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  2. Well if Kenney can somehow force the issue byyyyy holding Alberta’s money ransom then maybe that will bring the feds (and Quebec) to the bargaining table. 13-18 billion/year all of the sudden not being sent to Quebec? perhaps our “Pétrole” will be seen a little less dirty eh?
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  4. They already are friends. We've been friends and allies since at least 1867. The US President is officially best friends with Payette. When he comes north for a State Visit, the figurehead of Canada is his host. She meets him at the airport with full honours, praise, salutes, Mounties, pomp galore ... and if he's unlucky, lengthy state dinners. The visit and address to Parliament is his moment in our history. We are long-term partners and each head of state presents themselves to the other as symbolic of honour. Of course our governor-general -- being vice-regal and all -- is like the Queen, above politics and cut off entirely from any policy-making. Payette is the first female GG to not play dressup. No gowns, no hairdos. They let her into and out of the Space Station (to operate what we call the Canadarm) with her braids, so she probably told the government that she would keep her Julie the Engineer look ... Quarrels we have had, quarrels we will have, but I view our two nations of cousin peoples, interpenetrated by family ties and united through remembrance of our wars. I was disappointed that President Trump did not come north on his first "foreign" trip. It was once traditional for newly elected executive. Now get the dang USMCA to his desk! Then Julie's handlers will be able to lure your Chief to Ottawa, with all the Mounties and hoopla on offer. I've been keeping track of Trump-Trudeau relations. It has been reported that they have a novel and perhaps useful exchange of personally-written notes, outside the customary churn of official letters.
  5. The premier of Alberta responds to a question about 'separatism' and national unity ...
  6. The folks at have been busy tweaking and updating code for their video offerings (I was advised today by my subscription to their email updates list).

    Although OLers do not have access to HTML code in order to facilitate an "embed," you can now embed any Brighteon video within a tweet. For those OLers who have Twitter accounts, this means you can easily feature videos from your favourite channels.

    Here is my test of the Brighteon 'share via Twitter' button on the site.

    -- the meat of today's message from Brighteon's Mike Adams:


    Brighteon Update:

    We've rolled out the new Brighteon update that includes a new home page with video channels, video channel subscribes video likes and more. But there are several big glitches you need to know about.

    The R&D team is currently fixing many glitches, including channel subscribe problems. One big known issue is that the video embed code is wrong. It is lacking the "/embed/" subdirectory in the code itself. You can manually edit video embed code to add "/embed" after in the URL, if you wish. This glitch should be fixed in a day or less, after which the programmer who caused this problem will be pelted with genetically modified rotten corn cobs and required to write "/embed" on a chalk board one thousand times.

    The new home page shows the 2 most recent videos in each category, plus the 2 most popular (in a given time window). We are changing that time window to 3 days, so it will soon show the most popular video in that category from the last 3 days. The channels shown in the home page are selected according to which videos are shown in that category.

    To change your video category, simply change your video title and keywords. Videos are recalculated in terms of their matching category every day, so once you change your title and keywords, you should expect the video category to be updated within a day. The best way to make sure your video goes into the right category is to use the best keywords when you submit the video. Using keyword tags like "health," for example, will ensure the video goes into the health category.

    Videos that don't seem to match any category are put into the "other" category automatically.

    Many videos don't currently show a category, as the category matches are being calculated for the entire catalog of videos we have. This will take a couple of days.

    Channel subscribes and follows:

    New users can now follow your channel by clicking the "subscribe" button under your videos. However, this video feature currently subscribes users to the wrong channel because someone on the R&D team is smoking crack. As a result, don't promote this feature yet. It should be working as soon as that programmer runs out of crack.

    Despite my best efforts, we still have far more errors than we wanted to experience. As a result -- and since we aren't funded by globalist money -- it's going to take us a few days to get all these glitches smoothed out.

    Thank you for your patience. We're working hard to get all the new features fixed and functioning as intended. Frustratingly, this is how R&D goes when you're running on your own funding instead of globalist money.

    The good news is that we are determined to make this platform awesome, even if it means going through some growing pains to get there.

