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  2. NZ needs to get out into the streets like the Yellow Vests have for 20 weeks now and like the public in the U.K. will be doing and their gov’t have brought in 10,000 foreign guest troops to be prepared for, in four days, on the 29th. They have to stand up for themselves, talking time is over.
  3. Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it. So he did: Michael Avenatti charged with trying to extort $20M from Nike Heh... btw - Mark Geragos is representing Jussie Smollett, the actor who said he was attack by two Trump supporters in the middle of the night in Chicago, and was outfitted with a noose and doused with bleach. According to the Chicago police, Smollett apparently hired the two "Trump supporters," who were friends and work colleagues of his, and were from Africa. Geragos says it's outrageous how Smollett is being framed and denied presumption of innocence. Geragos also represented Colin Kaepernick and is a CNN legal analyst who appears regularly on CNN's shows. At least, as of this post, he is still listed as such on CNN's site. More info here: Report: Former CNN Legal Analyst Mark Geragos is Avenatti Co-Conspirator Between Avanetti and Geragos, it looks like they done did it for real. Michael
  4. (((They))) probably did not 'ban' Solo Passion either. Right now, when you type in, the following is what you get: The message that is almost covered by the logo graphic says: God knows I'm no fan of Perigo, but that kind of language does not sound like him. If (((They))) are doing anything against him or his site to get them offline, I stand on principle against (((Them))). Michael
  5. No innocent until proven guilty, CNN? This guy got OJ off on murder charges, and OJ was guilty as can be — no waiting to see if he beats the charges? It’s almost like they already knew their contributor was certainly a criminal.
  6. Dragon slayer William Shrek quoted: The Guardian says, "Trump threatens retaliation against 'evil, treasonous' opponents over Russia investigation." That sounds like a hell of lot of fun, but is the Guardian telling the truth? I suspect this is not a new video … end quote Egad! From The Pirates of Penzance we must conspire against a most successful President when he bares his steel. – or as it is actually known: When the Foeman Bares His Steel. Chorus sung by Comey, Brennan, and various co-conspirators. When the foeman bares his steel, We uncomfortable feel, And we find the wisest thing, Is to slap our chests and sing, For when threatened with emeutes And your heart is in your boots There is nothing brings it round Like the trumpet's martial sound Like the trumpet's martial sound Go, ye heroes, go to glory, Though you die in combat gory, Ye shall live in song and story. Go to immortality! Go to death, and go to slaughter; Die, and every Cornish daughter With her tears your grave shall water. Go, ye heroes, go and die! Go, ye heroes, go and die! A most Capital, Senator Lindsey Graham, has the right angle. Swords up! U.S. Senate judiciary panel head wants special counsel to investigate Trump probe By Susan Cornwell and Doina Chiacu WASHINGTON, March 25 (Reuters) - The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said on Monday he will ask Attorney General William Barr to appoint a special counsel to look into the origins of the investigation of whether President Donald Trump's campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election. A day after the attorney general said the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that nobody from Trump's campaign conspired with Russia, Senator Lindsey Graham said, "We will begin to unpack the other side of the story." He said it was time to look at the Clinton campaign and the origins of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant for former Trump adviser Carter Page, which was based in part on information in a dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who co-founded a private intelligence firm. Graham said he would look into these matters as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, using subpoena power if necessary, whether or not a special counsel is appointed. Republicans lawmakers have contended the FBI made serious missteps when it sought the warrant to monitor Page in October 2016 shortly after he left the Trump campaign. Republicans said the FBI failed to disclose that Steele was hired by a firm funded by Democrats to do opposition research on Trump's business dealings . . . .
  7. The Guardian says, "Trump threatens retaliation against 'evil, treasonous' opponents over Russia investigation." That sounds like a hell of lot of fun, but is the Guardian telling the truth? I suspect this is not a new video ... Speaking of Truth, does anyone keep a small book in the bathroom for those "bathroom-as-library syndrome" moments? I recommend a very small book by Harry G Frankfurt. Book is somewhat larger than this pic.
  8. What is tasty steamed octopus, and why is it the ideal substitute for ice cream cones? J
  9. For crimes he committed under Obama. And they would have remained hidden under Killery. He had to destroy our President to avoid the consequences of his extreme criminality. Maybe he’s the only one, though, right? Maybe all the others believed the stupidest conspiracy theory ever and did everything in their power to destroy our President, out of sincere conviction.
  10. A man, a flag, a map, a mouth, a Youtube account. Paul Joseph Watson accommodates all your fears and ¾ of your loathings. "The Truth About 'Russian Collusion'" ...
  11. A must–see. Click play. Click the little right arrow for 2nd part.
  12. "What Is the Polar Vortex and How Does It Influence Weather?" An excellent explainer and set of cautions/recommendations for reporting on the "stratospheric polar vortex" and the distinct "circumpolar tropospheric vortex." Refer back to the earliest mention here (thirteen pages back) for more context. From the conclusion, two points of order: Speaking of vortices in the atmosphere, here is a representation from "Leaving, on a jet stream. Don't know when I'll be back again." -- the video explainer previously posted, featuring Paul Beckwith, which features the tools at ...
