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  2. Jon, Let's put the first two tweets in there, also. First this: Then this: And, finally, to repeat the one you posted: I kinda like it when President Trump not only says "bullshit," but says "total bullshit." And, like you mentioned, the bad guys are now going to discover on their own hides what happens when they strike at a king and don't kill him... Michael
  3. “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” Emerson They didn’t kill him.
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  5. Obama knew of Russian interference for years. He chose to do nothing because he thought their election cheat plan would be a sure thing, it would succeed like it always had, and so there was no need.) “With Congressional Democrats tantruming over redactions, presidential candidates out-virtue-signalling one another in denigration of Trump (for what it is unclear) calling for impeachment (again, for what is unclear) and the liberal media desperate for a distraction from the embarrassment of their two-year harassment in lieu of the main headline - "no collusion, no obstruction;" few if any among the mainstream have noticed (or mentioned) one tiny little detail in the Mueller Report... the 'confirmed' interference by Russia in the 2016 US Election took place - knowingly - under President Obama's watch.” ... ”The Mueller report flatly states that Russia began interfering in American democracy in 2014. Over the next couple of years, the effort blossomed into a robust attempt to interfere in our 2016 presidential election. The Obama administration knew this was going on and yet did nothing. In 2016, Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice told her staff to "stand down" and "knock it off" as they drew up plans to "strike back" against the Russians, according to an account from Michael Isikoff and David Corn in their book "Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump".”
  6. Here is a link to my song "Ave Maria (Ellen's Prayer)" as performed March 10 in Minneapolis. The singer is Christina Christensen, mezzo-soprano ( and the pianist is Emily Urban ( (I am not sure how long this link will remain active; I will post a permanent link later. However, the audio file can be downloaded from this link.)
  7. And here are the two traffickers of sex slaves together ...
  8. It's all about the detail, fam. Q is having nothing to do with the Mueller Report. And yet ... I don't know, Q. How about you just tell us? In other Q-news, young Jordan Sather is featured on a new Edge of Wonder video, touting his appearance in Q-droppings last month. In case you missed Q endorsing Sather's inquiries: Sad notes from our Travis View:
  9. Just so we’re clear, the above is 100% factual. Senator from New York, Killery’s replacement. She rules over you.
  10. I saw Robert Kraft in the news a week or two ago staunchly insisting he did not do what they say he did. I thought: 1) He could say nothing, he could say he will fight the charges and win, he could say there are two sides to every story. 2) Instead he’s calling the cops and prosecutors liars. 3) They are going to bury him now. My prediction : this is just the beginning for Kraft.
  11. Chuckle. You didn't address what I was asking about. However: Jon did. Thanks, Jon. I got a notification. Cheers for the experimental method. Ellen
  12. They'll rebuild it and do a good job. There's enough Christian vitality left in the West to ensure that. In fact, it may have a salubrious effect on that vitality. --Brant
  13. It's a weird building. Beautiful yet ugly, and even creepy in ways. Flying buttresses? They're nightmares. Exoskeleton/spider-alien. But the building works as a whole, aesthetically. It wouldn't have the same impact without the dark characteristics.
  14. Yes, or anyone who screams "Not ART!!!" as loudly or louder than Kamhi does. Whomever dedicates the largest portion of their life to denying the validity of other people's aesthetic responses wins, and becomes the universal standard and limit of cognition and of aesthetic response. J
  15. I’m not knowledgeable or passionate about art but I have followed many of your conversations with interest. When you point out the inconsistency that music doesn’t fit her criteria but she called it art anyway, they break into gibberish or avoid the issue, it’s comical, I’m always entertained by it. I also don’t get the either–or rigidity regarding whether this or that discipline is art, say, architecture. Keeping water out is utility not art, but a textured roof that looks like waves of wind over tall grass and costs three times a traditional roof and raises the cost of the home by 8% is art because it was done for contemplation and aesthetic consideration, the essential characteristic of art. Insisting on the absence of utility strikes me as definition by exclusion. We can make distinctions, we can call it fine art or pure art when there is no utility at all. But if someone’s favorite sculpture turns out, unbeknownst to them, to be a personal aircraft — you press this button here and wings fold out and you can fly away in the thing — then now they have to pick a new favorite sculpture because this one isn’t art anymore? Seems like definition by non–essentials to me.
  16. How about "If Kamhi says, 'It's not art!'"? --Brant
  17. Refugees Fleeing Oppressive Governments This is a serious problem here in the USA. For instance: Chicago is still losing population But don't think this is just about the kingdom of Chicago. There are many more refugees fleeing oppressive governments in several dictatorships and war zones throughout the country... Michael
  18. President Trump Prime Minister Trump King Trump 2020 , and let’s get 2024 for Ivanka !!!!! God bless POTUS
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  20. Ellen, People being quoted only get notified about it if they decide to be. Go to your name on the upper right and click on it --> Click on Account Settings --> Over to the right will be Other Settings --> Underneath click on Notification Settings --> Scroll down to Notification List --> Keep scrolling until Someone quotes a comment or post I made. Then choose whether and/or how you want to be notified. That's why some people get notified and others don't. Michael
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