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  2. This is only symbolic, but hey. The Deep State is going down. As we watch its leaders submit to accidental anal swabs by the biggest enemy of the US. China Gave Biden Officials Anal COVID Swab Tests “In Error” What's worse, they probably liked it. Michael
  3. Michael wrote, “Use the virus to declare a lot of the small business (especially restaurants) as "nonessential," thus hampering the income of the owners, stage riots to trash the buildings, then swoop in and buy up the real estate at degraded prices.” The location of the riots couldn’t have been a coincidence. Off on a tangent, why make the minimum wage fifteen dollars when it will cost the jobs of over a million Americans? Businesses cannot afford that amount, and many of the lost jobs will be black people’s jobs. What is their target this time, with a minimum wage that is unsustainable
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  5. Seems to me that the real-estate acquisition aspect was talked about someplace on OL before. I'll try to dredge up memory whiffs and see if I can find where they emanate from. Ellen
  6. Ellen, I received an email about a lady named Catherine Austin Fitts. She voted for Trump and she was the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing under George Bush the senior. She's huge into banking and is a major thorn in the side of the Deep State. The following video of hers from a December 20 interview last year received 2.7 million views before YouTube banned it. The link goes to her site, where there are two copies at different video sites. The copy below the link is at Brighteon, a third video site. Planet Lockdown Interview Catherine
  7. Ellen, I recommend it, too. In several interviews, Patrick Byrne has given his own description of the demoralize, destabilize, prompt crisis and normalize formula. I have discussed Yuri Bezmenov a few times on OL, or at least shown YouTube videos of parts of his interview with Griffin. I looked just now and I couldn't find them, so I probably made a comment without typical keywords and merely embedded the videos. At any rate, here is the full interview (on YouTube). The description by YT user, Wise Wanderer, to this video is fascinating. The crowd psycholo
  8. I highly recommend “I Care a Lot.” It has violence and at times it seemed like a true life, psychological horror flick, yet it was riveting. There are TWO anti-heroes who are also at times, heroes. So, you have been warned. I thought the stars were “right for the parts,” Rosamund Pike was especially cringe worthy to my surprise. Peter Dinklage's character reminded me of him in "Game of Thrones." You begin to sympathize with them both as you are also appalled. Peter tbl: Netflix's 'I Care A Lot' is a Good Movie With Bad Hair and Peter Dinklage Doing Gymnastics.
  9. I strongly recommend reading this piece on Gateway Pundit: Warning for America: The Four Steps of Marxist Takeover Were Activated in 2020 and the full American Spectator piece by Scott McKay which is excerpted in the GP article: Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov. Jim Hoft concludes by saying: Ellen
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  11. I've watched a story develop over the last three days or so and I don't yet know what to make of it. President Trump has asked the Oversight Board of Facebook to reinstate his account for posting on both Facebook and Instagram. This board was not involved in Facebook's decision to cancel Trump's account. I don't like this news since it makes Trump look like he's groveling. But, the Oversight Board of Facebook is made up of famous law professors and journalists from the world over and other very famous people, including the former minister of Denmark. From what I've seen so far,
  12. I'll change it to mentally lazy, something you are not, but you'll no more agree with me. --Brant
  13. Lin Wood on the need to fix the November 3, 2020, election fraud - link. ===== "I hear all the talk of potential candidates for the 2022 and 2024 elections. "The same principle applies to those future elections as I urged with respect to the 2020 GA Senate runoff. Until we fix the theft of the November 3, 2020 election, we can have NO assurances regarding the integrity of any future election. "[....] "The GA State Bar fight is presently focused on me. But it is actually aimed at every lawyer in the country. And at every citizen who might wish in the future to h
  14. He married well. Apparently he also received $500,000 from the Philippines' president prior to the fall of Corregidor. --Brant who knows what his loving Mom left him
