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  2. Big win in the Supreme Court for the Electoral College today. And it was unanimous. Supreme Court rules against 'faithless' electors Here's another article. Supreme Court: Electoral College Must Vote For Their State’s Popular Vote Winner They played games with this in the appeals courts, but the Supreme Court Justices were having none of it. To repeat, unanimous. That's probably why the reporting in the fake news media about this were CYA articles that got little prominence. The Democrats can't game this rule to cheat anymore. That form of cheating, at least, is done. Over. Finished. This is a big deal. Probably the biggest deal that happened in government on this day. It is kinda funny, though. In one of the two cases involved in this Supreme Court decision, three members of the Electoral College were supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton, but instead voted for Colin Powell. Whaaaaat?!!! Yup. Colin Fucking Powell. Michael
  3. President Trump said: "China has caused great damage to the United States and the rest of the World!" Let me add to that. So have techno-elitist globalists. Michael
  4. It's hard to keep track of all the information out there about this virus, and to organize probable truths vs probable untruths, but there is a theory that many people are actually naturally immune--this is corroborated by the evidence that most young children can neither be infected nor transmit the virus. If this is true then the odd pattern of the spread, aside from fraudulent statistics, is not due to people developing immunity without knowing it, though that is also happening. Edit: Here's where I heard this theory:
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  6. "It is like the flu." Stop consuming fear porn. Listen to doctors. Listen to medical science and decades of experience …
  7. Just a few Rush Limbaugh quotes from today to add to the theme of this thread. Kids Don’t Know Much About History Thanks to Anti-American Indoctrination Trish Regan is no longer on Fox, but she is still heard in high places. The following tweet is an indication that something is brewing. And it ain't good for the universities. If Trish is saying this in her circle (which includes President Trump and his people), others in her circle are saying it. The proposal is now out there as a power play and not just advice about teaching systems. Let's see if it gets legs. Michael
  8. Nobody knows who did this yet, but wanna bet it was white BLM supporters or Antifa members who didn't know Frederick Douglas was black? After all, a statue doesn't have a skin color. Michael
  9. Here President Trump is talking about the coronavirus and he is not making a quip. Michael
  10. " "Coronavirus" is a wider category than the types of coronavirus which produce common cold symptoms. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, which COVID-19 produces in susceptible people, is in a different league of bad from "a bad cold." " I disagree. It looks to me like every other bad cold I saw in my over fifty years. The bad ones killed the old peope like it was the plague. The rest of us got it and called it a bad cold. The kids got it and didn't slow down. Same as today. Bad cold. Indeed, "bad cold" is exaggeration for 9X% of the population. Worldwide hundreds of millions of us have likely already "had" it and it didn't even make us feel sick. Yes, the 2020 Scamdemic is also mass murder on the grounds of keeping people electively out of hospitals which will result in delayed cancer discoveries, for starters, and deaths (2020 Scamdemic murders.) And their emptiness and the layoffs demonstrate that the nation's resources were never going to be stressed by covid, have not even been challenged in the slightest by covid. All their front line stories are bullshit. The staffs at all the hospitals spent the time making Tik-Tok videos and went home with layoff slips.
  11. Jon, You are making a category error. "Coronavirus" is a wider category than the types of coronavirus which produce common cold symptoms. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, which COVID-19 produces in susceptible people, is in a different league of bad from "a bad cold." You're correct that the timing of the (pre-planned) outbreak was geared to causing trouble for Trump's re-election chances - as one goal. There are other, longer-range goals, which aren't entirely identical amongst the collaborators. The Vaccers have their purposes, and the ChiComs have theirs. About hospitals being under-occupied: People aren't being admitted into hospitals who should be. Procedures deemed "elective" or "non-essential" aren't being scheduled - with resultant danger to people's lives, for instance, people awaiting colonoscopies for suspected colon cancer screening, or people needing by-pass surgery. And lots of lesser-urgency but nevertheless significant procedures which people can't get done. Thus the COVID-19-"containment" attempt is causing secondary health hazards through disruption of medical practice. (On the difference between a test for antibodies and a test for a particular virus, the "hidden" material in William's long reply explains that.) Ellen
  12. Five Democrat Governors in the U.S. are guilty of mass murder. Merlin stays stuck on jokes he lacks the neuronal aptitudes to interpret.
  13. I love their hate for Trump now. I love watching it. So much negative energy emitted by the minute. He is helping them get healthier and happier whether they know it or not.
  14. What a bummer. I posted that marvelous video three days ago and now this. Ennio Morricone, Legendary Composer for the Movies, Dies at 91 Oh, well. Rest in peace, Maestro. I will be studying and loving what you left behind. I even got his bio (actually a year-long interview) and will read it shortly (Ennio Morricone: In His Own Words by Alessandro De Rosa). Here is a gorgeous video I saw the other day mixing a scene from the movie "The Mission" with Morricone's theme for the same. This is not as Morricone set it to the movie, but it works wonderfully. Somehow it seems fitting to post this along with the news of his passing. The situation is that one monk must carry a large and heavy burden up a mountain as penance for some really nasty things he did--and to be accepted by the other monks and the Guarani Indians. And even if he completed it, there was no guarantee he would be accepted. Michael
  15. Merlin, I was not talking about how good or bad his remark was. I was talking about the nature of it. He made a quip. You took it literally just like the jackass anti-Trumpers are doing on purpose. Fake news and all that... If you want to do fake news, too, go for it. But you are misidentifying the message. (Hell, maybe that is what you want to do on purpose... After all, why try to win an argument with the facts when you can lie, right?) Identifying a type of communication is neither faith nor mind-reading. It is observing and identifying. People with Trump Derangement Syndrome don't do this so well anymore. Muh Russians and so on... I don't know. I think he looks for information at places other than where toadies shove their noses up the backsides of the ruling class experts. I don't think he trusts them anymore... Michael
  16. A quip? You believe his remark was witty or clever? Gimmee a break. , ye of unlimited faith in your messiah and your mind-reading. As usual, Jon is clueless, confusing a test for SARS-CoV-2 with a test for antibodies, plus other confusions.
