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  3. How has the Prime Minister managed to hold on so long? And will intrepid Paul Joseph Watson of be able to unscramble the details of her announcement? The 'Socratic Method' may well be deprecated, I expect. "You get to vote on my cough new deal, or no deal." "You yes you get to vote on the negotiated deal. You yes you, dear voter, can also vote to pull the plug." CABAL Psy-Ops Trap-door Betrays Democracy!
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  5. Federal parliamentary ('lower house') elections in Australia have a few features that are relatively unknown in North America. They use a 'preferential ballot,' in the form of ranked-choice. The polling industry also uses various means to 'capture' voting intentions for the balloting -- by asking respondents for first and second choices. In the run up to the lower house elections, the most recent polling actually forecast a National Party/Liberal coalition win -- when considering the parties alone and not an estimate of the results of the ranked-choice balloting. But. The expectation in the chattering classes was indeed that Labour would win. Althought most polls showed the Prime Minister to be more trustworthy and popular than the Labour leader -- the scrying industry got way ahead of itself. In the end, the party totals between the Coalition and Labour moved by 0.69%. The Labour party lost two seats and the Coalition gained three (with several still pending). The Australian system only counts the final two ranked-choice 'winners' and so the totals always add up to a strict 100%. So, the percentage of finalized votes for the Coalition versus Labour? The TPP results: 51.9% Coalition / 48.1% Dirty Commies ... -- my takeaway is that Australia will take a break from 'bumping off' its leaders. The current Prime Minister is the 7th to hold the office in 10 years. Political stability is almost always good for the economy. In passing, there are 258 days until the first Iowan trudges off to caucus. And, all polls are wrong.
  6. I have never had a car or motorcycle loan. Right now I have seven motor vehicles. I also never buy collision insurance, (I only have coverage for harming others and their stuff, as required by law.) My 49cc, two–stroke ‘86 Honda Spree costs $4 per year for the registration and $27 per year insurance, actually maybe that is for 6 months, so $54 per year.) I bought my ‘99 Ford Expedition eight years ago for $3,600. That’s $38/month purchase cost, as of today. She has never been inside a repair garage.
  7. Mega Millions is $228 million tonight, Tuesday. 2 bucks a ticket. 55 percent is near what you will have after taxes so you would take home, 125.4 million if you take the cash option. You hear stories from big winners like “how the big lottery win ruined my life,” but there is a secret to the process. Put all but one million (to spend or pay off debt) into various money making funds or accounts and NEVER again touch the principle. Set it up that way. Even a measly 2 percent of the cash prize per year is, 2.5 times .55 after taxes equals $1.37 million per year. Who can’t live on over a million a year? Jackie Onassis maybe?
  8. Interest rates are an interesting subject. I have a credit card that started out at zero percent for one year, but could rise as high as 24 percent. After a year, the rate I must pay for everything I don’t pay off monthly is 14 percent. And the rate can change. I never liked that in the fine print, but it is what it is. I should have chucked the card in the trash when it came in the mail. I understand the credit card makers are money making personalities but give me a break. Peter Rand wrote in “The Money-Making Personality” originally published in the April 1963 of “Cosmopolitan” magazine: Behind his usually grim, expressionless face, the Money - Maker is committed to his work with the passion of a lover, the fire of a crusader, the dedication of a saint and the endurance of a martyr. As a rule, his creased forehead and his balance sheets are the only evidence of it he can allow the world to see. end quote
  9. Huh? Auto loan debt is about 14% of mortgage debt (link, pdf p. 5).
  10. Is Aussies or Ozzies the correct diminutive for the people from "The Land Down Under?" They have likeable nicknames for themselves just like us Yanks. Fewer regulations, taxes, and more economic freedom. The market decides what is broadcast in the media. Left wing polling is left in the billabong. Sounds good – I like their accents. Predictions for better outcomes are looking up. I think Netflix owns the rights to reruns of “The Doctor Blake Mysteries” set in Balarat Australia but they are not going to make any new shows, as far as I know. Too bad. We were watching season two of “The Rain” on Netflix last night and I thought the show was cancelled after season one, because of lower viewership, the dubbing, and mainly appealing to younger people because of the younger cast. It was OK, if I bit scifi/hokey at times. It takes place in a future Scandinavian country, maybe Sweden. They put a map up to the camera and it had a place called Zealand on it. Not New Zealand. It could be of interest during slower summer viewing times.
