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  2. draw and measure image in isometric. choose point and insert plane to encompass all points. use trig from focal. I assume for a better image you choose more points but there is a mathematical way which i dont know to perfection. cone of vision is 60 degrees total
  3. Good for you guys, Deanna. --Brant
  4. Deanna, I would bet on that. Michael
  5. Deanna, Ah, come on. I ask a simple question about what you see, and even tell you I am curious for my own reasons dealing with my studies, and you're not sure you see the point? I even tell you I am not judging anything with this question? Well, here's the point since it is not clear to you: Exchange of information. It's simple. You know something I don't and I would like you to tell me so I can know it, too. I even said that. How is that not clear? But this phantom dude comes here and opens with a crapload of negative assumptions about Rand's flaws, and ours for that matter based on no knowledge at all, and you do see the point? Jeez, Louise... On another issue, I looked up Socratic Circle since I had not heard of it and looked at a few search entries. I happen to like the Socratic method of digging information out of the right brain and underbelly of the mind in order to verbalize it through questions and discussion. Much of the info in the brain has not been recorded in memory in verbal form, nor even the processing of it is in verbal form. So with questions and discussion, things often emerge and appear like they are new. And they are--in words. But the info was there all along. Also, the Socratic method allows the creative impulse to be added to that process so some truly new paths and dot-connections happen. (Apropos, Rand used this method in a solitaire manner in her creative writing and later in her nonfiction. She would list a string of questions as they came to mind, then proceed to answer them as if they came from someone else. After she did that, she would choose what to pursue and what to discard.) In my search, I saw a lot of things mentioning Common Core when they talked about Socratic Circle. So maybe I never heard of this because it's a new jargon term from that system. I don't know... I will look deeper over time. From what little I read, I didn't find any meaningful connection with how this phantom guy opened--talking about what he is not nor ever could be--presuming that that unfortunate state was what we were, and how flawed and foolish the things he wants to discuss are, etc., as he seeks wisdom from all this. That's the Socratic Circle way? Really? (All right, all right, that was a friendly poke in the ribs...) I want to ask you how you think the mental and emotional immaturity of a 15 year old can apply to college graduates because I'm still curious and I'm still not sure what you see. When I look at what goes on in the news on college campuses, with their safe spaces, bullying by collectives, conviction by accusation, intolerance of the boogiemen they have been indoctrinated to hate (mostly America and white males), etc., I can see the possibility. But, frankly, I am looking even deeper. Maybe you're not interested. Whatever... As part of what I see, I got into my stepson's head and, even though he is on the autistic spectrum, his IQ is now recorded as much higher than before--in fact, now it's at an average level--and he is going to college. That tells me the system that coddled him and molded him into a special needs sausage was screwed up, not him. I've tested him on his college lessons and in everything I walked through with him, he was spot on. Hell, I even screwed up the math on one thing and he corrected me. You have no idea how proud of him I am. Anyhow, enough of that. There's no point, right? I sincerely hope this phantom guy does not apply for a job or things like that using the same approach he used here to introduce himself to strangers on a forum. I don't predict he will be very successful if he does. Michael
  6. Ellen, I think you mean Andie Holland and Bill Harris and God Knows what other names this dude cooked up. If I remember correctly, he--and his pseudonyms--dropped names of intellectuals and the names of intellectual ideas with the zeal of the Energizer Bunny and didn't understand the slightest thing about any of them. And all posts went to the same IP--I think it was somewhere in Georgia, but my memory might be off. What a piece of work! You just reminded me of Angie, a different person. She was OK until she hooked up with that plagiarist dude, Victor. Another headache. Barbara Branden was alive back then and man, did she give me grief over those two because, like a fool, I stood up for them. Barbara was quite elegant at serving crow to me after it all fell apart. But Angie's OK. She followed her own path and is presumably leading a good life. I don't know and don't want to know about the other guy. ) btw - On Phantom, his IP resolves to Prairie Grove, Arkansas for whatever that is worth. I didn't go out of my way to look him up, but since I went to the backend to see about the other posters and it was right in front of my face, I took a peek. Another point. Have you noticed that phantom000, seymourblogger, Robert Baratheon and SoAMadDeathWish never used their real names? That's not a fully reliable tell for a problematic person, but it adds nicely with other indications for good accuracy. Michael
  7. I didn’t miss that he was a college graduate. I was a teenage college graduate. My son is on track to be a teenage college graduate. I have two direct reports who were teenage college graduates and an intern who will be a teenage college graduate next spring. That last one doesn’t even drive yet. I am surrounded by very young high performers and over achievers who are earnest yet awkward in their communication styles. All of them have learned a particular type of discussion method called a Socratic Circle. I am accustomed to my son opening discussions in the manner in which phantom did so. Also, as I pointed out before, the quote and the graphic in the original post are from an animated series that I have enjoyed with my son. Given that phantom quoted general Iroh and then explicitly said he was following Iroh’s advice, he seems to be identifying with Iroh’s grandson Zuko, a teenager or very young adult. This is also why I assume he’s male. There are strong female characters in the series that he could have identified with but didn’t. I could go on, but I’m not sure I see the point. You drew a conclusion. I drew a conclusion. We each did so based on our own experiences. We could both be wrong or the reality may be something in between. We simply can’t know unless phantom cares to enlighten us.
