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  1. Do you mean in the last three hours? Can you please share the source that suggested this to you?
  2. Peter Taylor's quote is from Real Clear Politics: Election Updates for October 25, 2021 Sometime before the end of October, CyberNinja's Doug Logan appeared with Coomer case linchpin Joe Oltman on a Conservative Daily podcast -- to answer outstanding questions and clarify some points of contention or misapprehension. Here's an instructive Tweet thread excerpting from the program, collated by Twitter account @PootDibou. On Poot's Google Drive are all the videos and caption files from the thread, including this brief excerpt from a Doug Logan/Jovan Pulitzer conversation, in which both fellows slag off an unnamed trash outlet. Poot tartly adds in "Gateway Pundit." the-gateway-pundit-is-trash.mp4 - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM Re the Krebs/CISA pronouncement: Logan: "The difficulty I think you get into in all of this, is that you start weaving such large of a conspiracy that, for everyone to be involved in it, it becomes unbelievable and difficult." Joe Oltman is a man who gets steamed up now and again (if you've read the Oltman depositions in the Colorado Coomer case, you'll already be aware). In this video he apologizes to Logan for questioning his integrity and probity: 2021-10-07-INTERVIEW-Oltmann-apology.mp4 - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM "Send a round of apologies to Table 17 and put it on my tab."
  3. Alex Jones suggests Rand Paul -- not Trump -- will face a Nuremberg tribunal. A bit zany, but. "Rand Paul Conned Trump" might be a compromise position for the bedazzled and deranged.
  4. Obama Judge Orders Sidney Powell and Fellow Attorneys to Pay $175,000 for Daring to Challenge Michigan's 2020 Election Results WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Obama Judge Linda Parker ignored Trump’s case on the integrity of the 2020 Election in Michigan raised by attorney Sidney Powell. It’s not clear if she ever looked at it. That is some sloppy reporting. Judge Parker went through each of the Michigan "Kraken" affiant declarations, one by one, as summarized in her August judgement. If one doesn't read that judgement, and takes the sloppy antics at the Gateway Pundit as truth ... "rhetoric is not a correct epistemological form for identifying facts."
  5. From Science Daily's aggregator: Damaged telomeres in the elderly may increase susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 DNA damage signaling induced by aging telomeres increases the expression of ACE2, the human SARS-CoV-2 cell receptor, scientists report.
  6. The beeps have sued the Gateway Pundit: [...] Full text of suit: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/21124239/freeman-and-moss-v-hoft-et-al.pdf I already saw that. Video's a bitch for wrongdoers, ain't it? Did anyone bother to skim or read the complaint? No charges were ever laid against the two beeps. Some people were fooled, including former President Trump. Epistemological problems will stem from lack of attention to detail. A failure to weigh evidence deepens problems. "Obviously busted" is the issue here. The BIg Lie contains multitudes of similar baseless conclusions. From the complaint (page 13): From the Courthouse News report:
  7. William, We start by yawning, just like most of the rest of the public. Or maybe laughing at those clowns. Is there anyone here that will argue that Patriot Front is a fake or falsely-flagged group? That their march in DC was orchestrated by 'Feds'?
  8. Is this a claim that the Patriot Front march was performed by federal agents? If yes, how do we test the claim?
  9. Stumbled across this album of marches (composed by Julius Fučík). The first song will be familiar with everyone here, but I post it here to find out if anyone has links to Ayn Rand's favourite "Tiddlywink" music.  I wonder if she would have listened to any of this.

    I have a little memory fragment that says someone posted at least one MP3 or link to a site that had sound files of Rand's favourite Tiddlywink composers.  Ring a bell?