  11. It's not the housing bubble this time so much as the auto loan bubble. But a house is asset protection even though in constant dollars over a century the real capital gains are less than one percent a year. Generally higher interest rates weaken the dollar and raise asset prices because of the higher cost of credit which is inflationary throughout the economy. The virtue of renting is the landlord pays the taxes. He also does the maintenance. He is working for you. Any housing bubble is local. Mostly west coast bubble. But the rents are way up too. --Brant
  12. That or she has limited time "set aside." Or there is little to "harvest" because I am sure she "gleaned" the meaning. I will "crop" this short. Gar"field" The Cat.
  13. Here's a video that is typical of why left can't stand OANN and is now on a kick to say it is biased, racist, misogynistic, frothing at the mouth, nuts, dangerous, etc. How dare they attack a leftie narrative with facts? (Apropos, if the left wants to win that particular issue, it should probably choose a narrative that includes the massive number of women who are pro-life rather than sanctimoniously speak in public in the name of All Women fighting against The Evil Male while pretending pro-life women don't exist or are too stupid to worry about. This is not an ideological comment, either. It's simple logic and math. Pro-life women vote and do politics. Lots of 'em. Duh... ) Michael
  14. OMG. The Daily Beast just said OANN likes Russia because it's an all white country that hates Muslims And that OANN is fake news to boot. Someone should warn President Trump. Michael
  15. Jimmy, Welcome to OL. I normally don't allow plugging products on OL unless a member interacts in discussions. But yours is a good cause that is somewhat within the interest resonance of OL members. And I know how hard it is to get a movie going. So carry on and post more, should you wish... But, please, no ads for student loans, no appeals from widows of former Nigerian bigwigs with difficulties getting a fortune out of the country, no ads for penis enlargers... you get the idea. Good luck on your project. Michael
  16. The Housing Bubble Release Date - NYC Premiere Wednesday - June 26 - 6:30 pm Panel: Tom Woods, James Grant, Peter Schiff, Gene Epstein, David Tice, Jimmy Morrison Tickets - Pre-orders Instant Online Access for Crowdfunders The world premiere of our film The Housing Bubble earned an Audience Award at the Anthem Film Festival when over 300 people showed up for the screening. Legendary investors Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Doug Casey, and Peter Schiff star in the film alongside economists Joseph Salerno, Ron Paul, Robert Murphy, Jeff Herbener, Mark Thornton, Roger Garrison, and Patrick Barron. Financial writers Jim Grant, David Stockman, and Gene Epstein also join the cast. David Tice is an Executive Producer. Naomi Brockwell narrates the film and is also a producer. Tom Woods co-wrote the film with me. The Housing Bubble will be released June 26th during our NYC premiere at the Angelika Film Center, the legendary indie theater that has hosted Oscar winning directors Sofia Coppola, Casey Affleck, & Barry Jenkins, as well as actors like Rami Malek, Sam Elliott, & Tom Hiddleston. Our panel will include Tom Woods, Jim Grant, Peter Schiff, Gene Epstein, David Tice, and myself. Despite not yet being released, the film has been seen in 37 states and 19 countries, including events at Hillsdale College, Mises Canada, Mises Poland, Mises Estonia, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Freedom Fest, Mises University, Anarchapulco, and the Mercatus Center. Can't make the premiere? Contact us about bringing the film to your city, or let us know if you're screening the film with your friends. Crowdfunding Please join us in promoting The Housing Bubble and help contribute finishing funds, so that we can finish editing the sequel The Bigger Bubble. Please share our site with your friends and rate us on IMDB! Thank you so much for all your support!!! Writer/Director Jimmy Morrison Let Us Disagree Productions 563.260.6451
  17. President Trump has boosted OANN at least once. Here the network's main anchor addresses abortion and the fools who do not understand this administration. Bill Mitchell ...
  18. Facts be damned. What does "our side" have to say about the process? Did the European Union 'force' Britain to hold elections for the European Parliament? No taxation without representation!
  19. Last week
  20. Yup. Austrialion just had its own Rebellion of the Deplorables. England had BREXIT, the U.S. got Trump and Australia got rid of the Labor-Green kabal to impose wind turbines on the public, at public expense of course. Good for Oz!!!!!!
  21. No. A right to food mean you are free to grow your own food or seek the means to purchase food from others. It is NOT mean someone has to feed you.
  22. I'm sure you did clarify. However, since I've slept many times over since 2014, and I haven't worked in agriculture in 3 years, I have no basis on which to continue debate. :-)
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