489 Days of Excitement (Democratic Party Presidential Candidates)



Three hundred and twenty-five days until the first chance Democratic electors have to select a candidate (beginning with the Iowa caucuses), plus the time between that caucus and the end of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee Wisconsin on July 16 2020.

I'll be using this topic thread to note various peaks of excitement between now and then.  I don't think there will be much excitement on the Republican side -- since barring unforeseen circumstances, President Trump is assured the nomination of his party. 

Ballotpedia has a good, clean, in depth section devoted to the exciting Democratic candidates ...



Americans will elect the next president of the United States on November 3, 2020. President Donald Trump(R) filed for re-election on January 20, 2017, the day of his inauguration. Sixteen U.S. presidents—approximately one-third—have won two consecutive elections. George H.W. Bush (R) was the last president to lose his re-election campaign in 1992.

Eighteen notable elected officials and public figures have entered the race:

The first two of 12 Democratic primary presidential debates will be held in June and July. NBC News, MSNBC, and Telemundo will host the first debate and CNN will host the second. As of March 2019, no information has been released regarding the timing of the Republican primary debates.

The Democratic National Convention will be held July 13-16, 2020, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Republican National Convention is scheduled to take place August 24-27, 2020, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ballotpedia has compiled the following resources on candidates running for president in 2020:

President Trump had the kindest words for one declared Democratic hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris. From an interview with the New York Times shortly after she declared:


BAKER: Who do you think is their toughest candidate?

TRUMP: So, you never know that answer. You — somebody that you think would be the least tough is the toughest. I would say, the best opening so far would be Kamala [pronouncing as Kameela] Harris. I would say, in terms of the opening act, I would say, would be her. I think she probably —

HABERMAN: What stood out to you about it?

TRUMP: I just think she seemed to have a little better opening act than others. I think.

BAKER: Incredible crowd.

TRUMP: A better crowd — better crowd, better enthusiasm. Some of the others were very flat. I do think Elizabeth Warren’s been hurt very badly with the Pocahontas trap. I think she’s been hurt badly. I may be wrong, but I think that was a big part of her credibility and now all of a sudden, it’s gone. And I may be wrong about that but, you know, I don’t see it. Some — you know, a lot of the folks have not decided to run yet. They might not run.

HABERMAN: Joe Biden?

TRUMP: I don’t — you know, I’d like to see him run. I’d like to see him run.

Michael has debuted a new topic, 2019 Dem Primary Watch [May 8 2019]



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Rick Wilson reminds me of my wicked smart uncle, the eldest.  The most conservative of his generation, and can generally slice through any of my bullshit, should I venture any.

"How Democrats are losing 2020, already: Trump must not win reelection, but the candidates lining up to beat him are giving a good chance"

I personally want to see more swinging from Trump at the candidates -- like Buttigieg and Harris and Klobuchar, who haven't yet recieved a good label like "Creepy Uncle" ...

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A funny bit from Steve Bannon ...

A Harris-O’Rourke ticket stands the best chance against Trump in 2020



Bannon also speculated that if Democrats don’t have a presidential contender that has “broken out of the pack” by the end of this year, the Democratic Party will begin to look outside the current pool. That includes asking Hillary Clinton to run, again, the strategist contended.

“People should not count her out,” Bannon said. “She’s going to be sitting in the bullpen waiting for the call.”



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The 'loyal opposition' to President Trump is I think going to be rather disappointed with the "Let's Demand Tax Returns" gambit.

Every previous candidate/President who has released (some) tax information has done so voluntarily. I don't see how a demand will be finessed. In the end, the privacy of the IRS client seems to take precedence over any actual "need," although I am not 100% sure of my grasp of the details. "Yes, Marge, I know you want it. But you ain't gonna get it."

Here is Mick Mulvaney putting the kibosh on the gambit, on FoxNews: "Dems will never see Trump's tax returns."


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