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Summer Seminar Day 6

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Chris Grieb


The last day. We begin with the David Kelley lecture on the Objectivist Ethics. This is good material that I want to listen to again.

Ed Hudgins talks about The Anatomy of Belief. People believe many wrong and bad ideas. Why is this the case. Exposing wrong ideas requires patience.

Stephen Hicks second lecture is full of great reports. In the US under a partially free art is flourishing. Dr Hicks pointed that poetry books are selling very well in the United States.

Chris Baylor finished his talk about the Industrial Revolution. He made the point that great amounts of progress has been made and provided references for it This progress has helped everyone and is not just limited to the rich and well-to-do. Chris Baylor is receiving support from the Atlas Society and he seems like a good investment..

This is last lecture. Now it's the final banquet. We hear good jokes from Michael Shapiro and a good talk from Dr. Kelley. There is some nice dancing which I don't do.

I pack the next day. Checking out requires more things than at any other conference. David Saum gets me home. A great week is sadly over.

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