  8. Michael, Those three - seymourblogger, "Robert Baratheon," and SoAMadDeathWish - were all actual people who did cause trouble. There have also been some pseudo people - that is, posters who were fictional fronts for someone deliberately attempting to cause trouble. Angie Holland and the other one, ostensively Angie's friend, whose posts were written by some guy getting a charge out of hassling O'vish sites. The author of the posts sometimes goofed and produced inconsistencies in the life history stories he was spinning. I'm a mite suspicious of this "Phantom" poster because of the discrepancy between not being a philosophy major and not having taken philosophy. Probably just a verb miswrite in the first statement. Probably the poster is a journalism graduate. Distressing thought. (What the universities are graduating these days! Gaak!) Ellen
  9. Brant, I don't know what Jon will do. I love him irrespective of whatever he decides. He's very intelligent, but at times he feels like the retarded brother I never had. Michael
  10. Jules, Not to despair! Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. Look how that turned out. But we shouldn't crow yet. Trudeau does have a secret weapon. Canadians might like blackface more than they admit to in public. Michael
  11. From Rush Limbaugh today: The Trump Campaign Threatens to Sue CNN This is a thing of beauty to behold. Michael
  12. Deanna, You characterized him as mentally and emotionally equivalent to your 15 year old. You wrote: But he's a college graduate, not a kid. Now that you know that, do you still identify him the way you wrote above--mentally and emotionally immature in the manner a 15 year old is? If so, why? (Even if it's just a feeling, I'm OK with that as the reason.) Also, at the same conviction level deep inside you, do you see the possibility he may not be what you think he is? Once again, I'm not asking with hostility in mind. I'm truly curious. My kerfuffle with Jon (basically alpha male bullshit) has nothing to do with what I am asking or why. I've been studying the human mind in depth on my own for over a decade and I get curious when I see people believe things I don't understand. What are they seeing that I am not? There's no judgment at this phase, merely curiosity and a wish to identify correctly. Here is the core of what I am getting at: Both you and I missed, or skimmed over in a manner that didn't register, that he was a college graduate. It was right there in front of us and we both blew it. Yet we came to completely different conclusions about him based on the rest of what was there (as we processed it). I know why I came to my conclusions--I've seen the same pattern as this guy many times. So I didn't put a lot of thought into how I reacted. Think The Crazy Lady, or the dude who worked in the government for Cass Sunstein who called himself a character from The Game of Thrones, or the SJW who used a doll as an avatar, etc. Here are their avatars in order just in case you don't remember who I am talking about. seymourblogger, and Robert Baratheon, and SoAMadDeathWish The mess these people caused and the sheer amount of attention they required from me to keep readers from exiting en masse is what I was trying to avoid. They aren't the only ones, either. I don't know why you saw this person as you did. I suspect it involved being caught up in the core stories of being a great mother (that's how I read you ). But something is also whispering in the back of my mind that, if this is the case (which I believe at this point), it is not the whole picture. What are you seeing that I am not? (btw - No need to answer if this is getting to be a pain in the ass. I'm just curious.) Michael
  13. From AP. MANCHESTER, N.H. — Hillary Clinton appears to call Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard "the favorite of the Russians" in a recent interview, while also describing 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein as "a Russian asset." end quote I had a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” President Trump is fulfilling that dream more than anyone since the time of Thomas Jefferson (and no. I haven't forgotten history, but I am just ignoring the issue of slavery back then. If you visit Monticello, the guide will mention slave quarters and how TJ had slaves but treated them humanely.) I had a dream where Biden, Warren, or whichever “lucky one” gets the Democratic nomination can’t even fill up a medium sized arena. But POTUS packs them in. I see Biden and Warren are frequently tied in the polls. The Lying One, Elizabeth Warren, would be a disaster. And Biden would usher in more of the deep state cronyism, graft and decline. A Biden / Warren ticket would be a built in disaster, especially if Warren is in office when 76 year old Biden leaves for whatever reason. How can anyone trust her to not lie about anything? Per the article below, I think of Texas as being safe and conservative Trump territory, but influxes of people from more liberal states and an increase in Hispanics is making the state a bit more