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  2. No. RodSneaky, not Ron. I am not getting worked up. I'm having a great time.
  3. Did RodSneaky say an untruth? Try to focus on facts, truth, and not on who happens to be saying a truth. It is called Objectivity. The speaker doesn't matter.
  4. Go fuck yourself, Peter, that's what happened in Dominican Republic.
  5. Look at your sources man. RonSneaky? If you read it on the net or hear it on the telly, must it be true? Can you converse without getting emotional and worked up?
  6. You are still shaking. My most in-sincerest apologies. You are the one who ALWAYS sounds drunk and belligerent. Can you respond with reason, logic, and sincerity without name calling? You just may not be Objectivist Living material . . . . but what the hell . . . . I still read your interesting but unproven assertions. Here are some qualities you need to grow. Debunking skills. Credibility. So tell me what do you think happened to the 11 dead Americans in the Dominican Republic?
  7. Let me know when you are done burying the meaty posts on this thread, Peter, so I can repost all of it.
  8. I was viewing this thread? When was I scared? You need to sober-up.
  9. You sound biased. "Richard" First name basis? You like Richard? How do you know Richard?
  10. You were viewing "What's Up With." Damn. You got scared.
  11. Jon, tks, tsk. You are a naughty child. Might be? You said, "Might Be?" So you don't know. But you are just fine saying things without any proof. How do you know Richard Branson? How do you Richard knew NXIVM? People lie all the time, and they can EVEN lie under oath or they can fool a lie detector. You lack credibility.
  12. What was I viewing? This beta male method of trying to take me down is embarrassing you, Shit-for-Brains. Just say what I was viewing and what you think it means.
  13. Well, gee, no Peter, that would not make you a communist. But if you attend NXIVM parties featuring snuff films and also host NXIVM parties on your private island, then you might be ... blackmailed by them, or a customer of theirs, or member, or the real leader, even. Do try to sober up and pull your head out of your ass, you are going way too fast for your knowledge and ability.
  14. Very interesting. If you hover over someone's name it will tell you what they are viewing. I have blocked Jon but decided to engage him again. I can still read his "theories" by signing out and looking at content or activity. Jon was looking at . . . go see yourself.
  15. Aha! From the site, Necker Island: Necker Island is a 30-hectare island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. The island's land is entirely owned by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group, and is part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio of luxury properties. The whole island operates as a resort and can accommodate up to 34 guests, with additional room for , , , , So, if you own a resort and Che shows up, you are a communist?
  16. From a million sources, Shit-for-Brains. Go see if you find it. Answer my question, how many coups?
  17. No, we couldn't. Not even close. "Flatten the country" "kill most of their people", with conventional weapons? Wrong, dumbass. They just took down one of our most advanced drones that flies higher than any before and that no one has been able to take down before. But you imagine we can fly bombers anywhere we want, dropping bombs unmolested for weeks.
  18. And you know this from what source? Come on Jon. You are thinking things and those things become truths to you, and then you present them as obvious and call anyone who wants proof of your assertions an idiot or worse.
  19. Another thing I wonder about is Branson's Island. I may look into that to see if it also a hotel or some sort of resort where anyone can pay to go there.
  20. You think it far-fetched because you are a naive, mass media-brainwashed idiot. Do you know how many coups the CIA performed, in the Americas alone? Go find the answer and then run the plausibility of undeclared activities in Iran through your feeble brain again.
  21. Jon. You come up with a lot of good stuff, but your name calling and reporting of fringe beliefs is unacceptable to decent people. Proof. Reason. Honesty. Civility. Objectivity. Work on those qualities, oh fan of Rand. I remember reading the book by Hollywood legend, Errol Flynn called "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" and he said quite a few outrageous things and revealed a lot of Hollywood secrets, and named names. The book is still available, and he was not sued. I believe the stories in the book were true. But you? I would hesitate to quote you, for speaking the truth as you know it.
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  23. Keith Ranier / NXIVM guilty on all charges came down just yesterday. The revelation that the item below went down at the trial came out just today. Your proof is coming, Shit-for-Brains, but give them time. "Branson arrested" will come first. Then "court date set." Then, "guilty on all charges." Be patient.
  24. The "dude"? No, Sanger is the co-founder of Wiki, Shit-for-Brains. And, the criminal element within the FBI was only recently cleaned out, so be patient.
  25. CIA black op sites in Iran? Did Natural News tell you that or did "the voices" inform you?
  26. When conspiracy theories surface I read them and listen but I withhold judgement. Show me the proof.
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