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  2. The 2020 Presidential Election Tournament It's a little early, but what the hell. The Trump-Pence ticket is going to be on one end. That's all over but the crying for their opponents. But we still don't know for sure if Biden will survive in good health to be his opponent, nor do we know who Biden wants to run with him. Then there are the stakes of the House and the Senate. Will the Republicans keep the Senate or will the Democrats take it? Will the Democrats keep the House or will the Republicans take it? Presuming President Trump wins the election, there is the biggest stake of all: will he get a Republican Senate and House made up of pro-Trump Republicans? With that as the game, we now get to strategy. Who is reading the American voter best, the Democrats or the Republicans? Twitter On that point, I can't think of a better way to start this thread than to mention a comment by Rush Limbaugh. He thinks Twitter is going to be the decider on that score. Note, he is not saying whoever gets the best message out on Twitter, or number of followers or whatever, will win the election. He said Twitter shapes the worldview of the lazy, like the fake news mainstream press and its master, the Democrat Party. Outside of Twitter, America in general is much different. Here is where he said that. Winning Strategy: Trump Must Stand Against America’s Overthrow I admit I use Twitter more than I should, especially to reference President Trump's tweets and different news items. I do that because it is really convenient and quick. But I rarely tweet and I even more rarely pay attention to who is getting the most traction. In other words, I use Twitter as a tool, not as an intellectual battleground. And I think Rush is right. The Democrats are seeing Twitter as the main battleground of the election. That is where they are drawing their conclusions from about what is really out there. And that is what they are campaigning on. That is their party platform in more ways than one. But all Twitter shows (and can show) is who the most energetic posters and bots are, not average people in general. It's going to be interesting if this ends up being the big deal I think it will be. If I were a betting man, that's where I would put my money. Off we go Anyway, enjoy the tournament. If the games started today, here is how I see the opening. Ding ding ding ding ding... Welcome to the Government of the United States of America Heavyweieieieieieieieieight Championship of 2020. In one corner we have the one, the only, the outrageous, the unbeatable Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesent Donald J. Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!!! (wild applause) In the other corner, we have... we have... er... we have... excuse us while we take a station break... Michael
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  4. You're telling me...I was driving along and had the radio news on for traffic and weather, when "BREAKING NEWS" from KYW came on that "many states are reversing course on reopening because of the SECOND WAVE! Hospitals are being overrun! The TONE is DIRE!" I don't know other how people don't just drive off a cliff when hearing that while driving...
  5. Jon, (btw - For the reader, the above quote comes from another thread where the main focus is whether President Trump is a poo-poo head or not. And whether I'm a poo-poo head for that matter. So I thought it better to bring the topic of data legitimacy and manipulation to the main thread on COVID-19.) Here is an excellent analysis of the data and the publicity of it by Rush Limbaugh--from his show today. COVID Deaths Plummet, But the So-Called News Remains Negative Doing it without Rush Just in case people skip over quotes from Rush (because they think he's a poo-poo head ), here is the article he referred to from Issues and Insights. Is The Pandemic Coming To An End At Last? And here is the chart from the European CDC presented in the chart. (Rush presented it on his site, too.) Notice that a spike in cases started around the middle of March, right when the press went into high gear and everyone started going apeshit. But the number of deaths stayed in the same range since January 1. Back to Rush Here is what the fake news media wants to happen. They prompt this feeling in average people on purpose. The scariest part There is a whole lot more in this transcript (including a discussion on hydroxychloroquine), but here is the scariest part: persecution of experts by the authorities. Note that the scariest part has nothing to do with the virus per se. There's more. Read the whole thing if you have time. It's Rush on one of his better days. Michael
  6. The value of dis-valuing. --Brant
  7. And send me a check. I'll do all the work! --Scamster
  8. How about the following? 1. Turn your idea into reality, and 2. Set aside worrying about congratulations from others. Michael
  9. btw - Scott has a bug up his ass about President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech being called "unifying." He thinks there are many who don't feel unified by American history, so presenting American history is not effective persuasion. He doesn't see the erasure of history as a bad thing. And he thinks statues have no value at all, symbolic or otherwise. I think I got all that right from the recent videos of him I've watched. It's one of his weirder positions, seeing how he claims to be an expert at persuasion. Michael
  10. Jon, Scott has a leftie side that blinds him at times. (For example, he thinks men weightlifters who become trans should be allowed to compete in official sports events against real women. Why? Because not all women are small. Blah blah blah...) But, to the crux of his presupposition, President Trump's campaign is defending the American way of life. That could be considered backward-looking. (To me it isn't. Defense against an organized attack is present-looking and future-looking to me.) But one thing is not backward looking even in impression: Rebuilding America's Economy. How is Rebuilding America's Economy and making it even greater than before not future-oriented? If I thought about this a little, I could come up with a bunch of things. Besides, if Kanye West did run for real, many of the blacks who like him like President Trump. So if they migrated their vote to Kanye, how would that help President Trump? This is not one of Scott's best moments. Michael
  11. I watched the video of Dr. Todd Grande "debunking" the conspiracy theories about Bill Gates up to the point given in my quote below. I did not find his form or reasoning useful other than in a gossipy kind of way. The gist of his form of argument goes (to paraphrase): "Some people think XXXX. Well let's look at that. [Insert some random opinions that may or may not have bearing on the issue.] See? Those people are stupid." Here is what I am talking about: Is there any intellectual reason to take any of this seriously under the rubric of rebuttal? yawn... Michael
  12. S, Oddly enough, you could say something similar about any of the official statistics from anywhere about the coronavirus scare, including number of infections. And when those gathering, massaging and publishing the statistics, especially on the globalist side, keep going, "oops," there is no reason to believe any of it (unless you hate Trump, in which case you will believe anything at all if it denigrates him ). The more I read the stats, the more I believe the shutdown was a reaction to a big hoax sold to President Trump. The virus existed. And it came from China in a malicious manner. The level of threat they screamed in his face at the time did not exist. Michael
  13. Ethics aside, when no one in private enterprise has given you a paycheck in decades, and no one wants to send you free money since figuring out what you and your major donors are all about, and you can't produce enough on your own steam -- you run to the government for paycheck protection at your tax-law-advantaged charity, your "non-profit org." Atlases don't need paycheck protection. But people with the track records and productive capacities of Binswanger and Ghate, every person at ARI, needs government-provided paycheck protection. They need it. So they accept it.
