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  2. According to the Worldometer, the USA's cumulative death rate (deaths/cases) peaked at 5.94% in early May. It has since slowly declined and was 1.95% through yesterday.
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  4. Jules, While we wait for Marc, here is a triple dose of good cheers. Dr. Steve Turley, for me, is a joy to watch, even with his couple of commercials per video. (A guy's gotta eat, I suppose. ) He is always sourced to the gills, he actually reads the laws and relevant materials he discusses, and he presents his views (which are very similar to mine) in an easily understandable and totally upbeat fashion. Whereas many people in this election fight and snarl at each other, he's happy-go-lucky as he devastatingly demolishes any and all vulnerable parts of the election fraud. He's
  6. Jules, He and I talk often. I will let him know your lonely heartstrings are aching for his presence. Michael
  7. Hey. Where is Mark our honorary Trump luvin Canadian. He has a way of cheering people ups.
  8. It repeats what may have been already reported here but the Newsletter from Hillsdale College had an interesting article from an immunologist. When they first started testing people for Covid in the U.S., the death rate was 3 percent or more. But there is a problem with that percent. Only a small sample of Americans were tested back then. Now that a whole lot more people have been tested the death rate in America is TWO TENTHS of one percent. The death rate is much higher for people over 70 as previously reported. But the vast majority of people tested are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.
  9. Kemp is cracking in Georgia. To me, this means they will try that funny business of of comparing signatures against absentee ballot applications rather then voter registrations, but even that should catch too much for Georgia to stay blue. I think for Kemp to declare this on TV, on Laura Ingraham's show, means he is already flipping and making a deal behind the scenes for immunity or something. I could be wrong, but that's what it smells like to me. Kemp is in waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy deep with kickbacks from Dominion, and that's just for starters. Once people start flipp
  10. And this for fun. Joe Dan is Intellectual Froglegs. Michael
  11. Despite William's colorful memorial gardens thingie, this video is not altered for parody. The original CSPAN version had the audio way down. The audio in William's version is much easier on the ears and understanding. At the 57 second mark, watch President Trump do something he rarely does in public speaking. That's the moment when he said, about whether he still has confidence in Bill Barr, "Ask me that in a number of weeks from now." So what did he do? He said, "Uhhh..." Then the scary part (for Barr and any of his peeps holding this up). He did a long pause and l
  12. And here is the Deep State's worst nightmare. A nice long interview with General Michael Flynn. Ep. 1407 Exclusive Interview with General Mike Flynn - The Dan Bongino Show I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but from the sounds of it, Comey should not be walking around and smirking all the time. Flynn said there are places for people like him and they will end up there, but then stopped himself and said he didn't want to get ahead of things. And, of course, he said that President Trump will have a second term. Michael
  13. Did you ever post on ATL or only lurk? (Off topic, I know, but I'm curious.) Ellen
  14. So Dominion is just Domino's Pizza? Wow, I feel silly, now. It's all just pizza.
  15. TG, Workers gotta eat. It was pizza in the form of ballot-sized paper. They had to run the pizza through the Dominion tabulator machines (as shown on the video) in order to get the pepperoni and oregano portions right. It was a weird form of preparing pizza, but those four poll workers seemed to like it well enough. After all, they spent hours shoving pizza through those machines. I think that particular surveillance video is about 12 hours. But no worries. The pizza part only takes a few hours of that, so the poll workers mustn't have been all that hungry. But it's od
  16. Hmmm...what could be in those boxes, besides ballots? Perhaps there's a reasonable alternative... Children's letters to Santa? They're moonlighting as Santa's elves, after a hard day's work of ensuring a fair and honest election? I hadn't thought of that...Darn, now I feel just awful... (Hey, if we're gonna lay on the BS, might as well lay it on thick...)
  17. And if Georgia's old boy network didn't have enough problems with their Senate hearing, there's this: Michael
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  19. The document in this article has been making the rounds as the game plan for the election fraud. I saw this earlier, but since the document was 50 or 60 pages or so, I was too tired to skim it. Now there's an article about it, so here is the article. University Document Published in September 2019 Details 2020 Election to a Frightening Precision Here is a link to the PDF: Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Managementchrome-extension://gmpljdlgcdkljlppaekciacdmdlhfeon/images/beside-link-icon.svgchrome-extension://gmpljdlgcdkl
  20. Hey, Merjet, insult me all you want. But I've been reading your arguments going back as far as atlantis@wetheliving, before MSK ever showed up. You were a pedantic, gaslighting douche back then, and you still are now. So I expect no less. No worries; I'm back to ignoring you. "You do you."
  21. I posted this on the other thread. After a dreary hearing of grits in pig fat, a lady showed up and blew the thing to pieces. I had stopped watching by then. But she didn't just blow a hole in it. She blew it up. Now it's all over but the law enforcement and political formalities and the crying. Oh yeah... Let's not forget about the people who will start flipping on each other. Here comes the big-ass flipper segment of this story unfolding before our very eyes. Michael
  22. If you believe making nonsense is fun, indulge yourself. And ThatGuy will kiss your butt for it.
  23. This is the testimony that just blew a hole in the Georgia Senate hearing that was turning into a mutual admiration jubilee. Man, are people going to start flipping on each other left and right. Michael
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