iffy, as illustrated by the closer than expected race between Ted Cruz and Beto. Peter From Real Clear Politics. Closed up and edited for brevity. Trump in Dallas: I'm Not Losing Texas By Susan Crabtree - RCP Staff October 18, 2019. In a week when Republican anger over President Trump’s foreign policy managed to supplant the Democrats’ impeachment push in top news headlines, Trump sought refuge in a state that looks and feels just about as different as can be from Washington, D.C. Trump made the 12th visit to Texas of his presidency, basking Thursday night in the adulation of sign-waving supporters who formed a sea of red “Make America Great Again” hats sprinkled with white “Trump 2020” ten-gallons. “I’m thrilled to be here deep in the heart of Texas,” the president told the roaring, 20,000-strong crowd at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. “There has never been a better time to be a proud Texan.” He was likely referring to the Lone Star State’s strong economy, which has grown even more robust during his presidency with the creation of close to 800,000 new jobs, including 70,000 in the manufacturing sector since the end of 2016. “That compares to 55,000 manufacturing jobs lost under President Obama,” said Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale. “And with his dedication to supporting and expanding the energy industry, President Trump will help grow the Texas economy even more after he’s reelected.” But Trump’s “no better time” assertion rings a little hollow when it comes to Texas Republicans. The once crimson state is tinging purple as its Hispanic population grows and new residents pour in from California and other more liberal-leaning states. In 2018, the same year Beto O’Rourke came close to defeating Sen. Ted Cruz, Democrats made big gains across the board, flipping two House seats, two Texas state Senate seats and 12 Texas House seats, even in some traditionally conservative bastions. The GOP leader of the Texas House of Representatives is now engulfed in his own scandal for a caught-on-tape moment saying Trump is “killing us” in suburban districts. The same recording had Speaker Dennis Bonnen granting a longtime request from the head of a conservative group to gain media credentials in exchange for the leader’s help in defeating 10 moderate House Republican incumbents . . . .
  14. Can't we all just get along? --Brant sniff, not; sniff not; SNIFF NOT!!!!
  15. Or a very young adult as I already said. Absent of any other evidence, yes I still assume so.
  16. The alpha dog showed up and demanded I sniff his balls. I don't do ball sniffing. This is a philosophy forum. Michael
  17. For a guy with a college degree? Horseshit. Horseshit again. Seeing you demand that others coddle an SJW is outright funny. I could throw bizarre in your face, but it's just funny. Seriously. I can't stop laughing. I see The Thing stamping his foot and petulantly demanding a safe space against hurtful words and ideas. So the real deal is not that you wanna stand up for someone. It's that you wanna fight, tough guy? There's that word honesty again. Does that mean the other shit you said was dishonest? Michael
  18. Just so people understand what the original stink was. President Trump wanted to bring 50 soldiers home. It ended up being 28. Seriously. That's the deal. Oh... I forgot all that money the US crony war machine makes by keeping endless wars going... Michael
  19. Yes, carrying on like you are, making fun of his graphic, is bullying. I am not standing up for any SJW, just criticized your aim in one case of reading one personality and criticized your reaction to that. That’s too much, even after demanding honesty without apology from Deanna and I just yesterday, but that’s too much today, I hear you and I am quite finished now.
  20. Trump derangement syndrome can kill and there is no vaccination for it.
  21. More news from the Dem Primaries. Hillary Clinton says Tulsi Gabbard is a 'Russian asset' groomed to ensure Trump reelection Oh.. the pain... the pain... Will someone please not say the word "Russian" near Hillary Clinton when she has been hitting the wine bottle too hard? 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 Michael
  22. Brant, We all get pissed at times, but at least we have real men on this forum. (Real women, too. ) As opposed to sissies who need to be coddled... Michael
  23. Yeahbut ... Trudeau Has Canada's Economy Humming Its growth indicators are world beaters, as the country becomes a technology juggernaut.
  24. Jon likes to plant them so he can harvest them. Sorta like "Motel Hell." This guy didn't get planted.😂 --Brant
  25. I was referring to his "instructor." --Brant
  26. Jon, And of course being bullied, right? That's the subtext everyone is responding to. And that's rich coming from you. Since when do you stand up for social justice warriors, anyway? Talk about weird and bizarre. You wanna do tough-guy talk, tough guy? Here's some tough talk. Tone it down. I mean it. My patience is wearing thin. Michael
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