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  2. Dr. Charles Hoffe, of British Columbia, Canada, has – or had – a large Eskimo clientele, now called First Nation People. It seems that non-whites are more susceptible to harm from the vaccines; in other words, their reaction is exaggerated. The point is that there is something to exaggerate. I abridged these videos to save people time viewing them. They need to be viewed in order: April June
  3. Guardian Angel Gone Wild I was just watching Peter Navarro talking to Steve Bannon. He made a comment in such plain language, it shed light on a dark part of what is going on. The clarity was refreshing. I wont give the exact quote because I don't want to spend time hunting for the text on the video and transcribing it (but you can if you want--see here ). But I will paraphrase. Navarro said that Fauci never imagined in a million years that the virus would escape the Wuhan Lab. What he really wanted to do over there was create a deadly virus, then create a vaccine for it. That nails it. In addition to being an evil fuck whose greed for government money knows no bounds, he's a basket case with a guardian angel complex. His type usually appear in hospitals where they (trying hard to not get caught) make helpless patients suddenly sick so when the alarms go off, they can show up out of nowhere and save the day. Some arsonists are like this. They set fire to buildings with people in them so they can show up and rescue those people, Actually, anybody who causes accidents or illness so they can save the day are like this. The Death Con By acting in such manners, Fauci has been responsible for countless deaths over the years. His favorite trick is to withhold medication while telling dying people that a vaccine is on the way. Then ignoring the issue as people drop like flies and he sucks money from the government. That is exactly what he did with AIDS. (See the movie, The Dallas Buyer's Club, for a film version of how this process played out.) This is what happens when the government and private sector get too entangled. A monster like Anthony Fauci gets in charge of vast sums of research money for things that can cause an enormous amount of damage. The rest is history all throughout organized civilization. Floyd Ferris Fauci's Atlas Shrugged counterpart is Floyd Ferris, who was in charge of vast sums of government money, cultivated and intimidated scientists with funding, and came up with that damn Project X. If you want a great mental image for Floyd Ferris, look at Anthony Fauci. Michael
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  5. btw - Kevin Haggerty is a sweetheart of a guy. We sometimes exchange pleasantries on Facebook. He's totally woo-woo now (I mean, really woo-woo ) and I wish him all the best. I am not on that wavelength, but I will not scoff at human beings when they find gentle happiness. In fact I celebrate it. Michael
  6. William, Er... VP? Really? I thought you had better taste than that. (sigh) You can dress them up, but you can't take them anywhere... Michael
  7. Wanna see a tell? One that signals just how bad the Deep State is unraveling? Let's not forget that Chuck Schumer is one of the Congressional happy faces the Deep State puts on for the public. And let's not forget that the intelligence community is a fundamental part of the Deep State, Remember when Schumer said the following to Rachel Maddow (see here)? Remember how smug he was? Well, in the video below, he no longer seems so smug. When he made that comment to Rachel Maddow, he was in the minority and as smug as a bug in a rug. Now he's on top of the world and he lost his smugness. In fact, he looks worried, despite his attempt to keep up a happy face. What happened, Chucky? Dem Senator Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters: ‘How Could 74 Million People Vote For a Despicable, Racist, Vile Man?’ (VIDEO) And here's the video: Take a pause and introspect a second. That sudden kinetic feeling you have in your chest is your heart warming. I know mine is. Michael
  8. Ken Bennett may have turned into a "traitor" ... considering how opaque the latter parts of the Oddit are.
  9. It's only Jimmy Dore satire (and some of it is quite funny ), but these assholes--Hunter and Joe--deserve this. If anyone knows how to launder money, they do. Michael
  10. I would have loved that!!!! Right down the street to the west a few blocks they had some great schnitzel places!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. That I must s not a joke about writing, it is a page from my advanced ESL course, literally! And when I say literally, you know what I don't mean....
  13. They were kind of wow, actually. As a livable city I can't imagine any better. Wish I could have met you for a beer at the Brunswick Tavern and set you straight on political philosophy, when I had more of my wits about me.
  14. Footnote on the basketball, the first basketball court is arguably right here in little and ole St Stephen. Unarguably the. Chocolate bar was invented here by the Ganongs. I do not count the historical revisions of Big Chocolate in the US as credible. Just saying.
  15. And one of the best shows in a while, Schitt's Creek, came out of Canada, acted-produced by Eugene Levy and son. The country has a quality film industry.
  16. And dont forget that we also elected twice Fidel Castros son, Justin. Ironic because as we embrace communism here in Ontario, those in Cuba are fighting against it.