  14. board member Harry Binswanger and senior fellow Onkar Ghate wrote that the organization would take any relief money offered from the CARES Act. "We will take it unapologetically, because the principle here is: justice," they wrote, adding that "the government has no wealth of its own…. It can only redistribute the wealth of others." Feeding at the public trough unbecoming. I know a wealth manager in Kansas who made plans after considering worse case scenarios and put away enough money to pay 100 people for as long as it takes. No one will lose a job due to his vision. No feeding from the public trough.
  15. Colds have zero impact on a population except missed work days and some people who were going to die soon die sooner and murder can be committed with them. I wonder the severity this illness has had on our populations …
  16. Biden is running a future-oriented campaign? Trump loses unless Kanye decides to run?
  17. The enemy that coordinated the mass casualty event is in control of most of the systems that generate data about the world that we mistakenly accept as base-level facts.
  18. Okay, but is there a way to quantify the severity of this illness on a population as (the public would assume) it relates to national health policy? I mean, confirmed cases and confirmed deaths are obviously not reliable numbers, so I wonder if there is any auxiliary information that would suggest on which side the statistics are skewed. One crude way of estimating the real number of COVID deaths might be to compare last year's total deaths to this year's. Here is the CDC site with January-March of 2019: You can change the year to 2018 at the top right. I don't know if there is a way to get an unofficial number for total deaths in the country so far this year, and if such a source would have numbers for last year also that can be compared. It looks like ~230,000 per month (for the most significant months) if we assume the data from 2018 would be roughly consistent with 2019 and 2020 sans COVID. With the explicit "liberalism" of the COVID related death tracking, we know the ~133k official death number is significantly inflated. But once you reduce it by even half, and spread that number between 2-3 months (the time that the bulk of the deaths happened, i.e. testing ramped up), you're left with numbers that are too small to really say anything definitively. If there were, say, 260k deaths in May, and 230k in May 2019, it's hard to say that those 30k were from COVID, especially when you consider that other causes of death went up (unofficially) because people were not going to the hospital for other important treatments. I don't know if it will ever be possible to untangle this mess.
  19. Oh, Billy got sad that Merlin is a morally repugnant monster, like Billy himself. You also have zero interest in mass murdering politicians so long as they are on your side of the political battle. Both of you are inexcusable scum.
  20. There is no impact. It is a typical bad cold. They tell stories that indicate otherwise. Lasting impacts stories. Lies. Shutting down has had enormous negative impacts, but those were not caused by too many old people dying, they were from intentionally shutting down economies, which were political calculations having nothing to do with the new cold.
  21. If they answered honestly: I don't understand most conspiracy theories, so I don't believe in them. I do trust the pretty faces on the magic screen on the wall, always have. When they tell me a conspiracy has happened, then I know to believe in it, because that's when I know everyone in my circle will believe in it and I wont be challenged in my beliefs.
  22. Merlin is an idiot. Just look at him, here. Elected mass murderers and he only wants to talk about Trump's verbal insensitivity to scared people's feelings. A dumb piece of shit and a moral monster.
  23. In the wake of the "achievement" of your "idea" in the OP, if only for consistency, you yourself should do what you suggest.
  24. In the wake of the "achievement" of your "idea" in the OP, if only for consistency, you yourself should do what you suggest.
  25. I propose a theory of the achievement ethics (for lack of better term): When you come up with an idea; do the following: 1.Ascribe your personal awesomeness in a fantastical metaphor or equivilate it to an achievement of a great mind... Congratulate yourself for the achievement, reward yourself for the achievement. Do #1 again for the ills is will change in the world, maybe even show how this is a stepping stone to greater achievement. 4. Tell someone about your achievement (if you want) and include all of the ^relevant egoic responses to it.
  26. Yes, I do find it interesting that there are some Objectivists who just dismiss EVERYTHING as a "conspiracy theory." Well, conspiracies have always been a part of history. They always will be as well. Here is the definition of that word: 1. the act of conspiring. 2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot. 3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose:He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government. 4. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act. 5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result. Are Objectivists seriously trying to tell me that everything evil that happens in the world is because of a single actor? Are you going to tell me that Frank and Jesse James were both acting on their own and hasn't conspired to rob people? Rand herself called the Communist Party a "criminal conspiracy" to overthrow the government. Are you going to tell that gang rapes are just random acts?
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