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Summer Seminar Day 5

Chris Grieb


Day Five started with David Kelley continuing his lectures on the Objectivist Ethics Advanced. This is very advance material so I will talk about the next lecture.

Fred Seddon gave a great lecture about David Kelley "The Art of Reasoning". Fred is very good lecturer and always fun to listen to.

Now one of my favorite lectures and lecturers. The lecturer is Stephan Hicks and the lecture was "The Fate of Art under Capitalism. Most artist think that capitalism and capitalist hat e art Dr. Hicks showed that periods of freedom led to more interest in art. While great art may come with the royalist painter the art will be limited. This lecture used Florence and the Dutch Republic as examples of flourishing art and a relatively free society.

The last lecture was Chris Baylor on "The Industrial Revolution and Progress". He had a great quote from Engels which man before industrialization lived this bucolic existence. Baylor refuted this nonsense. He showed how lives improved with industrialization.

The final talk was by Thor Halvorssen on Making Pro Liberty Films. I have heard Halvorssen before but he had a lot of new material. We also got to see "indoctrinate U". This is very good work.


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