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  2. He struggled a lot and called for his mother over and over again. He was violent, and you can see something white in his mouth, which the defense said could be banana, gum, or drugs. The pills found around the car were old and newly dropped. The older pills looked like they had begun to disintegrate. I think he was "swallowing the evidence, and that is what was in his mouth: more drugs. He had a 90 percent blockage of a heart artery on the right side, also. I think it is a possibility there will be a hung jury, but we shall see. I am sure the authorities in several cities are preparing for cri
  3. See what I mean? The patience of a saint. Reminds me of something I read, once... "Take Les Misérables. The hero steals a loaf of bread and is sent to prison. He cannot stand it, so he tries to escape; he draws a longer sentence. When he is finally released, he is an outcast. He comes to a town where nobody will lodge him or serve him dinner. Then he sees a house with an open door—the house of the local bishop. This very well-drawn, altruistic bishop invites him to stay, serves him a meal, and treats him with all the deference due an honored guest. The ex-convict notices the bishop’s only
  4. Floyd put himself on the ground and opened up any opportunity for 'negligence' that may have played out concomitant with his chemically compromised breathing , yeah?
  5. TG, I was not making a rebuke. I want that to be clear since facial expressions, body language, etc., are not part of the normal message. We only have written words and, at times, images and videos. I want to elaborate on a few points since my purpose is to establish bridges of communication. 1. I start from the position that most people are good and want to be good, to do good. I think if they can see a problem without pegging it to a strongly slanted/bigoted core story, they will opt for the most reasonable conclusion and that will tend to be good. So when I try to conv
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  7. I have been watching the prosecution. Was it a cop just doing his duty, manslaughter, something in between or a homicide? I have watched the tape a number of times and I think it was homicide. edit. The defense has begun with "Chauvin arrived and saw Floyd resisting." I agree. Floyd was a bit "wild." edit edit. After re-watching Floyd's continuous struggling and did he try to bite the officer? I would change my verdict to less than murder, but still it was "negligence." The EMT's could have been there in three minutes to sedate and help Floyd with his breathing but they took longe
  8. You think? Have you seen this picture in the tweet? Not even close to "lipstick on a pig"
  9. Pompous Fauci Attacks Jim Jordan, Says Mask Mandates, Endless Lockdowns and Vaccine Passports Have Nothing to do with Restricting Civil Liberties (VIDEO) Ellen
  10. If they are bots, that just makes it worse, because they're knowingly supporting her calls for violence, then. And if Twitter is allowing it that, again, worse. Because they KNOW what they did to Trump... But this is all academic at this point, of course. It's all a sham. We can point it out til' the cows come home...just waiting for something to actually be DONE about it...
  11. I read through about a dozen of so of the tweets that come up on the search. I think that most of them are bots. Maxine Waters looks better wearing a mask. Ellen
  12. What is probably the hardest to discern is the amount of credulity to assign to almost any numbers from 'institutions'. But if one were to put the lens of terrain vs command centers on the numbers as given and the seeming fact of 'higher' totals in the US and other western countries , it could be the level of fear needed to instill compliance with government edicts is higher where the terrain is not yet under the command center control. Eastern cultures are less 'prone' to dissidents , larger swarths of the population in those cultures are 'with the program'. They are and have been
  13. Jon keeps sending me emails (through the contact form) to tell me how stupid, etc. etc. etc. I am. So weird. He tells people to leave him alone, but when they do, he comes back like a junk-yard dog howling for attention. He wants attention. I'm giving him attention. I feel sorry for him. Michael
  14. Carol, It never did matter. The oligarchy doesn't give a crap about its handmaidens. They say they do, but they don't. Michael
  15. By June in Afghanistan? What will happen? Dare we look at what will happen? Q: What should be done about the killing of innocent people in war? AR: This is a major reason people should be concerned about the nature of their government. Certainly, the majority in any country at war is innocent. But if by neglect, ignorance, or helplessness, they couldn't overthrow their bad government and establish a better one, then they must pay the price for the sins of their governments we are all paying for the sins of ours. If some people put up with dictatorships some of them do in Soviet Russ
  16. The Washington Post: Congress faces renewed pressure on gun control after Indiana’s red-flag law fails to thwart FedEx shooter.
  17. I thought it was a reasonable conspiracy theory. Low China death rates. Low Taiwanese death rates. Low Japanese death rates. Low Asian death rates in America. Duh
  18. I did dig it, very much . So wowed. IsMarc your nephew? What talent. I was attracted to the title Bordertown, since I am a native of one, and having read the description I am going to order it. As I am incredibly cheap now that is a real tribute.
  19. Brant The purple of your tribute is.for noble mourning. Noble Pyrrhus believed the cause was just I think, but without checking I could be wrong about who was right and wrong. There are as you note, few new words to say.Here are some old ones that speak to me. "The garland withers on your brow, and boasts no more your mighty deeds ; Upon death's purple altar now, see how the victor/victim bleeds . Your head must come to the cold tomb. Only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in their dust. - James Shirley, 1596-1666 James Shirley thrive
  20. Compare and contrast: Trump was removed from Twitter, falsely accused of inciting violence. Meanwhile, Maxine Waters makes an actual call for violence, and is rewarded by Twitter with the trending hashtag #IStandWithAuntieMaxine. In other news, up is down, left is right, there are 5 lights instead of 4, and we've always been at war with EastAsia...
  21. It's not any system, Carol, it's Michael. When he gets to the bone he thinks it's still meat and keeps on eating. The United States is breaking up into red and blue leaving none or little room for even the appearance of civil discourse. Canada is blue and so are you. My family is mostly blue. Dig this: The intellectual life is becoming physical strife. It's an old sordid story. --Brant
  22. BaalChatzaf The AGGs called the specific type of arguments being dealt with here in these writings, RATIOS. Where have I read that one of the AGG teachers asked of his students' homework, "Have you done your Ratios?" Additional to that, you bring forth a new way to state a definition for one fundamental type of Motion. The AGGs, especially Aristotle and Euclid, used two types of concepts for Motion, MOTION. and what 18th., Cent. Geometers called RECTILINEAL MOTION. To us modern geometers the older description is somewhat confusing. To the AGG the "MOTION" of "something" meant t
  23. EEEEWWW This. Is.Too . Much. I don't know if,as a power grabber,I am a slave or a master in the elitist oligarchy any more, it doesn't matter. Because I renounce wholly a system which would put me anywhere with laTourette, even though on opposite sides. You win, I will stop being an oligarch or wanting to be, even unconsciously. I could never be a business oligarch anyway and the political ones who have their own countries are all foreign.
  24. Yes, I am tired too of the same thing, but if I can soldier on so can you. IAm sorry I prevented you from talking about sources. I don't remember Candace Owens, but I will look that up and also apologize to her in absentia. To wish someone did not exist is the worst and lowest thing a mind can do, and I know that absolutely because the only person I have thought that about was myself, and only once, but It was plenty to be a touchstone in my intellectual and moral life. I have never thought that about a living person,and if I gave you that impression I was writing really badly when I did it.
  25. Michael, you have the patience of a saint. I admire that. But as for persuasion or convincing: I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt, and consider their context. I have not seen that goodwill reciprocated. I have seen no evidence that certain people want to be convinced. Or listen to, or address counter arguments. They'd rather preach. And insult while they preach (and I've never seen any apologies on that person's part, btw). And use strawman arguments to misrepresent other's arguments while they preach. Or resort to emotional blackmail, and undermine morale, while they insult and p
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