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Summer Seminar Day 1

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Chris Grieb


I will try and fill in some of my previous posting about Summer Seminar 18.

David Saum and I got to Towson about 5pm. We checked in and meet some of the other arrivals. I have a theory that the first people you meet at an event suggest how the event will go for the week. The frist people I meet were all great.

I then went to the barbecue and meet more great people. There seemed to be a great ethnic diversity than previous Seminars.

The next day the conference proper began. The first talk was Bill Kline on Business Ethics. He talked about the stakeholder theory. Stakeholder theory seems to be that everybody but the shareholders and managers should have a say in the running of a company. Some of the entities cited like the environment can not speak for themselves but must be spoken by someone else. Why do I suspect the person doing the speaking will be Al Gore.

Kline makes the point that this is the democratic theory of business.

It gets better tomorrow with stockholder theory.

Ed Hudgins talk on the state of the culture was very good. After hearing it there is cause for otimism.

David Kelley's on Objectivity in the Media was good. We should demand accuracy and truth rather than fairness and balance.

After lunch we heard Omar Altalib on "The Use of Objectivist Literature in Sociology Classrooms." I had been of the view that Sociology was a real swamp but with Omar there's hope.

Omar has used "The Virtue of Selfishness" and "Atlas Shrugged" in his classes. I am going to post further about this lecture on this blog.

Michael Shapiro's lecture on program music was enlightening but it had been a long day.

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