  17. We Canadians also invented basketball, insulin, pablum, penicillin(sort of, Fleming was Scottish but discovered/produced it in Canada.) and open heart surgery.
  18. A couple of oddball moments in the Coronavirus saga. The first is a comment I heard from somewhere or other. COVID-19 is the first virus in history that needed a publicity and propaganda machine to keep reminding folks that it exists. That's true. Notice that the news is never about what medicine to take if you get it, measures to take to keep from dying from it, etc., etc., etc. It's all about pointing fingers at people, ramming the vaccines down the public's throats, politicians defending or resisting lockdowns, masks and so on. And on and on and on. It's never about being sick and what to do. It's only about how much government control can be dressed up in fear mongering. If the publicity and propaganda machine shut down their fear mongering to sell government control and only focused on the facts about the virus, what to do if you get sick, the medicines available, etc. nobody would talk about COVID-19 anymore. It's pretty easy to cure if you get it. The second is an analysis of the nonverbal signals during the clash in the Senate. The body language lady further took Fauci apart. BODY LANGUAGE - FAUCI VS RAND PAUL IN CONGRESS One of my favorite parts, though was her observation about the two ladies sitting next to Fauci. When Rand started speaking, one of the ladies got a smug sanctimonious smile on her face. Then when Rand said it was a crime to lie to Congress, stress appeared. I'm not sure these stills give it justice, but the effect pops on video, albeit the moment is quick. Another lady literally looked down her nose at Rand. One of the things Bombard kept pointing out was how much Fauci kept looking at another person up beside Rand, especially in moments when Fauci needed help. He was definitely signaling the person. And, of course, there was his contained anger that he couldn't let go after the exchange while a friendly Senator sucked up to him. Rand got to him. Now, hopefully after the criminal referral, law enforcement will, too. But I don't think much will happen in that direction so long as the Biden junta is in office. There's later, though, and the criminal referral is on record. Michael
  19. Daily travails of the writer's life. Finding just the right word: Michael
  20. Who ya gunna call? Ghostbusters? From an old letter of mine back in 2003 from Atlantis or OWL . . . . Dan wrote: “Isn't it possible that Objectivism is incomplete and might even have some errors in it? Isn't it possible that more work needs to be done here -- not just in applying Objectivism, but also in working out just what should stay, what should be modified and what should go in the core philosophy (ontology, epistemology, and theory of value)?” end quote That is an interesting point Dan. Objectivism is a “contextual philosophy,” and MUST be amended if new knowledge contradicts something within its Philosophy. Reality is all. Objectivism requires it, but how is change to be accomplished? Ayn Rand is not here to do the amending. Who proves there is a contradiction now? Leonard Peikoff will not change a word Rand wrote and that is right. When he has expanded on Objectivism he has had many critics who questioned his judgment. And he has been very slow in producing or at least publishing anything he has written. He is the logical choice to be an arbiter or judge, as her closest confidante in her last days and as her heir. Rand did place the mantle in his hands, and as much as some may loathe the thought, he has the moral authority to officially “add” or change Objectivism. Leonard could have created a Foundation like the old NBI and enlisted the people currently at ARI, TOC, or Jars to be writers in residence. There could have been a *super* “Intellectual Activist Magazine” much like the old “Objectivist Newsletter,” expanded lecture series, etc. I can imagine Chris Matthew Sciabarra writing for that imaginary journal. But that is not to be. So, what contradicts Objectivism? Anything? Speak up. Anyone is free to discover something and perhaps reach a consensus. It will be a slow process for now, but I imagine the pace will quicken. And Atlantis and OWL are a great place to begin the discovery. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  21. So you walk into my house and steal my TV set. I go to the police station, video in hand , and say that you stole my tv set. The thief says that I stole the tv set from them. The police say that they refuse to look at my video and the courts say that I do not have evidence, nor standing. Alice in Wonderland. The Matrix
  22. Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater, How about #99, and perhaps President Harris!!!!!
  23. Our beautiful President, Oresident Trump, sure seems like he knows something. He was quiet for quite a while, now he seems like he did during the Primaries ( #nogroundgame , #MarcoRubio ). Trump, Biden or Harris? Wonder what the Vegas odds are for who is The President on December 31 2021. I'm not sure what the numbers would be if it even existed but if I were preparing the odds, I think the order of favourites would be Trump, Harris, Biden.
  24. In President Trump's speech, he had more of a potty mouth than normal. But my absolute favorite was this one: Michael
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