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  2. “Good-bye Clarice. Will you let me know if ever the lambs stop screaming?" "Yes." Pembry was taking her arm. It was go or fight him. "Yes," she said. "I'll tell you." Do you promise?" "Yes.” ― Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs
  3. I've always wondered how "hot singles" will comingle, without getting Covid. Maybe they will create one for other diseases too. It's about time! edit. I mean jeez, a Covid “rubber” would need to be like a diving helmet.
  4. ‘Look, I’m Safe to Be Around’ – New Covid Wristbands Are a Way to Prove You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated Ellen
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  6. Michael wrote: To this author, Bitcoin is like Galt's Gulch for people with money who want to keep it and still shrug. end quote Biden spending us into inflation or oblivion is not a happy scenario. Bit coin Credit or Debit cards make more and more sense and I would not throw one out with the junk mail. Is that going to happen? I will patiently wait to buy something on Amazon with one of those pre-loaded debit cards with activating secret numbers. And then a new dawn will be upon US.
  7. The following article hit ZeroHedge. Although not that many in O-Land see the Rand-Bitcoin connection, more and more people outside are seeing it. Never mind The Great Reset. Here comes The Great Reject. The Jackpot Chronicles Scenario #4: Atlas Shrugged by Mark E. Jeftovic Here are some quotes, but the entire article is well worth reading. btw - TL,DR means Too Long, Didn't Read. To this author, Bitcoin is like Galt's Gulch for people with money who want to keep it and still shrug. Love it... Michael
  8. "[Seen on] both sides of the aisle" (Ben Bayer at 27m) Hmm. Here's where I find ARI people not trustworthy lately. For four years I've seen they have touted arguments for moral equivalence on both sides, the conservatives and leftists. And here with Bayer's "religious tribal mentality" as though C-C was upheld and enforced by both. They and Brook have kept up this party line even until today when the evidence is overwhelming. If they can't see that the anti-reason, power lust, immoral scale is heavily weighted to the Left, by now... I was wondering how Yaron was going to save intellectual
  9. Already another: May 7: Now back we go to drip... drip... drip... Why? Because it works when the dripping is public enough. The lefties are not the only ones who can play that game. What's more, when the drip drip drip is about the truth and not propaganda, it grows and becomes devastating. The drip? State-level clean-up of 2020 election fraud. You guys got power and can get more. Drip... drip... drip... Michael
  10. Heh. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: After Only a Few Days in Jail, HUNTER BIDEN’S PIMP Was Suddenly and Mysteriously Released to a Treatment Center Rather Than Serving Years in Prison After the Biden junta leaves office, this will be one juicy item to use as a club. Michael
  11. They're not going down without a fight. Maricopa County withholding subpoenaed hardware from election audit, citing alleged 'security risk' Surrendering the materials could "put the lives of law enforcement personnel at risk." The routers used for administration of the 2020 election are at issue here. The bad guys say they don't want to compromise law enforcement's activities in using the router, but that is subterfuge. The real deal is that they don't want the auditors to see the data packets sent overseas and received therefrom over those routers during the election. I do
  12. To catch up on President Trump's messages (formerly press releases): May 4: (This is a Bitchute link since the video on Trump's site is hard to isolate.) May 5: May 5: May 5: May 5: May 6: May 6: May 7: For those who miss President Trump, at least there is this. How long does anyone think before this whole thing turns sassy like he used to do on Twitter? Michael
  13. One inference from all this is that, for years, ARI has been in large part funded by the government sanctioned student loan scam. Objectivism in action, I tell ya'... Changing the world, goosed up student loan by student loan... Laissez-faire capitalism with the government as partner... To quote George Carlin, "It's a big club and you ain't in it." But the world can be yours if you know your pull... Rand would be so proud... Michael
  14. I searched through some old letters for the word, “cognitive.” I think this was around the time I joined a forum for the first time and I wasn’t very good at it, so ignore my letters if you wish. The spacing was bad back then but I tried to close it up a bit. Peter From: "George H. Smith" <> In his post of 8-8-2000, Peter Taylor quotes Kurt Keefner as follows: "Epistemology is philosophy and precedes the very possibility of science, therefore it has absolute priority over any possible conclusion of science." Peter then goes on to defend Kurt's position again
  15. As an added thought, the people in O-Land who misconstrue what one means in order to lash out do the same thing as social justice warriors do today with cancel culture. Except the O-Land people were not indoctrinated from young by communists over years and years in the school system. The O-Land people choose to be that way. And, in my experience, they play just as dirty from the shadows as the cancel culture people do. Not all O-Land people are that way, of course. Probably not even that many. But the ones who are that way make it near impossible to use reason as the main means
  16. MisterSwig, Welcome to the club. It's a barrel of laughs, I tell ya'. And, like a Thee Stooges routine, the slapstick never changes. Michael
  17. Thanks. I just read it. I like it so far. I'll reserve further comment until I have had time to read the other links Michael provided. I appreciate it. I'll be able to devote substantial time to this next week. My next few days are booked. Briefly, regarding this from your RoR article: This reminds me of how my quote memes trigger Objectivists on Facebook. That one got me called several names recently, and I was accused of taking her words out of context.
  18. I recall your posting a list specifically addressed to Tony, but I don’t remember where. Here's a possible clue as to when: Ellen
  19. I agree. Scott and I have a couple more topics planned, then I think we'll get serious about bringing on guests.
  20. William, I already included that link in my last post above. Besides, it's not addressed to Tony. The one I remember was specifically addressed to Tony. (And, of course, I am presuming my memory is working correctly, which I believe it is since your "like" was recent as was my curiosity in looking. ) Thanks for the effort. Michael
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  22. i'll look for the post when I open up my laptop next ... ... I think this 2018 post may be what you seek:
  23. MisterSwig, Unfortunately, I have yet to make a thread that gathers together the comments (or the meanings of those comments) over the years and puts forth a full exposition of the cognitive/normative thing. However, I just looked around and I can point you to some excellent summaries and prompts. 1. To start with, go to the OL search function (somewhere at the top) and type in normative That will bring up a ton of posts where I, and others, discussed this. You can sort the results by relevance (the default) or by date. You can do this with cognitive, too, and var
  24. William, Do me a favor, would you? I once made a list of books about brain science for Tony and you recently "liked" that post. But for some reason, that post does not appear in the search results on OL or anywhere else, for that matter. Or at least not in the search terms I am using. Would you please provide me with the link if you remember it? Look at my next post and you will see why I am asking this. Thanks. Michael
  25. William, I just reread that. Man, that really was the beginning of my cognitive before normative idea... (I have my own post in reply to MisterSwig's request halfway done at this moment.) Thank you for reminding me of that article. This was waaaaaay back in the beginning when I first started posting in O-Land (not too long after I came back to the USA from living in Brazil). Here's a fun fact. The original title was "Understanding Is and Ought - An Objectivist View." Lindsay Perigo, in his immense pseudo-wisdom and sanctimony, told me if I did not take the word Objectivist out,
  26. 'Struth! Do you have a thread or two on this process? A good treatment can be found here: Understanding Is and Ought - A Personal View by Michael Stuart Kelly If you get around to having guests, Michael would be a good choice ...
  27. ??? US Supreme Court says Pfizer, Moderna may OWN Your Genes once you're Injected
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