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  2. I hope I haven’t posted these before but we are on a slow boat to ‘Wellville.” Stay well, Objectivist living. Here are a few old letters about “volition.” I picked and chose because the thread was huge. Say that three times, fast. And since Ellen is posting here now I picked a couple extra of hers to reread. Ellen Moore, George, BB, Merlin, Michael Hardy are contributors. Peter From: Ellen Stuttle To: atlantis Subject: ATL: Re: Ellen [Moore] and Nathaniel Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 18:59:16 -0500. We have here one of those debates which is becoming so bogged down in the details of particular
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  4. Ellen wrote, “Outright lying would have been significantly less expensive than bribing.” When Reagan was running for President they used an old ad he did for cigarettes against him. I remember, almost precisely, when the “warning” was placed on all packs of cigarettes, and I had just driven (proudly with my new license) to a grocery store when a truck pulled up to deliver and it had a rendition / advertisement of a pack of cigarettes on the side, without the warning label. Some people started getting mad at the driver because it did not have a warning. My Mom and Dad were still smoki
  5. We will get our second covid-19 shots in a couple of weeks, and our mortality and hospitalization rates will sink to five or ten percent . . . or less. Just curious. Does anyone dispute that? Peter I should add, our mortality rate will lower "if we get the coronavirus."
  6. Michael, The point I was trying to make about the doctor-endorsement cigarette ads didn’t get through, so I'll try again. What I started to wonder in my childhood about those ads wasn’t if the doctors were being bribed - which is what I interpret you as believing was happening - but whether the advertisers were really asking doctors at all. In other words, I suspected that the testimonials were from fictional doctors, that the advertisers were outright lying, not that they were bribing doctors. Outright lying would have been significantly less expensive than bribing. Ellen
  7. I noticed that "trophy" emoji and interpreted it the same way you did and, like you, was sickened by it. Ellen
  8. You can say that again. (This goes to Instagram and you have to turn the sound on--red circle.) I can't take my eyes off this thing... Aargh... Michael
  9. Remember all those people who stormed The Capitol? What’s happening on the legal front? Here is one story. From Axios. The Arkansas man who was pictured with his feet on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk during the Jan. 6 insurrection had an outburst in court Thursday, yelling at the judge and his own lawyers that it isn't "fair" he is still in jail, KNWA reports. Background: Richard Barnett, 60, has been asking to be freed on bond since he was arrested days after the attack at the Capitol, per the New York Times. Barnett lost his patience after D.C. District Court Judge Christopher Coope
  10. I am not the only one saying this. I read it, though, much earlier. So I am not attributing it to Kevin. I am happy he posted it because that means this phrase is spreading. It's the kind of pithy thought that catches on and prompts changes for the good. Or, as Dr. Seuss said: Michael
  11. This is something I wrote back in 2015. Peter Majel Roddenberry’s COMPUTER VOICE: Warning. Inner hull failure imminent on decks twenty-three, twenty-four, and twenty-five. Decompression danger . . . ARI will detonate a photon torpedo in 10 seconds. Commander Brant from the Borg ship: We are the Borg. This proposed abomination would be legally blocked unless the characters were from Anthem. A dozen Jack Reacher books? Who needs them? A dozen Doctor Seuss books? Why. Sequels? What possible good could come from this? Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. So what if the new Mi
  12. I remember babysitting as a teen and reading his books to children, and then I read them to my girls as they were growing up. At a certain age they don't seem relevant to a child but for the parent, it is a lot of fun hamming it up with Doctor Seuss. Try reading one you find online as if you were reading it to a four year old and I bet it would be fun.
