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  2. Why is masks are good for all a new discovery of medical science well into the 21st century? Why were we never asked to respect old people and prevent some of their perfectly predictable, seasonal like clockwork, annual 35,000 - 60,000 or so flu deaths? If masks work, why were never asked until a few months before a Presidential election? When face diaper-induced fungal respiratory infections kill double, then triple the number of common cold deaths, then quadruple, then quintiple, do you suppose the DemocRat governors will apologize?
  3. You say testing is important so that a person can start taking the appropriate actions. For 99.X% of the population the appropriate actions for the common cold are rest and fluids. Why wasn't testing, testing, testing for the common cold a thing until a few months before this Presidential election?
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  5. Coronavirus - sloppy, biased NY Times Coronavirus - Trump on testing
  6. Names on the flight log of Jeffrey Epstein's jet, The Lolita Express:
  7. My bad. He already signed it on July 3. Just to emphasize the Executive Order, here is another link to it. Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes There is one hell of a booby trap in this Executive Order for a "National Garden of American Heroes" (the official name given). It is scheduled to be opened in 2026. This means after President Trump leaves office. The booby trap is that it ensnares the president who follows him with a huge project celebrating American history. I predict that the next president will be an American patriot and not an anti-American agent of change, so that is not really a booby trap. But should a leftie or other person with an ideology against American values be elected, this measure ensures a media shit-storm if such person tampers with it. Another interesting thing is the definition of historically significant American. Although some names were mentioned, the number of statues will be vast. Just to be a smart-ass, I bolded something. Also, this National Garden will have a central place to exist, but there will be much more all over the country. The list of people President Trump provided as examples of American heroes made me jump for joy. I think this list was provided specifically because some of these individuals have been attacked or erased from school history books. (My bold.) On a Personal Note I have been bitching about the erasure of Daniel Boone from American history books since 2010. If felt so damn good to hear President Trump say Daniel Boone's name in the Mount Rushmore speech and see his name in this Executive Order. I bet there are a hell of a lot of Millenials scratching their heads and asking, "Who?" Michael
  8. Are you sure? How do you know? You May be right. I think I attended an off Broadway show of "Bali Hai " in Lancaster, PA. You think you are soooo smart. Just wise guy joking, Brant. Thank you. I actually did see South Pacific in Lancaster.
  9. When is Trump's removal from office? Because, remember how you fell for the Trump Won By Russian Collusion Conspiracy And It Had Nothing To Do With Killery Being A Criminal Theory year after year after year? You still believe, right?
  10. The musical is South Pacific. --Brant
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  12. The following tweet may not seem like humor... But... Well... It is true... And it is funny. Michael
  13. Bye, bye, Steve Bing, it was nice hearing of your death. I hope you found the sidewalk OK. Just kidding, it sounds like you definitely did! I hope the ground felt real bad. Tick-Tock, Slick Willy! Pick a side of your building, you may as well start thinking about it now.
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  15. Thanks. Happy 4th of July! They have cancelled the big fireworks show in Ocean City but last night, July 3rd we heard two fireworks shows in the distance and they were extensive. I think one was across the bay in Ocean Pines and one show was near Selbyville, DE. We are going to have a family picnic today. And now for a great movie moment. Lyrics from Fred Astaire, even though I don’t think I have danced in many a year: Heaven, I'm in heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak. And I seem to find the happiness I seek when we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek.
  16. President Trump is killing it again--this time at Mount Rushmore. One of my favorite things about President Trump is not so much what he says, as what he does. In the case of statue toppling and defacing. President Trump is countering with action. In this speech, he announced he will soon be signing an Executive Order to create a vast outdoor park as a monument to American giants of the past. This outdoor park will be filled with statues of American heroes, including black ones. Let the idiots try to topple those statues because they are racist. The general comments from Trump supporters is this was his greatest speech to date. In my opinion, it was one among several greatest. Michael
  17. From Hollywood Producer (and Friend of Jeffrey Epstein) Steve Bing Dead After Falling Off a Building Although no suicide note found, Bing’s death was quickly ruled as a suicide by law enforcement. The reported reason for the suicide: He was depressed about the lack of human contact during the quarantine. In other words, this exceedingly rich man, who has bought “human contact” his entire life, killed himself right as COVID lockdown measures are loosening. The circumstances behind this death are as bizarre and illogical as those surrounding Epstein’s “suicide”.
