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Summer Seminar Day 2

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Chris Grieb


William Kline continued on Business Ethics by talking about stakeholder theory. He discussed Milton Friedman's statement about business only having a responsibility to turn a profit.
Kline discussed property rights theories and utility maximization. He made the point that these two theories may lead to conflicts.

I then attended Dave Mayer's on Judicial Activism. This was a great lecture. Dave Mayer always gives a good talk. I wish he would fly and attend those on the West Coast.

He cited as one of the worst examples of judicial activism being the Dred Scott case and a case where the Supreme Court violated double jeopardy.

Mayer urged a new standard about judricial activism for Objectivisls.

Joe Durate talked about immigration. This was one of the best lecture during the conference.

He made the point that coming to a place and working is not initiating force. He also made the point that even with a huge increase in population the US would be relatively unpopulated.

The evening event was a showing of Love Letters. The screenplay was written by Ayn Rand adapted from a novel. The novel sounds pretty awful but Miss Rand's screenplay is great. Most of the audience had never seen it.

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