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  2. Bravo, bravo, bravo....... for the Executive Order. Unfortunately, Rufo has a typo which isn’t of the funny kind. He wrote "all mean" instead of the intended "all men." I hope that someone alerts him and that a typo in a Tweet can be corrected. Ellen
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  4. The comments in the different tweets by Chris Ruffo are so interesting, I am putting them all in one quote. That has to be the Mother of All Executive Orders. Also, you can read the text of the full executive order here. Michael
  5. Ellen, I think I might have done it again. Wiggling... Dayaamm... Michael
  6. To add to that post, see this: You can see the entire thread here. Once again, many thanks to Mr. Rufo. Michael
  7. Well well well. They kept pushing and they kept pushing and they kept pushing and then this happened. I love it. People can have the freedom to hate the USA and say so openly. But we--through the American government--should not have to pay for it. Right the fuck on... Michael
  8. Here are a few useful links that OL's mobile/tablet display hides. Online Users | Inbox | Blogs
  9. It’s great too that the venues are outside and get the visual of AirForce 1 as the backdrop. I also think being physically located on airport property means federal jurisdiction and less if any chance of local jurisdictions disallowing events .
  10. Here's the bow tie on this one. VA cancels 'race cafe' event that allegedly violated Trump's executive order The interesting thing about this article is that it shows EXACTLY how the changing labels thing works with liberals. The bad guys merely stopped using the term "critical race theory" and kept doing the same horseshit while claiming to be compliant. Then acted like a victim. They always do this crap. I'm glad to see someone on the conservative/libertarian side actually look at the substance rather than just the label for a change. On the marketing side,
  11. CM, What I'm going to say below might seem like a sidestep of the issue, but it is not. 1. With the current understandings of neuroscience and modern psychology, this question is more interesting historically than it is in terms of human nature. Of, if you happen to come from a strict Lutheran family or something like that, your question is relevant since there is a lot of storytelling to align. (I don't mean that disrespectfully.) From a human nature lens, mirror neurons, fMRI scans, tons of modern psychology experiments, neutraceuticals and other brain impacting pharmac
  12. Peter's beginning: "It was pretty ugly. A small crowd outside Senator Graham’s house, though terribly nice I am sure, was found missing with empty tranquilizer darts all over the ground." Continue: A paid volunteer who had strewn jumbo shrimp and plastic silverware around accidentally on purpose tried to blame a deranged bird dog but was charged with being a bad sport. Preliminary conclusion: It was a fine mess of a tragic comedy. Ellen
  13. Kind of a cute video in this tweet from bot-warrior Bouzy, with a bad-haired shallow-fake Trump inserted into mischievous context. Two layers of irony in the story framework ...
  14. But...but the answer IS "Elephant"; because the elephant is the symbol of the GOP, and the democrats would rather pack the courts with monkeys than elephants, and..see, it's funny, because...
  15. TG Not what I was going for, but thanks for reminding me I have the answer for why "it's called a toast"
  16. Sheldon: Here's an interesting fact about alcohol: Man is not the only species that ferments fruit in order to become intoxicated. Can you guess what the other is? Hint: sometimes they pack the alcohol in their trunks. Penny: Monkeys. Sheldon: When does a monkey have a trunk? Penny: When a suitcase just won't do. "The Roommate Transmogrification", THE BIG BANG THEORY (And the answer was "Elephant"!)
  17. What is this threat of the dems to pack the Supreme Court? By what mechanisms? How is a packing of the court accomplished?
  18. I think "skill" works admirably in the context. Still laughing about it. Ellen
  19. Skullfully done Michalobe. One more post? Can anyone make a sentence or two out of these clashing, oxymoronic phrases? Fine mess. Terribly nice. Pretty ugly. Small crowd. Found missing. Bird dog. Accidentally on purpose. Bad sport. Jumbo shrimp. Paid volunteer. Plastic silverware. Preliminary conclusion. Tragic comedy. It was pretty ugly. A small crowd outside Senator Graham’s house, though terribly nice I am sure, was found missing with empty tranquilizer darts all over the ground.
  20. Ellen, What do you think he was before being a boxer? The streets, baby. That's where his worldview comes from. Even though he later went far both physically and spiritually, the streets will still be in him. Michael
  21. Ellen, !!#@x-%^*& Drat and damnation! No wigging out of that one. I fixed it in my original post at least... But, you know... Skill kinda works... Michael
  22. TG, Wanna quick laugh? Imagine Mitt Romney watching this video right now. LOL... Michael
  23. Senator Rand Paul: The constitution says the President nominates, and the Senate gives its advice and consent for the Supreme Court. That's exactly what President Trump says he's going to do, and I stand with him. We should not let a divided 4-4 court go into a very close election. We should not let the other side scream and holler and hold their breath. We should act expeditiously to fill this Supreme Court seat! Justice Dept. Brands NYC an ‘Anarchist Jurisdiction,’ Targets Federal Funds. “New York City was among three cities labeled ‘anarchist jurisdictions’ by the Justice Department on
  24. From Rasmussen – Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday, sponsored by Whatfinger News – The largest Drudge Report alternative, shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.
  25. Lindsey Graham: Yesterday morning, a mob of protesters screamed, blared horns, and pounded on the front door of my house in Washington because I dared to say that the Senate should do something that has been done many times before: appoint a Supreme Court Justice in an election year. Welcome to “Wild Cities” from PBS featuring the narration of George Page, Stu Irwin, Sigourney Weaver, and David Attenborough. If they can invent a way to knock out an elephant with a dart, why not knock out the Antifa types with darts? Tear gas shouldn’t be used if it will harm or bother an innocent bystand
  26. Yeah, that's why I put in the "apparently"...we'll see...
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