  18. Morricone in Denmark with a little Clint and Sergio I am charmed beyond belief by the following video of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra playing "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly." Seeing all these ultra-cultured Nordic Danes being conducted by the lady Japanese-born American conductor with hillbilly name, Sarah Hicks, in the theme for a Spaghetti Western caused a post-modern wheel to spin like a fractal of multi-colored fragments in my head and dazzled me with reflection of reflections of reflections--but in an integrative way, not in the dismembering way of normal post-modern crap. This is the way to put odd things together that normally don't belong together. This... Also, I got to pondering the trajectory of how art comes into being from humble beginnings. Many roads led to this concert. I riffed off that theme in my head for one such path. We started out with hammy dime-novel cowboy and gunslinger stories of the 1800s, which later turned into pulp fiction. That turned into the schlock Westerns of Hollywood for decades. Right as that was going away, Leone took it up in Italy and turned it into vicarious-level storytelling that elevated the American West frontier with well-chiseled mythological archetypes and went universal. That spread through the culture of the world like a virus and morphed and grew. Now we have a sophisticated European symphony orchestra not only playing the theme song, but embracing the aesthetics. There is even a bound man hanging by his neck from the roof inside the concert hall in horse opera justice style and a gigantic Clint Eastwood two-toned black-and-white silhouette in the back of the audience looking like a Wild-West version of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Oh yeah... and Ennio Morricone is a goddam genius... What a trip. I love it. Michael
  19. There's also journalists and professors that don't belong to anyone and yet act as if they do.
  20. Now they’re trying to make a big deal about soldiers being issued bayonets last month in D.C. I think we are supposed to be offended by that. Bayonets make rifles heavier and they unbalance the gun so I am a little offended. I am very disappointed I still haven’t seen any pics or videos of bayoneted marauding lefty scum.
  21. What lie would they not tell? Who would they not hurt? ... to continue their hate against Trump? Previous Ambassador and Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell asks if thousands of Americans are dead only because we still tolerate a media hellbent on deception.
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  23. Quick note: I still have not read any of the Forbes article, all I know is the title. I don't plan to read it as it can only be propaganda. When I posted above I was thinking it was another anti-Q piece and that the writer meant belief in silly but dangerous Q would disrupt America. However, if it is written as pro-Q, then the writer is one of Deep State's fake opposition, else they wouldn't be presented in a Deep State outlet like Forbes.
  24. And if I hurry and learn guitar, I could go on World Tour this summer.
  25. Peter, I love these blasts from the past of yours. You did several really long ones recently, so it's going to take a day or several to read them and comment. They are fascinating, though. We get to argue with O-Land people 15 years ago or so as if we were arguing today with them. It's a time warp. How cool is that? Michael
  26. The phrase "all polls are wrong" was a cool hinge-point of argument last year, as the Trump train rolled on ... Yesterday a Democrat penned an interesting article at The Hill. It didn't say that "all polls are wrong," but that surveys of President Trump's popularity in the USA are flawed and in no way indicative. In other words ... Why the polls are still wrong. Here's a few excerpts from the article: The Penn article also received some pushback, in this instance from Philip Bump of the fey canoes Washington Post: Why is a former Clinton pollster writing iffy poll analysis that panders to Trump supporters? Here's a snapshot from the folks at 538 [updated July 3 2020]:
  27. Not that there is anything wrong with it , but if that Evergreen picture were a painting , it could be called, "Goths and Gays." George Castanza from Seinfeld.
  28. Small correction, Forbes, every business leader should be very concerned. Jul 3, 2020,01:55pm EDT QAnon Is Disrupting America — Every Business Leader Should Be Concerned
  29. There are large parts of the video below that could have been taken straight out of Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. Tim even went so far as to say that the greatest force in human history that has taken humans out of poverty is capitalism and that communism creates poverty wherever it is tried. Oddly enough, there is not all that much about the Evergreen issue. Here's another "oddly enough." President Trump has been successfully baiting the left to reveal their true foundation, authoritarianism and gross disregard for human life, ever since the campaign for the primaries. So the conversion of Tim Pool, especially his sidekick, Adam, is indirectly due to President Trump. He didn't teach them how to see. All he did was make the bad guys with smokescreens get rid of their smoke and let whoever wants to see see. Tim & Co. like to see with their own eyes, and they are seeing violence against innocents, attacks against freedom of speech, gangs, deceptive propaganda floated as news as the regular policy of news agencies, and on and on and on--all perpetrated by the left. So they started looking at other things, too, like what causes wealth to come into being? Without reading Ayn Rand (or at least mentioning her), they are drifting right into her core ideas. I get really irritated at times that the fearless leaders in O-Land blank this out just because when the word "Trump" appears before them, they salivate like Pavlov's dogs hearing a bell. It not only makes them salivate. It makes them turn off their brains. Michael
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