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  2. LOL... BREAKING: Trump ends US China trade war; swaps Hong Kong for California in unprecedented deal Man, would that be The Art of the Deal... Michael
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  4. Am I right in thinking that the bridge to the Q material you posted was Michael's brief discussion of "Operation Snow White"? I read the whole copy/paste, and I don't think it's nonsense, whether or not all of it is true. Although lengthy, it isn't prolix but instead terse in covering a lot of territory. But how much connection do you see to Mark's discussion of Carl Barney? Ellen PS: The link under the "Snow White" heading gives me a URL-not-found notice.
  5. The Gang’s current attempt at WWIII through their controlled puppet Iran will fizzle and fail just like the attempt in Syria and then again North Korea. Trump will use the attempt as pretext for kinetics that end The Gang’s presence there.
  6. Iran shenanigans are to distract you from this: Canadian RCMP Official's Arrest Could Compromise 'Five Eyes' Intelligence Alliance There's something rotten in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, an intelligence sharing community that includes the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Canada on Friday revealed that it had arrested the former director general of the RCMP's National Intelligence Coordination Center
  7. True enough except no they won't ,😀 --Brant
  8. Brant, I used to think this way, but now I'm contemplating a new idea. I'm considering the possibility that this oil base of international import and export currency is like the housing subprime mortgage bubble, with sliced-diced derivatives, collapse. That things was a scam, granted, but everything was going fine until the bankers got greedy and actually tried to foreclose on the mortgages (the dogshit) they were using to prop up partytime. Those mortgages could have been bought by very forgiving profiteers of the derivatives explosion without even putting a dent in their profits. They would simply let the people stay in the houses, but take over the loans and payments and structure them for chump change payments for the next 100 years, thus keeping the mortgages as healthy, but noooooooooo... They got greedy and wanted to roast the goose that laid the golden eggs and eat the damn thing. Then they wondered why no more eggs bundled and packaged derivatives. I think if oil falls as the main reason to preserve the dollar for international payments of imports and exports the world over, in the jockeying to fill the breach from major countries that do currency manipulation, particularly China, the whole thing will fall apart in a similar manner and the price of the dollar against other fiat currencies will end up in the toilet, leading said fiat currencies to follow close behind (including China and whoever else is playing). Michael
  9. I am very close to this thinking: Glenn is one of the few people out there who sees Iran through a religious/ideological lens--the kind that motivated the communists and Nazis. Except in the case of Iran, their ideology is tied up with a particular interpretation of Islam. The top people there, the Twelvers, actually do believe they will aid Allah's plan of sending the Twelfth Imam back by setting the world on fire. I think the probability of this being their main motivation is way above 50%. The good news is that the probability that this is a popular position with the Iranian people is way, way, way below 50%. Michael
  10. True enough, but the dollar is not backed by oil. It's a world of fiat currencies priced against each other. The defacto credit worthiness of the dollar is unsurpassed. Still, the dollar is not a store of wealth. Assets are stores of wealth. In a hundred years today's buck, if it still exists, will be worth 2 to 5 cents. Gold could be about the same value as today. A share in the S and P 500 (or 2000)--low cost Vanguard--50 to 100 times today's purchasing power. Etc. --Brant
  11. It’s not spam or nonsense and not only I know why and you too could know why by simply asking. ”please delete it.” No, thanks.
  12. MSK, Your dates are about right. Barney was probably commercially involved by 1967 however the only hard date I know is that by 1970 he owned five franchises. He must have worked his way up to that number. Hubbard kicked him out in 1979, so I’d say probably 12 years of commercial involvement and certainly 9. I don’t have any theories about the coincidence of that period with Co$’s shenanigans. In an earlier post you suggested that Hubbard threw Barney out because he was, as Hubbard claimed, engaged in shady activity, and wanted to make Co$ look better to the FBI, which was beginning an investigation about that time. I don’t know, as I said at the time. It’s off my radar. Jon, Why you spammed this thread with obscenities and prolix nonsense only you know but please delete it.
  13. Brant, I'm not so sure. International payments used to be in British Pound or French Francs. After the Bretton Woods agreement (1944. where the World Bank, IMF, etc., were established), this changed to the American dollar. I always thought this change was due to some kind of treaty or something. But trading US protection of Saudi Arabia for it doing all its foreign oil business in dollars makes a lot of sense. I imagine Saudi Arabia brought all the Sunni Muslim countries with it. And that would be the risk of the dollar. If Saudi Arabia feels betrayed by the US and the other Sunni Islamic countries goes with it, meaning if a new currency starts being used for international agreements, all those dollars the world over will start being sold off and coming back to the US. Then you will see inflation like you have never seen in your life. The US has used its privileged currency position to export inflation for decades and decades (by printing oodles of money to pay some government bills and favor some cronies, then sending the rest abroad. I'm not worried, though. President Trump is a great deal maker. Michael
  14. I don't think Saudi production costs are $80/barrel. I think they need $80. The danger to the dollar is a minor issue. War is the major danger. Sanctions are an act of war. They are hurting the Iranian people, not their rulers. It makes them stronger. We are instigating a war. Doing it all wrong. The stronger the Iranian people the relatively weaker the rulers. When they seriously start to take those rulers down we jump in with whatever to give them the advantage. FDR knew he was provoking war with Japan so he could go fight Hitler. Today nobody knows shit. --Brant
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  16. To be convincing, the video would have to be done in one take, and many more times. It's not, and the lack of that makes me think the video creator simply spliced together the successful runs. I love cats and would like this to be true, but the video does not show it.