    - Mike Adams, Founder,


  7. I got my flu shot at the VA last week as I may have already mentioned. October seemed a little early but it was free, so who would pass it up? I have not had the flu in years in spite of being near a child and a teacher who do get the flu and I rarely get a cold. The shot is nearly painless, though I did feel a bit woozy the next day. Oddly using a CPAP machine helps when I have had a cold and I have only sneezed in it one time. Without the CPAP I would get a clogged shnoz and sneeze a lot. I remember trying to sleep in my lazy boy chair, but no longer. Peter Notes. “I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body. And that’s basically what they do. And this one (latest flu vaccine) has not been very effective to start off with. I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu. You know, that helps my thinking. I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.” ~President Trump
  8. The usual suspects are having multiple impeachgasms** over the testimony of former Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, who was on Capitol Hill yesterday. The full text of his opening statement is available here. Bear in mind that White House press secretary Grisham has included Taylor as among the 'radical unelected bureaucrats waging war on the constitution.'† ** † --
  9. The diagram below is from John Worth (@jonworth on Twitter) -- who has been keeping track of Brexit options and outcomes via this giant flow-chart. I've posted the image to Postimage for those readers who might want to download it and examine it at full detail. You can also view it in your browser at full resolution here: "It's complicated ..." Snapshot of portion of visual ... -- if you use this visual anywhere, please credit to Jon Worth:
  10. William, While you were busy trying to slay the Styx dragon and defend the honor of King Trudeau, you left out one thing that underlies almost everything Styx talks about. It's the pendulum of ideas. He doesn't use that phrase, but he talks about this all the time. Societies swing back and forth idea-wise and this swing can be measured by moral panics. There are Christian moral panics and there are social justice moral panics, just to name two. So the magic sword you pulled out of the stone was a gotcha prop, not a weapon lethal to dragons. In all your Styx slaying, you assume the Canadian people are going to think the way they think today. They won't. That's not how humans work. Right now, there's a swing of the pendulum going in the nationalist direction. It's not going to suddenly stop to allow Trudeau to play catch-up because of his poor election showing, nor does any maneuvering by a smaller party (in teaming up with Trudeau) to go in the opposite direction obliterate the swing. It's there. Also, there's another STRONG element that I predict will happen. Have you noticed that President Trump does not trash talk Trudeau? On the contrary, Trudeau has been caught trash talking Trump in public and in highly visible venues. With this election Trudeau got a very encouraging congratulations from the US President. So here's the situation. Trudeau is not much of a deal maker. But deal making is all President Trump does. Who do you think is going to influence who when they get together? I predict that Trudeau will take his place as decoration to be wrapped around Trump's little finger and, without knowing what hit him, he will be doing pro-nationalist stuff that is good for Canada despite his elitist ruling class cravings. Oh, he will keep a few crappy things around for show to the ruling class, but I think his administration, through no fault of his own, will be a fairly good one for average Canadians. Sometimes there is great value in being window dressing on the world stage. But in the end, I agree with Styx that parliament will be gridlocked for most things during his administration and the people--feeling an ironically egalitarian distribution of frustration on all sides--will blame it on Trudeau and punish him for it. Michael
  11. Jules, If that happens, maybe then he can get enough sleep. Michael
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  13. Already the calls in western Canada to say fuckitall and separate are larger, now more than ever. If we can’t build pipelines east or west and are going to be landlocked anyways we might as well keep our 50billion+/year and spend it on ourselves and not enable those who not only are fiscally irresponsible due to our enabling of them but act out completely against us as if we are the “enemy”.
  14. Here is one hell of a story war technique. Override a defense mechanism in the human brain that shuts off predictions and scare the shit out of people with their own personal death. Then offer your agenda as a savior to stave off the end for a time. This technique is as old as the hills, like stories of the apocalypse, but the left and ruling class has come up with a way to literally rob the young of their future by short-circuiting the brain's defense against depression from contemplating their own deaths. Many young people don't believe they are going to live past 30 because of manmade climate change (and other things, but climate change is the main story culprit). And the unintended consequences? There is a huge increase in young people suicides. How's them apples? Congratulations, assholes. Here's the transcript. The Left Has Reprogrammed the Human Brain to Focus on Death Read it. This is