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  2. Ready for some literary illusions? Can anything good come out of this impeachment drama? Well, as Erma Bombeck wrote: “The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank.” And as Longfellow scribbled, “Sail On O Ship of State.”
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  4. Man, do I love this guy. I guess I'm a rebel who never grew up. Michael
  5. And the count is going higher. I think the reaction is a far more reliable indicator than the polls are. Ellen
  6. From The Iowa Democratic Party: The 2020 Iowa Caucuses will be held on February 3rd, 2020. We are proud to be First in the Nation once again and we are excited to be a part of the presidential selection process. end quote Honk!! Honk!! That’s about ten days away! And in other news, “4 police officers disciplined for 'improper' Stormy Daniels arrest at strip club.” Apparently there were undercover cops in the audience . . . uh . . . just doing their jobs . . . who, uh . . . sort’a said she inappropriately touched them. I think they must have had boners.
  7. At Instagram I averaged his likes for the last eight photo posts, 419,000 likes per post. So the Obama spying subversion treason coup post is receiving about three times his usual positive reaction. The average number of comments on those last eight posts: 10,000 comments per post. The number of comments on the Obama spying coup post: 49,717, five times the usual discussion.
  8. Peter, Why not finish you off right with indigestion from a groaner? There is a new nickname for the coronavirus. They're calling it the Kung Flu. Michael
  9. Isn't it odd how different cultures like foods that "grosses out" other cultures? Crabs and pork come to mind. Beef is taboo in India. Vegetarians gag at meat. Others are sickened at the thought of slaughter houses. Before he went into the U.S. Navy my 18 year old Dad cut the throats of chickens on an assembly line. After that he refused to eat chicken . . . except for . . . chicken livers. Now that is gross, though I think a small amount of chopped chicken liver is good in turkey stuffing. I bought a store cooked, whole chicken a couple of days ago and now that I think about it, I suppose a whole chicken's dead body sitting on a counter could bother some people. I could never bring myself to eat eel though my father in law loved it. edit. I just remembered how eating a fried, soft crab sandwich grosses people out because you eat the crab, claws and all. Peter
  10. 1.2 million as I type (1,200,724). 282K on the tweet. Ellen
  11. Music, Physics, Architecture, other forms of art. You see, I've been enslaved. I don't know how to get out of it. I've been doing good work, but I don't let myself think beyond the range of the moment; I mostly peruse the internet and when I stumble across something I work on it. Or send privately the music I'm working on. My confidence may be broken in the musical aspect. I've got 6 physics books I need to read and probably 18 after that. But the thought of working when I can never achieve totally gets in my way profanely. This is a work in progress of a work in progress: Ego [vers.mp3
  12. The pic has 1.1 million likes on his Instagram page.
  13. Trump regularly gets 80 thousand plus likes for his tweets. The one above, of Obama spying on him through a window, had 153 thousand already when I first saw it a couple hours after Michael posted it. It now has 228 thousand as of 8:05 am est. Correction, 229 thousand, the count just went up. Let's see how high it goes. Ellen PS: 231 thousand
  14. Yes, that is the same Anthony Johnson. He was constantly obsessing over Medusa and how she had wronged him. I don't know a lot about their relationship. I only watched the videos because I wanted to know the truth. There are lots of people claiming to be gurus, coaches, philosophers, and self-help experts. Many of them have lives that are a mess and should not be taken seriously. Would you hire a personal trainer who is 50 pounds overweight? I watched Anthony's video. I was just thinking: "Yes, this guy is an Objectivist." Anthony's behavior isn't that shocking because I've seen it in the Objectivist movement. There is a lot more than just dating and relationships at the 21 Con. Men talked about starting business, fitness, nutrition, clothes, and law. It really was about being the best man you can be. There was a lot of useful stuff that I have never seen at any Objectivist events. By the way, here is Yaron Brook speaking at the 21 Con:
  15. Q posted this a few hours ago. It’s Jimmy or Ruth. Maybe both. 3794 State Funeral Definition Q!!Hs1Jq13jV623 Jan 2020 - 5:39:36 PM📁 Q
  16. Not good for Sanders' image - I hope - at least among his older admirers. The young ones might not know better than Weissgerber's Soviet revisionism, having been carefully mistaught. Ellen
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  18. FISA Court judge acknowledges illegal spying on Trump campaign.
  19. For the clueless (which excludes most OL readers), President Trump is still the President of the United States of America. From over a week ago: To be redundant, ditto once again as I reiterate the same. Michael
  20. Peter, Actually, the bat thing was not a quip. Lookee here from The Daily Star: Coronavirus blamed on bat soup as pics emerge of people eating the Chinese delicacy Or here from The Gateway Pundit: GROSS: Scientists Blame Coronavirus on Bats — In Chinese Province Where Bat Soup Is Served in Restaurants Or here from the Mirror: Coronavirus could have been spread by bat soup after disturbing footage emerges Or how about this little sucker? And for a little credibility, here from National Geographic (there's a lot about bats): New coronavirus can spread between humans—but it started in a wildlife market And here from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, of the National Institutes of Health. Bats and Coronaviruses This is real, it's dangerous as all hell, it threatens a large number of people, and it's gross as all get out. Finally the fake news media has an issue perfectly formatted for its new standards in reporting without having to make it up. Michael
  21. I was wondering what the trafficking thing was all about. Forced to grow pot, oh, I see. Thanks BBC and Billyboy. Shitty little liars both.
  22. You don’t want to post #3777? With the link so that everyone can see the video of President Eisenhower?
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