Tibor Machan to speak at The Goldwater Institute

Event details

Where: Goldwater Institute auditorium

500 East Coronado Road

Phoenix, AZ

When: Saturday, November 17th at 7p.m.

Admission: FREE!

Event Description:

Objectivist author and philosophy professor Tibor Machan will give a free lecture on Politics, Faith and God's Nonexistence.

Unless one person or family rules or the population is very homogenous, a faith cannot be the basis of public policy, argues Tibor Machan. Only the most minimalist theism—Aristotle's or Spinoza's, for example—has a chance of being rational.

God in the vast majority of theist thought is personal, intentional, and mysterious: knowable only by faith. Various attempts to prove this God's existence—first-cause arguments and the like—commit fatal fallacies, including the fallacy of the stolen concept.

Another try at substantive-minimalist theism, Charles Hartshorne's, is no theism at all. A humanist, secular foundation is needed for law in a human political community.

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