really evil. Rush based his comments on this story: Doubting death: how our brains shield us from mortal truth Brain seems to categorise death as something that only befalls other people And that is based on a study that is coming out in a few weeks. I will try to remember to post it. In sum, if you can indoctrinate school kids with fear of their own impending doom--with no plausible escape--in order to mold them into proper little voting machines after they grow up, you also rob them of their entire meaning in life. If there is no future worth living, many of them will check out through suicide. And that is exactly what they are doing. I don't think the elitist ruling class gives a damn. They already send the young to fight pointless wars just so they can make money and keep power. If some legs get blown off or the caskets pile up, well, too bad. They just want power over whoever is left. Michael EDIT: A tangent from Rush today: Environmentalist Wackos Drop the Polar Bears. The polar bears were storytelling gold for manmade climate change. People even made commercials about polar bears showing up and hugging people who held back carbon emissions. But those suckers just won't die. What's worse, they are thriving and increasing. Now it's at a point where the victimhood story has collapsed. It's just too damn obvious to everybody that the polar bears live. They live! So the poor things are being fired as poster animal for the environmentalist movement.
  15. "I Vote 4 Shambles!" The latest twist, from the BBC ... the Commons again rejected Johnson's plans. Although he had successfully negotiated a withdrawal agreement with the EU, and at least on paper devised a novel way to do away with the previously-negotiated 'backstop,' those danged parliamentarians facing an enraged public failed to deliver for him. The most likely option for the government is ... I have no clue. Brexit bill 'in limbo' as MPs reject timetable
  16. I listened to the Styx offering earlier this morning (since he never adds any other visuals, his shows are basically radio slash podcast). His channel is part of my "Don't Get Stuck Hard In An Information Silo" efforts. He mentioned only two parties and named only one party leader. This works against his analysis and his conclusions. Styx suggests that Trudeau will lack "the ability to fully govern in the way that he wants in an autocratic fashion." If a 'ruling party' can be said to act in an autocratic manner because it commands a majority -- because the party in power maintains a whip -- that suggestion is fair enough, given the constraints on Styx's knowledge of Canadian political blocs/bents. But if he means a new government will not find support for an left-leaning 'autocratic' act of law, nope. Styx further suggests that Trudeau will "get tossed" next time out. I think that is quite as likely as not. He then says what "you'll see [with the newly-elected House of Commons] is a situation [...] like a Boehner Congress situation where Trudeau is hamstrung and can't really get anything done." Emphasis added. This shows that Styx didn't do much if any research on the composition of the new Commons. He seems to assume that the 3rd and 4th parties (NDP and the Bloc Quebecois) are going to hobble any federal initiatives promised during the campaign, thwarting Trudeau and boxing in the new government -- if not paralyzing it. If Styx had dug in a bit he would have realized that it is the NDP who is going to most influence the order paper. The NDP is most likely going to pull the government towards the left, being (with the Bloc) the leftmost party (when Lester Pearson had a minority in Parliament it was the NDP who forced a leftward bent and ushered in a nation-wide universal Medicare). So, if Trudeau was, for example, liable to introduce some new socialist measure like subsidized dental care or expanded Pharmacare, will he be hobbled by the NDP, will he be stymied by his minority position? Nope. The NDP leader is going to try to push the government to the left. Not that there won't be a huge and fraught debate over any expansion of the welfare state ... The biggest issue that Styx missed was a deepened regional split between 'conservative' and 'liberal' politics. The prairie provinces went almost fully red, while Quebec crushed out conservatives in favour of the liberal/left in the Bloc and Liberals. The Bloc wisely campaigned on 'increased autonomy' from Ottawa rather than a pure separatist platform. As for the rightmost party, the Parti Populaire/People's Party -- they were stomped out, achieving 1.64% of the national vote totals, and sending their leader home without a seat in the Commons.
  17. In 2015 he said 2 years of infrastructure spending then 2 years of balancing. He didn’t even try to ramp down on spending, this time? He didn’t even attempt to say anything about controlling government largess. He is going to have to cozy up to the NDP commies to get anything done sooooo hopefully he gets nothing at all done in the next term...
