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  2. TG, When I see that, the following comes into my head. Follow the money... Look at the world. See what is happening in the world. Follow the money. The world is opening up on mandates, passports, vaxes, etc. Now we find one of the principals is losing money. Is that why all this is happening in the world? Nope. It's the contrary. Nobody loses money like that from one day to the next. The people backstage have known about this problem for some time. And those among them who could have helped did not. They all know something the general public does not. For Moderna, what is happening is not good. For humans in general, it is wonderful. I look forward to seeing the whole goddam thing crash around the predator state seeing what they did to the world. Michael
  3. Peter

    ARI Watch

    I don’t think China will be threatening Taiwan until after the Olympics but on the news tonight I heard that China and Russia may coordinate their invasions of other countries. I am amazed Putin has never understood that the whole world despises aggression and the enslavement of people. I guess he doesn’t care that Russia may become the most hated country on earth . . . with few trading partners, or the fact that the military might of the rest of the world, is against him. Russia won’t get any support other than from a few pockets of the former Soviet Union. Evil is always out there, but I thought the World had become more civilized and decent. Peter From Nation World: Russia won't rule out military deployment to Cuba, Venezuela. A top Russian diplomat said the country wouldn't rule out several provocative military actions if tensions continued to rise.
  4. Moderna Stock Crash Intensifies: Losses Top $130 Billion "Battered by a steep broad-market selloff this week, Moderna shares fell for a sixth straight day Friday as experts questioned whether Covid-19 vaccine sales alone will help justify the firm’s meteoric valuation, intensifying a crash that’s wiped out more than 60% of the value in one of last year’s top stocks and turned it into this year’s worst performer. "Moderna stock fell 4.4% Friday to an eight-month low of $160, pushing shares down more than 20% over the past week amid growing research suggesting Moderna’s Covid-19 booster, while very effective against previous strains, has been less effective against the rapidly spreading omicron variant." Moderna Stock Crash Intensifies: Losses Top $130 Billion WWW.FORBES.COM Moderna was last year’s third-best-performing stock in the S&P—it’s now this year’s worst.
  5. From Wikipedia. The Canadian Shield (French: Bouclier canadien [buklje kanadjɛ̃]), also called the Laurentian Plateau, is a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks (geologic shield) that forms the ancient geologic core of the North American continent (the North American Craton or Laurentia). Glaciation has left the area with only a thin layer of soil, through which the composition of igneous rock resulting from long volcanic history is frequently visible. end quote When the next glaciation occurs, Canadians are very welcome here, though it may be more likely a climatic heat event will occur first, so the U.S. may need to buy some grain from Canada. Deal?
  6. How many times have you changed the date? How do you know? The rational time frame is that Trump will be President again when he is reelected in the next election in 2024 and then sworn in. Say it! 2024! "You can't handle the truth," as Jack Nicholson said.
  7. You have it totally wrong my friend. The election was "certified" at 3 am, and I am not going to repeat what Jan 6 was about because its been shown here very often. Trump gets reinstated as the election was fraudulent. That happens by September I believe. Regardless is that is correct or jot Congress will be overwheming Republican and not RINOs either. The Senate as well turns to a Republican majority. I understand the three branches. The whole thing is falling apart Peter, you will see when you see.
  8. Thanks for the clarification! Love it!
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  10. Interesting tidbit of information for you that the southernost point of Ontario is south of the northernmost point of 20+ States including California! Survey says! The "Canadian Shield" is the impressively-old geology shown in this image from Wikipedia Commons:
  11. The wags at the Daily Show have culled some prime Jeanine Pirro bits for a 'Daily Affirmations' video. For fans of straight talk. 


    1. Michael Stuart Kelly

      Michael Stuart Kelly

      The left can't meme.

      Compilation form only compounds the lack...

      Look at the traffic of that tweet. It's a tiny house on a vast prairie of nobody coming.


      It just is. Nobody's coming and precious few are laughing. How can no-audience ever be a an effective putdown?

      If a meme falls in a forest and nobody sees it, did it exist?


      With a sense of humor like in this compilation, the humorist aspirant does not need to learn what "humor" means. At least not yet. He first needs to learn what "sense" means.


      Nobody cares if he feels superior to Jeanine Pirro. That's all his compilation presents. Nothing else. If he wants to be funny, then people want to laugh and his opinion of himself is just not humor.

      Although, to be fair, there was a time when mannerisms qua mannerisms were considered humorous. During Minstrel shows of yesteryear, a black person's form of speaking often got a laugh with a white racist audience...