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  18. This is one of the funniest appeals to get out and vote I have seen so far. LOLOL... Michael
  19. btw - For the humor-challenged, here is a pattern to look out for. Whenever President Trump is addressing a crowd, imitates himself talking to a third party, and uses the word "please," he's almost always joking. Michael
  20. William, Especially since, in deed rather than word, he ramped the fuck up in testing. He cuts waste and corrupt detours of resources and funds, though, and his critics really hate that. This is how "gotcha only" people think. Target Person: (winking) I'm going to quit. Target Person not only doesn't quit, he goes aboveboard in finishing. Gotcha People: See? See? He said he was going to quit. And people need this... They will suffer without it... And he said he's going to quit! He said it... Right there with his own mouth... Oh! Oh! The heartless brute! Meanwhile, out here in reality, the people who need it get more than expected. Michael
  21. According to CDC a "positive" result may indicate nothing more than that the patient recently had a cold.
  22. Trump's "slow the testing down" remarks in context: Merlin's tag line: "I expect attack ads aired by Democrats for the 2020 election will exploit Trump's inane remark." I think Michael is likely right about quippage-- and that Trump was riffing, and that he probably does not care a whit about 'attack ads' from the Democrats. On the other hand, the Lincoln Project (a passel of nasty anti-Trumpist operatives who supposedly retain loyalty to Republicanism) have been banging out ads for months. See their YouTube channel: The Lincoln Project ad including the remarks ... it's hard to know if the Democratic Party ads will rise to this level of emotive reasoning/loaded language ...
  23. Coronaviruses, the common cold, change all the time, into new versions. New coronaviruses have been emerging by the day for all of human existence. "Wait, Fuck, you guys, a new coronavirus!" is incorrect. It's just normal human interaction with coronaviruses that has always been with us and likely always will be. There was a new coronavirus every week of my entire life. Sometimes, bad ones, too. We talked about them. Schools ran out of substitute teachers to fill sick teacher positions but stayed open. They were bad for anyone to have and they killed very weak people. Then they went away. This one isn't even that bad. A lot of hospital workers have in recent months lost their jobs because there are so few people in hospitals. Five Democrat Governors forced positive patients into nursing homes. In those states half of all covid-19 deaths were in nursing homes because bad colds kill those already very weak. Two Naval Hospital Ships went unused while Democrat Governors lied about being short of resources. The Great Crime Against Humanity of 2020. The Great Crime Against Humanity of 2020. You all are going hate 2021 so much and wish you could have 2020 or 2016 back.
  24. According to CDC a "positive" result may indicate nothing more than that the patient recently had a cold. Before we proceed at all, Billy, can you put the above in your own words twice, so I can be sure you understand?
  25. Emphases added .... You say testing is important so that a person can start taking the appropriate actions. For 99.X% of the population the appropriate actions for the common cold are rest and fluids. I think you are making a category error. First, are you suggesting or claiming that the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not differ appreciably from the family of viruses that cause the common cold? Are you claiming that the course of a cold infection is the same as COVID-19 infection? Secondly, can you provide a quote or link from the CDC that supports your basic contentions (that SARS-CoV-2 == Common Cold Virus)? Are you prepared to offer an argument that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is not novel? If you want to use CDC materials to to support your beliefs, you may be stymied from persuading readers. From the CDC's page on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): I suggest that this belief is not warranted ... It's a malformed question. I cannot get a test for the common cold in my community, but I can get a test to see if I have a COVID-19 infection. I wonder if your beliefs are influenced by unreliable information. It's not difficult to find unreliable or misleading information these days. For example (from a Fact Check at USA Today The Facebook post featured in the above story, as it stands at the moment.
  26. Merlin, Really? That was a quip President Trump made. Bash him if you will, but this? Taking a quip literally? Gimmee a break. Scott Adams said about 20% (maybe more or less, I'm going from memory so the number might be off) of mankind have no idea about humor. He said they literally don't have a sense of humor and they don't get it. Ever. It's a blank in their minds. Scott is a famous cartoonist, so he's basing that partially on feedback from the public. Maybe you are one of those... Believe me, that statement by Trump was humor, not an order he gave to his staff. He makes all kinds of quips--about his hair, about his weight, about getting in trouble with Melania, about people present at his speeches being far better or worse than they are, about asking Russians to supply Hillary Clinton's missing emails to the press, about new light bulbs not making him look good, about putting journalists on the SpaceX flight to get rid of them, about his ego--especially about his ego, and so on. He makes quips all the time. Michael
  27. CDC: "A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold." A "positive" result may indicate nothing more than that the patient recently had a cold.
  28. And I don't believe you are confused one bit, Billyboy, about why this is occurring just months before the re-election of our magnificent President Donald John Trump and as Ghislaine is singing like a bird about Andrew, Billy Gates and Slick Willy Clinton. You are pathetically dumb, but not that much so.
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