  10. Robert Malone chats with Sean Hannity for an October 29 Interview (I edited out the intro/outro and a commercial message). Sean asks some good questions and Malone is at his crisp and compelling best.
  11. Trump talks vaccines in December 2 2021 Fox and Friends interview: Full video at YouTube
  12. Fine, but William's point is that it is valid to consider Dr. Malone as a right-wing crank who has nothing to do with mNRA technology and doesn't know what he is talking about. I don't know who here considers that Robert Malone 'bears nothing to do with mRNA technology." I don't. It's not a claim made in the accursed article nor in the other materials I linked to. One point among a few I made -- Malone is quoted extensively in the story some people find without value ... What "William is basically saying" is debatable. I suggest reading the letter linked by Bartlett: A Scientific Education: The Early Discoveries of RNA and DNA Vaccination
  13. Regarding the Trump-Raffensperger phone call. The beeps have sued the Gateway Pundit: Two Election Workers Targeted by Pro-Trump Media Sue for Defamation Full text of suit: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/21124239/freeman-and-moss-v-hoft-et-al.pdf See also a detailed story from Reuters: Trump campaign demonized two Georgia election workers – and death threats followed
  14. This is ridiculous... [...] It's almost a year later and this is a discovery? It shows the actual "culprit" molecular mechanism. If anything we might utter praise at the inventive scientists who collaborated to figure out a mechanism. Ridicule might be contra-indicated. ...and? Read a couple or more or all quotes from Malone in the article and find out what he has to say about Kariko and how he views his departure from grad school and who fucked him over in the following years. Read the story from his wife. He talks about her in the cited Atlantic article. For some people she is a diligent worker while he is more of a crank. Assessing some of the reasons for enmity (or doubt) might place a Dr Malone fan in a better-informed position. And perhaps not everyone who reads at OL is firmly in the camp of "mRNA vaccines are evil/pseudo/ineffective/death-tainted suicide injections" ... The more you know ... I don't mean to be offensive. It's just a fact that there are at least two consolidated opinions about Robert Malone and his authority. If one body can be ridiculed, then so can the others. Ridicule is a harsh, even abrasive kind of critique, but done with panache it can be more effective than grizzling and imputing.
  15. Much water under the bridge since that day. All this time, Karen Fann and her Republican colleagues have been fighting an Open Records case -- trying to keep communications between the Senate and CyberNinjas under a cloak of Senate privilege. The Senate has lost at every step of the way -- on Tuesday this week a judge handed down the latest ruling. Here's an explainer from radio KJZZ, following on a brief AP story by Greg Hahne. TL;DR -- CyberNinjas is broke! Hand over the goldarn public records, fam! Who blew up the budget for the Oddit? I blame Jovan Pulitzer.
  16. The full text of the cited study is available Science Advances: ChAdOx1 interacts with CAR and PF4 with implications for thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome ChAdOx1 interacts with CAR and PF4 with implications for thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome WWW.SCIENCE.ORG We observe previously unknown interactions between clinically important adenovirus vector capsids, platelet factor 4, and CAR.
  17. Does this remind anyone of the psychological lore surrounding Uncanny Valley?  

    This Twitter account did not note the provenance. I'll see if I can find a better reference and the stories that go with this -- should it not be the result of some advanced CGI or other fudging video edits.

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      It's an actual robot from the UK's Engineered Arts. YouTube Channel home page: https://www.youtube.com/c/EngineeredArtsLtd/featured; Website: https://www.engineeredarts.co.uk.




  18. This is an important point. There is nothing wrong with mRNA technology for vaccines per se. Ask Dr. Malone who invented this. What's wrong is how this is being used. Also, ask Dr. Malone... Ask Doctor Malone ... from an article by Tom Bartlett at The Atlantic: One of folks who may find 'places in this history books' is Kati Kariko, featured in these stories: From Stat: The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race From CTVNews: 'To be a scientist is a joy': How a Hungarian biochemist helped revolutionize mRNA From Glamour: The Scientist Who Saved the World From Penn Medicine: -- Kati Kariko is mentioned in the Bartlett article:
  19. Full video at YouTube: [2021] The safety of Covid-19 mRNA vaccines: a review [2018] mRNA vaccines — a new era in vaccinology
  20. Byrne and Wood (I forget who first suggested it) briefly mentioned an off-stage possible investigation into Sidney Powell's fundraising org or orgs. Seems they were in the ballpark. Lin Wood gave his best wishes ... Telegram: Contact @linwoodspeakstruth T.ME The love of money is the root of all evil. Follow the money and you will find the evil. Having stated that simple TRUTH, I pray that the investigation of Sidney Powell clears her of any wrongdoing. I pray for...
  21. There is a transcript of the Flynn-Wood call here at Descript: Michael Flynn - Lin Wood conversation November 3 2021 - Descript SHARE.DESCRIPT.COM Um, Patrick Byrne and the America project. So yeah, it's a good, it's a good, hopefully it's a good event, you know, was supposedly at some, some folks who have. And very, you know, supportive and the
  22. The quote within the quote is from the author of the Telegraph article, science editor Sarah Knapton. Of note, further down in the same article: There are so many commentaries out and about on the the subject of the Omicron variant, I think it pays to consult widely before taking a stand. Who is "condemning" at the moment? I don't understand this. Does this "purposefully and specifically adapted" mean we could or should view variants as 'designed' (by other than the virus's 'nature')? I'd wonder who or what is the agent with "purpose" ... There's some quotes I found notable in a Slate write-up: From the final paragraphs of the Knapton Telegraph article:
  23. An excerpt from a Michael Flynn/Lin Wood conversation about Q ... Does it seem like Flynn has abandoned WWG1WGA? Soon to be uploaded to Soundcloud