  12. Hypothetical situations are akin to playing computer Scrabble or even computer Solitaire. You may have a percent of wins but in real life what would happen? I think the gamer would not do as well. I just looked up what qualities would make a good political advisor? Ironically a site called “Belief Net” listed those qualities as Honesty, Compassion, Integrity, Confidence, and Flexibility. Now for the humor. If someone is advising . . . everyone . . . on The Net, I suggest those qualities as a moral necessity. Remember Karl Rove and his graphs and charts that rarely reflected reality? What politician would hire him today? So, when anyone, including yourself, starts prophesizing about 2022 or 2024, take it with a grain of salt or a warm Sitz Bath. Shrink those sore spots of wishful thinking on your brain and go with reality.
  13. Marc wrote, “November will simply bring the Senate and Congress back red with massive wins and giving MAGA control of all three branches.” Once again, I don’t see it happening Marc. The three branches of government DO NOT ACT IN COORDIATION OR BY RULES AND DECREES FROM THE PRESIDENCY. Our Founding Fathers made three branches as checks and balances. Facts, reality, and not wishful thinking, guide an objectivist or fan of Rand. You are relying on emotions and not facts. The vote was “certified,” by the electoral college. It was perhaps reluctantly signed off on by the sitting VP, Pence. The Secret Service is protecting the President and his name is Joe Biden. President Trump and his family vacated their former residence. Court cases against the certification have produced zero. The Congress may me be more pro Republican after 2022 but before Trump could possibly be reinstalled . . . . President Biden would need to vacate the office. Now wouldn’t that would be special?” as Dana, playing The Church Lady on SNL, would say. If that cannot happen legitimately would there be a coup d’etat? Imagine the French Revolution as an example. In this case who would be the bad guys of history? Would an unelected Trump government take-over be like the Russians in the Ukraine?
  14. More Deep-State pedo-revelations; this time, from Wisconsin, involving both a member of the VA and a judge... Curtis Schmitt: Tony Evers’ Appointee in Jail on Child Porn Accusation Curtis Schmitt, a Tony Evers’ appointee, is in the Milwaukee County Jail, records show, and a source tells Wisconsin Right Now he was arrested on an accusation of possessing child pornography. Curtis Schmitt was appointed by Evers to the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs in May 2019, according to his LinkedIn page, which says he’s the chairman. It’s the second time in recent years that a Milwaukee-area Democrat-affiliated official has been accused of child porn allegations. Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Brett Blomme received nine years in prison for distributing child pornography. In 2020, he shared a graphic on Facebook that reads, “Veterans and Military Families for Biden.” (read more here): Curtis Schmitt: Tony Evers' Appointee In Jail On Child Porn Accusation WWW.WISCONSINRIGHTNOW.COM A source tells Wisconsin Right Now that Curtis Schmitt mentioned his affiliation with Evers to authorities after being arrested.
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  16. I got something pretty funny re Trump. Nov 22 will be a non issue because he will be President by Sept 2022. November will simply bring the Senate and Congressback red with massive wins and giving MAGA control of all three branches. Funny ironic not funny haha.
  17. Is it time for the Trump Humor thread to begin producing again? I won’t have anything too funny to say until after 2022. We are pulling our ambassadors and their families out of Ukraine. Crap. One more “Oh Canada” note? From Wikipedia: Michael John Myers was born in the Scarborough district of Toronto on May 25, 1963, the son of data processor Alice “Bunny” E. (née Hind) and insurance agent Eric Myers. His parents were English immigrants from the Old Swan area of Liverpool. end quote So why is Austen Powers portrayed as British? "AP" quotes. Jimi Hendrix: Deceased, drugs. Janis Joplin: Deceased, alcohol. Mama Cass: Deceased, ham sandwich." "Baseball, cold showers, baseball, cold showers. Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!" "Well, you might be a cunning linguist, but I'm a master debater." "No, this is me in a nutshell: Help! I'm in a nutshell!" "Oh groovy, baby!" "How does that feel, baby?" "Do you know what’s remarkable? Is how much England looks in no way like Southern California." "There’s nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster."
  18. Alas, the tram doesn't go that far north, Marc. We were just thinking about our last trip to Florida. We considered driving and visiting relatives and sightseeing along the way, but we ended up flying. It's only thirty here but the snow from last night is melting. I took an old broom and brushed the snow off our car and truck. I saw the take home for the Mega-millions Lottery, after taxes, is 150 million bucks but I don't know how much Canadians would take home. The next drawing is Tuesday night. Two bucks a ticket. Fun. But I hate it when I don't even get one number right.
  19. It might be Ok for an episode or two. Wow. The people up there speak "North American English." Groovy.
  20. Sure as a silly and inane break from the current shit show (s). Perhaps you could review it , and report back if it is at all a window into Canuck culture and humor for Amerikans , I’m thinking there is a little ‘hick’ in everybody ,both sides of the border . caution only intended as silly and mostly inane
  21. Yeah right now we only have Dudley do nothing. Actually nothing would be good, we have Dudley do retarded shit now
  22. Never even heard of that place! I live in a small town named Toronto, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs who have not won since 1967!
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