Screening of Love Letter and discussion

There will be a screening of the movie Love Letters at OCON Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 7:45 pm. OCON is taking place this year at the Westin Michigan Ave in Chicago.

Love Letters: Screening and Talk Tuesday, July 9 • 7:45–10:45 PM

This event includes a screening of Love Letters, a 1945 film based on a novel by Christopher Massie and adapted by Ayn Rand. Following the 101-minute-long film, directed by William Dieterle and starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten, Michael Paxton discusses the movie’s history and gives a brief analysis of its adaptation for the screen.

The audiovisual components (e.g., directing, production design, art directing and music) are discussed in the context of how the filmmakers successfully used these elements to serve the story’s theme and how Ayn Rand’s sense of life imbued the project. The discussion includes examples of how the film could possibly be improved and remade to be a more dynamic work of art. The evening includes a display of movie memorabilia from the film and Mr. Paxton’s personal collection (stills, ads, press book, 78 and LP recordings, and posters). Q&A follows the presentation.

Ticket pricing for the event is on the pricing page. ($10)

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