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  2. Jules, I don't either. I don't think they will be back since they got what they came for. But who knows? For that matter, who cares? However, this little thingie made me wonder if I should put a dress code in the posting guidelines. Michael
  3. Here's another Karen. This one is freaking out over nothing in Central Park. She is also strangling her dog during her freak-out and not even realizing it. I think the coronavirus shutdown is scaring Karens so much these days it is eating their brains. Michael
  4. Chris, I'm not an ancap, but I like Larken Rose, even when I don't agree with him. He's a colorful dude who pisses off the right folks. My kind of dude. Michael
  5. D, Here is another premise to check. Since when does evidence persuade the majority of people? From what I observe, the majority of people get persuaded by some really stupid things mixed with smart things--and almost always, this comes in story form. Evidence comes later. And even then, evidence can be misleading. See eugenics, manmade climate change, phrenology, etc., for great examples. Correct evidence is great, the best in rational terms, but, unless its public disclosure has been properly prepared with convincing stories in the mainstream, its power to persuade the majority of people is sloth-level sluggish, convoluted and full of detours. Here in O-Land, there is a great example. Without The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Rand's philosophy to persuade on any large scale would not have stood a chance. Even for libertarians who are not into Rand, the David vs. Goliath underdog story of Ron Paul in Congress all those years did more persuading than the actual ideas he espoused. Ditto for Bernie Sanders, for that matter. Michael
  6. D, Now that this is clear, I begin to understand your thoughts a little bit more. But I'm still unclear about the following. Are you talking about government or health? If you are talking about health, I still disagree with generalizing so much. For example, I prefer someone who has studied medicine to diagnose me than a layman when I get sick. For that context, that would be top down. If I cut my finger and the wound is not too deep, I'm fine with putting a little alcohol and a bandaid on it. For that context, that would be bottom down. So I don't get the reason to make a broad statement about all of society for most all cases and try to defend that. I do sympathize with you, though, on arguing with progressives. I, for one, don't accept their premises and frames. When they ask me if I prefer A or B, I generally say neither and offer an alternative that is not within their authoritarian universe. Now if you are talking about government, I really really really don't see a choice. Don't forget, government ALWAYS involves force. And with enough force, you don't have to convince anyone. When all else is exhausted, people either obey or they get jailed or killed. So it's not about which approach is better, top down or bottom up. It's about how much government you want to tolerate. (Apropos, I believe we will always have some government due to human nature. Ignoring that from my perspective is ignoring reality.) If you are lucky enough to live in a country like the USA where we can do something about how much government will exist, that is your real choice, even regarding doctors, hospitals, insurance, etc. If you live in an authoritarian society, your choice is to follow the law and take what you get (meaning what the government allows you to have), or break the law (usually to get something better) and try to get away with it. Note that it is possible to live in an authoritarian society with great health care. That's a crap shoot, though, not a causal outcome from opting for top down or bottom up approaches. If Fearless Leader is intelligent, manages people will, and has mostly good intentions, health care can be awesome. If Fearless Leader is an asshole, well, you take your medicine with bugs in it. (Just to mention it, there is a third choice--you could get out of the authoritarian country and go elsewhere.) In essentials, force is the fundamental issue here. Not efficiency. This is observable. Michael
  7. To reiterate. From "Water Temperatures Around the World." Ocean City: The current water temperature od 62.6° F. The temperature is too cold to swim. That did not stop some people from jumping in. I know someone who has a store on the boardwalk and another is in the “hospitality industry” and they may or may not be glad to be back working around ALL THOSE people. Imagine working or visiting the Walmart on route 50 for supplies before you get to your hotel room. Say there are 60 people working there and 200 people shopping. That means you would be breathing the same air as 260 other people. And many of the people who travel to OC are from New York, Pennsylvania, and northern New Jersey. (take the bridge to Delaware, go south on route 13 and 113 then turn left which is east on route 50.) Rastafarians incorrectly spell our state’s name, “Marley Land.” joke. Those three states have some of the highest numbers of Covid 19 cases. Peter
  8. People started coming on the Ocean City MD boardwalk this weekend. And the same thing seems to be occurring across the country. I will continue to self isolate. The numbers have been steady but growing and in some places the death rate may be increasing. Coronavirus cases in the U.S.: 1,696,874 and fatal cases 99,459. So deaths divided by cases give us 0.0586130732 or rounding up nearly 6 percent of the people in America who get Covid 19 die. World Wide cases: 5,495,061 and fatal cases 346,232. So deaths divided by cases give us 0.0630078538 or 6.3 percent of the people worldwide who get Covid 19 die.
  9. People started coming on the Ocean City MD boardwalk this weekend. And the same thing seems to be occurring across the country. I will continue to self isolate. The numbers have been steady but growing and in some places the death rate may be increasing. Coronavirus cases in the U.S.: 1,696,874 and fatal cases 99,459. So deaths divided by cases give us 0.0586130732 or rounding up nearly 6 percent of the people in America who get Covid 19 die. World Wide cases: 5,495,061 and fatal cases 346,232. So deaths divided by cases give us 0.0630078538 or 6.3 percent of the people worldwide who get Covid 19 die.