  15. She's strong to the finish, because she eats her spinach.
  16. Can you smell the collusion and manipulation? Creepy Bill Gates Announces That He’s Not a Fan of Bitcoin – Warns People Who Aren’t as Rich as Elon Musk from Buying It These assholes think nobody notices. Michael
  17. On the SCOTUS bullshit: “Irrefutable Proof Is Coming Soon – We Are NOT Done” – Sidney Powell Responds to Supreme Court Decision to Ignore Election Fraud People like Sidney and Lin do not give up. And, as Sidney has said, do not mistake her silence for inaction. Then she made a pitch for her Superpac to keep funding the fight. If Sidney needs money, she needs better marketing. For instance, she screwed up on the domain name and the link goes to an offer to buy the name. On Telegram, she said to check back tomorrow. No matter. Her history speaks for itself. Sidney P
  18. Bitcoin dropped a bit. That would have nothing to do with the following, would it? Yellen sounds warning about ‘extremely inefficient’ bitcoin Nah... There is no connection at all, right? Not even this part from the article: These control freaks never stop. There is only one way for Bitcoin to drop like it did. Some people with a lot of money in Bitcoin sold. That's it. There is no other way. Yellen and the government know (and maybe are) people with large amounts of Bitcoin. They would never want to manipulate the price, right? Yeah, r
  19. Peter


    Oh? She was arrested in 2017? The Hillary we see must be a doppleganger filling in for her. Odd. Usually we can trust "anonymous" to speak the whole truth. If I were fleeing the U.S. I would flee to British Columbia. Hold on. Gotta go. James is on the phone with Miss Moneypenny.
  20. I thought it was very good background material. It mentioned General MacArthur stayed at a suite at the Waldorf. I stayed there two day and it was very expensive. We were two doors down from the historical site, The Cole Porter Room, if I remember correctly. In our room, the roof near a closet had collapsed in and I told managements who came to look at it and they said they would repair it after we left. The room was posh but "old." How can a General live at the Waldorf on his retirement salary?
  21. ON THE MOTIONS OF THE SPHERES Taking another try at understanding the Ancient Greek concepts of MOTION and RECTILINEAR MOTION. The Ancient Greeks, and the Ancient Greek Geometers (AGGs, astronomers or geometers) tried to understand the objects in the heavens or sky. Not a simple task. To say that things exist in the "multitude" was not too easy an idea to come up with. The AGGs concluded after seeing a lot of stuff that the concept of the universe identified a "plurality" of things; the universe was not a single entity or thing. They saw many entities. The identification of a p
  22. This has nothing to do with what I was talking about --Brant
  23. All Polls are Wrong.....? "Republicans by double-digit margins said they are willing to ditch their party to follow former President Donald Trump if he breaks out on his own, according to a new poll released Sunday. Members of the GOP by 46 percent to 27 percent said they would put the Republican Party in the rear-view mirror if Trump creates his own, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll found." Source:
  24. The Supreme Court really sucks. Fortunately, it is not the last word. It is only the last word for this one case. There will be other challenges based on other legal premises. Michael
  25. Brant, I've heard Trump called many things, but never lazy. This comment is proof of the saying, "Nothing succeeds like success." Nobody would ever have said that about him--not even dreamed it--had the bad guys not stolen the election. Saying Trump sounds lazy is like saying Lincoln sounded lazy about the Civil War because he relied on Gen. McClellan, who kept stalling. Michael
  26. A few more crossword clues and answers from a puzzle named “grammar lessons”? Santa’s nieces and nephews? Answer: Relative clauses. Ghost story? Five letters. Answer: Attic Packer’s organization? Three letters. Answer: NRA Utopia? Answer: Future Perfect
  27. What party did Gerald MacArthur run for President? MacArthur and his wife took up residence in a suite at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. In 1952, there were calls for MacArthur to run for president as a Republican; however, the party ultimately chose Dwight Eisenhower (1890-1969), who went on to win the general election. What did Douglas MacArthur do during the Korean War? MacArthur led United Nations forces during the start of the Korean War, but later clashed with President Harry Truman over war policy and was removed from command. Douglas MacArthur was born on January 26, 1880,
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