  17. Listening for the sound and knowing it is not a random sound but the sound the ball is making against the cup seems even more mentally sophisticated than tracking a couple moves of one cup.
  18. 23 minutes ago, Jon Letendre said: Sorry, I took you for meaning the dumb ones’ failures are ignored, but you surely meant the fails, period, are ignored. Do have experience with cats? Allowed outdoors? You’ve watched them while they are outdoors? In my experience the intelligence depicted in the video just scratches the surface of cats’ abilities. Almost my whole life I've lived with cats. Only when the last one died, 18 years old, we've decided not to take another cat, as that one would probably survive us, and that is an unbearable idea to us, as we've no idea what would become of it then. And yes, they can be clever. When it suits them.
  19. It wouldn't affect that proposition, but neither would it prove it. The file drawer effect or publication bias is a serious problem in many research fields, like psychology or medicine, not ot mention more dubious fields (it's the way to "prove" with spurious significance values desired theories.) If the skill is genuine, I think the cat uses a different strategy. In the video you can see that the cat sometimes doesn't look at all at the cups, so it wouldn't have been able to keep track of the right one. I think a more likely explanation is that it reacts to the sound of the ball. No need to keep track of the relevant cup, it just hears under which cup the ball is still rolling a bit at the end, That said, I think that a perfect score as in the video is unlikely, so there probably has been some cherry picking for the end result.
  20. Saudi Oil, Attacks, Dollars and Iran The recent drone strike on Saudi Oil fields, which is currently blamed on Iran has thrown another monkeywrench in the messes in the world mix. The following recent video by Glenn Beck breaks all this down with a clarity I have not seen anywhere else. I still don't trust Glenn because of the way power went to his head, but he seems to be straightening out a little and, based on this video, I have subscribed to his YouTube channel again. When he is good, he is very, very good, But when he is bad, he is... Er... He sucks the bigass green weenie. Back to point, I believe this Middle East state of affairs has the potential to trigger a major war. We need to keep an eye on it. Michael
  21. Sorry, I took you for meaning the dumb ones’ failures are ignored, but you surely meant the fails, period, are ignored. Do have experience with cats? Allowed outdoors? You’ve watched them while they are outdoors? In my experience the intelligence depicted in the video just scratches the surface of cats’ abilities.
  22. Hi Max. Wouldn’t the successes yet show what some of the felines can do? We could throw out 99% of some test’s results, but that wouldn’t affect the proposition “some people can ... get a perfect score on this test.” “That species can get a perfect score on that test” is then true, even though 99% of the results don’t happen to help support it. In any case, I have owned many cats and dogs (the latter of which I trained to point game in the field) and I have looked into object permanence research and the video offered looks to me like about average skill a cat can attain after moderate training. My best would be to say they do it the way we do it — in their mind they see the thing is “right there” and they keep track as it moves a couple times. They’re highly evolved predators and you see to it during training that their successes equate to mouth treats, that’s how you hack them.
  23. Very funny and charming, but of course cheating is very easy. Just don't publish the articles that don't confirm your thesis, um... I mean. don't show the videos that don't contain the desired result. That's called the file drawer effect.
  24. I decided to look for the sources and knew I would see something predictable. But it was even worse than I thought. The sources are given in the subheadline: While looking at the article, I typed the word "official" in my brower's page search function and saw the term "official" was used 102 times. That's an amazing amount of times in an article of about 4,400 words or so, seeing that the vast majority of times were used as fact sources or quote sources. Seeing a number and seeing an item by item list give very different impressions. So here's a list of how this word was used. It's not a full list since I skipped some items. But all items below were copy/pasted directly from the article without repeating any item. (This means the beginning two, which are the same, were two different items in the article.) Very few names were given. In fact, the only officials named were Farkas, Rogers, Ruppersberger and Jaffer: These four were used very little as sources, though. Why so many anonymous officials as sources? I guess the idea was to make this article sound... well... official. Oh... incidentally, there were images, too: Wow, a Former Senior Intelligence Officer instead of an official... I guess that makes it official, then... LOL... What a piece of garbage... Michael
  25. Imagine what we do and have done to them and to everyone, worldwide, for the last 100 years. No wonder so many hate us. I have asked at this site before but have had no takers: how many coups did the CIA engineer in the Americas in the 20th century? Killery/Obama subverted Ukraine and put a hostile in power, and armed it, next door to the Russians. Imagine the Russians effecting the same in Mexico. They should want to nuke us. Luckily Putin hacker that he is understands that that was the Bush/Clinton crime families/Deep State/Gang that Trump is at war with.
  26. That sounds more like Get 2016 Cheated then Bend Over for Hill Bernie, to me. Trump is they let you grab them by the pussy, remember?
  27. Exclusive: Russia Carried Out A 'Stunning' Breach Of FBI Communications System, Escalating The Spy Game On U.S. Soil
  28. Involuntary Cock Assault by Proxy. Two victims. Of course all she can think about is herself.
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