  10. When and where did ARI support the bailouts of 2008? Please provide a source for this.
  11. Richard Salsman has been very critical of the destructive lockdown policies, which any sane and rational person would oppose. ARI and some of the people there have been wishy-washy about them. Ultimately, I'm not particularly disappointed with ARI. That''s only because my expectations are so low. ARI actually invited this guy to speak at the virtual OCON. Here we have an "Objectivist" gushing over a man who has spent 50 years as a bureaucrat. During OCON, Amesh Adalja called Anthony Fauci "a hero" at least three times. He hardly ever said anything about free markets in medicine, although he did bring up the issue of certificate-of-need laws. After watching all this, it is safe to conclude that epidemologists are even more incompetent at making predictions than investment advisors at picking stocks or meteorologists at predicting the weather.
  12. This may seem irrelevant but we watched the first half of "Grant" with Hugh Jackman on the History Channel and it was excellent. The second half is tomorrow. General Grants family was abolitionist, Grant was in between, and his wife's family owned slaves.
  13. They can serve most of their time, not in jail but with the new iridescent dog collar to be worn outside of all clothing so people will know you are a crook. And like an ankle bracelet, it will report where you are at all times, and it will shock the perpetrators if they bark.
  14. Anarchist Larken Rose sums up all this bullshit quite beautifully. This is how a rational person uses reason and logic:
  15. This is the problem, and the point of this thread, in economics and health, as I brought up, you cannot go up and down continuously (especially in economics). You cannot come up with sufficient evidence to convince the majority of people that capitalism works. It's a decentralized system, you can't predict what will happen. What I was circling was narrowed in on above in the example of the Civil Rights Act. How do you argue that the right to own property is more important than someone's right to not be racially excluded from a business? Using induction???
  16. The context was this: a bottom-up approach to general health is better than a top down approach. With acute issues, then a top-down approach is better, But top-down is the go-to for people, so you don't have to convince anyone of a top-down solution. I wasn't saying a bottom-up approach is inherently better in all situations.
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  18. I get a sense of inevitability when I see news like the following. Nunes: GOP Lawmakers Expanding Investigation Into Special Counsel Operation, “We Will Be Making Criminal Referrals of the Mueller Team” (VIDEO) Here's the video, so let's let Nunes tell us this in his own words. This process is slow, but it feels like a big-ass ship--a slow one--after sighting land. Every day you see the distant dot of land get a little bit bigger. The inevitability of landing grows as the dot of land grows. Despite what AG Barr said earlier about no criminal investigation happening against Obama or Biden right now, I'm beginning to harbor the notion that there will be after the first round of people go to jail, especially after some of them spill their guts to get off with a lighter sentence. I would love to see some of those assholes on the Mueller team go down. They abused their positions, but acted and spoke in the name of the law. Michael
  19. Yeah, I should have said "ex-Scientologist." I just wonder: how bad can things be in Peikoff's mind concerning the ARI to do this at his old age?
  20. Be careful out there, people. With this coronavirus pandemic, you never know what lurks around the corner. Michael
  21. Bill Gates and the ideology of eugenics. Corbett. Michael
  22. It turns out, according to Craig Biddle, that OSI is incorporated in Glen Allen, VA (like TOS) but he himself has moved to Laguna Hills, CA. What was the point of moving there if not to be near Carl Barney? Peikoff did stupid things when he was younger so we can't be sure his current liaison with Barney is just due to old age. Barney would not call himself a Scientologist but in my opinion he is still influenced by its ideas and procedures.
  23. I wonder if Peikoff knows how leftist Biddle is and that Barney is a scientologist. He's up there in years and doesn't look like he's in good health.
  24. Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. page 28: The process of forming and applying concepts contains the essential pattern of two fundamental methods of cognition: induction and deduction. The process of observing the facts of reality and of integrating them into concepts is, in essence, a process of induction. The process of subsuming new instances under a known concept is, in essence, a process of deduction. end quote Roger Bissell in his “Problems with Putnam's Externalism” originally written in 1996 for David Kelley's cyber seminar in Objectivist epistemology wrote: “. . . Rather than claiming that our minds are in the world rather than "in our heads," it seems more reasonable to me to say that our mind (as a capacity) is our "head's" (brain's) ability to cognitively grasp the world and (as an action) its act of cognitively grasping the world . . . Before we speculate about where the mind ~might~ be, it would help to clarify what category of existent the mind belongs to. Unless Putnam et al are advocating some form of substance dualism, the mind can't be an entity, other than the human organism or one of its parts (viz., the brain and nervous system). Granted, we (as organisms) -- who are the entities doing the knowing, after all -- are "in the world," but WE ARE ~WHERE~ WE ARE, not out somewhere else, where the thing is that we are knowing. And if mind is an attribute or an action, it has no location other than our organism that has the attribute or carries out the action. And if mind is a relation between our organism and the world, it must be located (if it can be said to have a location) where the causal/cognitive interaction between our organism and the world takes place. E.g., for perception, that would be in the sensory systems and the portions of the brain that integrate sensory data, which are certainly "in the head" (allowing that tactile perception is "in the body," also).” end quote
  25. Meh I don’t give a toss what you choose to wear or not wear. said it, I didn’t. Haha it actually reminds me of that elevator scene in the movie Liar Liar. “People are so nice to me here”. “Well that’s because you have nice tits!, I mean..”. “Smack”. ps: do you even know who Ayn Rand is?
  26. Come to think of it, this isn't going to go anywhere and I just don't have the time to babysit. So I went ahead and removed the nude picture. Michael
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