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Summer Seminar Day 4

Chris Grieb


Everybody is back from the off day.

David Kelley is giving his advanced Ethics course. One of first points is that Rand's divides theories of Ethics in three. The Objective vs. subjective and intrinsic. The Objective is the correct one.

The next lecture was by Robert Bidinotto on "Is There an Objectivist Sense of Life?" Bidinotto makes the point that one can come to different conclusions about works of art and still be using the correct method in analyzing them. He cited as an example David Kelley and his disagreement about the film American Beauty.

Robert's lectures have a great sense of life.

Timothy Sandefur talked about "How Libertarians Ought to Think About the Civil War". He strongly disagreed with many Libertarians including Walter Willims, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel and Thomas Woods who believed that the South had a right to succeed.

He strongly attacked this idea. He said the South had a right of rebillion but not a right of succession. He said the contemporary idea that the ward was all about taxation is belied by looking at the ordinances of succession which were all about slavery.

This was a very valuable lecture.

Omar Altalib was back for his second talk about outreach to Objectivists to the Islamic community. As I have said Altalib was a great find and I hope he will come back again.

He pointed that there are two very bad influences. Socialism and Islamic fundamentalism. There is also little knowledge of Rand's work in the Islamic world.

As I have said I will post further about Omar.

The final talk was by Doug Wagoner on the Symphony Orchestra. This was a very good talk and was illustrated by very good uses of the various instruments.


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