  13. I am not sure what President Trump wants to do to keep “the same thing happening to another President.” Perhaps requiring “probable cause” and NEVER going after someone on the level of the FBI or the DOJ, for strictly political reasons? Those may be good guesses. Of course politics and election clamor may proceed as usual in America. Peter Sweet Sweethaven . . . . Flags are wavin' Swept people from the sea Safe from democracy Sweeter than a melon tree Put here for you and me Sweethaven . . . . God must have landed here Why else would he strand us here Where the air is nice and clear Sweethaven even sounds so near To Heaven Sweethaven
  14. Is everybody ready for more PAIN? Is Rachel Chandler feeling the PAIN? If the records become unsealed much will be revealed. Watch the news for Rachel Chandler. Q -- are you prepared for 'what is about to come'? Barack Obama had parents. His parents met in a Russian-language class. THINK THEN, THINK NOW. Think, think, think. -- logical thinking from the collective: 'Live Action Role Play'? or ARG ('Alternate Reality Game')Argh -- (((These People))) are insaneArgh -- 'children burned alive' ... can you tell us more, Q? "All reported suicides are suspect." Alan Krueger is dead. Let a thousand conspiracy theories bloom. -- begin the Advanced Whoopee Machine. Clinton! YarghArgh -- who the fuck is Nick Lewin? Hundreds of 'bakers' will attempt to answer. Let your hearts soar. -- what is the implication of the photograph? Beats me. Oh, but the name "Rachel Chandler" is discovered. Now the Games Begin. -- "Who is RACHEL CHANDLER?" You tell me, Marge. -- "What is the studio really used for?" Well ... -- I kid you not: "CHANDLER == CHILD HANDLER" ... wheeeeeee! Watch the news, fam. -- LOOK! A picture of Eminem and RACHEL CHANDLER. Boogie. _________________________ Argh. Argh. Argh:
  15. (((They))) did not 'ban' the book. A jumpy and rather stupid move by a major bookseller resulted in the book being unavailable in its own stores and online portal.
  16. Russia Russia Russia! Julia Davis highlights reaction to the Mueller Report delivery to the A-G ... "a mountain that birthed a dead mouse."
  17. Mueller was mandated to supply a 'confidential report' to the Attorney-General. He did so ... in a report titled "Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election." The text of Barr's letter to Congress briefly lays out the process the DOJ is taking to render as much of the Report public as possible, given constraints of law, DOJ policy/practice and the demands of the moment. Yes. Which is why I laughed inside. The 'smiley' gave the cue. Yes. Watch the video, folks -- if you are interested in the opinions of Styxhexenhammer666. It was funny. He still says Myooler and he still says Stir-zock. Anyway, I posted the Tim Pool and the Styx video. Perhaps I will post a few other videos that may support a Mueller Report consensus view at OL, as I come across them. This is the day the Earth Stands Still, while a million opinions whip around as if in a gale. This video is a bit lit, but I like to watch HA Goodman rack up predictions. His predictions are that former 'FBI people' will be indicted, by Barr (though not immediately).
  18. What are you trying to hide, MSK? What don't you want the people to see? Collusion? Racism? Racist collusion? J
  19. LOL... When the fake news media can only sputter, it's a bad day for them... Michael
  20. William, The full report cannot be released as per US law. Some parts have to be redacted. (Some grand jury stuff, classified materials, etc.) Surely you know this. Hell, even Styx said it in the video, which leads me to believe you did not watch that video. Instead, you played the propaganda game, which is to demand something that sounds reasonable, but it totally illegal, then cry cover-up when the demand is not met. The facts don't matter for this purpose, only the headlines. And the headline is where you glommed on. btw - Let me emphasize this since it seems to have passed right over your head. Asking if you think Styx was agreeing with the Dems that Trump should be impeached was tongue-in-cheek. All anyone has to do is watch that video and what he thinks is clear. I, for one, liked that part where he said the entire group of FBI people involved in the investigation should be jailed. I wonder if he was agreeing with the Dems on that... Michael
  21. "Release the full Mueller report." Which I do not think is going to happen ... Here is a snapshot of the four-page letter the Attorney-General sent to the House and Senate:
  22. Yup, the necessary forerunner of mixed economy capitalism morphing into socialism.
  23. That moron Beto was just filmed in a high school gym saying “Fer sure, da President colluded with Russia.” Fox News just nominated Beto as the most wickedly funny and phony Democratic candidate. Fox New is also saying it was a conspiracy with the lead conspirators being John Brennen, Comey, McCabe, etc. There was no probable cause and Russian collusion was just “made up.” And what did Barack Obama know and what did he do in the last year of his presidency? Why was America put through a two year ordeal? America needs answers and it may be time for another special prosecutor. The President should investigate this conspiracy against him and jail time is not off the table.
  24. From Politico. Democrats warn Trump against post-Mueller pardons By Andrew Desiderio and Kyle Cheney. Congressional Democrats are fearful that President Donald Trump — exuberant over special counsel Robert Mueller’s determination that he found no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives in 2016 - could feel emboldened to quickly to pardon allies swept up in the two-year investigation that the president has routinely harangued as a “witch hunt . . . . Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who has previously indicated Trump wouldn’t consider clemency until the Mueller probe ended, clamped down on the notion of quick pardons Sunday morning, prior to the release of Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Mueller’s findings. “No, God forbid, no. No. No,” he told POLITICO. “If we haven’t thought about pardons and commutations up until now and fought off all the questions about it, no, there’s not going to be any thought about that.” The former New York mayor said Democrats expressing concern about the prospect of presidential reprieves amounts to a political attack against the president. They’re got to have something to complain about,” he said. “They’ve had two years of kind of creating this false narrative of collusion. That’s kind of become a dud. And now the question really has been turned on them, which is, who invented it, where did it come from, I think that’s going to be real interesting. I wonder if they have any interest in investigating that?” . . . . Commentators favored by Trump, like Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, and Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch, raced to call on Trump to pardon associates ensnared by Mueller. "It's time to pardon General Flynn and end this disgusting charade," tweeted Bongino on Sunday evening. "President . . . . should pardon those Americans caught up in the Mueller investigation," said Fitton, shortly after Barr's letter was revealed.
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