  18. I saw a picture with the title, “A resident enters a polling station in Toronto, Oct. 21.” It looked like a bomb shelter. Weird. I guess Canada is going further to the left. “Tax the rich!” Is this outcome OK with Canadian fans of Rand? From that same story in Bloomberg about Canada: . . . The outcome likely ensures the survival, for now, of a national carbon price, introduced by Trudeau and deeply unpopular in a number of provinces. The Conservative Party had campaigned against the tax, which also includes payments made to households as an offset. It also may mean Trudeau will need to ramp up spending marginally more than promised. The Liberals pledged to increase the government deficit to C$27.4 billion ($21 billion) next year to fund new campaign promises, bringing it above 1% of gross domestic product for the first time since 2012. That’s even before any new measures needed to accommodate requests from the NDP to win their support. end quote
  19. Is it a slow day or is it just me? Let me pump you up! There. Now I can put this on the bodybuilder thread. Good for us? From the w.w.w. Unusually warm temperatures above Antarctica this month caused the ozone hole to shrink to its smallest size on record according to NOAA scientists. Also from a difference source, Ozone Hole Shrinks to Record Low. This ozone layer prevents ultraviolet light from reaching Earth's surface — a good thing, given that UV light causes sunburn and skin cancer. Ever since the early 1980s, though, a hole in this layer has developed over Antarctica during September to November, decreasing ozone concentration by as much as 70 percent. end quote I like that animation video (from Disney?) that shows dinosaurs looking up as a large comet or asteroid streaks past to land in the ocean, hundreds of miles away. But was it acid rain after the strike that killed Dino off? From Fox News. New study says acid rain wiped out the dinosaurs. New information on the massive asteroid that hit Earth millions of years ago, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. end quote So what will kill humans off? Canned tomatoes! Luke! Go towards the glass container. From the w.w.w. The problem: The resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to ailments ranging from reproductive problems to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Studies show that the BPA in most people's bodies exceeds the amount that suppresses sperm production or causes chromosomal damage to the eggs of animals. "You can get 50 micrograms of BPA per liter out of a tomato can, and that's a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young," says Frederick vom Saal, PhD, professor of biological sciences, University of Missouri at Columbia. "I won't go near canned tomatoes." The solution: To avoid negative BPA health effects, choose tomatoes in glass bottles (which do not need resin linings).
  20. So with Trudeau in, is that a happy thing? I liked his boxing match video.
  21. Want to feel better about yourself? I just received a brochure from Arcadia Solar Power. If I opt in I can get my power from the same source, Delmarva Power, and get 5 percent off my utility bill. I will think about it. I guess they sell their solar power to the people who own the power lines. It sounds a bit complicated. Substitutes for red meat? Yum Yum! Or Yum Ugh? I wonder. If it looks like hamburger, tastes like hamburger, and is sold from the grocery store, would I buy it? Maybe. I am not one for killing animals unless it is ‘NEEDED’ but this is another one I will need to think about. We mostly raise chickens for slaughter here on Delmarva. Peter Huffington Post. An Indian-American scientist-led team has developed contamination-free meat from animal cells in a laboratory that could be harvested in 9 to 21 days, a new technique that could help in stopping large scale slaughtering of animals globally. Hoping to go in for large scale commercialization by selling meat grown from animal cells in the next few years, Uma S Valeti said the popularity of such meats would help stop large scale killing of animals. The meat grown by his team in the laboratory does not carry the health side effects like bacterial contamination, or high saturated fat or the big environmental issues that come along with it, he said. For developing this unique variety of meat without killing an animal, the Andhra-origin doctor said they took identified cells from the targeted animal that are capable of renewing themselves. These cells are then provided with oxygen and nutrients such as sugars and minerals, Valeti said. They already had test runs for beef meat. While the first manufacturing base is to be set up in the US, Dr Valeti said, he is also exploring the possibility to establish a manufacturing foot print in India and China, as there are already some interest from there. Valeti, a cardiologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic, is associate professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota and president of the Twin Cities American Heart Association. He founded Memphis Meats with Nicholas Genovese, a stem cell biologist, and Will Clem, a biomedical engineer who owns a chain of barbeque restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee. The meat thus can be harvested between nine and 21 days, he said. Valeti, who recently received venture capital, said that they are working on beef, pork and chicken as these are the three meats that have highest consumption and also have the highest environmental and health impact. end quote
  22. The DOW is closing in on 27,000. Depression. Recession. Stagnant . . . . . Growing. Expansion. Booming. Happy days are here again~! I wonder if the Trump era will be called a "Boom?"
  23. btw - What do these things have to do with Project Veritas and Persuasion? Deflection? I mean, come on. CNN is that important to protect? Michael
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