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  2. Warning. The following is in extremely bad taste. From the Dis-Associative Press. Lovely Mette Frederiksen is a Danish politician who has been Prime Minister of Denmark since June 2019. Tall and sexy, she has been the Leader of the Social Democrats since June 2015. She is the second woman to hold either office, and she is also the youngest Prime Minister in Danish history. Today, getting in on the fun she said in her splendid English, “I will swap Greenland for Puerto Rico and a billion dollars, President Trump.’ Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, trying to get back at the President was reported as saying, “Watch out Melania. Tall and willowy AND with an accent. Ha Donald! Don’t eat any Danish. Ha, Ha!” Later he is reported as saying, “The President had me, The Scaramooch arrested by the FBI and charged with meddling in affairs of state . . . uh, maybe I should NOT say “affairs. It was a joke!” Scarface said as he was led away in handcuffs.
  3. From the news. That PM of Denmark is tall like a model though I could not find what her height was. Men from Denmark are 6 foot on average which is 3 inches taller than American men. Perhaps she is around five ten? Nice looking lady. Too bad El Presidente stepped in it, with his sort of a joke / sort of serious comment. I don‘t think there are 6000 residents in Greenland. As I have mentioned, we have an airbase in Thule, Greenland. The comment could come back to haunt us. Living on Mars would not be easy. It would be colder than Thule, except for Mar’s equatorial region. Are there diamonds on Mars? Not without carbon lifeforms perhaps to lay down some coal over millenniums. I don’t think an exercise and rowing machine would counteract the lower gravity either, Ba’al. Now a space elevator that went up to a round, rotating space station might have some value. Perhaps the elevator would rise to orbital heights where humans could enter another vehicle to avoid damage from Mars quakes or sabotage. Then the rotational living quarters would create artificial gravity. Centripetal or centrifugal force might keep our bones strong and healthy. And chocolate milk. Society for cows on Mars President, and singer of that song, ‘Stairway to Heaven,” Osteo-Peiter Notes. Centripetal [senˈtripədl] ADJECTIVE physics moving or tending to move toward a center. The opposite of centrifugal. Dec 16, 2016 · Mars Compared to Earth: On top that, the gravity on Mars’ surface is much lower than it is here on Earth – 62% lower to be precise. At just 0.376 of the Earth standard (or 0.376 g), a person who weighs 100 kg on Earth would weigh only 38 kg on Mars. Mars has about 38 percent as much gravity as the Earth. This means that a man weighing 220 pounds on Earth would only weigh 80 pounds. While being light enough to bounce around like a child may sound fun, in actuality, gravity is important for much more than determining one's weight. Without enough gravity, human health would quickly deteriorate. Dr. Weird Medicine. Life On Mars: How The Caustic Dust, Atmospheric Pressure, And Low Gravity May Alter The Human Body
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  5. Zero g over the long term is fatal to humans. Our bodies evolved to function in a one g environment. In zero g the bones start to decompose.
  6. Tyndall's Experiment was brilliant. He got his results before Boltzmann discovered the mechanism of gas heating. We really did not understand black body radiation until Planck using Boltzmann's statistical approach figured out what happens. When Tyndall did his experiment in 1859 no one know how gases could absorb and re-radiate heat. To fully understand this we need the photoelectric effect and Compton effect. This were not established until the 1920's. Tyndall was really way ahead of his time.
  7. Rush Limbaugh predicts the next monkeyshine out of the Dems will be an attempt for real at impeachment. What About Trump Will Leftists Go Crazy Over Next? He's having a great time in this transcript, too, discussing the left's descent into insanity. Sometimes Rush gets to the level of poetic. (Sorry... my shadenfreude is showing.) Rush thinks when Pelosi comes back, she will be out of options to stave off impeachment since the money people in the Dem party are now getting on board with the idea, so knowing she will be tanking the Dem election, she will have to do it. If Rush is right, I bet this affects Pelosi's health. I'm serious. If she believes her choice will cost her both the presidency and her own personal power in Congress no matter what she chooses, I think, at this stage in her life, it could make her sick. Michael
  8. William is a Russian sleigh ride in one person throwing off "data" hoping the scientific wolves stop and eat. --Brant
  9. Yes, pathways that indicate corridors that lead to avenues. And he should ask you what your peer groups worry about most right now. And if the answer is neither global warming nor white supremacy, he should project acceptance and understanding and keep looking for the avenues.
