for the president of the United States, and I pray for the United States.” end quote Hey Beevis? Pelosi is famous for getting down on her knees . . . to pray. I remember her coming out of meetings from congressmen’s’ offices trying to pass Obama Care, and her hair was messed up . . . several times. I don’t get it Butthead. Why was her hair mussed up from praying? Is she a holy roller?
  8. From "Time" online today: Although Pelosi has urged Democrats to stay away from impeachment talk for now, she did tell them that that Trump’s all-out fight against congressional oversight and other actions seemed to her to amount to a cover-up. end quote Any new thoughts about Limbaugh alleging The Dossier was paid for by the Dems and specifically by Old Hickory Clinton . . . and every Democrat and some deep state Republicans involved knew that The Dossier was a pack of lies from the beginning but still went forward with it, just to harm the President? And does anyone have any new legal theories about the Dem’s talking about impeachment again? In other words, if a person knows a document is a pack of lies is it impeachable to scuttle it? I don’t think so. You are scuttling a lie . . . not the truth. It’s akin to listening to a liar, throwing up your hands and then shouting, “Oh shut up!”
  9. Yeah, their poster boy is a thief. He steals money from his own clients. Do what thou wilt. ”Former Porn Star Lawyer Michael Avenatti accused of misappropriating money that was supposed to be paid to Stormy Daniels, Federal prosecutors expected to file additional charges, making matters worse for the anti-Trump lawyer. 10:37 AM · May 22, 2019”
  10. Sometimes I wonder about the universe. As soon as I made that post, I went to Twitter and immediately saw this: Dayaamm! Michael
  11. Jon, Because you don't win culture wars with bans. I'm playing the long game. You seem to prefer short term gratification. I won't be doing any podcasts with any leftie authoritarians, though. They went for the short term gratification and bans (social media and elsewhere). Now they're losing the culture war big time as they sell out to crony corporations just to stay relevant and they are too hate-filled to see it. Once their idiocy stops making money and/or power for the elitist establishment, they will go the way of Avenatti. Slower than him, granted, but the path is the same. Michael
  12. There is a legal marijuana farm in existence here in Maryland, "up the road a piece," which is another way of saying "up the HIGH way." It has barbed wire around it. Are they dispensing the stuff through regular pharmacies yet? If it really is medicinal that seems the right way to do it.
  13. And according to the TV show "Mash"'s theme song, "Suicide Is Painless."
  14. Michael suggested, “. . . let's look at what the country would look like without the electoral college:” I just thought of a mean name for a state that votes for the candidate closest to a communist: Cockroachia. That map is inventive. I wonder if our sister countries of Canada and Mexico would have voted for Trump or Old Hickory Clinton if they were running in those countries in 2016?
  15. And your inclination is to bring the fascist here and hand him a microphone. Michael, why is this vicious, destructive little prick still able to post at OL?
  16. Is that Marilyn Monroe quoting President Kennedy after he made love to her and she asked for some Kleenex? Oy vey!
  17. I can’t remember if we talked about this before, so here goes. I certainly think Heart’s “Dreamboat Annie,” “Magic Man,” “Barracuda,” “Crazy On You,” and “What About Love,” are solid gold. But what is the saddest video of all time? Heart’s “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You.” I won’t say why. No spoilers. I never picked up on the theme from the radio. Watch the video.
  18. On Monday I earned the privilege of continuing to operate my car after proving it pollutes no worse today than it did when it was manufactured. Check out the fasces, triangle and all seeing eye of Lucis, just so no one forgets who is in charge. In Denver, the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple is located directly next door to the state capital building.
  19. Well, no, I wouldn't go that far. I worked tobacco farms as a kid/teenager. Always someone else's farm. Of course, my family always had a garden, or else we ate poorly. The agriculture I was referring to in the post (and the experience on which I was drawing originally in this thread) was from working in STEM for a global agriculture corporation.
  20. May is in crisis. Wont be long, now. Chill the champagne. And add that Jacinda thug from NZ to the list.
  21. My beloved Colorado is still firmly in the hands of the globalist gang. Swamp rat scumbag Governor, swamp rat scumbag mayor of Denver (for about ten more days.) We even recently joined the Disenfranchise Yourself Movement whereby we will award our Electoral College votes to the candidate who gets the most votes nationwide, instead of the candidate who actually wins Colorado. They are traitors.
  22. There’s always a lot of insults and name-calling going on in politics. President Trump is good at it—he is able to crystallize his opponents with memes and labels that stick. Hillary was called ‘Crooked Hillary’ and it summed her up nicely. Trump calls Biden ‘Sleepy Joe,’ which to me seems to be an upgrade over his other moniker—“Creepy Joe.” Hillary made a big mistake when she smeared Trump supporters as ‘deplorables.’ This did not help her win over anyone right of center. Joe Biden, not to be outdone by Hillary, downgraded Trump supporters to ’the dregs of society.’ HELP LAUNCH WEAPONIZED MAGA CARTOONS- GET READY FOR 2020 BY SUPPORTING BEN GARRISON CARTOONS- DONATE NOW These are all mild insults compared to the smears that gush from the mouths and pens of the Left. They routinely call Trump and his supporters ‘racists,’ ‘white nationalists,’ ‘bigots,’ the ‘KKK,’ and ‘Nazis.’ This kind of invective only underlines a fact: The radical socialist Left has no argument. After all, socialism goes against reason, logic, human nature, and nature itself. History has proven its failure time and time again. There’s a reason the left uses words such has ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’ without any evidence whatsoever. Those words are meant to dehumanize opponents. Once people are stripped of humanity, they become ‘monsters’ and it then becomes acceptable to use violence against them. The Catholic Church once used this tactic to torture and murder Protestants. They simply labeled them has ‘heretics,’ which made them synonymous with demons. Eradicating demons is a good thing. GRRRGRAPHICS IS NOW ON SUBSCRIBESTAR, A FREE SPEECH SUPPORTING ALTERNATIVE TO PATREON, SUPPORT US THERE! CLICK TO JOIN Being against socialism, globalism, and open borders are positions now seen as ‘racist’ by many on the left. Trump supporters are the new heretics. It’s why we see vicious attacks against people wearing MAGA hats. It’s why we see bike locks used to crack skulls during protests. It’s why we now see milkshakes being thrown. Tossing them at people you disagree with has become the new trend among the left. While not dangerously violent, getting hit by one is definitely messy and humiliating. Burger King even indirectly virtue signaled for their use—and that’s shameful. As the next presidential election approaches, I expect the divide to widen and the name-calling to intensify. Sticks and stones may break bones and words can sometimes lead toward using sticks and stones. I’d rather stick with rational debate. —Ben Garrison
  23. This got some traction on Reddit: "It’s Time to Boot Climate Deniers Off Social Media." I wonder if the person behind this article would go on a live podcast with us ...
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