  13. Actually, now is a short time after that post and this statement is the latest: You can read about this one here: “A RINO of the Highest Order – A Pompous Fool” — Donald Trump’s Latest Smackdown of Karl Rove is One for the Ages Today was a feel-good day. Michael
  14. Brant, Come on. Green eggs aren't that bad... Michael
  15. Just for the record, I've never been able to stand Dr. S's books. --Brant
  16. Jules, You can if you want. I won't. (btw - In case anyone is wondering since I didn't explain it, my tipping point came over trolling with smileys. That guy never "liked" anything Peter wrote--he only laughed at it. Over and over and over. But when Peter said he got the vaccine, that guy gave him the highest most positive emoji reaction he could--limited due to an error I had made last December. I am absolutely sure he thought the vaccine was a Deep State cull and control mechanism to use on the population and, in the best of cases, dangerous. Whether he is right or not i
  17. The latest statement from President Trump: Read about it here: BOOM! Trump UNLOADS on Mitch McConnell and Never-Trump Wall Street Journal in Latest Press Release This kind of thing is making me feel real good. Michael
  18. I know for you it'd be a bit much but really.... Who's fooling who? All of the stores I've gone into, without exception, do nothing to enforce state mandates. Its not as if they say no trespassing, violators will be shot upon finding no masks on their person. Its a fools errand to to have an employee designated to confront customers. The vast majority wear masks and the few who don't, eh. Shops need/want buyers. They don't want a scene either and they feel as the majority feels, if you take precautions yourselves that is good for most everyone. Yes, the legal system has seen fit to legal
  19. A very important guest article appeared today on Gateway Pundit: ======= The Overwhelming Evidence of the Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic Was Covered Up by US Government Officials, US Scientific Authorities and Their Chinese Counterparts Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, PhD Already by the end of January 2020, elements within the U.S. government and the U.S. scientific establishment were becoming increasingly concerned that the American people might learn the truth about the origin of the COVID-19. That is, it was an artificial virus created in a labor
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  21. Well said. I see no reason to "force" people to do what "the government" thinks is right. If you don't want to wear a mask don't, and if you do, then wear it. State mask mandates are a bit iffier. I don't want to be harassed or arrested so I will wear in it if a store has a state sign on their door. However, private property is different. If Walmart says you need a mask to enter, so be it. How to get around the problem of finding it hard to breath? I arrange the medal strip on my mask to move it away from my nose to allow air in and out. If I am in a store aisle and alone I may pinch and
  22. I'm not the only one making this comparison. Over on Gab: Michael
  23. Drs recommend it not because they see the affects of the "vaccine". But relief. Fear is the compelling factor, once sparked it can't be put out, not like fire. I will lie about it. What I see are eyes registering fear because I cant see disapproving faces. I'm going to lie because folks can be nazi like in their zeal for feeling protected. They don't ask for proof, they want submission. As long as I display submissive behavior its acceptable. A couple of weeks ago I was early to pickleball. Lacrosse hadn't yet let out and as we assembled en masse suddenly I was called out for being mask-l
  24. Who is the meanest, most intolerant, and stupid President in the last hundred years or more? Biden. Why? Biden’s bad picks for Chief of Staff, DOJ leader, AND Vice President, etc. etc. etc. Blue state bailout using the Coronavirus bill. Undocumented aliens with Covid-19 being allowed to cross the border. Shelters at near capacity. Calling Governors “Neanderthals” for doing what is right in their states. Graft. Continuing to let his family profit overseas, using the Biden label. Zero HUMAN greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 stupidity. He should just kill all the c
  25. Texas and Mississippi decided to end mask mandates. Biden was not amused. As he opened borders to let in countless illegal aliens with COVID-19 infection, he said the following about the Texas and Mississippi decisions: See here and here. And the experts? What say they? Michael
  26. Just look at that shit. YouTube deleted the speech even on the Reuters account. Here is the speech on BitChute. CPAC 2021: FORMER PRESIDENT TRUMP FULL SPEECH To repeat, when in human history have the people who burned books and censored opposing views been the good guys? Never. That's when. Michael
  27. The FBI is garbage. UPDATE: Judge Orders Release of Proud Boys Member Ethan Nordean After Feds Get Caught – Oversold His Case Like Worthless Trinkets from a 3 AM Infomercial The FBI needs to be disbanded. The USA does not need a secret police that arrests and tortures political prisoners simply because it can. But that is what the FBI is now. Michael
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