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  11. We need to find pathways that indicate possible corridors that might lead toward avenues which will take us to the boulevard of agreement. Let’s see if we can find a foundation near that boulevard on which to establish a platform where we can place our gathered findings to discover if we all agree that they are indeed findings. But first, let’s make more hoops. We need many more hoops to jump through. Place them between us and the questions that Jonathan has asked. Hoops of every size and color. Line them on the pathways, corridors, and avenues. Hoops and more hoops, everywhere! Then let’s hypothesize about the hoops, and research everything about them. What’s the best material out of which to make hoops? Can we find a pathway to a corridor that leads to an avenue which will take us to the boulevard of agreement about the best material for hoops? I’m certain that we can.
  12. Molyneux makes a great point. If Epstein did commit suicide and, apparently did his will two days earlier, the will is probably not valid. You sign an oath that you are of sound mind when you execute a will. Planning suicide does not qualify as "of sound mind." Michael
  13. The pupil has not demonstrated an understanding of “tiresome reading suggestion #34.” So much for in his own words. Worst fake professor ever. Cartman is a better fake cop. Cartman fakes having been in ‘Nam better than this.
  14. Hello? Billy? Are you pouting? You really, really badly want to pontificate on John Tyndall, but your glorious parade was rained upon? I'm sorry, pumpkin. So, let's have your little Tyndall party!!! Yay!!! Happy Tyndall Day, Billy! Tell us all about him! Did he make any predictions about global warming? Did those predictions come true in reality? Did he take a position on man-made climate change, hypothesize that man's activities would result in certain specific temperature increases, and then successfully predict future outcomes in reality? I know, I know. Predictions are icky. But they're a part of grownup science, Billy. You can't have your exciting doom and your controlling other people if you don't have successful predictions first. Okay, so can we get past Tyndall now? What's next? Let's pick up the pace, okay? What's the next very important non-answer to my questions that we need to explore in-depth? J
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  16. May be a misunderstanding. I was on about an Objectivist who in fact isn't a "centrist", but evidently pro-left, on balance. Especially considering how almost all of the craziness comes from the left, one can't morally equivocate. More and worse, when Brook disdains Objectivists who don't see politics and politicians today his way. Notice here how Amy Peikoff rather enjoys the term "Obleftivist", if only ironically acknowledging it, she implicitly accepts it.
  17. A lot of Greenland could be built below ground like they do in Las Vegas to avoid the stifling heat, or cold in this case. Vegas's system of tunnels with stores and amusements that lead from one hotel to another was fascinating to see when my oldest daughter was married.
  18. Interesting. My assumption is that they will be looking for a conspiracy and a coverup.
  19. I was joking around about alien space ships under the ice. I ain't sure how high above sea level the newly discovered crater is. I have a new Clive book, "Celtic Empire," but I haven't read it yet.
  20. btw - The following is not being touted too much, but at least it is in the fake news mainstream media in several places (once ). Epstein's lawyers 'not satisfied' with autopsy conclusion and vow to carry out independent investigation Michael
  21. Brant, Shit. How can we get any outrage going, or even a decent lynch mob, by doing that stuff? Michael
  22. Let's hear from The Man. What does he have to say? Michael
  23. Where have I been? You mean the idea of buying Greenland is not part of AOC's Green New Deal? Here's a different view from Breitbart. According to the article, this is the third time the US has contemplated purchasing Greenland (once after the Civil War and once after WWII). Pinkerton: Why Buying Greenland Is One of Donald Trump’s Best Ideas Michael
  24. I yearn to take down the Deep State and the other elitist authoritarian assholes who are screwing up the world. I'm not a Big Brother is good by default kind of guy. My default is that lying liars who keep lying and are proven to lie tend to lie. Michael
  25. According to this: the hyoid bone was broken in either 6% or 1/4 of cases (there are two conflicting studies), and is more likely broken in middle aged (and older) people who hang themselves. This is nothing like the case of the suicide ruling where the person shot himself in the head, twice. Things with a 6% probability happen all the time. You have no idea what my "yearning"s are. When more evidence comes in, I'll adjust my opinion accordingly.
  26. I think Trump's probably been reading too much Clive Cussler, and is hoping to find ancient shipwrecks there. J
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